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Massage a Trois


By request of AG...

My wife, Rachel, and I had always joked around about having a menage a trois with another man. I had told her that all I'd have to do is get one or two drinks into her and then start giving her a massage. She would laugh and say that a massage would get her to do anything.

My wife is in her mid-thirties, with firm, curvaceous legs, a perfect rear-end, large round breasts surmounted with huge brown nipples. Her full lips are God's gift to oral sex. Add to that a beautiful face, and it makes the package complete. Anyway, she's an actress, and one night she was rehearsing a scene at our house. Our children were asleep, and her partner was this guy, Scott. He was in his late 20's, muscular, with a handsomely chiseled face. I was working late, and as I got home, I came around to the back entrance.

Rachel and Scott were in the back room, rehearsing. The furniture was all moved out of the way, leaving just the couch centered in the room. There was a half empty bottle of wine on one of the tables, with a couple of glasses already poured. Rachel was wearing a short denim mini skirt with heels. She had a sheer lacy body suit on which I know was a thong in the back, underneath a white fluffy button down sweater. Most of the buttons were open. Anyway, I had watched a couple of their rehearsals, so as I approached the back door, I could tell they were reaching the part of their scene where they had a long kiss. So I waited. They kissed, and I could tell they were both using their tongues and enjoying it. As they broke, I went in.

"Tim, is that you?" My wife called out.

"Yeah," I replied as I entered the back room and pretend to notice Scott for the first time, "Oh, hi Scott."

"Hey Tim, we were just finishing up." He replied.

From my angle, I could see my wife's nipples peeking out from under her sweater, fully erect. She sat back down on the couch and crossed her legs, showing off her great thighs. "Would you like some wine?" she asked.

"Sure," I said, "I'll get a glass." And went into the kitchen.

When I came back into the room, Scott was sitting next to Rachel, one of her breasts clearly peeking out from underneath the sweater, erotically covered in the semi-sheer mesh of her bodysuit. They were both drinking their wine, and had almost finished the first bottle, so it was a good thing I had brought another in with me, along with the bottle opener. I could tell by the hardness of Rachel's nipple that she was excited, as well as feeling the effects of the wine, so I thought this might be the chance for our dreamed of menage a trois.

I opened the new bottle and poured myself some wine, sitting on the other side of my wife. As I did, she looked at Scott, "Oh, dear," she said, and got a napkin and wiped some lipstick from the corner of his mouth.

"Rehearsing," Scott said.

"Not a bad way to make a living," I replied.

Scott laughed, "She does kiss pretty well, doesn't she?"

"He's not a bad kisser himself," Rachel said, patting his thigh. Then she yawned and stretched her legs out, arching her back.

"Back sore?" I asked innocently.

"Just a little stiff."

"Feel like a massage?" I asked Rachel, who turned to me with a slight smile on her lips. Then she turned to Scott, "You know how to give massages, Scott?"

He looked at her for a moment, trying not to smile. "I've given one or two."

"Wanna help?" I asked.

There was a pause as we all looked at one another, no one sure what was going to happen next. "Sure," he said.

I looked at Rachel, "Okay, honey, why don't you lie on the floor?" She got up and moved to the center of the floor. As she started to lay down, I added, "Aren't you a little overdressed for a massage?" She smiled, and without hesitation, undid the last two buttons of the sweater and took it off, her large erect nipples clearly visible through the bodysuit. She followed this by unzipping her skirt and letting it drop to the floor, without bothering to take her shoes off. I noticed that Scott got instantly hard as my wife stood in this sheer, thong bodysuit and heels. She bent down and picked the skirt up, folded it and walked over by Scott and put it on the arm of the couch, then walked back to the center of the room, Scott's eyes glued to the firm round cheeks of her ass, and lay down.

I motioned to Scott to kneel down on one side of my wife, as I knelt on the other. We started at Rachel's shoulders and slowly worked our way down her back, taking our time to make sure that we gave her a thorough massage, our hands running up and down the long muscles of her back, circling, kneading, rubbing. We finally ended up massaging her extreme lower back and the tight muscles in her rear-end. After that, I took her right leg and Scott her left, and we each massaged down her legs, beginning with the thighs, then the calves, kneading every inch of her tired muscles, ending with a foot massage. At this point, you could see the wetness spreading from Rachel's mound, already overwhelming the thin strip of her thong bodysuit.

While we massaged her legs, we separated them slightly, and we worked our way back up them until we were gently caressing her inner thighs and ass, slowly guiding our hands closer and closer to the wetness between her legs. Closer and closer we roamed, and then we were gently letting our hands lightly brush against her crotch, adding slightly more and more pressure with each pass of our hands. Rachel began to whimper slightly, and move her hips from side to side. I reached down and unsnapped her bodysuit, as I motioned for Scott to get undressed. While he was, I moved my fingers in and out of Rachel, sliding them up and down between her lips, letting them encircle and play with her clitoris, by now engorged with excitement.

After he had taken off all his clothes, Scott knelt across from me and replaced my hand with his. As I got undressed, I could see that Scott was huge. I mean huge. At least ten inches and thick, all fully erect at the moment. He stopped using his hands and started to kiss Rachel's rear end and slip his tongue down between her legs. She gasped.

When I was undressed we rolled her over, and, with her help, slipped the bodysuit over her head. Then we each took a nipple and alternated kissing her and sucking her breasts, which were crowned with her huge, hard nipples. I had never seen them that hard before. Rachel and I got into the sixty-nine position, her on top of me, and started to use our mouths on one another. Using the tip of my tongue, I carefully tasted every inch of her lips and clit, before allowing it to probe inside her. She took my head in her mouth, her teeth playfully teasing the underside of my hood, while her tongue tickled it's tip. She ground her pelvis into my mouth, as I sucked on her lips and then surrounded her clit with my mouth, applying pressure and sucking at the same time. My tongue rolling around and around it, flicking wildly.

While we were doing that, Scott knelt down behind Rachel and began rubbing his member against her ass and between her legs. Rachel reached back with her one hand and guided Scott inside her from behind. My head between my wife's legs, I had a perfect view of Scott penetrating my wife. In and out he went, my wife's drenched lips hugging him greedily. Rachel's mouth moved up and down, faster and faster. Then Scott began to slide faster and faster into Rachel. His body went taut and he slid as far in her as he could, grinding his pelvis into Rachel's ass, his balls pulsing as his orgasm exploded inside her. Just then Rachel's body began to shake, her screams muffled by my own orgasm exploding in her mouth.

As we lay there, Rachel softly cleaned me, as I gently continued to suck on her clit. Scott slowly pulled his semi-hard member from Rachel and collapsed back on the couch. After she had brought me to erection again, Rachel moved over and began to lick Scott up and down his member, her round, firm ass cheeks parted slightly. I slid around behind her and guided myself inside her. She expertly used her mouth on Scott, while he massaged her breasts. I reached my hand around and gently began rubbing and massaging her clit as I slid in and out of her.

Watching her use her mouth on him, it did not take me long before I was having my second orgasm, this time inside her. Feeling me spend myself, she moved onto the couch and drew Scott down on top of her. She guided him inside her once again, wrapping her legs around his waist. Scott lifted himself up on his arms and knees, sliding harder and harder into her. After a few moments, his back arched and began to shudder as his orgasm took him. Feeling his intensity, Rachel's own orgasm thundered through her body, her legs locking tightly around him, her hands pulling his ass firmly towards her, drawing him as deep as she could. Then we all collapsed together.

Scott and I caressed her softly for a while, until she fell asleep. Then he carefully got up and dressed, mouthed a "Thank you" to me, and left. When my wife woke up an hour or so later we were so turned on that we spent the rest of the night talking about it and making love.

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