tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMass Effect: Purgatory Ch. 02

Mass Effect: Purgatory Ch. 02



The story you are about to read is fanfiction and in no way do I take credit for the characters that are present within. This is based off of the established video game Mass Effect and the setting therefore belongs to its developer, Bioware. That being said, regardless of whether you are familiar with said franchise you can still easily enjoy the story!

- - - - -

Here Shepard, take this sissy as more thanks of my appreciation of the help you've given me. Since I have owned him with my cock from the moment he stepped into my club I now give him to you to use and abuse as you see fit.

Aria laughs in my face after her statement and I simply lie there and hold my hands over my face in shame. Shepard nods and thanks Aria briefly as she then stands up before me and reaches down to offer me her hand. Looking up at Shepard in awe I hesitantly put my hand into hers and she closes her fingers around me. With a quick tug she has me back up on my feet next to her. She's about 6'1 and with me only at around 5'4 I have to look up into her eyes. Shepard places her arm around my waist and then slowly starts leading me back into the main floor of the club. Aria gives a last smirk before turning her attention back to the goings of the club. Her withering prick slithers back into its slit and she then casually buckles back up her pants before resuming her indifferent relaxed posture.

I feel like I'm on cloud nine as I can't believe that I'm being escorted through the club in the arms of my biggest hero. As we walk I can't help but keep glancing up at her to study her features from up close. Admiring her impressive form. She truly is incredible and I feel so insignificant being held against her muscular and toned frame, which has been developed from years of strife and combat. My feet are on auto pilot as I allow her to take me wherever she wants. After squeezing past a number of individuals in the crowded club we arrive at the more secluded bar in the back past the dance floor. This more secluded area seems to be more wild than the rest and there is an obviously drunk, but still very scantily clad, human woman dancing on top of the bar suggestively, giving some guys of various races below a free shot up her very short skirt. Glancing about some more and there are a few different couples fucking up against the walls. And of course there is the nearby dance floor that is swarmed with dozens of people all huddled close together.

Shepard brings us up to a gap in the bar and makes a motion toward the bartender who starts mixing up some drinks for us. Looking to my right I can see a Quarian in a suit with a purple color scheme slumped over the bar, sipping her beverage from a straw. I'm fascinated by her and take a few lingering glances as I've never seen a Quarian this close in person before. She finishes her drink and then glances over toward me but then she looks right past me.


The Quarian seems to know the Commander and calls out to her with a very heavy, alcohol influenced, slur.

Mmm, who's the cutie you have with you?

As she says this she reaches up to run a glove covered finger across my lips. The drink seems to have gotten her a bit frisky, but that just raises more questions in my mind, because it isn't exactly possible for her to satisfy any desires due to the fact that her entire body is covered in her enviro suit.

You still conscious Tali? I figured from all those shots you've been downing you would be passed out on the floor by now. Oh him? He's a gift from Aria. To use and abuse I believe were the exact words. Don't mind her she always gets a little horny when she's drunk, and a bit mean as well.

Shepard introduces the two of us with a bit of a smirk on her face, apparently amused at the state of her friend.

Yeah well she isn't the only one.

From behind Shepard comes the voice of another woman and, after the Commander turns to face her, I can see that she is quite a sight. She looks to be topless but it is difficult to tell because her skin also appears to be covered over every inch with intricate tattoos. She also has a very punk hairstyle, with her head shaved except for one patch down the center that has grown out and is hanging down somewhat across her face in a sort of lazy mohawk. Scars can be seen mixed in with her tattoos and overall her appearance is very intimidating, though that also just turns me on just as much. Just like with Shepard, there is a very violent beauty about her that has me head over heals in lust. There is a sheen of sweat across her body and it looks like she has been out on the dance floor for hours. She walks past Shepard and up to me. Leaning down she grips me by the back of the head and forces our lips together, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth causing me to react with bulging eyes at the bluntness of her actions.

All that bumping and grinding on the dance floor has got me hot as hell right now. I need something inside me.

The tattooed beauty says, then reaches down and grabs my package, fondling my erection and sizing me up in her hand.

Shit, not sure I'd feel anything with this thing. And from the way you seemed to be enjoying yourself when you were over with Aria you probably would rather be the one getting pounded, am I right?

My face turns bright red at the insult to my manhood and the fact that she also knows about what happened, but that only causes my prick to throb in her fingers.

Keelah Jack, get a room! You're in a public place, and put a shirt on!

Says Tali with a bit of a slur. Though at the same time, despite her words, I can also feel her to my side running her fingers lightly up and down my back.

That's not stopping these other people from fucking their brains out. Come on Shepard, help me out here!

Jack exclaims then loses interest in me and starts clinging on to Shepard, who doesn't put up much resistance as her horny friend latches on to her and starts kissing along her neck and grinding her knee between her legs. I am also confused as to why, because of my inadequate size, that she thinks she will have more success with the Commander over me. But I quickly see why as once again my eyes widen for the countless time tonight when a visible bulge starts to protrude from Shepard's dress due to Jack's grinding actions with her knee. She looks over toward Tali and I and smirks when she sees that I've noticed her cock. Tali is hovering drunkenly over my shoulder and whispers in my ear.

Her and Aria have very similar tastes when it comes to sex... actually quite a few members of the crew do as well. And speaking of Aria... I saw you with her earlier also. It was quite a show from over here.

The frisky Quarian now has her hands on my ass as she speaks. And I start to wonder if there's actually anyone in this club who still hasn't seen me choking on the sadistic Asari's meat before. As if Tali knew I was thinking about it, she slips one of her covered fingers into my mouth and I instinctively started sucking on it and coating it with my saliva, before catching myself. She pulls it out of my mouth and giggles a bit in my ear, before letting out a drunken hiccup.

Shit! Enough teasing already, fuck me!

Proclaims Jack as she continues to try and get a reaction from Shepard. The Commander then lets out a grunt of lust and grabs hold of Jack, spinning her around and forcing down the vulgar punks pants around her ankles at her boot covered feet. Then without hesitation she reaches down and pulls her dress up over her head in a swift motion and tosses it onto the bar behind her. Immediately I can see my hero's body in its full glory. Still clad in her heels, every other inch is now on display as she doesn't appear to be wearing any bra or panties. This is a moment I had been fantasizing about for as long as I can remember and I savor every moment. My eyes slowly glide over every detail of her body. Following the path of the glowing scars of her implants throughout her body, my eyes trace from the muscles in her well formed biceps all the way down to her calves. Taking the time to pause at her C cup breasts with erect nipples, well toned and not 'too' masculine but still visible six pack abs, and of course her throbbing and standing at attention, easily nine inch, cock with sizable girth. That meat between her legs is something I never expected to see but I'm certainly not complaining. She very much is the warrior worthy of saving us all and truly a sight to behold.

Jack is so turned on I can easily see her practically humping back against Shepard with lust. The Commander then grabs her by the hips, lines up her prick, and violently thrusts into the tattooed bitch to the hilt, in what seems to be her pussy due to the angle because I can't really see, causing her to moan out in heat.

The sexual aggressiveness of Shepard is startling and I stand transfixed on the spectacle as the Commander wastes no time and immediately gets into a rhythm of pounding as hard as she can, causing Jack to moan out loudly in pleasure as she is violently taken. I let out a moan of my own as I feel my own member being squeezed. Tali has her hand down the front of my pants and has started stroking me. Leaning my head back against her shoulder I turn my face to look into her concealed eyes behind her helmet, and even though I can't see her face I imagine her looking back at me with an expression of lust. Then I groan and reach down to grab her arm in my pants for support as I feel her other hand squeeze its way down my pants along my ass and slips her saliva slicked finger into my puckered asshole, taking me by surprise before I can offer any resistance, not that I would have.

I gaze into her faceless void with an eager look as she pushes and prods around my depths until I tense up and let out a moan. Now having located my male g-spot, she then pushes into it harder and picks up the pace on stroking me. Being manhandled by this alien woman who is covered head to toe is definitely unique, but so is the fact that she is fucking me with her finger. And either she knows what she is doing, lucky, or I just don't have great stamina because I quickly find myself on the edge. With a last push into my prostate I tense up and reach back to hold her by the hip for support as I once again explode inside my pants for the second time tonight. She was gradually working my cock out into the open to really work over my cock, but her finger in my ass was apparently all the stimulation I needed and she lets out a giggle as she realizes what has happened. Tali then whispers in my ear

Wow you really enjoyed that. I think you may be the one.

The Quarian then withdraws her hand from my pants and wipes off my semen on my shirt as she then makes a motion with her wrist causing her omni-tool to flicker to life. With a quick few motions of her wrist and fingers I can tell she has activated some sort of program but don't notice any different displays appear above her arm to signify what that might be. Then she speaks into my ear again.

You have no idea how frustrating it can be seeing all of you other races touching and grinding and fucking each other like this in the open and not be able to experience any of it yourself because of being trapped in this suit of mine. So a while back I bought this new program on a crazy impulse. It cost me quite a few credits but I thought it was a good idea at the time.

Confusion spreads through me as I feel something starting to prod against my lower back. In surprise I push away from Tali and look down at her waist to see the distinct orange glow of an omni tool projection appearing. There is no mistaking the form of the simulated cock that has generated from between her legs. She then reaches out and slowly takes my hand and brings it to her dick. I find myself instinctively swallowing as to my surprise I am able to wrap my fingers around a physical shaft, and not just passing through a holo projection. Soldiers on the front lines have been known to use disposable omni blades against their enemies, but that type of technology is much less frequent in the hands of the public, but I'm certainly not complaining. Tali lets out a sigh of pleasure at the contact as well.

Mmm it's been too long. That feels great! I have an implant that compliments this program. It sends all contact directly through my nervous system so that it feels as if this little solid projection is actually a part of me.

Giving it a few more experimental squeezes and seeing Tali flinch in response is all the proof that I need that it functions perfectly. When I first bought this thing I didn't realize that males of other races were so hesitant when it comes to this type of pleasure. And since I'm what you humans call 'straight' I haven't had the chance to break it in yet. After seeing you I'm thinking that might change. So what do you say?

Having been staring at her artificially throbbing cock as it mimics her arousal level the whole time while she spoke it takes little effort to come to a decision. Without saying anything I simply turn around and start to undress. I unbuckle my pants and let them fall at my feet before bending at the waist, presenting my ass to Tali for the taking. I can see Shepard and Jack going at it before me. The Commander has Jack bent over at a ninety degree angle, one hand is on the back of her neck holding her down in place while the other is keeping her two arms pulled back by the wrists, leaving her more vulnerable. Jack's face is so flushed and dripping with sweat that she looks like she has climaxed half a dozen times already, but the Commander still looks to be pounding away at her with the same aggressive pace since she started. I am amazed by the control she has over her stamina. Then I turn my head to look back at Tali.

She is now walking up behind me and stroking her glowing omni dick. If I could see her face I would be willing to bet credits that she was licking her lips at the sight of me. To my surprise she doesn't start lining up with me right away, instead she starts shuffling me into position right next to Jack and takes her spot standing next to Shepard, putting her hand to the back of my head and forcing me to bend down at the waist until I'm eye level with Jack. I then realize she wants to make even more of a spectacle of the situation by fucking me alongside the Commander in the same position. Pulling back my arms so that I am restrained I finally feel the tip of her synthetic dick pushing against my hole. Her alcohol addled mind then decides to throw care out the window and she quickly plunges into my ass, causing my skin to slap against her hips.

Oooh fuck!

I yell out in a mix of surprise, pain, and satisfaction. Being taken by a woman in such a way has been a fantasy for the longest time but when I pictured it in my head I certainly never imagined that it would turn out this way, being humiliatingly violated by a drunk Quarian in the middle of a night club alongside my biggest hero Commander Shepard. Tali is using my arms as her reigns as she picks up the pace and roughly fucks my ass with her simulated cock. She is now moaning out in pleasure as well as I'm rocked quickly back and forth. I look to meet the eyes of Jack who is being equally ravaged to my side. Without saying anything she simply gives me a nod, well as best she can as she is being slung around while Shepard pounds her, as if acknowledging and understanding and possibly sharing my own desire to be treated like a bitch and fucked senseless.

Yes that's it! Take my cock you bosh'tet!

Tali is really getting into it and cursing out all kinds of Quarian words. I might have found the sight amusing if I were a bystander and not experiencing the bliss of the contours of her prick quickly sliding along my insides and stretching my walls first hand. She is forcing her cock across my pleasure button with every thrust and I can't stop myself from moaning out at the top of my lungs in ecstasy at the sensations. The feeling of fullness is incredible and I find myself hoping that this horny Quarian fucks me all night long. My own prick is slinging back and forth beneath me and as the pleasure in me quickly peaks it starts drizzling a steady stream of my seed as I cum. The feeling is unlike anything I've experienced before and I suddenly go quiet, my eyes rolling back, as my whole body is rocked with ecstasy and my legs shake as I struggle to remain standing. The anal orgasm crashes through me and Jack, having another orgasm of her own, notices me in the throes and presses her lips up against mine as we are humped in rhythm and slides her tongue into my mouth.

I suck on her tongue instinctively as I come down from the mind numbing high. But Tali seems to not be quite done with me yet and continues to rape my ass. There is still a steady, but low, level of pleasure hovering inside me and I simply hang on to that sensation as I'm used for pleasure by the Quarian, who herself is now moaning louder and louder as she starts to approach an orgasm of her own. Tali's voice starts to stagger and she leans over my back, squeezing my shoulders tight in her fingers, and lets out a final groan of ecstasy.


I can feel her form on top of me pulsing as she relishes in pleasure. Then she slowly starts to come down from her high, breathing hard as she adjusts. Without really thinking she stands back up straight and her omni-cock slips from my ass. The lack of support from her holding on to me causes me to lose balance and I fall forward onto the ground. I can hear Tali giggling with her distinctive Quarian voice but when I finally turn to look back at her she is now slumped against the bar. It seems that the alcohol finally caught up with her and she is out cold.

Ahhhhh fuck!!! Yessss fill me up....

There is more grunts and groans to my side and I turn right in time to see Jack and Shepard both crying out together as they orgasm at the same time. After sitting up my eyes are now practically level with Jack's cock-filled pussy and I can see the Commander's cum overflowing from deep inside her and dripping down onto the floor. There's so much of it and I can't help myself, because without thinking I crawl over and hold my mouth open beneath, catching the remaining drops as they leak out, landing on my extended tongue. Mmm I savor the taste as the flood of semen slows and finally stops. Shepard simply pulls out casually and backs up to lean against the bar to rest but Jack grips me tight by the hair and straddles me standing above, turning my head with a forceful tug and smothering her cum-slick cunt into my face.

Ahhhh fuck, I'm not done yet you little bitch... drink it all down and clean me up.

Jack's words barely reach me as everything is a bit muffled now that she is above me and straddling my head, her thighs clenched tight over my ears. There is slight pain as she tugs roughly on my hair and twists her hips, grinding harder against me. I can feel her clit rhythmically fucking against my nose while my mouth is latched tight over the lips of her pussy. Shepard looks on in amusement as her aggressive, tattoo covered and sex obsessed, friend feeds me the seed that had filled her sex up just moments ago. My sight is blurred from the crazed woman's arousal having totally soaked my face in her liquids and I can make out some more moaning as she is building herself up to another quick orgasm. She humps my face until she can't take it anymore and finally groans out once more in ecstasy. Jack is a squirter apparently and I do my best to gulp down every drop of her juices, and a mix of the Commander's remaining semen, as she cums all over my head and down my throat.

Mmmaah much better.

Jack lets out a final sigh before releasing her hold on me, causing me to gasp for air and collapse onto my back spread eagle on the floor of the club. She strides over to join Shepard relaxed against the bar. The Commander's eyes are still on me as I catch my breath and regain my composure. I wipe my eyes and look up at her, the monster cock between her legs is still semi-hard and throbbing occasionally. Also after peering around the club briefly I notice that a circle of people had formed around us and quite a few people are watching me. My cheeks shine bright red in embarrassment and once again I find myself looking up to accept the hand of Shepard as she helps me back up to my feet. She turns to Jack and speaks.

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