tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMary's New Life

Mary's New Life


Fictional story.

Special thanks to "Blackstallion21" for his help editing.


"It's 1:15 you're late again" he said. "What part of having a lunch hour between 12 and 1 don't you understand?"

Mary was near tears; nothing had gone right today, now she was being berated for getting back late.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Anderson" she said, "I got confused downtown again and missed my turn."

"Don't give me your excuses" he says, "I've had about all of them I can take." He waves a file in her face. "These reports are all wrong again, someone is going to have to stay late tonight and fix them. Tell me, who do think that will be?"

Oh no not tonight Mary thought, Mark was coming into town and she hadn't seen him in almost a month.

"Mr. Anderson" she cried, "I have plans for tonight, couldn't you get someone else to do it this one time?"

"Why should someone else have to fix your mistakes?" he asked. "Maybe this job is just too much for you and I should find somebody more competent."

"Please Mr. Anderson don't fire me. I really need this job, isn't there something I can do? I will work tonight and fix the reports" she says. "I won't be late anymore and I'll be much more careful with my work."

"You really think it's that simple?" he asked her, "Everyone in the office has been picking up your slack for the last month. I swear I don't know where your head is at with all the screw-ups you've done lately."

Near tears Mary begs him, "Please Mr. Anderson don't fire me. Give me a chance to improve; I'll do anything if you'll just give me another chance."

"I don't know Mary; it just isn't fair to everyone else. You cause more work for them and bring our productivity down. Come to my office after work, in the meantime I will talk to the rest of the group and get their opinions."

At 21, Mary had thought she had all. 5 ft. 2 in. tall and 116 pounds, her breasts were perky 36 Cs that turned upward. Her nipples look like erasers trying to break through her usual tight tops. Her waist was only 22 inches that flared to rounded 34 inch hips. Her ass was a heart shaped beauty that she enhanced by wearing tight fitting slacks or skirts. With skin that was pale and blemish free, Mary appeared to never have sunbathed, giving her virtually no tan lines. Green eyes the color of emeralds looked out from a head full of curly fire red hair that fell just below the shoulders.

Mary had met her boyfriend Mark four months before at a nightclub. They had been sexually active for the last three months. Mark worked for a large company and travel around the country doing sales calls which made their time together so precious.

The rest of the afternoon crawled past as Mary worried and struggled to correct the errors in her report. Mr. Anderson was right she thought, this is incompetent work, how could she possibly have made so many errors? As 5:00 approached Mary knew she was in for a long night.

Mary hoped that Mark would understand and forgive her for not making their date tonight. Damn it she thought, what I need is a good screwing. If she couldn't connect with Mark tonight who knew when the next opportunity might be.

Startled out of her daydreams by her co-workers getting ready to go home, Mary tried to find the courage she needed to face Mr. Anderson. As she walked down the hallway to Mr. Anderson's office she could feel the eyes of her co-workers burning into her, as if they already knew what her fate was.

Mary gently knocked on Mr. Anderson's door and waited for a response. Maybe he had stepped out or forgotten about her she thought.

"Come in" she hears him snap. As Mary entered his office she thinks, well his mood hasn't improved any.

Mr. Anderson purposely ignored Mary for a good five minutes as she stood waiting to hear his decision. He had to repress a laugh as she fidgeted uncomfortably. For weeks he had been waiting for just this moment. If Mary only knew that he and her co-workers had intentionally put her in this predicament. By purposely creating the errors in her reports they had set her up. Mary never suspected that her mentor had selected her months before as his newest play toy.

Mary had been so eager and excited when Mr. Anderson had chosen her. Over all the other women in the secretarial pool, she was his choice for this workgroup. His patience had been tried time and again as she struggled to learn the new job. Now the trap had been set, it was just a matter of time before Mary was late again and he could implement his plan.

"This really can't go on any longer Mary, it's not fair to the company or your co-workers" Mr. Anderson began. "I have no choice but to let you go."

Tears welled in her Mary eyes, hearing the words she had been dreading all afternoon. What am I going to do now? Just the thought she might have to move home with her parents and admit that she could not survive in the adult world alone was unbearable.

"Please Mr. Anderson, give me another chance." Mary pleaded

"I am afraid not," he said, "Even though some of your co-workers thought I should give you another chance, their suggestion really is not appropriate."

A glimmer of hope radiated through Mary's mind. "Really," she asked. "If they are willing to give me a second chance why won't you Mr. Anderson?"

"Well you see Mary, It's isn't that I'm not willing to give you another chance, it's just that I don't really believe what they suggested is appropriate in a professional office." Mary looked at him confused.

"The thing is Mary; they agreed to continue picking up your slack, even though it does mean more work for them until you can catch on. They are also willing to forgive you for having brought our productivity down. Their concern is, your not trying hard enough or take your work seriously. Their thought is, If they were allowed to punish you for causing them additional work and screwing up; they'll believe you will learn much quicker."

Mary didn't know whether to be shocked or angry. Did they believe she needed to be punished like the child to learn anything? She was an adult damn it, why couldn't people treat her like one? Even though the very thought appalled her, Mary couldn't see where she had much choice.

"Mary, just forget I said anything." Mr. Anderson said, "This really isn't a practice that is encouraged in the business world. Why don't you go pack your things and let's leave it at that."

"Please Mr. Anderson, I can't lose this job" she pleaded.

"Well Mary it's entirely up to you I suppose. I must warn you though, if you decide to agree to this, it's by your own choice. You will have to sign a statement that you have agreed to participate of your own freewill and no one coerced you into it. I believe it to be a bad idea, I'm not about to allow this company to be dragged into a scandal so that you can save your job."

After a moment Mary asked. "What kind of punishments do they have in mind?"

"Well, since you have not performed your tasks properly, causing extra work for them, I believe they think a spanking is in order. After that, they suggested you should be made to repay each of them in some way for the time they have had to put in to cover for you. I think it's quite generous of them myself, after all having to cover for you has made all of our production less."

Doubt and fear course through Mary. Her mind raced to find another solution but it was this or go home in defeat. She could think of nothing to escape her fate.

"Very well" Mary sighed, "I agree."

Had she not been in a state of shock, Mary might had noticed Mr. Anderson took from his desk a paper already written and typed. The paper stated that Mary agreed to be used in any way Mr. Anderson saw fit. She signed without bothering to read it in the hope she could get this over and done with.

Smiling Mr. Anderson said. "Very well Mary you can begin removing your clothing."

"What; You didn't say I would have to get undressed" Mary said.

"Just what were you expecting Mary? Did you think you were just going to get your butt slapped a few times and you could go home" he sneered? "Get your fucking clothes off right now or I will have them ripped off you."

Shocked, Mary screamed at him; "You can't talk to me like that, who do you think you are."

"I'm your new master you little twit. You see, you just signed a consent that allows me to do almost anything I wish to you. Yes that's right Mary; to put it bluntly you just signed what is considered a slave contract. You are going to do anything and everything I tell you to do Mary. Do you know why? Because if you don't do what you're told you will be stripped, whipped and raped worse than anything you have ever imagine. You'll be used as we see fit and everything we do will be videotaped. When we finally tire of using you, you will be dumped naked in the worst part of town. If you survive, you may go to the police if you wish. I personally wouldn't recommend it as it won't do you any good. I will simply tell them you were a willing participant and show them the contract that you signed. After that I will distribute the videotape we made nationwide, as well as send copies to your parents, grandparents and friends back home."

Defeated and with tears in her eyes Mary slowly removed her blouse and skirt. As she looked at him pleadingly he simply indicated for her to continue. Blood rushed to her face as she removed her bra and lowered her panties.

As he watched her, admiring what he had only imagined until now. Mr. Anderson pushed the button on his intercom signaling for the others to join him.

Mary blushed even deeper red and tried her best to cover her nakedness's when Bill, Andy, Joyce and Susan entered the room.

"Well I see your plan worked, she has agreed to play with us?" Andy asked. Without hesitation he walked up to Mary and stuck his hand between her legs.

Mary cringed as Andy inserted a finger into her pussy and worked it in and out. Shocked Mary wondered how this could possibly be happening to her. Andy removed his hand and held it to his nose. Looking Mary in the eye he inhaled deeply and sucks her juices from his finger. "My god that's tasty" he said, "anybody else want a taste?"

Everyone laughed except for Mary. She had been working with these people for months, how could they be allowing this to happen to her.

"All right Mary;" her boss commanded, 'Bend your ass over the desk and spread your legs."

As Mary leaned over the desk, they grabbed each of her ankles and wrists. Her wrists were tied wide apart on one side of the desk; her legs spread wide and tied on the other side.

"Tell me Mary; do you have a boyfriend, asked Mr. Anderson?"

Mary nodded 'yes.' Lights exploded in her head and she could taste blood in her mouth as Mr. Anderson unexpectedly slapped her.

"When you are asked a question," said Mr. Anderson "I expect an answer. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," Mary whispered in shock. Another slap landed.

"You will also address me and everyone else here as Sir or Madam. Understood?"

"Yes sir," she cried.

"Tell me Mary; are you still a virgin?" he asked.

"No sir" she whispered.

"That's too bad" Mr. Anderson said, "I had hoped you might be. Have you ever given your boyfriend a blowjob Mary?"

"Yes sir. But I really don't like it."

"Have you ever had anal intercourse Mary?"

"Excuse me sir?" Mary said with a puzzled look on her face

'Has he ever screwed you in the ass?" Mr. Anderson demanded.

"Oh no sir" Mary said with distaste. "We tried that once but it was much too painful and it's disgusting."

"Well at least you have one virgin hole to bust tonight." Mr. Anderson laughed.

Mary screamed as her ass exploded with fire. Looking back Mary could see Susan standing with her feet spread wide holding what looked like a small oar.

Mr. Anderson slapped Mary again. "Has anyone given you permission to scream?"

"No sir," Mary sobbed. As blow after blow landed on Mary's bottom her tormentors just laughed at her. Bill grabbed Mary by her hair and twisted her head sideways.

"Always thought you were too good to give me a second look didn't you bitch" he said.

"No sir," Mary cried.

"Is that right," said Bill. "I always thought you didn't like me. Every time I invited you to lunch you always said you had other plans. It's okay though Mary, here's your chance to make it up to me." As Bill unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out as he placed it to Mary lips. It was only about six inches long but as large as a Coke can.

"Open wide," Bill told her as he forced the tip between her lips. Mary almost gagged from the smell of Bill's musk and the thought of his penis in her mouth. She tried to keep her mouth closed but he pinched her nose forcing her to open her mouth to breath.

"If you bite me I will knock your teeth out Mary, then you can gum me all you want" Bill told her. As he increased the tempo of fucking her mouth Mary could taste the precum on her tongue. She knew it wouldn't be long for Bill to cum and the thought of him emptying himself in her mouth revolted her. Trying to pull her head away only increased his pleasure as he forced himself further into her and shot a load of cum into Mary's mouth. Gagging Mary tried to rid her mouth of his cum, but Bill forced his cock head further down her throat and emptied his nut sack into her stomach. As Bill withdrew from Mary's mouth; a trail of come stretched from her lips to his cock. He slapped her across the face with his prick a dozen times, leaving droplets of come all over her face.

Mary's ass felt as if it had been set on fire. Susan eventually tiring from her attack on Mary's ass slowed and finally stopped. As she stopped her assault she grabbed a handful of Mary's red pubic hair yanking it out. Walking around in front of Mary, she rubbed the hair in Mary's face.

"What's the matter Mary, not such a tough cunt now are you?" Susan asked, "I am so sick of having to pick up your slack, always wiggling that cute ass to get what you wanted. Well it's payback time."

Mary watched Susan remove her slacks and panties as she wondered what was next. She didn't have to wonder long as she felt someone probing at her pussy. Looking back she saw Andy stroking his cock with one hand while playing with Mary's pussy with other. Andy's cock must have been at least nine inches long. As Andy inserted the tip into Mary's pussy she wondered how anyone could possibly take something that size?

In one motion Andy shoved half his length into Mary. He withdrew partially and buried his entire length on his second attempt. Pounding himself in and out, Andy brutally attacked Mary's pussy. Mary's head was yanked forward as someone grabbed her hair and pulled. Susan had removed her clothes and was straddling Mary's head.

Shoving Mary's face into her gaping slit Susan told her. "Here's your chance to get on my good side Mary. Do that pussy good and get me off in the next five minutes" Susan said. "If you do, I won't beat your ass again today. Of course if you don't do a good enough job, I will turn your ass to raw meat. As an added incentive, if you fail I'm going to take a pencil and pierce each of your nipples."

Mary set to work on Susan's pussy trying to get as much of her tongue into Susan as possible. As she ran her tongue deeper into Susan's cunt, Mary could feel Andy pounding away at hers.

Andy was enjoying thrusting into Mary as hard possible, he shoved his thumb into Mary's ass as he pumping it in and out to the rhythm of his screwing. Mary continued her ministrations to Susan's slit as she tried to concentrate on Susan's clit.

As Susan felt her climax building, she increased her humping of Mary's face. She moaned and came on Mary's face just as Andy erupted in her pussy filling her with his cum. Against her will Mary's body spasmed sending her into an orgasm of her own. Exhausted Mary lay wondering if she would be allowed to go home now.

"Are you enjoying yourself Mary?" Mr. Anderson asked

"No sir" Mary said.

"From the orgasm I just witnessed, I would say you're lying," Mr. Anderson said. "It's not a good idea to lie to me Mary." As he walked around in front of her she saw he had removed his clothing.

Mary looked in horror at the cock standing at attention in front of her face. It couldn't possibly be real she thought, things that size were only in stories. Mr. Anderson's cock was 12 inches long and as big around as Mary's arm. It had veins running down the sides and the head looked like a small fist.

As he pressed it to Mary's lips, she had to struggle just to get the head in her mouth. He grabbed Mary by the ears and forced a couple of inches into her mouth. Mary thought her jaws would come unhinged as she gagged on the excessive amount of meat being shoved in her mouth.

"Relax your throat" Mr. Anderson demanded. He pumped in an out as he worked more of his massive organ into her throat. Mary tried her best to get breaths of air into her lungs each time he withdrew from her throat. Within five minutes he had managed to force 3/4 of its length down her throat. Mary's jaws were stretched further than nature intended and her throat felt like liquid fire was being forced down it. As Mr. Anderson increased his tempo, he moaned and let loose a torrent of cum down Mary's throat. Mary felt as if someone had turned a hose on in her mouth. The sheer volume he produced overflowing from Mary's mouth spilling over her face and filling her nose and eyes.

When Mr. Anderson withdrew and stepped back, Joyce was there licking and slurping what was left of Mr. Anderson's cum from Mary's face. As degrading as everything had been up to now, Mary was appalled to feel Joyce's tongue digging into her nose and invading her mouth searching for every last remnant.

Still hard Mr. Anderson began to force himself into Mary's tight cunt. She could only imagine this is what it must feel like giving birth. Mr. Anderson continued his assault until he had buried as much as Mary would take. Mary was stretched to the point where pain and pleasure were indistinguishable from each other. As he pounded her from behind, Mary's orgasm enveloped her whole body. So intense was the pleasure, Mary lost control her bladder and peed all over herself and the desktop. As Mary's orgasm subsided, Mr. Anderson withdrew his cock from her well used pussy leaving her empty and with a yearning she had never before known.

Before she could recover her strength, pain shot through her body as she felt her boss's monster pressing into her ass. There was no possible way he would ever fit that thing into her virgin ass Mary thought. Her next thought was, if he did how would she ever be able to get her spinster too close again? Mary could feel him spitting on her asshole as he tried to loosen her up enough to invade her body.

"I need more lubricant," Mr. Anderson said, "Joyce give me a hand would you." As Joyce move around behind her Mary felt a tongue digging into her ass. The feeling was unbelievable. It felt like Joyce's tongue was six inches long as she swirled it around in circles, slurping and sucking on Mary's ass. Mr. Anderson pushed Joyce aside and resumed his attack on Mary's virgin ass.

Joyce circled the desk, grabbed Mary's head by the hair French kissing and sucking on Mary's tongue like a Popsicle. The smell from Joyce's face and the urine on the desktop cause Mary too retch, unbelievably this only seemed to excite Joyce more causing her to increase her attack on Mary's mouth.

By now six inches of the monster had been shoved in Mary's ass. Her pain was so intense she no longer had the breath to scream. Inch after inch was forced into Mary's ass until she could feel his pubic hair brushing against her burning ass cheeks. Every time he withdrew, it felt as if Mary's insides were being pulled out through her ass. Mr. Anderson continued pumping, increasing his pace until he shuddered and emptied himself into Mary's ass. As he pulled out of her ass she could feel his cum running down her legs.

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