tagRomanceMassage by the Fire

Massage by the Fire


You don't hear me as I quietly reenter the room. You lay there on the blanket clothed only in your pink panties, arms folded beneath your head, eyes closed, your hair lightly draped across your face. The crackle of the fire the only sound in the room and the soft glow of the flames making your skin look like satin. You tense slightly then relax as you feel my hands on your shoulders. I gently rub across and down your back and you feel the warm oil as I dribble it lightly down your spine, a small puddle forming in those cute little dimples near the small of your back. I cup the oil in my hands and begin a rhythmic glide up and across your shoulders and back down along your sides. I can feel the tension starting to ebb from your body as I increase the rhythm of my strokes...down to the tops of your panties - my fingers dancing lightly under the waist and I hear a slight moan escape your lips.

I work my way up to your neck and my fingers dance along the sensitive skin along the top of your shoulder up to your hairline and back down to your back. As I work to knead the tension from your muscles I can't resist leaning in for a light kiss along the nape of your neck.

My hands rub up and down your body and you let out a deep sigh as a smile spreads on your face. I work my way along your sides, at times letting my fingers brush the sides of your breasts. I continue my journey to your sexy legs, pausing long enough to add a touch of oil to each. I start with your feet working between each toe and along the arch of your feet then running my thumb along the length of your calf to the sensitive spot behind your knee. I continue to work the muscles of your calves until I can feel that they feel like softened butter. Now its on to my favorite spot -- but I'm rushing...so I slow down, this is for you not for me. I brush my fingers up the backs of your thighs...then like I did with your calf, increase the pressure running my hand up the center and then back down along the outside working the stiffness out of the muscle. I've save my specialty for now as I move along side your right leg and starting at the knee, I begin kneading the inside of your thing. My hands moving in steady upward circles until the edges of my fingers are brushing against the most delicate flesh covered with those lovely pink panties. I can feel your moisture leaking through the cotton cloth of your panties and it's all I can do to concentrate on your massage. You moan again and spread your legs as if to encourage me...but I have work to do and I move my circles back down your leg. Then I move to your left leg and continue the process, kneading the tension until my hand brushes against the wetness and I hear you moan again.

"Did you just say please?"

You groan loudly. "Tease!" you whisper.

"Tease" I whisper in you ear, "What would you have me do?"

You roll over on your back and smile a devilish smile and breathe deeply your arms stretched above your head. Your breasts taking on the luster of the fires glow and you pull up your right leg slightly resting your heel on the floor with your knee bent at a very inviting and sexy angle. But, I resist the temptation and keep you waiting just a little while longer. I'm sure you won't mind. I add a little more oil to my hands and lean over your stomach and begin a slow gentle caress in ever widening circles from your center outward. My left hand grazes the underside of your breasts and my right little finger traces under the waistband of your panties - just tickling the soft hair above your lovely triangle.

My circles travel up your chest focusing attention on the underside of your breasts and then around covering them both completely until at last I have both nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I lightly roll the nipples gently then work out and around covering your breasts and move back down your chest to your stomach and past your panties to your right leg. Adding oil to my hands I begin working your thigh down towards your panty covered pussy...I can see a slight flush moving upward across your chest and onto your face as your breath seems to be coming in short gasps with each of my downward strokes. Each pass takes my hand all the way to the junction of your legs and my hand lightly brushes against the moist swelling beneath your panties. I move to your left leg and begin again -- and again each the sides of my hand making more deliberate contact with your panty covered pussy. The aroma of your arousal is almost unbearable and your breathing is becoming an increasing distraction for me...

I run my hands down the outside of your thighs to your hips and grasp the sides of your panties and roll them down your legs...you lift your ass slightly off the blanket as the last covering between us is removed and you are completely exposed for the first time to my eyes. I return to stroking the insides of your thighs this time more deliberately brushing against the outer folds of your pussy as your legs fall open and your hips begin a gentle thrusting motion. I move around beside you and trail a hand directly to your outer labia, spreading my fingers and massaging with ever increasing pressure - meeting the movement of your hips. I bring my other hand along the center of your folds and part your inner lips with my finger and gently enter you with one finger as the two fingers on my other hands focus on your clit. Your sharp intake of breath and the rapid thrust of your hips tell me what I want to know. I add a second finger inside you and begin a gentle fucking motion along the inner wall until I locate your G spot - matching the strokes with the motion on your clit...stroking and circling the sensitive bud until you clench your fists and legs and cry out my name. Your entire body is shaking and quivering as you ride through your orgasm and I slowly remove my fingers and softly caress you and slide up along side of you. Gently caressing your body as the tension of your orgasm begins to wane. When I am finally close to your face...waiting for your breathing to return to normal, you spin around to me with tears in your eyes. Wrapping your arms around me and kissing me with the passion of a woman in love. We lay together, holding each other in the soft glow of the fire light, comforted by each others loving embrace.


Author's note: I'm not a trained writer by any stretch. I'm a professional public speaker -- so this would have been easier to tell in front of an audience for me. I've been a huge fan of the many talented writers on this site and decided to share a true story with you. Eager for feedback -- positive or negative. Thanks for reading.

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