Masks That We Wear


As much as Mandy wanted to deny it, she knew that he was right. Brent's family was from old money. They'd made a fortune in the early pioneer days of Texas and then when oil was discovered they became even richer. Brent was a third-generation oil tycoon, already a CEO, who stood to totally take over the family business eventually, provided he didn't go into politics like his father had done. They were also very upstanding members in the Church and Mandy had seen firsthand what they do to those who 'revel in sin', as they called it.

"How am I supposed to keep this hidden?" Mandy cried, squirming uncomfortably.

"Not my problem," Falcon said, climbing up onto the bed and crawling behind her. "Put on a mask of calm and serenity. Fake it. I don't care just do it so that people can't tell." He grabbed her hips and hoisted her up onto her knees. He then slapped her hard on the ass, making her cry out in pain. "And from now on, when you are in my presence, you will call me either Sir or Master. Got it?" he spanked her again.

"Yes! Sir!" she howled through the tears.

"Good," he said, now giving her ass an affectionate rub and squeeze. He then grabbed his cock, dragging it up and down her moist slit to get it hard again. Once he was fully erect, he pressed into her.

"AH!" Mandy cried out again, this time feeling both the plug and his cock move inside of her. Then she felt his hand snake around her hip, under her belly, to find her mound. She felt the pressure on her clit as he fingered it while he fucked her. She bit her lip, trying to ignore the way it made her felt. She kept on reminding herself that she was married and that she shouldn't be feeling pleasure with another man. But Mister Falcon was relentless and he knew how to touch her. He knew how to control her. He knew how to make her body respond. This fact was confirmed a moment later when she felt his other hand come up to cup her breast to pinch her nipple.

Mandy lost all control at that point and she came hard. Her body shook from the second orgasm and she bowed her head in shame as she rode it out. A minute later she felt his hot cum fill her up even more. This time when he pulled out he started dressing on his own while she just collapsed onto the bed. "Make sure you get on birth control. I don't want any bastard children running around."

"Yes, Master," Mandy replied morosely as she curled up into a ball on the bed. How was she ever going to get through this?


CHAPTER 2: Dealing with it.

It was late when Mandy got home to her and Brent's spacious ranch just north of Dallas. 'Ranch' was a bit of a misnomer in her opinion as it hadn't been a working ranch in years. Now it was just a huge property that was kept cleaned and groomed by a legion of gardeners and workers. Sure, they had stables for horses but those horses were the kind that ran in races now instead of the kind that plowed fields and worked the land.

Mandy pulled her luxury car into the garage and parked. She didn't even bother locking it as she just let the door slam closed as she marched into the manor, eager to get to bed and to have this miserable day over with. She darted into one of the nearest guest bathrooms she could find and took a quick shower; scrubbing herself from head to toe even with that accursed plug that was up her ass. The collar she'd stashed in her purse, grateful that Mister Falcon had at least given her a key to it to remove at home. Then she sank down to the tiled floor, hugging her knees to her chest, crying her eyes out while the water rained down onto her.

Once her self-pity party was over and she'd collected herself, Mandy grabbed a robe out of the bathroom closet to wrap herself in, flipping the collar of it up to hide the marks that the jeweled collar had left around her neck. Then, after checking to see that none of the staff were up and about, she snuck down the long hall, past the bay windows that had the bright moonlight spilling through, and into her bedroom.

Brent was already in their massive, four post Victorian styled king bed deep asleep and snoring loudly. Mandy's face twisted into one of pain and regret as her heart broke. She wanted to wake him up and confess everything to him but at the same time she was too ashamed to do it and too afraid of what might happen if she did. Instead, with the robe still on, she slid in underneath of the sheets and lay down onto her side with her back to her husband, her mind laced with worry.


"I missed you last night, dear," Brent said the next morning when she came down for breakfast. She'd intentionally feigned sleep and hitting the snooze button on her own alarm clock. It wasn't too far from the truth as she was tired from getting home so late.

"I'm sorry honey," Mandy said, giving her husband a peck on the cheek before taking her own seat at the table within the breakfast nook. She shifted a bit uncomfortably as she thanked the maid who'd immediately put a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast down in front of her. "The meeting with my client ran extremely over. You were already asleep when I'd come to bed. Did you have a long day? You were snoring something awful." She fidgeted again. Getting used to sitting with the plug constantly inside of her was going to take some getting used to.

"Yeah, I was out on the course with dad since he's back from D.C. now." Brent admitted while he turned back to the paper he was reading. "The weather was really nice and he'd been gone for so long that we wound up playing a second round."

"That's okay, I don't mind at all." She said, giving him a small smile. "Family is important."

"I'll make it up to you tonight, I promise."

"Oh? What'd you have in mind?"

What he had in mind, blew hers. After flowers, dinner, and dancing, they went home where he slowly undressed her while giving her a flurry of kisses on her skin as he bared it. It gave her goose bumps and made her giggly. He was down on his knees in front of her, tongue lapping at her clit in such a way that it was driving her mad. Her legs went watery and she begged him to take her to bed but he was unrelenting. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her thighs to keep her upright as he continued to attack her mound.

"I see that you shaved down here..." he murmured at one point.

Fuck... she swore in her mind. She'd shaved that morning before going down for breakfast. I got so caught up in this that I forgot about that! SHIT! The plug! She then thought. She'd gotten used to the thing during the day and forgot about it during dinner. "I... uh... wanted to try something new, dear. Do you like it? Because your tongue down there with it bare is driving me wild."

"I do like," Brent said with appreciation. "It's just a surprise, that's all."

"I have another surprise for you," Mandy said, taking one of his hands and guiding it back behind her. Maybe she could play this off after all. She placed his fingertips right on the plug and pushed it in a bit, letting out a lustful gasp in the process.

"What the? Is this... is this a butt plug?"

"I'd got it recently," she said. That, at least, was true. "I wanted to try something new for you and when you said that we were going on a date night, I put it in." Damn, that lie came out way too easy for her.

Brent gave her a wicked smile. "You had this in all night? Oh you naughty girl," he said playfully. "You're going to have to atone for that." Unable to contain his excitement, he scooped her up into his arms and carried her to bed. When they hit the mattress, her arms were wrapped around his neck and she was kissing him passionately. He moved between her legs and she wrapped them around him. Then she was tearing at his clothes, eager to get him as naked as she was. They got as far as getting his blazer and dress shirt off with his slacks hiked down before he lost control and plunged into her. "Oh damn..." he croaked as his cock slid into her tightness. He could feel the plug on the other side of her vaginal wall as he moved inside of her. "Damn... that feels good."

"Take me," she breathed, wrapping her legs back around him and locking her ankles. "Please..." He obliged her, taking her hard, and fast, and deep. She chanted his name in time to his wild thrusts into her. That just goaded him on as he relentlessly plowed into her. "OH GOD! YES!" she cried out as she came hard. Her pussy clamped around his cock and she bore down on him. Brent groaned and sighed a moment later when his cock blew its seed deep into her.

They stayed wrapped up in each other's arms, planting affectionate kisses on one another for some time until he finally slid out of her. He then moved to her side and spooned her. "Damn, that was intense. We should do that again."

Mandy smiled at him, twisting her head to give him a peck on the cheek. "How about tomorrow night as well?"


Mandy was back at Mister Falcon's penthouse suite that weekend; Nude save for an eye mask, collared, plugged, and kneeling submissively at the foot of his bed with her head bowed and her hands on her knees. Over the week, he'd called her at work and at home at random times to make sure that she still had her diamond butt plug up her ass. She confirmed it each time and one time she had to walk to a window to bend over, flip up her dress, and pull down her panties so that whatever spy he had at her ranch could confirm it.

That knowledge in of itself was embarrassing. She wondered who on the staff it was. A gardener? One of the horse handlers? A maid, even? She became increasingly paranoid as it was instantly apparent that she couldn't trust anyone save for her husband. She did, however, make it a point to make love to Brent every night, knowing at any moment that she'd be called to service. This morning when Falcon did call, she gave Brent the mother of all blowjobs before making up a story that she'd be going out with her friends.

Behind her, the door opened. She heard the footsteps of two men. Falcon was definitely one of them as who else could it be? The other person she had no idea who it was. "This is Mister Preston," Falcon said. "You're going to be his entertainment for the next couple of hours. Be a dear and show him a very good time as he's a very important client of mine."

"Yes, Master," Mandy whined, unable to keep the sorrow from her voice or the tears from welling up in her eyes. As she heard the other man start to disrobe. A moment later the door closed as Falcon departed.

"My, my," Preston said in a slightly deeper voice than Mister Falcon's, "you are quite the stunning creature just from looking at you from behind. Now let's see the goods, dear." he said, walking up right behind her to look down upon her body. From that angle, he could easily see the small swells of her breasts as they nestled between her arms. "Mmm, yes, very nice," he murmured, leaning down to take them into his hands to squeeze. He brought one hand up to her neck to turn her face up to him.

She looked up into his smiling face and was surprised to see that he too was wearing a black eye mask, although not as ornately decorated as hers was. It then hit her that these 'clients' were businessmen in the Dallas area whom she probably interacted with before. That just made her heart sink with despair.

"MMMmmm..." Mandy whimpered in defeat as her breasts were fondled from behind. Then he was pinching and rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Once they were standing erect, he started brushing his forefingers across them rapidly. Erotic tickles shot through her body from the tips of her breasts, making her squirm uncomfortably as he played with them. She had to bite her lip to keep from protesting. The moment she misbehaved was the moment her secret was out.

After having her tits molested for about ten minutes, Preston had her stand and place her hands onto the boards on the foot of the bed. She stayed there while he rummaged around for something in the nearby drawers. When he came back he draped a very long length of rope over her neck, just below her collar, and down her front. She couldn't help but wince as he tied three knots in the front before reaching between her legs to grab the ends and pull back.

Shibari... Mandy thought bitterly. She always hated it when Mister Falcon wanted to do that kind of bondage. Mainly because he insisted on keeping her tied up for days at a time. Preston kept the two ends on either side of her labia as he brought them up her back to then loop under the portion on the back of her neck. Despite her reservations, she stayed perfectly still as Preston tied the rope into a body harness for her. Once he was done he placed his hand over her mound to finger her real quick to ensure that he could still get up inside of her bare pussy. Mister Falcon had ordered her to shave her mound now that she was serving him. "Nice and tight, just how I like it." Preston said in appreciation of her body and his work. "Your owner tells me you like this."

"Yes, Master," She lied meekly. He then took another length of rope and proceeded to tie her arms behind her back, forearm to forearm, anchoring them to her new rope body harness.

"One last thing..." Preston said. He left for a moment and came back with two magnetic nipple clamps. Mandy couldn't help but whine again as he fitted the little ring over her nipple and then secured it into place with the little magnets inside of it. She winced in pain as her breasts got used to the hard pincers and added weight. "Perfect!" he exclaimed, taking her by the arm and guiding her over to the huge window wall for a better look in the light. Then, to her horror, he grabbed his smart phone and snapped a few pictures. Mandy turned her head in shame.

Preston put the phone aside and walked over to her. He grabbed her by the chin to force her to look at him again. Once they'd locked eyes, he then gently applied pressure to her shoulders. Mandy submissively sank to her knees, all the while maintaining eye contact with him. He grabbed his cock, bringing it up to her lips. "Suck," he commanded.

Mandy swallowed to clear the lump in her throat. Tears fell from her eyes. Then she tentatively leaned forward and took him into her mouth. He lips locked around his shaft, sliding down its length, as she expertly took him all in. Preston's hand clawed at her hair and he breathed a sigh of relief as her head bobbed back and forth at his crotch. At one point, he grabbed her head, shoved his cock all the way down her throat, and held it there. Her tears of sorrow became those of stress as she struggled to relax her throat enough to breathe.

After a minute of making her struggle, he released her. Mandy automatically pulled back, coughed, and sputtered. She hadn't done that in years and had fallen out of practice. Preston grabbed her by the hair and brought her back up to her feet. Then he backed her up against the bed, nudging her back to lie down. Mandy complied, scooting back until she was all the way on. Preston climbed up on top of her, reaching down between them to spread her pussy lips and rope so that he could slide in. Once his cock was fully entrenched, one hand came up to clamp around her throat while the other played with her breasts.

Their eyes locked once again as he proceeded to fuck her hard. Her look of shame and sorrow was evident on her face and Preston seemed to revel in it. When she felt his cock swell within her, she couldn't help but cry. Her sin was running deep now as this was the second man inside of a week that she'd been intimate with who wasn't even her husband! What was worse was that she was going to cum with this man just liked she'd done with Mister Falcon! Her breasts were bouncing with every thrust into her, which moved the clamps on her nipples, which then shot the tiny electrodes of pain and pleasure through her body. Her clit was swollen and on fire as it was pinched between the ropes with his cock tearing across it.

Despite her best efforts to stop it, the climax ripped through her. She twisted and squirmed in his grip, biting her lip with a muffled "MMMMPH". Mandy turned her face from him, squeezing her eyes shut while her face and chest went flush. Her body shook and her pussy fluttered around his cock. Then her abdomen convulsed as the powerful orgasm continued. She wound up bucking against Preston against her own will.

"Yeah, that's right, cum for me, whore," Preston grinned above her, hand still around her throat. "Scream in pleasure," he said, his whole hand groping her right breast, squeezing, and pulling up, taking the magnetic nipple clamp with it.

Mandy screamed and thrashed as the pain from her right tit spiked on her nipple and then throbbed while the aftershocks were still coursing through her. Then she screamed again when he reached over and snatched the left one off as well. She wept in pain and embarrassment. This wound up sending Preston over the edge as she felt his cock throb inside of her while his cum gushed into her womb. It made her glad that she was on birth control so that she wouldn't get pregnant from this man. She felt his mouth descend upon her left breast while he continued to enjoy his own orgasm.

After that, it was a blur as Mandy just laid there like an empty shell. Preston used her in a variety of positions until he was finally done with her. By the time he'd left she was sore from the continual fucking. Falcon came in for her and he untied her arms and then led her to the bathroom. "Wash up," he ordered her after getting the shower going for her. Mandy went to untie the knots of the rope body harness behind her back and Mister Falcon slapped her hands down. "No. You'll wear that for the rest of the weekend as punishment," he said in a harsh tone. "Mister Preston was happy with the first hour of fucking you but then said that you tuned out. You'll get your shit together and please my clients properly or I will fucking end your existence as you know it. Understand?"

"Yes, Master..." Mandy replied in a soft, meek voice. "What am I going to tell my husband?"

"That's not my problem. Entertain my clients better and you won't have to figure that out in the future," Falcon growled. "Now get cleaned up and get out of here. I'm done with you for the weekend."


Sunday came around and Mandy feigned sickness just so that she wouldn't have to go to church. She slept in one of the guest bedrooms under the pretense that she wouldn't disturb Brent and so that she didn't have to reveal her tied up body to him. Him and a couple of the maids checked in on her from time to time but allowed her to rest.

All the while, Mandy wondered how she'd be able to keep pretenses up or if she'd even succeed at it. The answer was not 'if' Brent would find out, but 'when'.


CHAPTER 3: Revelations and Confrontations.

"Bye, dear," Mandy called out as she hastily headed for the door. Mister Falcon had called and wanted her immediately for an important client. As was dictated, she put her collar on at once as she still couldn't tell who the spy was at the ranch and then put on her overcoat with the collar flipped up. "I'll be back late!"

"Hold it!" Brent snapped, heading her off before she could reach the garage. "This is getting ridiculous!" Mandy stopped dead in her tracks, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. He'd been getting suspicious over the past month of her bailing on whatever plans that they'd had for the weekend outside of church on Sundays. Now here she was trying to sneak out on a week night. She was so tired lately that her work had been suffering to the point that he had to give her some time off to recuperate. And now even their sex life was suffering. "Where are you going now?"

"Uh... well... you see..." Mandy sputtered.

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