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Honestly, there is a lot of Garrus-Shephard erotica out there. However, very few of the stories deal at all with the mechanics of the relationship – they are all about the emotional aspect of it. Many of them are even well written. But I felt there had to be something on the sheer fact of the difference in the physical bodies, even if it was short.

Just a couple of pages on the way I imagine Garrus to be. You probably won't get the story if you haven't played Mass Effect.


Like all turians, Garrus' skin was hard and almost chitinous on most of his body - it had been made so by their species' evolution under the harsh suns of their planet. Still, there were softer places on him, places that felt almost like a smooth, thick leather, and Shephard particularly enjoyed seeking these places out with her fingers or even her tongue.

Behind his ears, for example, there was a band of this softer skin, and he was particularly sensitive here. The base of his neck and his chest were both substantially softer than his head. His belly, too, was flat and taut and covered with smooth skin, as were his...she supposed 'palms ' were the best word, even though he only had three long slim fingerlike appendages.

And of course, his cock. His cock left her sore and chafing and achy even with copious amounts of lube and she knew he worried about it but she didn't care. The delicious friction when he was inside of her was more than worth some soreness afterward.

His whole body was like that - frightening, alluring, and very powerful, and powerful and dangerous things attracted her. She would probably never cease to shiver a bit when his talons wandered near her sex, but he had learned to temper his touch to her soft and sensitive skin, and with care he even slid his fingers inside her wet slit now.

He, on his side, worried terribly about the marks on her body made by him. Never had he ever imagined that humans would be quite so soft and frail, especially one that never showed any softness otherwise. And she seemed to like his rough treatment. Still, her skin bruised so easily. And yet her race produced powerful warriors like her, somehow. What was that which Thane had called her? Siha. Warrior-angel. That was indeed an appropriate term for her.

When she was in his arms, his alien cock inside of her, the two of them defying tradition and stereotypes, both were left free of cares. Of course she missed Kaiden terribly but Garrus was trusted. Garrus was her friend, and for the first time in a long time both felt they could let down their guard with another.

After their most recent lovemaking, she laid in his arms, cuddled close against him, his arm around her, her head on his shoulder, with a pillow dragged in between them to cushion her head. He reflected on the first time they had had sex. He had been uncertain to say the least. He'd never thought of human girls in quite that way, and he had only been regaling Shephard - sorry, Kendra - he really had to learn to call her by her first name – with a tale of an old girlfriend. "I had reach, she had flexibility" – what kind of line was that, anyway? Still it had put thoughts in Kendra's head, apparently. And flexible she certainly was.

Removing her clothes had in a way like lifting her off the pedestal she had been on. Not reducing her but making her vulnerable and approachable. Tough-as-nails Shephard had turned out to be only about 5' 8" feet tall, with a smooth flat belly and small breasts and a smooth, shaved sex at the junction of muscular, graceful legs. Her green eyes sparkled mischievously at his hesitation and his uncertainty. He had found her breasts fascinating - turians didn't have them, and while they may not have been particularly sexy in his eyes, he found the feel and weight of them crushed against his chest arousing nonetheless. And there was no doubt that she loved the touch of his scaly skin on her erect nipples. Her hair, too, was an unusual thing to him, silky and soft and totally useless – and probably one of the most overtly feminine things about her. She kept it cut neat and short in the military style but it was still shoulder length and straight and very very black.

Hours of amusement had been gained by her navel, something he didn't have at all and had no need for. When she had explained how humans nourished their babies in the womb it had become a bit clearer, but he had wondered why add one now that she had been, essentially, rebuilt from the ground up? After all her original body had been destroyed and in many ways she was a clone. She had chuckled and pointed out how weird it would be if she didn't have one, and he couldn't deny that.

"What are you thinking about?" she interrupted his musings, her hand tracing gently over his shoulder and once again finding the softer skin under his neck. She seemed to be endlessly fascinated by his skin. Not that he was complaining, of course.

"I'm thinking about your navel, if you must know."

She giggled like a girl, an almost unheard of sound for her. "My navel?" She shifted away from him enough so she could look at it. "You're strangely fascinated with that."

"I'm strange? You're the one naked in bed with a turian."

"Granted. You win that one." She rolled onto her back and stretched luxuriously. He watched her, turned on again by her free demeanor and trying not to admit it. She sat up, and leaning forward on her knees, turned back to look at him.

"Did you ever think, for a moment, we'd end up in this position?"

"Goodness." His gravelly deep voice rolled over her. "You mean you and me, in bed together? Never. Not for a second, Shephard. In the old days it was you and Kaiden anyway..." he hesitated. Kendra had only ever shown him a moment's weakness about Kaiden but he wasn't sure if he should bring up old memories or not. He knew for a long time that she had had a picture of Kaiden on her desk, but in recent times it had been first laid face-down, and then finally put away entirely.

She sighed a bit, turning away from him. He rolled on his side and let his talons trace gently down the curve of her spine, and watched her squirm with pleasure.

"I have to admit, I do so love your nails on my skin, Garrus." She stretched, like a cat. "As for Kaiden...sometimes I think Kaiden and I could have been really happy together if things had been different."

His hand stilled. This was the first time she had spoken about it, as far as he knew, to anybody. She sighed deeply. "But, like everything else, the real world got in the way."

She looked back at him. "But now I have you. I wonder what the Illusive Man would say if he knew the use to which I put his very expensive bed," and so saying, pounced on him, her mouth immediately going to his, and her hand going to his cock, which was already erect again. Turians didn't have quite as long of a refractory period as humans did; a fact which thrilled Shephard to no end.

Come to think of it, it thrilled Garrus, too.

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