tagIncest/TabooMason High Motivation Ch. 01

Mason High Motivation Ch. 01


The buzzer resounded off the walls of the high school gym signaling the end of the game and another crushing defeat for the Mason High Hawks. Both teams formed lines and clapped hands congratulating each for a good game but the Hawks couldn't hide their shuffling feet and hunched shoulders.

"God, these poor boys have no luck this year." Mellisa said as she watched her son Seth collect his towel and head to the locker rooms with his head hung low. She brushed her long, full strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder and bit her bottom lip.

"I know. This is their third loss in a row." replied Mellisa's sister Alexis. She was watching her own son Tyler as he pulled off his sweat soaked jersey and slammed his fist into the concrete wall before following the rest of his team. "It's like they can't focus." Alexis hunched forward so her elbows were on her knees and her small fists held her chin up. The posture resulted in her huge tits, each one much bigger then her own head, pressed together in her low cut green tank top. Many a man stumbled on the bleacher steps as they tried to make their way past.

"I wish there was something we could do to help." Mellisa said as she arched her back and stretched her arms over her head. This posture resulted in her own impressive tits, equal in size to her sister's, to vault out from her chest and stretch the red V-neck shirt she had on to the point of bursting. It was very obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra by the way the material formed around her firm tit flesh.

Alexis sighed as she continued to stare at the door to the boys' locker room. She felt bad. She didn't want her son to be frustrated and angry. He was in the prime of his youth and should be having fun and celebrating with his friends and family. Sitting back up she brushed a strand of her short red hair behind her ear. The pixie style of her hair cut shaped her classically beautiful face well. That combined with her overly plump lips, green eyes and light freckles on her fair skinned cheeks made it very hard to believe that she was a woman of thirty six. But there was no hiding her womanly curves as she stood up, the movement causing her huge tits to jiggle slightly above her bare flat stomach. Her ass cheeks were perfect half circles that were hugged tightly in a very small pair of khaki shorts. Her long athletic legs flexed as she headed towards the steps.

Mellisa got up and followed her sister. Her own well proportioned ass, hips, and legs were encased in a pair of grey yoga pants that left nothing to the imagination. Her long flowing hair just brushed the very tops of her succulent ass cheeks. "I hope something changes soon. Seth is really hoping to get that scholarship."

Twirling her car keys on her slender finger Alexis made her way to the parking lot as she looked over her shoulder at her sister. "Seth and Tyler both. They had such a great year last year." she sighed again as they exited out into the warm afternoon air and walked to their separate cars parked next to each other. "They need something to push them. Motivate them. Encourage them."

Mellisa beeped the unlock button on her car keys as she walked over to the driver side of her white sedan. "Well if you come up with something let me know. They both already have everything an eighteen year old would want."

"I know, I know." Alexis said as she opened her door and leaned against it as she gently nibbled her lower lip. The tops of her breasts swelled against the glass of the window. "I'll come up with something, don't you worry!"

Mellisa chuckled and shook her head. "I hope you think of something soon. I'll call you tomorrow Lexi. Goodnight!"

"Night." Lexi waved to her sister before getting into her blue SUV. She turned on the engine and waited for Tyler to exit the school. She spotted Seth stepping out first and watched her sister drive over to the curb to pick him up.

A few minutes later Tyler walked out the front doors after the rest of the crowd thinned out. He still had his shorts and sneakers on but his shirt was still off and slung over his shoulder as he headed over to their car. Alexis watched her son walk towards her and she couldn't help but notice what a young hunk he had turned out to be. He kept his cinnamon colored hair buzzed short and a few light freckles could be seen on his sweaty skin. His shoulders were wide and his chest and abs were well defined but still lean with youth. "He's quite the stud." Lexi said softly to herself.

"Hey Mom." Tyler said sullenly as he opened the passenger side door and climbed in. His eyes instinctively ran over his mother's bare legs and abundant chest before dropping quickly.

"Hi baby." Lexi had a small half smile as she watched her son climb in beside her. "Sorry about the game."

Tyler grunted through clenched teeth as he faced out the passenger side window as he mother began to drive them home. "I might as well forget about that scholarship."

"Now don't say that! This season just started."

"Mom, if we don't win the next game it's all over." Tyler turned back to talk to her but his eyes locked onto the jiggle of her boobs as she went over a speed bump. He regained his thoughts after a couple seconds. "Hell we have to win every game now! There's just no way."

Alexis watched her son from the corner of her eye as she made her way onto the freeway. She hated to see him so distressed. She sighed again before focusing on the road ahead. Neither one of them said another word as they made their way home.

* * *

The headlights of the SUV panned over the front of the large house where Alexis lived along with husband Charles and their son. The door to the garage began to roll up and a frown appeared on Lexi's otherwise beautiful face as she saw the absence of her husband's BMW. She knew that he was at work right now. She just hated that he seemed to miss every one of their son's games. Work seemed to take up more and more of his time and now she didn't have his help in cheering up Tyler.

Tyler reached back and grabbed his duffle bag before getting out of the vehicle after it pulled in. "I'm going to go take a shower." he stated flatly as he made his way into the house.

"Ok sweetheart." Alexis said as she watched the muscles in her son's strong back bunch and move as he walked. Her eyes dropped down to his ass as he made his way up the stairs. She couldn't help but notice how cute it looked in his red basketball shorts. She also admired his strong leg muscles with each step he took.

She hung up her car keys and placed her purse on the kitchen counter before making her own way up the stairs to her bedroom. She walked past the full bath in the hallway and heard her son turn on the shower before she continued on her way to the large master bedroom. Reaching over to one of the dressers as she balanced on one foot and took off her small sneakers one by one. She next undid the button and zipper on her khaki shorts before pushing and tugging them off her thighs.

Her shorts fell around her ankles and she bent forward to pick them up after stepping out of them. Her succulent bubble butt clad in a bright blue thong stuck out as a result. She threw the shorts into the clothes hamper before reaching down and tugging the tight tank top she had over her grandiose breasts. Her tits were lifted up briefly before dropping down and bouncing against each other after being freed from the confines of the shirt. Her areolas were a bright pink and about as round as the bottom of a soda can. Her nipples were small and hard like the top of a marker cap.

As Lexi threw the shirt into the hamper she caught a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror in the corner of the room. She walked over to her reflection, her hips swaying slightly, before stopping with her arms hanging down to her sides. Her fingers trailed up along her thighs and over her slightly concave stomach before reaching up and sinking into the protuberant flesh of her tits. She was well aware of her womanly charms and she loved to flaunt them even though her husband seemed to take less notice more often than not. She sighed as she massaged her massive breasts in her dainty hands. She longed for more intimate touching. She missed having a strong male body pressed against hers as she sweated and panted for breath.

"Damnit." she said as she suddenly thought again about her son's slump. She hated how alone he seemed. Hell they were both lonely and Charles was out there making money without any care about his own family. Lexi made small fists as her arms once again went down to her sides as she turned away from the mirror. After taking two steps Alexis suddenly stopped. She slowly turned back and looked again at her reflection. She again thought about their predicament. Here she was a sexual bombshell in her prime being ignored and just down the hall was a hunk of a young man that needed some cheering up.

"No, what am I thinking?" she said as she shut her eyes tight and brought her palms up to her cheeks. She felt the heat rising off her face from her blushing as an image of her lean muscular son standing in the shower naked suddenly filled her vision. Her eyes shot open and she again faced herself. She slowly let her hands drop down to her sides as she again looked at her womanly curves. "Maybe - - " she said dreamily.

She chewed her plump bottom lip for a second before reaching down and slipping her blue thong off her hips. She was a little surprised when she had to actually peel it off her waxed pussy lips because of how wet she was already becoming. She stepped out of the small piece of cloth and gave herself one more determined stare before turning and heading down the hall. He slender fingers trailed over the wall as she stepped over to the bathroom door. She could hear the spray of shower through the door as she stood facing it. Her breasts rose with each breath she took and she could feel her heart pounding in her ears. She took one deep breath and then quietly opened the door.

Steam rose out into the hall and Alexis quickly stepped into the warm mist. Her eyes adjusted to the thick moist air and she could see the outline of her tall son as he let the spray of water fall over the back of his head as he leaned it forward with his hands against the wall. She nibbled her bottom lip again as she looked at the foggy glass of the shower stall.

"Uh - - Tyler? C-Can I talk to you for a minute?" Lexi stuttered.

"Mom? Uh, yeah sure." Tyler replied. He was unable to see his mother through the fogged glass. Unknowing that she was stark naked and standing just three feet away he turned around so his back was facing the shower head. "I didn't hear you come in."

"T-Tyler, if you had something to help motivate you - - do you think you'd be able to win the next game?" Lexi asked as she lightly stepped from one foot to the other while she crossed her arms over her swelling breasts. The tops of her cleavage just grazing the bottom of her chin.

"Well it's not just me Mom." Tyler said annoyed. "But I guess it wouldn't hurt. I know I'm in a slump and I'd love to get out of it." Tyler rubbed a bar of soap in his hands before he began to work the lather over his strong hairless chest. "I don't know, maybe if I played better it would encourage the rest of the team. What did you have in mind?"

"W-Well I was thinking of d-doing something that would stimulate - - er - - encourage you to play better." Lexi felt her cunt get slightly more wet as she felt a trail of juice slide down her inner thigh. "Give you a little goal or something."

Tyler chuckled as he worked the soap over his arms and shoulders. "Like what? I've pretty much got everything I could ever want Mom."

Alexis closed her eyes tightly and took another deep breath. She counted to three before opening them up again. She didn't pause as she next reached out, opened the shower stall door and stepped into her son's view.

Tyler froze in place and dropped the soap as his mother stepped into the shower with him. All of her womanly curves bouncing in all the right ways. His eyes immediately locked onto the jiggling of her enormous tits. He was hypnotized as he watched her succulent pink nipples bounce up and down.

Alexis felt herself shaking as she stood naked to her son's wide eyes gaze. "Hear me out Tyler. I t-think we can help - - OHMYGAWD!"

Alexis' hands shot up and covered her mouth as she exclaimed in shock at the sight before her. There in front of her, dangling between her own son's legs, was the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life. And it was quickly rising.

She watched in amazement as the young column of flesh flexed and begin to point upward. Her eyes never blinked as she watched the veins pump and the head swell an angry purple. The muscles looked powerful and hard and seemed molded to perfection. His testicles looked like two limes hanging just below the base. The entire length was shaved smooth and glistened from the soap and water of the shower. Finally after what seemed like hours, the solid horse cock stood proud and pointed upward directly towards her ample bosom.

"Oh my God! - - Wow!" Alexis exclaimed as she looked at her son's length. "It's twice the size of your father's!" Without thinking about it Lexi reached out and grasped the giant cock in her small hands. She gave out a quick, maniacal laugh as she felt the hard thickness in her hands and relished that her fingertips couldn't meet.

Tyler gasped as he watched his mother's hands wrap around his erection. Every muscle in his body was tense. His hands were flat against the wall behind him and his breathing was quick and excited.

"Tyyyyyyllleeeerrr - - " Alexis purred as she looked up at her son's excited face. All of her trepidations had left her when she'd seen her son's horse cock in all its glory. She knew without a doubt what she was willing to do now for both her son and herself. Slowly her dainty hands began to slide up and down his slick length.

"Here's what I propose." she said as she stepped in closer to her son. The swollen head of his cock along with a couple inches slipped between her tits as she continued to glide her hands up and down. "Every time you win a game - - " Lexi said with a coy smile as she looked down at the giant dick in her hands before glancing back into her son's eyes and batting her eyelashes, " - - I'll let you take this giant cock - - " she squeezed it hard once before continuing her handjob, " - - and fuck me any way you want with it!"

Tyler was too excited for words. His mother's hands felt too good and he was mesmerized by the image of his dick pushing into the undersides of his mother's enormous boobs. Her hands felt amazing as they beat a slow steady rhythm along the lower half of his manhood while the upper half slid further into his mom's soft cleavage.

"Are you serious?!" He said as he looked down at his sexy mother. "Fuck yeah!" he said as he smiled, unable to believe his luck, "I'll win every game even if it's just me playing!"

Lexi smiled and looked down as she watched her son fill his hands with the sides of her breasts and squash them around his cock. She again nibbled on her lower lip as she felt her wet tits wrap around her son.

"God it feels like an arm between my tits!" she thought as she reached down with one hand to fondle his large balls in her slim fingers. The skin of the sac felt silky smooth and soft as she hefted the surprisingly heavy testicles. She stepped closer so her nipples dug into his chest and his cock was perfectly horizontal between them.

Tyler continued to mash his mother's large tits in his hands and around his dick. He began to breath heavier as he hunched his hips back and forth to begin living one of his biggest fantasies. Tit fucking his own mother.

"I've wanted to do this for so long Mom!" Tyler panted as he held the quaking flesh of his mom's tits in his hands while he watched the top few inches of his cock pop in and out of the top of her cleavage which was shiny and wet from the shower.

Lexi dropped her hands to hold onto her son's waist as he slid his cock into her massive fun bags. Pursing her lips she leaned down and kissed the plum sized head before rubbing them against the sensitive underside of his cock as it slid through her cleavage.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned loudly as she exhilarated in the feeling.

Water ran down the bodies of the horny mother and son as they moved and ground against each other. Precum continually oozed from the small hole in Tyler's otherwise enormous man meat. It coated his mother's plump lips and ran down his length to help his thrusting. His fingers sunk into the flesh of her tits like two giant marshmallows as her nipples dragged over his chest and abs. Alexis bent her knees again and again as she helped fuck her son's cock with her tits. Her hands roamed over his muscles and felt the heat rising off his body. The bathroom filled with a dense mist from the shower as mother and son continued their taboo acts.

Alexis pulled back suddenly and took a couple of steps away from her son. Both were panting and flushed as they admired each other's bodies.

"Now remember what I said, you only get to have sex with me when you win a game." Giving her son a sexy smile Lexi opened the shower door and stepped out. Tyler watched his mother's wet naked body as she walked away, her round ass bouncing with each step. Stopping at the bathroom door, Lexi turned back and gave her son a wink. "Although tonight I'll let you test the ride before you decide." She then turned and headed down the hall to her bedroom. Her sexy hips swaying back and forth.

Tyler quickly shut off the shower and followed after his mother. His huge dick pointing the way and bobbing in the air in front of him. He felt dizzy and hot but in a good way. He was shaking and he put his hand against the wall as he followed after his mother. He watched as she slowly crept onto the large bed on her hands and knees while looking at him over her shoulder. After moving to the middle she quickly flipped onto her back and spread her legs like a talented gymnast and beckoned her son over with a crooked finger.

Needing no other invitation, Tyler practically ran to the bed and jumped on. Like any eager teenage boy would, he quickly saddled himself up between his mother's athletic legs. He gripped a shapely calf in one hand and guided the head of his cock to the mushy pink of his mother's bald pussy.

"Oh fuck! I am so ready for this Mom!"

"Mmm, me too baby!" Alexis said as she craned her neck to look over her globes at the intimidating cock that was about to pierce her. An involuntary shiver went down her frame when she saw what was coming. "I want you to fuck me with that big cock, Tyler! Fuck Mommy!"

No further encouragement was needed as Tyler hunched his hips and squeezed the head of his cock into the tight folds of his mother's pussy. He watched his mother as she pinched her nipples and arched her back as he entered her. Her pink lips stretched around his girth making the veins bulge out down his length.

"UUUUUGGGGHHHH!" Lexi moaned deep in her throat as her eyes fluttered. She gripped her swelling tits in her hands and squeezed as she felt the intense pleasure coming from the massive cock sliding into her.

"Shit you've got such a tight pussy Mom!" Tyler said as he clenched his teeth and pushed slowly forward with his hips.

"Oh God - - " Lexi panted as she continued to watch her son's huge cock get swallowed by her pink lips. "This is so crazy! I can't believe I'm doing this!" she thought.

"UGH!" Tyler grunted as his large testicles squashed against his mother's plump ass and his entire length was impaled into her womb. He held his breath as his eyes trailed up from where they were connected to her sexy stomach and further up to her round firm breasts that swelled up from her chest even when she was lying down. Lexi in turn looked down to see her pussy stretched around the amazing girth of her son's cock. Her eyes trailed up over his strong stomach and further to his muscular hairless chest.

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