Mary's Revenge


"You're crazy for going."

Mary turned away from the mirror and looked at Nina.

"Don't you see? I have to go. I've waited a year to meet him." Mary answered and turned back to finish applying her make up.

"After everything he did. The way he made you feel. I can't believe you still want to meet this asshole." Nina said walking up behind her. Mary was completely naked. Nina wrapped her arms around her waist and lightly caressed her breasts.

"Come on, stay home with me." She said, resting her chin on Mary's bare shoulder. "Let me make love to you. I bet I can wipe all thoughts of him from your mind."

Mary laughed. She put down her lipstick and turned in Nina's arms. Their lips met and fused in a hungry kiss. Their tongues dueled. Each sucking on the other's. Nina's hand came up and fisted in Mary's hair.

"I need to fuck you so bad right now." Nina whispered against her lips. "I need to taste that sweet pussy. Feel you juices on my tongue."

Mary groaned and pulled away.

"You're not making this easy."

"Fuck him Mar." Nina said watching her apply her pink lipstick.

"I only want to meet him. Let him know what he is missing out on."

"He doesn't deserve it. You should just blow him off like he did to you."

Nina was right of course. After three months, Peter had emailed her saying he was in the states and wanted to meet. Had he expected her to be so desparate that she would jump at the chance? Well, she had agreed, but just to prove what he had missed out on. Bringing Nina along with be the sweetest revenge of all.

Mary slipped into her tank dress and looked at her friend. Since that first time together, they had been inseparable. Nina had practically moved in. They spent every night together. Nina showed her just how sexy her body was. Just how sexy fucking a woman could be. The tastes. The smells. The feel. Mary loved how Nina made her feel.

"Why don't you come with me." Mary suggested, adjusting the dress over her hips.

"Me? No way."

"Come on. It'll be so much fun." Mary moved closer and pulled Nina into her arms.


"For me."

Nina rolled her eyes at her. She had to be crazy for even considering this. But, she did want to make Mary happy. As happy as she had made her for the past month. Besides, it might be fun showing asshole how much he lost out on.

"Why not. I think I might really enjoy this."

"It's just a little bit of payback. Just want to let Peter know what he missed out on."


Mary and Nina entered the hotel's bar and spotted him right away. He sat facing them. He was dressed casual in jeans in a black tee shirt and boots.

"That bastard." Mary hissed.


"I told him to wear that. God, that look turns me on."

"Want to leave?"

"Oh no. I'm going to make him so fucking sorry he ever stopped calling me." Mary took Nina's hand. "Let's go."

Mary never took her eyes off him as they approached his table. He seemed surprised at first to see her but then a slow smile spread across his face.

"Mary. It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

Mary could feel her pussy creaming at the sound of his voice. Ok, maybe this was a bad idea. If he kept talking, she would be putty in his hands. She had to focus.

"Peter, this is Nina. A friend of mine."

"Really? Well, it's nice to meet you Nina. Please, sit down."

Mary tugged on Nina's hand to stop her. She didn't want to talk. She wanted to do what she came here to do and leave. No emotional attachment.

"Why don't we go upstairs. I assume you have a room here?"

Peter seemed surprised by her suggestion.

"Yes. I do. By all means, let's go."

Mary watched him throw down a few dollars to cover his drink and then slide out of the chair. Still holding Nina's hand, she followed him to the elevator.

"I hope this is part of your plan." Nina whispered.

"Don't worry. This is going to be fun."

The ride to the eighth floor was quick. They followed Peter to his room. Once inside, Peter dropped the key onto the table and turned to face them.

"Well ladies, what would you like to do next?"

Mary smiled as she moved toward him. She said nothing as she undressed him. It was only a matter of minutes before he was standing there naked, his cock standing at attention.

"Now what?" He asked with a grin on his face.

"Lie on the bed. Arms spread wide."

Mary turned back to Nina and began to rummage through her purse. She handed her a silk scarf. Once Peter was on the bed, Mary and Nina made quick work of tying his hands above his head to the brass headboard.

"Um, Mary, I know we talked about bondage, but I thought..."

"You wanted to be with two women didn't you?" She said straightening.

"Well, yes. But I thought..."

"Don't think Peter." She interrupted him. "Just enjoy this." You'll never see it again, she added silently.

Mary and Nina moved to the end of the bed. Slowly they started to undress each other. Once they were naked, they turned and faced Peter. His cock stood at full attention now. Nina stood behind Mary and began to play with her. Lifting and plumping her full breasts. Her fingers pulling at her erect nipples. One hand sliding lower to play over her bare pussy. One slender finger slipping between her pussy lips, spreading them wide to expose her clit to him.

"Oh God." Peter groaned pulling at his bonds.

Mary turned her head and lifted her arms up and behind her, pulling Nina's mouth down for a deep, tongue-filled kiss. Nina's finger continued to slide through Mary's soaked slit, the squelching and squishing filled the room.

Nina pulled her head away and moved to stand in front of Mary, her back to Peter. Bending her head, Nina lifted each breast to her mouth. She took turns licking and sucking on each one. She took each hard nipple between her teeth and tugged. Mary cried out and arched her back. With her hands on her shoulders, Mary gently pushed Nina to the floor. Nina settled on her knees, her mouth now level with Mary's weeping cunt.

Without a word, Nina lifted Mary's leg onto the beg, exposing her wet, bare pussy to Peter.

"Eat my pussy." Mary told Nina, her eyes never leaving Peters.

She watched as Peter's eyes widened as Nina leaned in close and ran her tongue down the center of her. Mary closed her eyes at the feel of Nina's tongue on her pussy lips. The slight flick of it as she grazed it over her swollen clit. Her hand came down and sifted through Nina's hair, guiding her face closer to her aching cunt.

"That's it baby." Mary murmured.

Peter watched in fascination as Nina moved closer and latched on to Mary's exposed clit. His cock hardened even more as she used her fingers to spread wide her bare lips, exposing her wet hole. He could see her tongue as it darted in and out of it. Her lips sucking her sweet cream. Her nose rubbing against her clit. He pulled at his bonds again. How tight did they tie these things?

Mary was so lost in the feeling that all she could concentrate on was the feel of Nina's mouth. Her teeth nibbling her aching flesh. Her fingers as they spread her. Her tongue as it fucked in and out of her hole.

"Oh yes." Mary hissed, feeling the familiar tightening in her stomach.

Nina slipped her hands around her hips and grabbed her ass cheeks. She pulled her closer to her mouth. Her tongue, lips and teeth all attacking Mary, driving her closer to her release.

"OH. GOD!" Mary threw her head back and cried out as her body shook with her release. She could feel her cum rush from her into Nina's hungry, waiting mouth.

"MMMmmmm." Nina moaned as she drank deep. Her tongue still teasing the sensitive nub of her clit.

Mary lowered her head and stared at Peter. His body was bow string tight. His cock painfully hard. His arm muscles tight from where they strained at the bonds.

"Untie me Mar. I need to fuck you."

Mary smiled. As if. Mary shook her head and lifted Nina to her feet. With her hand in hers, she led her over the the chair in the corner of the room. She sat Nina down and knelt before her. Lifting each leg, she gently draped it over the arms of the chair.

She looked back at Peter. His face was flushed. His body wet with perspiration. Good! she thought. Let him suffer.

Turning back to Nina, Mary ran her hands along the insides of her thighs. Not touching her pussy but each time getting closer. She tucked her hands under Nina's hips and brought her closer to the edge of the chair. Closer to her hungry mouth. Using her fingers, she spread wide Nina's hair covered pussy lips. Leaning in closer, she touched just the tip of her tongue to her now exposed clit.

Nina leaned her head back and groaned.

Peter threw his head back and growled.

Mary paid little attention to Peter. All she wanted to do was devour the sweet pussy open before her. All she wanted was to taste Nina's thick cream as it flooded her face and tongue. The tangy sweetness that was Nina.

Holding her lips open, Mary ran her tongue from her ass to her clit. Once. Twice. Three times. Her nose and chin were all ready coated with Nina's slickness. She flicked her clit with just the tip of her tongue. Every now and then taking the fleshy nub between her teeth and pulling gently on it. Nina's moans excited her. Peter's growls encouraged her.

Keeping her lips open with one hand, Mary sucked a finger into her mouth, lubricating it, before sliding it slowly into Nina's wet pussy. With her finger buried deep inside her, Mary used her thumb to rub Nina's clit.

"Come for me baby. Your pussy taste so good." She said, her tongue replacing her thumb.

Nina rocked her hips against Mary's face. Her hands grabbed the armrests until her knuckles turned white.

"God Yes Mary! Eat my pussy! Make me cum baby!" Nina cried her back arching.

Mary could feel Nina's pussy starting to clench on her finger. She fucked it in and out of her faster. Her mouth latched on to her clit and sucked hard.

"Oh Fuck!" Nina shouted, her hands burying in Mary's hair and pulling her flush against her spasming pussy.

The slurping sounds filled the room. Mary drank deeply from Nina's gushing pussy. The sweet, honey taste filled her mouth.

After several minute, Mary sat back. She kissed the inside of each thigh before standing. With her mouth, nose and chin covered in Nina's cream, she went over to Peter and bent over him. With her breasts just grazing his chest, she covered his mouth with hers, letting him taste Nina on her lips.

Peter growled and pulled his mouth away.

"Untie me Mar. Now."

Mary looked back at Nina. She was up and all ready gathering their clothes.

"Mar? What the fuck is going on?" He asked when Nina handed Mary her dress and she slipped it on.

"What's gong on is I don't want to fuck you anymore Peter. I only came here today to show you what you missed. You made a fool out of me. You don't deserve me."

"Untie me you bitch!" He yelled, shaking the bed with his efforts to get loose.

Nina walked toward the door. "Ya know, we really shouldn't leave him like that."

"I know." Mary said on a heavy sigh. Although the thought of housekeeping finding him and him being totally humilated did cross her mind.

Going to the bed, Mary untied one hand. She moved away when he was free and he started on his other hand.

"Let's go."

Nina took Mary's hand and led her from the room. They closed the door on Peter's curses.

"So, how do you feel now?" Nina asked as they got in the elevator.

"Surprisingly horny. And you?"

"Not surprisingly horny." She said with a laugh.

"Let's go home. I want to eat you all night." Mary took her hand and pulled her from the elevator, through the lobby and out to there car.

Mary licked her lips, still tasting Nina's sweet juice.

Hmmm...Revenge sure was sweet.

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