tagLoving WivesMary's nipples

Mary's nipples


Tom and Mary were an average suburban couple in their mid thirties. With Tom's birthday coming up, Mary wanted to plan something special. As she thought about it, she smiled inwardly thinking that to her husband, the word "special" meant "sexual." She promptly concluded her focus should be on giving him a great sexual experience. She knew he was obsessed with her breasts so that might be the most logical theme to pursue.

Mary had C cup breasts on a 5' 7" body weighing about 115. She felt her breasts were well shaped but not fantastic. She thought her long legs were the best part of her body. Her husband loved her legs but was truly obsessed with her breasts and nipples. Without thinking her eyes dropped and her hands cradled her breasts through her blouse. These would be her gift; the manner of presentation was the only issue.

Mary reflected on the time last year when Tom had "trained" her nipples for 10 minutes every day for three weeks using small suction cups. She had to agree that they'd been temporarily larger and more sensitive. She and Tom had both enjoyed the kinky routine and the results which she guessed lasted about a month.

She had a little over three weeks before Tom's birthday. She wondered if she could use the suction cups on her nipples in secret- surprising Tom on his birthday with her enhanced nipples. This wouldn't work since she couldn't imagine his not touching or sucking on her for three weeks. If she tried to keep him away from her breasts for more than a few days he'd know something was up.

Of course, the effect of the cups wasn't all that dramatic. She could train her nipples everyday and let Tom play with them as he wanted. He wouldn't notice any day to day change but would probably enjoy the cumulative effect without even wondering about it. She selfishly rejected this approach; if she was going to go through the hassle of everyday suction she wanted credit for it and some drama in the opening of the gift.

She settled on a compromise. She'd start training her nipples secretly and continue until about 10 days before Tom's birthday. She was pretty sure he wouldn't notice anything. She'd then tell him of her program and add a big tease; she'd forbid any touching or looking at her nipples until his birthday. He'd know that she was stretching her nipples every day for him but wouldn't be allowed to see or touch them. Ten days of teasing would definitely add to the impact of the gift. He'd be allowed to have sex with her but she'd keep a cotton nightgown on and there would be no touching or fondling of her breasts.

Mary started the secret program 23 days before Tom's birthday. Each morning after he left for work she prepared the cups liberally with lip balm on the inner edge. This enhanced the vacuum and served as a lube on the inside. After removing her nightgown she then squeezed a cup over each nipple and released the pinch creating the vacuum. With each application she'd gasp a little at the first sucking sensation but it was gentle and was soon comfortable. She set a timer for 15 minutes and put on a light silk robe. The robe bumped out obscenely at each nipple but she was alone so it didn't matter. She could make the bed and move about until the timer buzzed. She'd then gingerly remove the cups and wipe off the excess lip balm.

Four or five days into the program Mary began to have second thoughts. They had done this before. They had been excited last time but a big element was psychological. Would Tom be able to notice a physical difference after the ten day teasing period? Probably not.

Mary then remembered that after their suction cup training Tom had bought a pair of true nipple suction devices. They were vinyl tubes about three inches long. A separate hand pump was used to create serious suction and then removed while the tube remained. A small valve at the end of the tube had to be opened to release the suction when you were done. They'd tried these tubes once and found them to be pretty inconvenient and a little painful. They did produce much more suction than the cups and hence Mary wondered if they could be incorporated into her gift; they might well produce "noticeable" results.

Mary knew she wouldn't be able to manage the tubes by herself. She'd have to involve Tom which would then eliminate the whole surprise/ tease element of her gift idea. She'd have to think about this.

Mary continued using the suction cups for a few more days. Each day she'd look at her stretched nipples in the cups and wonder if this gift was going to be a success. She even calculated the number of hours her nipples would have been in suction by the time of Tom's birthday- roughly 5 ½ hours! Would the result be worth the time and discomfort? She again began to think of variations that might improve her original idea.

Her thoughts returned to the vinyl suction tubes and how she could incorporate them into her birthday gift. She remembered that care had to be used to not apply too much suction since they could actually injure her nipples. They were definitely for serious nipple freaks. She guessed Tom qualified. The tubes would help make the perfect gift. She blushed at her own excitement about her plan.

She felt even more kinky- and slightly aroused- as she did an Internet search and bought some salve used by nursing mothers. Her nipples might need it when she started using the tubes. She was proud of herself as a sexy woman and good wife; Tom would love her gift.

Ten days before Tom's birthday Mary was ready to tell Tom about his gift. She planned a special evening for them and told Tom to come home from work on time without explanation. When he arrived home Tom was met by Mary wearing a silk robe over 3" heels. He was told to change into a silk robe and return to the family room and then directed to sit on the couch.

Mary said, "Your birthday is coming up. I've been working on a special gift for you for two weeks. Starting tomorrow I need your help to complete it. As I explain, you have to listen carefully. Put your hands at your sides and keep them there."

As she spoke she moved to kneel on the couch, straddling Tom, and placing her chest at the height of Tom's face. "I'm going to explain your gift and the conditions it comes with. You have to agree to the conditions. The first condition is keeping your hands and mouth to yourself for now."

Mary waited for an "okay" response and then continued, "For the past 13 days I've been training my nipples with the little suction cups- 15 minutes every morning. I wanted to continue in secret until your birthday but thought you wouldn't fully appreciate any gradual change since you see and touch my nipples every few days.

As a result, I came up with a new plan; two weeks in secret and the last 10 days with your assistance- with some conditions."

Mary then reached into a pocket of the robe and while displaying them said, "I'm sure you remember these suction tubes. Starting tomorrow morning you're going to help me apply these tubes to my nipples. This is going to be a clinical exercise for you- not sexual. You can think of yourself as my medical assistant. You will be handling the pump.

"You will not touch my breasts. Your only tasks will be attaching, pumping and removing the pump- all as I direct. You remember we have to be careful not to create too much suction; neither of us wants my nipples to get hurt or deformed. I'll be solely in charge of deciding how much suction to apply. After you get the pressure right, you're to leave. I can take care of removing the tubes after 10 or 15 minutes. Can you be clinical and follow directions?"

Tom nodded that he could.

Mary then concluded, "Except for the daily session I've just described, you will not be allowed to see or touch my nipples until your birthday. We can have sex but I'm going to be wearing a bra or a cotton night shirt. Understand? Okay?"

Tom again nodded his agreement.

Mary then added, "Okay. Now I'm going to give you an appetizer- a little taste of your gift after 2 weeks of preparation. Keep your hands down."

As she spoke, Mary sensuously began to slowly open her robe- first loosening the belt and then slowly pushing one lapel to the side revealing her naked breast. She then slowly extended her long index finger toward her right nipple. This teasing was so close to Tom's face- it was clearly hard for him to not lean his mouth forward or raise his hands to her breast but he knew that would end the scene. His cock was rock hard and he stared at the target nipple which seemed quite erect long before her finger touched it. He was enthralled as Mary's long red finger nail circled her areola- barely grazing the skin and deliberately not touching the nipple.

With her other hand Mary pushed her robe open to fully expose her other breast and then used the index finger on that hand to tease the areola on that side. Again, his cock strained at the sight of her erect nipple and the sensuous movement of her finger. In fact, Mary could feel it twitch against her thigh.

She said, "As I said, I've been stretching my nipples for you every day for 13 days. I hope you can tell they're bigger. They're definitely more sensitive."

Mary continued, "As I sat at my vanity this morning my fingers explored my nipples- feeling how hard they were and how sensitive they've become. I knew they'd gotten a little bigger from the training but this was the first time I'd really felt them with no distractions. In a sense it was the first time I really appreciated how different they were; I really have made them bigger for you. I got more and more turned on this morning as I thought about how I'd trained them for you- making them bigger and incredibly sensitive. I also got excited since I knew I was going to tease you with them tonight. Just think what they'll be like after 10 days with the stronger suction of the tubes."

As she spoke Mary's two thumbs and forefingers started to close in on her nipples. Her touch was very gentle- it was as if she was caressing each nipple- surrounding it but not squeezing.

Mary then said, "I was also turned on by thinking about how my nipples excite you." Mary moaned a little as her fingers teased her nipples with slight squeezing and a little rub from her fingers. Her nipples were incredibly hard now. Mary then said, "My touching this morning brought me to an intense orgasm. I've never done anything like that before."

Mary knew how much she'd teased Tom and was definitely enjoying the effect she'd had on him. She then said, "I'm going to have to stop touching myself now or I'll cum soon; I just wanted to get them hard for you so you could see them at their best."

Mary's fingers subtly moved off of her nipples but stayed just inches away. She then sensuously cradled her breasts in her hands- an action that she knew drives Tom crazy. She concluded, "Let's go to bed now. You can enjoy my nipples tonight; I hope you appreciate my efforts over the past two weeks. Remember, after tonight they're off limits until your birthday."

When they got into bed Tom devoured Mary's nipples. She loved the assault but had to say, "Slow down a little. If you're too rough they may be too sore for the tubes in the morning. Also, if you make me cum too soon, I may push you away."

Tom tried to be gentle but both of them were incredibly aroused. Tom said, "Your nipples are great. I knew I enjoyed them a lot the last time we had sex but I didn't know you were training them. They definitely feel bigger." As Tom felt Mary's hard nubs with his lips, he added, "Thank you."

Within a few minutes Mary had a crashing orgasm. She held Tom's head away from her chest and gasped, "I can't take any more attention to my nipples right now; I warned you. Come and fuck me- hard!"

Tom positioned himself above his wife and slid his cock into her wetness. Again, he said, "Thank you for my gift." He came after only a short time.

The next morning they began the second phase of Mary's training. The tubes were cumbersome but they managed. Mary wanted the suction to be somewhat greater than she'd been experiencing with the cups but not so much as to be painful. Getting the suction roughly equal on both nipples was the most difficult aspect of the task. Once she was satisfied with the suction on the second nipple Tom was instructed to remove the pump and was then dismissed.

Mary sat alone in her bathroom with two 3" tubes projecting from her breasts. With the suction cups she had been able to move about; the tubes felt as if they would be ripped off if bumped into anything so she simply sat at her vanity. She reflected on what a good wife she was, set the timer for 15 minutes and picked up her Kindle to pass the time.

By the second morning Mary had decided that something slicker than lip balm was needed so her flesh wouldn't stick to the tube. K-Y sufficed. She also found that applying the salve felt great and could easily lead to an extended session of self pleasuring. She resisted the temptation but made sure to tease Tom with the thought that evening.

Each morning proceeded in the same manner. Mary tried to gradually increase the suction but it was difficult to judge. After 6 or 7 days her nipples seemed bigger but they also were getting sore. She applied a second application of salve in the late afternoon.

With two days left to Tom's birthday Mary told Tom that his services would no longer be needed. She said, "I'm going to use the suction cups for the last two days. My nipples are sore. If we keep using the pump, you won't be able to touch them on your birthday."

Finally, on the morning of Tom's birthday, Mary said, "You'll remember that 10 days ago you sat on the couch in your silk robe and I knelt over you. Tonight we're going to do exactly the same thing so I can give you your gift. I trust you'll get home on time."

That evening the couple returned to the couch. Mary ran her fingers down each lapel of her silk robe and said, "I won't draw this out too much. Before we started phase two of my training I teased you a lot with my hard nipples. So the comparison is fair, I need to get my nipples hard before you see them."

With that Mary moved her fingers over the silk and rubbed her nipples through the thin fabric. She pinched them as best she could through the silk and said, "At rest I don't think they're noticeably larger but when I'm aroused or I touch them they seem to pop up much faster than before and are bigger. The best indication is that when I used the suction cups yesterday and today my nipples immediately expanded to fill the cups. I could barely feel the suction. The cups almost seemed like custom fitted covers."

She continued, "Remember that if you're gentle the experience will probably last longer. But, if we both come too soon you're invited back after dinner to enjoy your gift some more. In fact, I'll be disappointed if you don't come back for more."

With that Mary opened her robe displaying her erect nipples just a few inches in front of Tom's face. He stared at them and immediately said, "Wow. They've never been so big. They look fantastic!" He moved his mouth to gently feel her left nipple with his lips and then explore it with his tongue. Simultaneously he caressed her other breast with his hand and then used his fingers to toy with her nipple.

Tom used just the tip of his tongue on each nipple and said, "They feel huge. I can't wait to suck on them."

Mary groaned with pleasure from his attention and thrust her chest forward. She asked, "Do you like your present?"

Tom replied that he loved his gift and then sucked on first one nipple and then the other. "Perfect," he said. The couple soon decided to adjourn to the bed where Tom could enjoy his gift and the aroused body that came with it.

Tom devoured Mary's new nipples. His tongue repeatedly explored every millimeter of their length. Taking a momentary break he said, "They're great! I can't get enough of them. Thank you." His teeth then nibbled on her swollen nubs and her hips came off the bed in excitement.

After a few minutes of his lusty attention Mary was panting with arousal. "Play with my pussy, please, I need to get off! I've been horny all week as we prepared for today," she said. Tom pressed a hand against her Venus Mound and then insinuated a finger next to Mary's clit and she exploded with a violent orgasm.

Pushing him away, Mary said, "Come fuck me. You can have my tits again later but not now." Tom climbed above his wife and easily slid his cock into her dripping wet pussy. He fucked her with long deep strokes- trying to get as far into her as possible.

As he neared his climax, Tom gasped, "I need to play with my gift some more later; they're perfect!" Mary replied, "They're yours to play with. Maybe before my birthday we'll buy a penis pump. We'll make you bigger and train you to last longer." That pushed Tom over the edge.

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Thank you for this story. Just perfect. Seems real which I like. I had wondered what those nipple enhancers do. Thanks for the education. )=

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