tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMassage Adventure

Massage Adventure

byjay hanspard©

Jay and Missy had never been overseas, nor did they really have a desire, but Jay had won a trip to Amsterdam through his work, and they decided it was too good to pass up. Jay had researched the resort they were going to stay at, and he decided to make the trip extra special for Missy. They had made some trips through the notorious red light district of Amsterdam, and Jay decided to put his plan in motion. After telling his wife he was going to attend a luncheon for the winning salesmen, he snuck off to the red light district to find a couple of local "talents".

The next day Jay reserved a massage room for his wife, but told the hotel that he would not need the services of a staff masseuse. However, he did not mention this to his wife. He told Missy that he had reserved a "Swedish Massage" for her this morning. When she asked what a Swedish massage was, he said he had no idea, but told her to just relax and enjoy it. I'm going to grab some breakfast.

Jay ran down to the massage room and met the two guys he "recruited". He told them what he expected, and then he took a seat in the corner of the room. The lights at his end of the room had been turned off, and the rest of the lighting was dim for the massage, so Jay could not be seen sitting in the corner. The perfect voyeur's seat.

Ten minutes later Missy was escorted into the room by both of the men. She was wearing a short white terry cloth robe. The man told her to take off her robe and lay down on the table. She was surprised at the forwardness of the masseuse. She hadn't really thought that she would be that exposed, nor did she expect there to be two of them. She undid the belt on the robe and nervously took it off. Both of the masseurs looked her body up and down in appreciation; something that seemed odd from two professionals. She tried not to be nervous being naked in front of two strangers. She thought of going to the doctor's office, but she had never had a doctor that looked near as good as these two guys.

She also found their uniforms odd. They wore white t-shirts and thin white cotton pants that were nearly transparent. She thought she could see their cocks swinging under the pants when they walked. They made no attempt to hide the fact that they were ogling her. They also didn't offer her a towel or anything to cover up. She was naked and they wanted to keep it that way.

They motioned for her to lie on the table, so she laid down on her stomach. From the corner of her eye she saw them take their shirts off. Odd, but she was in Europe, so she went with the flow.

Each man got a bottle of oil and applied to her. One oiled her back, the other her legs and buns. She felt immediate relaxation when the dark haired man worked on her back, while the blond haired guy rubbed her feet. She was in heaven. As one worked down her back, the other was working up her legs. At nearly the same time, they both met at her ass. She loved having her ass grabbed and rubbed, and having four hands massage her ass was both relaxing and a huge sexual turn-on. She got nervous that she would get wet and leave a bad impression with the men. The motions of the massage seemed more sexual than professional, but she had never been in Europe, not did she even know what a Swedish massage was. Maybe this was all part of it.

The dark haired man took an oil bottle and squirted oil down the crack of her butt. His fingers slid in between her ass and massaged her tight backdoor. She wasn't an anal fan, but the sensation felt good. The blond haired man was massaging her claves, and she could feel the erection under his thin pants rubbing against the bottom of her foot. More so, she thought he was rubbing it against her foot intentionally.

"Turn over", the dark haired man said in fairly clear English.

She turned over; nervous because the signs of sexual arousal were getting easier to see. Again they openly looked at her body as they got more oil. The dark haired man poured oil over her chest and stomach while blondie poured oil over her legs. She looked to her side while they applied the oil and she could see a very large bulge in the front of both men's' pants.

Blondie rubbed the tops of her thighs while the other guy squeezed her tits. He wasn't even making an attempt to massage her, he was groping her. He squeezed her tits together and pinched her nipples. The guy working on her legs began to pay particular attention to the inside of her thighs. She decided to make it easier for him and she parted her legs shoulder width. He rubbed the inside of her thigh and let his thumb brush against her slit. The sensation was too good, and she was ready for more.

She pulled her legs up and spread them open. The blond haired man took the invitation and leaned over and tickled her clit with his tongue. The massage was over, the sex was on. The dark haired man stepped back and slid his pants off. His cock was seven inches long and too thick for her to get her hand around. She slid her head off the top part of the table and tilted her head back. The man slipped his dick into her mouth and she sucked the head. She could taste the pre-cum. He was thrusting the dead into and out of her mouth, and with every thrust she ran her tongue all over the tip.

Blondie wanted some satisfaction for himself, so got up on the table and straddled her chest. He squeezed her 38D breasts together and pounded away at her tits. They went at it like this for four or five minutes before Missy demanded more pleasure. She took both men and had them lay side-by-side on the floor. She straddled the dark haired man and slid his very thick cock in. She instantly loved the sensation of being filled. She was stretched around him and every nerve ending was being hit. She rode him until he was on the edge of orgasm and she stopped, hopped over to the blond haired man, and rode him for five minutes. Both of the men were approaching orgasm.

She rolled over on her back and told them to use her for pleasure. The blond haired man laid on top of her and entered her. His cock was already tight and flexing, ready to go. He slammed into her for two or three minutes before taking all he could. He jumped up and knelt down beside her face. The dark haired man was already entering her while blondie was getting ready to cum. The cum shot out across her lips, actually landing a foot on the other side of her head. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, and his load spilled out into her mouth and tongue. She closed her mouth and swallowed the man's cum. She barely had time to savor it because the dark haired man was stretching her open again. She pulled her legs back to her chest to give the man a clear shot to ram his cock in. This position made his cock rub her clit with every thrust in. Thirty seconds of that and her cunt squeezed tight and she came so hard she thought she might black out. The sudden tight squeeze was more than the man could handle and he pulled out. He stroked his cock to finish and what a finish it was. The first burst shot out and landed three feet over her head. The second shot also never hit her, landing just over her head. He leaned back and aimed his stream at her well fucked pussy, shooting three of four streams between her legs.

All three were spent. The two men stood up and put their pants and t-shirts back on. Before exiting, they took a knowing look at the dark corner of the room and smiled. Missy laid on the floor and touched her cunt. It was covered in cum. She rubbed her fingers in it and rubbed it on her clit. Ten more seconds of rubbing her clit produced another pleasant, but smaller orgasm.

She stood up and took her robe off the table. Checking to make sure she had no more cum on her face, she left the massage room and headed back to the suite. Jay left the room five minutes later in a daze from what he'd seen. He didn't orgasm, but he still felt sexually spent from the show. He waited thirty minutes and headed back to the suite. Missy was just coming out of the shower. She gave him a huge kiss.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"That was for the massage!"

"Oh yeah, was it any good? Do they do anything different than a regular massage?"

She hesitated, smiled, and said, "No, it's pretty much the same."

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