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Massage from Heaven


I've got a plan. A pretty good plan. It's a little undeveloped, but it'll do. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Tom, and I'm 19. 19. Can you believe it, I'm 19? Seems so scary to think I've lived a quarter of my 'biblical' life without having had sex once. That's right, I'm still a virgin. However, that's about to change if my plan works. I've got college today, but I'm not that fussed, I've got a few lessons at the start of the day then the rest of the day is clear for me to 'study' (like that's gonna happen).

I've got good news and bad news about the lesson this morning; bad news is its biology. I never should have taken that subject it's not something I can easily comprehend, the good news is however that I'm a lab partner with the cutest girl I know, Michelle. She's probably about 5' 10," brunet, sky blue eyes, and a pair of the most gorgeous legs. Michelle happens to be the class genius and she's been asked to give me extra tuition outside of class, the first session is going to be here after college today. Hell, I'm tingling with anticipation already, the hottest girl in college at my house!

I arrived at college late, damn traffic jam on the main road in, and of course my teacher didn't believe me, she just thinks it's another excuse, so I receive yet another embarrassing lecture in front of the whole class on the virtues of punctuality. As if I'd be deliberately late on this day of all days! Still, trying not to make too much of a fuss I made my way to my seat at the back of the room, next to a positively radiant Michelle.

She seems to be one of these blessed people in the world that look beautiful no matter what they wear, however today she is in a pair of hot pants and a low cut crop top. It's obvious she knows what her best attributes are and she certainly makes the best of them; I digress though. It's another boring class on comparative biology, today seems to be on frogs and why we're rather similar to them in terms of body processes, and why they're useful for scientists.

Personally, I couldn't disagree more; I'm rather anti-animal testing. To force a creature through so much pain just to try out new makeup, that just pisses me off. However it's all rather simple stuff, and my mind soon drifts off thinking about my plans for the afternoon, and it's only an elbow to my sides and a quickly whispered answered that saves me from further humiliation.

Fortunately end of class soon came around, and it was time to take Michelle home with me. Driving out of the college, we're soon on the main road for the 10 minute journey home, all the whilst I'm having to fight to keep my concentration on the road, which is difficult with such legs right in my peripheral vision; I swear, those legs go on for miles. How they can fit so much perfection into a single body I don't know.

Carrying two cups of tea into the living room where she's already got her books out, spread right across the table.

"Wow, you're keen, I thought we might hit the books after lunch or something."

"Well I would, but I've got to meet Josh mid-afternoon" she replied, absently rubbing her shoulder. Great, just great. There I was, nearly lost in the fantasy of her being in my living room and she has to mention her boyfriend.

"Oh.. okay... I guess we'd better get started then" I manage to say without betraying any of the disappointment I'm feeling. For some, probably selfish, reason I was expecting her to spend the whole afternoon here. Looks like I am going to have to step up the plan, however in hell I can do that. See, the problem with my plan is, it has no beginning, only a middle and an end. Pretty good plan huh? Still, I'm sure I'll think of something. Studying with Michelle everything seems to make so much more sense than with Miss Sharpe; only one thing kept bugging me.

"Is there something up with your shoulder? Only I notice you keep rubbing it."

"Yeah, I don't know what it is, I just woke up this morning with it incredibly stiff, and I haven't been able to get it to release." Michelle replied in a frustrated tone, giving the shoulder another rub. All of a sudden, everything became crystal clear. The pieces of my plan now fitted together, and here was the ideal opportunity to action it.

"You know.. I do pretty good massages. I could ... umm.. well... maybe have a go at it if you want?" I manage to stammer. How can I lose my cool at such an important stage? I need to keep it together, otherwise she might get the wrong idea.

"Umm... well.. okay, I guess. At least, it would be good if you could release it." Yes! Yes! Trying not to hide the excitement I was feeling, I cleared the books of the table and laid down some towels, before instructing her to remove her top and bra and lay down on the table.

"WHAT? Take my top AND bra off, what are you, some kind of pervert?" Oh shit.. this wasn't according to plan!

"Umm.. well you know, I can't do a proper massage if I have to work around a bra strap, it's in line with the umm... main... umm.. muscle groups... umm.. well.., you're the biology expert you should know that" I manage to say, thinking on my feet, around a rapidly drying throat. "I'll turn my back and close my eyes until you're laying down if that'd be any help"

"Sure, but you'd better not peep, or Josh will have more than a few words to say to you." Damn it, there was that name again! Turning round I dutifully closed my eyes until I heard the magic words "Okay.. no peeping remember!" Turning round I gazed in amazement that she'd actually done as I'd said. Preparing myself for the challenge ahead, I grabbed some oil, and started to massage her back. Damn she's really taut; this was going to take time.

"I need you to totally relax or I can't get this to work, you're really tense at the moment, relax I ain't going to hurt you, I promise" I said, turning on the charm enough that maybe she'd trust me.

"Okay, okay.. I'll relax," she promised. Now came the key stage of my plan, if this didn't work there would be no way my plan would ever bear fruit.

"Just relax, I want you to feel a warmth spreading through your body from the tips of your toes, working it's way up your legs, relaxing your muscles on its way through, relaxing, relaxing you, spreading slowly up through you back, all the way along to your shoulders... and slowly spreading down your arms. You're feeling nice and relaxed... so relaxed..."

I guess I must have carried this on for at least 10 minutes before I added the magic words "Your eyelids are beginning to feel heavy... you're so relaxed, so warm, your eyes are so heavy you can barely keep them open.... So heavy... they're so heavy you feel them getting closer together, closer... closer... closer... so close now... you feel them closing... you're feeling so relaxed." Bingo, her eyes close and her body goes totally limp! Figured out what my plan is yet? Got it in one: hypnotism. May I present to you Tom, master Hypnotist? Actually, this is the first time I've ever hypnotised someone, I didn't know whether I was going to succeed or not. According to my book that was the easiest part too, now I have to get her to reach a deep level of trance, enough so that I can start phase 2 of my plan, anyway. Grabbing my hypnotism book from it's hidden place amongst my textbooks, I follow the examples, getting her deeper and deeper into my control.

Actually, this is easier than I was expecting, she's a pretty good subject, surprising really, she's quite a strong willed woman, and not the kind I expected to relinquish control so easily. Anyway.. I should focus on the task at hand, what to do with this angel in earthly guise.

"Michelle, you're going to get down from that table and walk towards me" Slowly she turned around and clambered off the table, before turning around and walking towards me, giving me the first good look at her incredible set of breasts. Oh how I had longed to be able to see through her tops, to hold and caress them... swallowing deeply to get past the block in my throat I find myself asking "What size bra do you wear?"

"34C" came the slow reply. This is no good. She needs to be responding quicker than this if she is to do everything I tell her to do.

"When I say something to you, I want you to respond promptly. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand" came the quick reply. That's much better. She is going to be a good subject.

"Have you noticed how hot it is here? That's because you're on a desert island. You are all on your own, and you're walking along a beach. Can you feel the sand in between your toes? In a moment I want you to open your eyes and tell me what you can see... okay.... open your eyes." Her eyes flick open and the stunned look of amazement is clear. "I can see a beach, a beautiful golden beach.... I can see palm trees, and the most beautiful blue water."

" It's sunny, so sunny, and you want to work on your tan don't you?" I asked, keeping my voice quiet.

"Yes, yes I do."

"There is no one else around, now would be an ideal time to sunbathe naked, wouldn't it?," I suggested.

"Yes.. yes it would." Reaching down, Michelle unfastened her hot pants to reveal a black thong... my god... that's why she was so much in a hurry to see Josh! Reaching down once more, she pushes her thong down too, to join her pants, and before I know it she's totally naked and lying down on the ground right in front of me. Even in my wildest dreams she never looked this good, and she's totally under my control. I start to take my clothes off, whilst taking the opportunity to ask a few questions. " Are you still a virgin?"

"No" the prompt reply came.

"Who do you fancy at the moment?"

"Well, there is Josh, my boyfriend, and then there is this sweet guy in my biology class, Tom... he's clueless, but cute all the same." She said, in a fairly off-hand manner. My heart nearly stopped there and then. She thinks I'm cute!!! First things though, I need to deal with this whole Josh thing.

"I want you to forget all about why you like Josh." I commanded, "He doesn't love you at all, all he sees you as is a sex object to use and abuse. Do you realise this?"

"Yes.. I'm just a sex object to him." She replied, revelation lighting up her eyes.

"Does that sort of thing make you mad?" I prompt.

"Yes it does, I've got brains too, I'm worth more than that." Any of you who know about hypnotism will realise that I can't implant something like this, unless the idea is already there... seems Josh isn't all the ideal boyfriend after all. I'm heartbroken. That was more than enough time spent dwelling on the now ex boyfriend.

"When you open your eyes again, I want you to look at me. When you see me naked you'll be possessed with a great lust, you'll want to satisfy me in any way you can, and you'll get great pleasure from doing it. Open your eyes now."

Opening her eyes, 'chel looked up from the ground at me, and her eyes lit up. Standing up and facing me, she kisses me hard. Oh.. my ... God! This woman is too good to be true! Reaching down, I start to caress her breasts, feeling them hardening under my touch... eliciting soft moans from her. Suddenly she stops kissing me and kneels down, looking straight at my hard cock, which is clamouring for attention. "Please, let me suck you off!" she begged. "Okay, but when I tell you to stop I want you to stop and use your tits to finish the job off."

I managed to croak out in a neutral tone. Holding my throbbing cock in one hand she starts to kiss it's head, lightly flicking her tongue on it, teasing it, before she takes it fully into her mouth, hungrily sucking on it, whilst with her hand she starts playing with my balls. The sight of her head bobbing up and down on my cock, and her hands playing with my balls is enough to send me to the edge pretty quickly. Just as I begin to feel the familiar tingling in my balls, I manage to croak out "Stop."

Dutifully, she stops sucking, then takes my cock out of her mouth and puts it between her breasts, giving me an expert tit fuck. It doesn't take long again till I feel myself going over the edge and all of a sudden my spunk goes spurting out all over her breasts and face. Greedily she licks up as much as she can before proceeding to clean my cock off with her tongue.

With such expert action it doesn't take long for her to get me hard again. Dropping down to my knees I kiss her hard, the taste of my jism still strong in her mouth, then laying down on my back I tell her "'chel, I want you to straddle me, then slowly take my cock into your pussy" Clambering over me, she starts to lower herself down, giving me a most beautiful view of my cock slowly sliding in, deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. Grabbing hold of her hips, I start to set the pace, before withdrawing, flipping her over onto her back and then entering again in, ramming it hard into her, delighting in the new sensations of her pussy grinding into my cock, into my balls. Pretty soon I feel my balls tighten again, crinkling up, when suddenly her pussy starts to clench up in waves on me as she screamed out feeling her own orgasm. This is just too much for me and I'm soon filling her with my load.

Withdrawing my cock from her, I admire my handiwork, realising that we'd have to take a shower to clean up or I'd have to do some explaining to her as to why she had cum all over her. " 'chel, hold my hand and follow me" I ordered her. Following me up the stairs I ordered her to get in the shower. Turning on the shower and clambering in behind her, I grabbed the shower gel and started to run my hands all over her body, lathering it up, starting at her shoulders and working my way down, taking my time to caress her nipples.

Reaching her pussy, I start to dip my fingers in and out, rubbing them all along the lips in the process. Pretty soon I begin to feel her clit clamouring for attention too, and she starts to moan. Grabbing the showerhead from the wall, I switch it on to massage and aim it at her clit, whilst continuing to play with her pussy. Gradually the moans get louder and louder until with one enormous scream she orgasms again. I bet Josh never made her feel this way. I've got a raging hard on already, which is prodding into her back, suddenly I realise the one hole I had forgotten. " 'chel, have you ever been fucked in the arse before?"

"No, Josh was never interested in it, even though I wanted him to."

"Would you like me to fuck you in the arse?"

"Yes please!!" came the prompt reply.

"Get down on all fours, and lift you arse into the air" I commanded. 'Chel quickly drops down on all fours and I place the head of my cock against her opening. " 'Chel, when I put my cock up your arse it may hurt a little to start with. When you feel that pain it will give you a tremendous feeling of arousal."

Slowly I push my cock forwards until it reaches her ring, then with one large thrust I push the whole thing into her arse. Man, and I thought fucking her pussy was enjoyable; her arse is so tight, it sends waves of pleasure through me, like a live wire straight to my soul.

"Ahhhh" she cried out, gasping for breath "Fuck me harder, harder.. that feels so good.... Better than I ever imagined." Never being one to want to disappoint the ladies, I complied, ramming my cock right into her until my balls flapped onto her pussy.

" 'chel, when I shoot my load into you, you're going to have the biggest orgasm of your life" Whilst still fucking her arse, I reach down to her pussy, and start to massage it with all I've got. All of a sudden the feeling of such a tight hole is more than I can take and I shoot my load into her, just as her pussy convulses again and she lets out the loudest scream I've ever heard. Standing back up, I start to shower her clean again, and then tell her she is to go downstairs, put her thong and hot pants on again and then lie down on the table like she had been when I started to massage her.

Following her down the stairs into the living room I take the time to watch her slipping her thong back in place before I get changed into my own clothes. By the time I'm finished she's already lying down again, so I grab a chair and sit down beside the table.

" 'chel, when you wake up you're going to forget everything that has happened since I started to massage, except any specific instructions I have given you relating to Josh. In future whenever I say Blue Giraffe to you, you will fall into a deep trance again, and will be subject to my will. When you wake up you are going feel great, with a deep sense of relaxation and harmony, feeling like you've had the best massage in your life. You will wake up slowly as I count to ten, so that when I reach ten you will be wide awake. 1..... 2..... 3..... 4... 5... 6... 7.. 8.. 9.. 10."

No sooner had I said 10, than her eyes opened up. Turning towards me with a puzzled look on her face she starts to speak, then stops and starts again. "Wow... that's the most amazing massage I've ever had. I feel incredible! What happened, did I fall asleep?"

Trying hard to suppress a grin I smile at her gently. "Yeah.. I guess you must have been tired or something, so I just waited here for you to wake up. Anyway, it's getting on, don't you have to meet Josh or something?" I replied innocently.

"That bastard? I don't know what I saw in him, all we ever do is fuck... it's like all he thinks I am is a sex object. I've got brains too you know." Smiling gently, I can't help but think that this is too easy.

"Yeah, you've got brains... hell, you've certainly managed to help me with my biology, how you can understand that shit that Miss Sharpe spouts I don't know."

For the first time in a while, Michelle gave me a genuine grin. "Yeah, it can be a bit much can't it? I'm sure she's all right underneath it all; she's just clueless when it comes to teaching people who don't have a similar level of understanding as she does... anyway... I want to thank you for that massage; I should make it up to you somehow... Tell you what do you want to go see a film or something this evening?" Do I? I can't believe this! Fighting hard to hide the excitement in my eyes I manage to croak out "Yeah.. sure, I'll pick you up, say around about 8?"

"It's a date" she replied, a soft smile playing across her lips, echoing the ripple that went across my heart.

It's now 7 o'clock and I'm just getting ready to go see Michelle. The rest of the day went pretty uneventfully, I cleaned up the house, there was no way my parents would approve of the afternoon I'd had! All through the rest of the day I haven't been able to stop thinking about 'chel, and about loosing my virginity. It's been quite a day, but as the saying goes 'The night is still young'. I've already got a few ideas about tonight, but I think I'll just let things follow their natural course. The smile on her face earlier suggested she's got plans of her own for me...

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