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Masks That We Wear



Paper faces on parade.
Hide your face so the world will never see you.

Every face a different shade.
Look around, there's another mask behind you!

-"Masquerade", The Phantom of the Opera


CHAPTER 1: Blackmailed into Slavery

"Please, Sir," Mandy said in a shaky voice to the man in the well-tailored suit sitting before her. "I don't want to do this anymore. I want out."

"Out?" The man, known to Mandy only as Mister Falcon, scoffed. He picked up his wine glass from the nearby table and took a sip. He regarded her as he then held it and idly swirled the dark red liquid around inside. She's a proper Texan Stepford Wife now... He thought with morbid amusement. "You are the one who came to me to begin with, remember?" he told her. "You were the one who wanted me to get rid of those pics of your little drunken slut spree during that high school graduation party that would've kept you out of Harvard. I even went so far as to help you with your finances so that you'd graduate debt-free. Payment, my dear, is now due."

"But things have changed!" Mandy practically whined, wanting to be anywhere but inside of Falcon's penthouse suite. "I'm married now!"

"Yes, to a respectable young man from one of the elite families from Dallas, I know. I was so proud of you that you were able to overcome your humble roots." He fixed her with a gaze that despite his face being cloaked in shadows, Mandy knew that she was being glared at. "Shame I wasn't invited to the wedding. But, I wonder, what would he think if he knew the truth of your past? What would he do if he knew of your promiscuous and scandalous ways before you met him in Grad School?" When Mandy hung her head, wringing her hands nervously in front of her, he knew that he had her right where he wanted her.

He pressed his advantage to ensure that he completely had her. "I've invested a great deal into you; I've seen to your grades, I've seen to your lifestyle and well-being, I've seen to your future employment with your husband's prestigious firm. I've even made the background check that your in-laws initiated prior to your wedding come back clean." Her head whipped up at that last one. Ooooh... so she didn't know that. Interesting. I'll have to store that one away for later. "I've waited six years for this. I expect my return on investment."

"But..." Mandy replied weakly. "I'm married and I love him!" It was the only defense that she had.

"And you'll continue to be married to him." Falcon pointed out. "But you will still belong to me in whatever fashion I desire when I desire it until I see that your debt has been paid off. Now, are you going to uphold your end of the bargain or do I press the reset button on your life?" He took another sip of wine. "Because we both know what will happen if I do that."

"No... please don't do that!" Mandy cried out.

"Then let's get started then." He jerked his chin upwards to emphasize the point. "Start with removing that dress of yours. While it flatters your figure nicely, I'm afraid that it's just going to get in the way and we don't want it soiled for when you go back home tonight."

Mandy closed her eyes, trying to squeeze back tears, as she turned in place and reached behind her back for the zipper of her one-piece cream dress that hugged her body in all the right places. Even Brent, her husband, remarked at how jaw-droppingly hot she looked as she headed out. It had a high collar and left her shoulders bare like a halter-top but dipped down in the back. She unzipped it down from her bra strap down to her panty line before reaching behind her neck, under her long brown hair, to undo the collar's clasp. The dress fell down her front and she caught it by crossing her arms in front of her chest. Then she peeled it down her body, bending over in front of Mr. Falcon so that he got a hint of her panty-clad mound before she stood back up. Holding the dress out to the side, she then let it drop to the floor before turning around.

"Keep those arms down at your side and get your chin up," Falcon commanded her. She did as she was told, looking back at him with a quivering lip and chin, and he admired the view of her standing there in a cream bra with matching lace panty that went well with her conservative cream pumps. Mandy, he knew, was a modest B cup and the padded comfort bra made her look a little bit fuller in the chest than she really was. "Alright," he casually gestured with his free hand, "now the rest."

She turned away from him again, this time to unclasp the bra. The hint of a half-smirk crossed Falcon's roguish face as he undid his bow tie and unbuttoned the collar of his dress shirt. It was cute that Mandy was being shy like this but he had to find the sly little minx that had been hidden back inside of her all these years that he first saw. Mandy again crossed her arms before her to hold the bra in place when the shoulder straps slid down her smooth skin before reaching down with one hand to hook her panties and remove them by kneeling this time instead of bending over. Turning back around to face him, she let the bra drop and kicked her pumps off so that she stood before him, naked.

"Very good, now step up to me, my dear."

"Please..." she now begged him in a whisper. "Can't this just be enough?"

"No." Falcon said with a bemused look on his face. "You've spent the summer from high school to college stripping and I made sure that stayed a secret for the entrance review board." That was how he'd met her; in the VIP lounge of a Boston Gentleman's Club. She'd confided her desire to rise up and get away from her lowborn status by going to Harvard and he helped her by getting her in and paying her entire way through. "You then turned back to stripping to make ends meet and I bailed you out a second time," he reminded her. He'd seen her naked enough times before but tonight would be different.

"No one has touched me since Prom Night... aside from Brent, that is." Mandy admitted.

"I know," Falcon smiled at her. "But you also knew that this was coming. You were the one who chose to fall in love and get married. Don't go blaming me for your predicament." He beckoned her forward. "Now come here."

Not having any other option, Mandy walked up to him and stood there just inside of his spread knees. "Still trimming, I see," Falcon noted, seeing the thin strip of hair just above her slit. "After tonight you'll shave it all off." He held off the urge to grab her right there to feel her up. Instead, he savored the moment by bringing his hands up the sides of her thighs, fingertips lightly brushing her skin, as he trailed them up her waist and ribs. He paused for a moment, watching her nipples harden from the goosebumps that she had from his touch. Then he brought his hands in front of her to cup her breasts ever so lightly while lightly moving his thumbs across her hardening nubs.

Mandy was biting her lower lip while her hands clenched into fists and released and clenched again while Mr. Falcon fondled her chest. Her eyes fixated onto a point on the wall past him while a riot of sensations and emotions cascaded through her. The erotic tingles shot through her breasts from her nipples and seemed to find their way right down to her loins, making her wet. What she'd told him was true; while she might have been stripping for a living to help pay for her University bills, she'd stopped sleeping around. She lost her virginity when she turned 18, slept around a bit in high school, and then had that drunken orgy on prom night. She'd become a 'Good Christian Girl' by forswearing her past to lead a good and wholesome life but it was one marred by her dark past and secret employment. She never once slept with any clients. Not even Mr. Falcon. The night when Brent proposed to her was the first time in four years that she'd had sex with anyone.

And now here she was about to commit adultery by the one man who kept her from losing everything that she'd worked so hard to achieve; a higher education at an ivy league school, reputable employment in a white-collared world, and marriage to a wealthy man who wanted her for who she was and who she wanted to be... and not some dumb trophy wife to have at his side. Her eyes went to the ceiling as she tried to avoid looking at Mr. Falcon's triumphant face while he slowly rotated his thumbs around her nipples. A tear trickled down her hot, burning cheek as she tried to endure. I'm doing this for Brent... for us... Oh God... please forgive me for what I have to do... It made her sick to her stomach that she basically sold her body to the devil so that she'd have a shot at living in paradise.

Falcon's hands drifted back downward. He patted her inner thighs to get her to spread her legs. She did so and he slid a hand over her slickening mound. Mandy let out a whine of despair as he cupped her sex. Brent had been the only person to touch her there in such an intimate way. The boys back in high school were just a 'spread 'em, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am' kind of lay. The men that she danced for never got a chance to touch her. The moment one of them even twitched the wrong way the bouncers were on them.

Closing her eyes and grimacing as she felt a single finger probe further inside of her, it took Mandy every fiber of her being to remain standing in place instead of bolting from the room. Her fists were clenched so hard that her knuckles were turning bright white. "MMmmmh!" She whimpered with a reddening face as Mr. Falcon started crooking his index finger repeatedly in a 'come here' move down the length of her slit. "AH!" Mandy gasped when he then plunged it up into her pussy, feeling up the front wall of her innermost folds. No, she couldn't run. She knew all too well that Mr. Falcon would destroy her. Just the pictures from Prom Night alone to her husband and her in-laws would end her life as she knew it. If they were sent to Harvard, her position within the Alumni would be threatened. She didn't even want to think about them being sent to her church. Mandy would be ostracized for certain. She couldn't allow that to happen. She would not let that happen!

"Good girl," Falcon told her as he slowly fingered her. He reached down with his left hand to take her right. Guiding it up to the buttons of his blazer her told her, "take my overcoat and shirt off."

With her face now furiously red from embarrassment, Mandy fumbled with the buttons as she tried not to look at his smug face. He never stopped fingering her pussy. When she got the blazer off of his right arm, he simply fingered her with his left hand until it was time to remove that arm of the blazer. Then it was the same for the white collared shirt. His smile seemed to grow even more smug and triumphant now that he sat there bare chested in front of her while he felt her up. Despite herself, she felt the heat rise within her and she desperately tried to push such sinful thoughts away. I shouldn't be feeling this for a man who is not my husband! she screamed in her own mind as she once again closed her eyes and averted her face upward. She jumped back when she felt his lips brush her left nipple before he sucked it into his mouth. His hand shot out, snaked around her waist, and quickly pulled her back into place where he resumed fingering her while sucking on her breast.

Then his hands were then on her shoulders and he was pushing her down to her knees on the soft carpet. "Shoes and socks first, then my pants." he told her. She looked up at him with horror on her face. His stern glare told her that he was not in a mood to be denied and she didn't even want to contemplate the consequences. Reaching down, she untied the laces of his loafers and put them aside before removing his black socks. Then she reached up to undo his belt and the fly of his slacks. He lifted up just long enough for her to pull them down past his buttocks and thighs. Then they joined the rest of his clothes in a pile next to them, leaving him clad only in his boxer-briefs. She glanced up into his eyes and he had an expectant look on his face so she reached up and grasped the waistband of his undershorts and pulled them off as well. His long, hard cock sprang forth, making her jump in surprise at both its size and the fact that he was already hard for her.

Falcon beckoned her forward and Mandy shied away from him. Glowering, he reached out and grabbed her hair far faster than she thought possible. "It's time to put that mouth back to good use like you did when you were eighteen," he growled at her. Mandy couldn't help but let out a sob at that as she was pulled inexorably forward to his hard shaft. Tears flowed freely from her eyes when he reached down and put her delicate little hands around his cock all the while holding her head in place.

Mandy used both hands to pump his cock a couple of times before putting the head of it up to her lips. She risked another glance up with her brilliant blue eyes and saw that there was no compromise in Mr. Falcon's face. Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth to take more of him in as she gently sucked. There was a hum of pleasure and his iron grip on her hair turned soft as he then began to stroke the side of her head. "Good girl." he said with obvious approval.

Once Mandy had a good portion of his cock down her mouth and her head was bobbing at a steady rate, he reached down to play with her breasts again. She jumped when he touched her and he admonished her for doing that. Blushing, she went back to work on sucking him off while his hands continued to tease her nipples. This time, however, he started lightly pinching and rolling them between his fingers. She let out a whine but kept on working his cock further down her throat. "Hard to believe that you haven't done this in six years." he said. "You're still quite good at it."

The compliment made her blush even harder. She'd been giving head to Brent since they got engaged. Brent loved to get oral and she figured that it was due to his religious upbringing and that it 'felt dirty and sinful'. Since it felt so wrong for him it was naturally something that he really liked. After a minute or two of steady sucking, he told her to stop, stand up, and lay down on the bed.

Mandy looked over at it and then walked over as if she were going to face a firing squad. With a look of resignation, she rolled onto the bed and unconsciously crossed her arms up over her breasts while she looked up at the ceiling. Falcon followed her, bent over long enough to lightly slap her inner thighs again to get her to spread her legs, and then mounted her. She twisted her head away when his face obstructed her view of the ceiling, refusing to look at him. Falcon didn't care. He merely reached down between them, spread her pussy open with one hand, and guided his cock into her with the other. Her nostrils flared with her sharp intake of breath as he slowly sank into her.

Falcon's muscular bulk settled down onto her smaller frame. Mandy tried to blink tears away as his cock filled her up like no man had ever before. She tried to will away the pleasure that she felt with him inside of her but was unable to. When he thrust into her the first time after her tight pussy stretched to accommodate him, she felt it from her mound all the way up to the tips of her breasts and the back of her neck. "Ahhh," she let out a tiny breath when he bottomed out against her cervix. He reached down to grab her wrists, pinning them on either side of her head so that she was totally exposed to him once again. Then she felt his hot mouth descend upon her right nipple to suckle off of it. Mandy let out another series of wracking sobs. She shouldn't be feeling this good with a man who is not her husband. And yet, here she was committing adultery with a man that she never thought would come back to make good on a promise she made out of desperation.

He reached up to cup her left breast, thumbing the nipple again. With her left arm free again, she tried to cover it up. Falcon growled a warning at her, and then pinned both of her wrists above her head with his left hand before resuming his position of sucking on her right breast while fondling her left one. Mandy cried and whimpered softly as both her breasts received attention while his cock slowly and inexorably moved within her. She tried holding out. She tried mentally fighting it. She tried to mentally tune everything out. However, the more she resisted the faster the heat seemed to rise within her. "That's right," she heard Mr. Falcon's smooth, velvety voice say, "don't fight it. Your body wants this and you know it. Just let it come naturally."

"I...I... I don't want to..."

"Your body says otherwise." He arched back up and while looking at the conflict of emotions on her face, drove his hips into her hard, making her gasp in the process. Falcon thought it cute the way she closed her eyes and turned her face every which way but he knew that the end result would be the same. His thrusts went hard and deep into her, every time making her gasp in pleasure. He could tell that she wanted to wrap her legs around him and squeeze, as such things came naturally to women such as her, but she was still mentally fighting it. No matter, once I'm done with her she'll be the most perfect and willing slave I've created... His own passion rose as his cock swelled inside of her. He did his mental tricks to detach his mind to keep from blowing his wad too soon. I want her to cum on my cock first...

After another few hard, deep thrusts, she was doing just that. Up to this point she was softly gasping and mewing every time he plowed into her. Now she let out a loud, "AUGH!" as her body shook violently beneath his. Her legs quivered. Her arms shook. Her pussy clamped down onto his cock like a vice. NOW! He thought to himself, letting himself go now. It took him a couple more thrusts before his cock exploded within her, filling her up with his thick, creamy seed. Mandy wailed in defeat as she felt his cock throb and pulsate inside of her while her pussy milked his cock for every drop while she came. Once he was coming down off of his own orgasm, he drove his hips into hers and kept his cock buried inside of her to the hilt as they rode the rest of the pleasure out together. Mandy went still first and buried her face into her left arm, ashamed of herself. Her chest heaved as it was wracked with more sobs at what she'd just done.

When Falcon's cock stopped twitching inside of her, he pulled out and went over to his night stand. Opening a drawer, he pulled out a jeweled butt plug, some lube, and a jeweled, but simple, choker with a diamond in the center of the lock. He lubed up the plug and rolled Mandy over. Then he parted her ass cheeks and nuzzled it up to her back passage. Mandy immediately squawked and protested "No! Don't! Please!" as she reached behind her to try and slap his hands away. Falcon ignored her as he gleefully pressed the plug into her.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Mandy cried out, gripping the covers and burying her face into the pillow, crying, as she felt her ass give way and the plug pop into her. Then she felt his hands around her neck as he snaked the jewel choker around. There was a click as he locked it into place before turning it so that the diamond locket, shaped like a little heart, was nestled right on her throat. She whimpered some more.

"These will be your symbols of servitude to me until your debt is paid off. Although with the amount of money you've racked up with me, I highly doubt that it'll be anytime soon," Falcon told her as he put the key inside of his wallet on the bed stand. "You will wear these at all times around me. Wear the plug at all times. If I call you in the middle of the day, you had better have it up your ass. If I call you in the middle of the night, you had better have it in you. When I call you to meet me, you will put the collar on at once. Failure will result in punishment as I deem worthy. Continual disobedience will result in your entire family knowing what you have done in order to get what you wanted. I imagine they'll label you a tramp, and a whore, and a gold digger. That'll probably result in you being tossed out in the streets."

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