tagMind ControlMassage From Heaven Ch. 3

Massage From Heaven Ch. 3


Walking inside her house 'Chel turned and beckoned me in. Looking around, I'm in absolute amazement. This is a nice house.... her parents must be loaded. I knew the house was in the posh area of town, but I wasn't expecting this. Turning back to 'Chel she's got a look of amusement in her eyes. "Nice pad huh?" she whispers, a smile playing across her lips. Leading me into the spacious living room, she motioned me towards the leather coach. Sitting down, 'Chel leans over me, and kisses me softly on the lips before walking towards the kitchen. "Coffee?"

"Tea if you got any" I call out. My mind drifts back to the day. Heh... when I woke up this morning, I was a virgin. Now look, three times in one day, and with probably, nay the most beautiful lady in the world. Could I get any luckier than this? Suddenly the phone rings, snapping me out of my revere. Running out of the kitchen 'Chel grabs the phone.

"Hello? Huh? Yeah? Oh no! You're joking! Oh, yes, please do! Okay, 5 minutes it is." My heart sank deep within me, phone calls never make sense when you only hear one side of the conversation, but I have a feeling this one doesn't bode well for any plans for this evening. There is an intense look of sadness in 'Chel's eyes as she looks at me. "Sam's just split up with her boyfriend. She's coming over in 5 minutes to talk to me... you can stay if you like, if you don't think you'll feel uncomfortable. I'm sorry, but she really needs a friend right now." A glimmer of an idea sprang to my mind. "I'd like to stay, maybe I can be of help."

"Okay, sure" relief washing through her face. Sitting down beside me she kisses me softly on my lips, murmering softly "Could you be any more perfect? Caring, sweet, thoughtful, funny.... I thought all guys like you were supposed to be gay!" A wicked smile flickers across her lips "you sure ain't that."

"Blue Giraffe" I murmer back., and just like that 'Chel collapses back in my arms.


"Yes" came the sleepy reply

"When Sam comes here, we will both comfort her to the best of our abilities. When I suggest hypnotising her as a way of helping her, I want you to help me persuade her. Do you understand?"

"Yes... persuade Sam to be hypnotised when you suggest it."

"Excellent. When I say wake up, you will wake up with no recollection of what has been said, but you will do what I have just commanded you to do. Wake Up"

Sitting back up, with a slight frown on her face, 'chel looks in my direction.

"Did I just faint?"

"Yeah, maybe you've had a hard day" I say, a touch of concern colouring my voice.

"Yeah.. maybe... anyway, where were we? Ah yes, I remember" Leaning towards me she kisses me hard on the lips, melting into my arms.

All to soon, the doorbell rings. Getting up from the couch, smoothing off her clothes 'Chel makes her way to the door, whilst I make sure my clothes look at least presentable. Following 'Chel into the living room, Sam sees me and glances querulously at 'Chel. "Oh, don't worry, he's a good bloke, you can trust him." Grudgeingly Sam accepts, and sits down to tell us her sorry tale. Put briefly, Mat's been sleeping around. Even I was aware of that, I'm surprised it took her so long to realise, though love is blind, so they say. She barged in to find him in bed with Christina, probably the biggest tart in College. Apart from the 'untouchables' she's slept with most of the blokes in college. Heh, she's even got a rating system for their bedroom performance. If you don't manage an 8 she doesn't want to know you anymore. No-one in College has reached that illusive 10, and only a select handful have ever reached 9. Christina's one redeeming feature is a pair of 38DDs, and she makes sure people are aware of them. Hell, even some of the younger teachers at college have a rating... although this is kept hushed. Sam's afraid though. Every time Mat uses his patented charming smile on her, her heart melts, and she doesn't want to go back out with that lying S.O.B. Can't blame her really, I can't understand what an attractive girl like Sam ever saw in Mat. Still, I think this is where I come in.

"I could help you"

"Really?" Sam looks at me, her eyes pleading.

"Yeah, sure... I could hypnotise you, and then implant a suggestion that whenever Mat gives you a charming smile that you'll find it annoying, rather than charming"

"Hypnotism.... gee, I don't know. Can't that be dangerous"

"No, don't worry, it's perfectly safe, trust me" 'Chel interjected, before I could formulate a reply.

"Well....okay.... if you think it'll help, and if you're sure it's safe" Sam replied tentatively.

"I'm sure. But you've got to co-operate with me 100% on this. If you don't, it won't work." I say putting as much compassion into my voice as I can muster.


"Right. Stand up. That's it, now I'm going to stand behind you, with my arms extended like this. I'm going to count to 10. When I get to 10 I want you to collapse into my arms and fall into a deep trance. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9......10." No sooner had managed to say 10 than Sam in collapsed in my arms in a trance. I can't believe my luck, this is almost too easy! Picking her up into my arms I lay her down on the couch.

"Is that all it takes?" 'Chel remarked. "Never knew it was so easy."

"It takes the right sort of person for it to be that hard, there are probably half-a-dozen ways to hypnotise someone if that way doesn't work."

"Cool." she shrugged.

"Blue Girrafe." I reply, watching her collapse back into the chair. "'Chel, I want you to ignore everything I say, until I touch you on your shoulder. Okay?"



"Yes" came the slow reply.

"Sam, when I ask you something you will respond quickly and confidently. Clear? Good. Are you a virgin?"

"Nope... Mat was my first."

"Have you ever been interested in sleeping with a woman?"

"Yes.... My sister and I have fingered each other before, but never taken it further"

"Do you find 'Chel attractive?"

"Hell yes! I've fancied her for ages."

"Are you Bi-Sexual?"

"Yes." I can barely believe my ears... this is going to be good. Getting an idea of my plan yet?

"Sam, when I wake you up you will tell us that you want to give us a thankyou gift, then you will strip tease for 'Chel and me, then when you've taken all your clothes off you will lie down on the floor. Do you understand?"


"Whenever I say Pink Girrafe to you, you will enter this deep trance. Is that clear?"


Leaning over and touching 'Chel on her shoulder, I command her. "'Chel, have you ever been interested in sleeping with a woman?"

"No...curious, but not to the stage of wanting to try it out"

"'Chel, when I wake you up you will find yourself being turned on by Sam's 'gift' for us, and when she lays down on the floor you will go over, kiss her hard and then lick her pussy, presenting her with your pussy for her to lick. You won't remember me telling you to do this, but you will follow all the instructions. Wake up."

I turn to Sam. "Sam, whenever Mat smiles at you in a charming manner, you will find it annoying. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I will find it annoying, not charming"

"Sam, when I wake you up, you won't remember what I have told you, but you will carry out the instructions. Do you understand?"


"Right.. I'm going to count to 10, when I reach 10 you will wake up feeling refreshed and full of well being. 1...2...3....4..5...6...7...8..9..10"

Flutteringly, her eyelids open, a peaceful smile upon her face.

"Thank you... thank you very much...I feel, well, great! Was that it? Will it work?"

"Yes, it's all done, it should work.. there is an off-chance that the suggestion won't have gone deep enough, though, and if necessary call me and I'll try again."

"Good..... I want to thank you both."

"Really?" I manage to reply, a smile playing across my lips

"Sit down." she commands.

Sitting back down on the chair I prepare myself for the...show.

Walking demurely over towards the cd's Sam starts to give us a show by leaning over the stack, waving her arse suggestively in the air. Finally choosing one she starts it playing before walking to the centre of the room. Slowly, in time with the music she starts to sway her hips, running her fingers over her body, lightly caressing her self, before slowly, seductively removing her top, revealing that she's bra less underneath! This girl is hot! Must be all of about 6 foot, long blonde hair running down to her middle back, slim well proportioned body.... I'd guess a 32B cup. At the sight of those pert tits my cock is clamouring for attention. Glancing over at 'Chel I see she's stuck a hand down her skirt.... she's enjoying this show all right! Looking back at Sam she's down to just her slim white panties, which she slowly slides down her feet until she's standing naked before her, her neat trimmed pussy hair surrounding her dripping pussy. Slipping my hand down I release my trousers, setting my cock free, slowly stroking it, watching Sam sitting laying down on the floor. She's barely settled herself down before 'Chel has clambered over her and starts to kiss her passionately before inverting herself and starting to lick her pussy. The look of delight in Sam's face is a picture I'll remember for a long time, and soon her tongue is dipping in, around, caressing, teasing 'Chel's swolen vagina, both of them moaning with delight. The sight of 'Chel's arse in the air reminds me of that shower this afternoon, and before I know it, my cock is up to the hilt in her tight, tight arse. The sight of those two licking each other, and the sounds of their moans is more than I can take and I just manage to withdraw before my load shoots out covering Sam's tits and stomache with my white jism. This only seems to bring her closer to the edge and suddenly she lets out the most primal, deep rooted scream of esctasy as she came, sucking extra hard on 'Chel's pussy, causing her to orgasm as well. Inverting herself again, 'Chel starts to suck on Sam's tit, licking my jism up, hungry for it, before slowly, teasingly, licking the remains off my cock's head. Heh.. wadda you know. I'm hard again!

Pushing me down on the floor, a wicked smile on her face, 'Chel slowly starts to squat down towards my face, giving me a good long look at her moist, hot, pussy. Tentatively, I lick out, teasingly licking the edges of her lips, lightly touching her clit, enjoying the visible shivers through her body as I do so. Hang on, if she's there, then whose pussy.... OMG! Sam's just straddled me and shoved her pussy down hard on my cock..... this truly must be paradise on earth! A pussy on my face, and a pussy on my cock... in time to Sam's movements on my cock I begin to plunge my tongue deeper and deeper into 'Chel, all three of us moaning with desire, suddenly Sam's pussy clenches tight on to my cock as she screams for the second time, the orgasm racking her body, taking me and 'Chel over the edge into our own orgasms. Getting up off the floor, pulls 'Chel up and starts to kiss her hard, before breaking off a wicked smile on her face.

"Enjoy the gift?"

"uhhh huh" was about the best I could muster.

"Just a little thank you, the least I could do." If that's the least, I would love to see the best she could do!

"Enjoy your evening...the pair of you"

"We will" 'Chel muttered, a suggestive smile on her lips. Slipping back into her skirt and top, Sam walked out the door and left us two alone. I didn't even hear the door shut behind her as 'Chel launched herself at me, kissing me hard, then leading me up to her bedroom...

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