tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMassage Gone Right

Massage Gone Right


I learned early in my life that I liked exhibitionism/voyeurism. It wasn't until I was much older that I found a vehicle to satisfy that urge a little bit. That vehicle was getting legitimate massages. I never did anything out of bounds or inappropriate but found it thrilling to get a massage while naked under a sheet or sometimes a towel.

One time in particular turned out better than I ever thought. This one place I was going to get massages started conducting classes to teach massage. Not a big deal for me until they started offering reduced priced massages from the people that were taking the class. After making my appointment a couple days in advance I showed up 10 minutes early like usual.

I'd describe myself as handsome with an athletic body, 32 years old. I always arrived dressed in my work clothes; dress pants, dress shirt and tie. It seemed standard policy that your masseuse would come and get you for your massage and this is the time I'd start to get butterflies. I would book the appointment not knowing the age or what the person looked like other than knowing it would be a woman. So after waiting a few minutes I was greeted by a very cute 24'ish looking brunette who was about 5'3" and had a nice body. She was wearing tight sweat pants which allowed me to see her great ass as I followed her back to the room. She had on the standard top, a white polo shirt, except hers was unbuttoned allowing a little cleavage to show and I'd say she was 32B.

After the usual greeting, telling me to get undressed and get under the sheet she left the room. Now the butterflies are going more and I'm trying to stay calm. I get myself totally undressed, placing all my clothes over a chair, and just to make sure she knows I'm naked I place my boxers noticeably on top of the pile. This particular place it was standard for them to ask you to lay face down to start. I liked this because it allowed me to get more relaxed for when I eventually turn over. So I get myself situated and do one thing that might be a bit risky; I'm a bit hard already in anticipation so I bend it down when I lay down so it's pointing toward my feet. This definitely gives a good chance my cock will get seen as the massage goes on. So everything is set. I'm covered up now by the sheet and just relaxing with my face in the face rest, waiting for the knock on the door asking "Is it OK to come in?".

Finally I hear the knock and she enters the room. The room is dimly lit by some candles with relaxing music playing. She asks me if there are any particular spots that need work and I answer with my usual response "my lower back gets tight from sitting at my office job". It's usual for there to be not much talking during the massage. I rather prefer that and I believe that is the etiquette. This massage was going to be different right from the start. After she lowered the sheet to just above my ass she put the warm oil on her hands and starts massaging my shoulders and works her was down my arm to my fingers. She does this to the other side all the while chatting with me. My face is in the face rest which is like a pillow with a hole in it so I can talk and answer her questions and it allows me to see her just from the knees down. I notice she has taken her shoes off and is walking around barefoot. Nice.

After finishing my arms she massages my back while standing right in front of me. As she reaches lower down my back she leans over me and her breasts press against my head. She does this a few times each time brushing her breasts against my head. This seems to happen at every normal massage so I'm not reading anything in to it. It's all very nice and relaxing but nothing erotic until she moves to massage the back of my legs and my glutes. With her being rather new to this her sheet skills were not that great. She needed to expose one side of me and cover the other side. In her attempts to do this I was totally uncovered for a second or two and from where she standing behind me I know she saw my semi hard cock as it was exposed from being pointed down. This was fuel for my fire and got my cock even harder. Then she attempted to tuck the sheet between my legs and while doing this she brushed her hand up against my hard cock sending a shiver down my legs.

Once she was set with the sheet she started to massage my right leg working from the calf muscle up to the back of my thigh and ending at my glute. This is an incredible feeling especially with the warm oil she was using, very liberally I might add. She did that path a few times, from my calf to my glute, and seemed to be getting closer and closer to my ass hole each time she rubbed her hand up my inner thigh to my glute. My heart is pounding now as my mind is trying to figure out if I'm just imagining it or she is really doing it. She starts at my calf with both hands, picture it like she is choking my calf, so one of her hands is moving up my leg and rubbing the inside and one is rubbing the outside. Moving up my leg her inside hand has me mesmerized as it slides up my leg right to my crotch area and this time there is no doubt - she lets her fingers graze right over my ass hole! My cock is throbbing and I'm doing 3 digit multiplication in my head to keep from getting anywhere near releasing my load. Could it just be a newbie mistake? Does she not know where she just touched me? My head is spinning from excitement and yet she is still chatting away like nothing unusual is happening.

She massages my glutes a little before moving her hands back down the back of my leg. Back up her hands come and the anticipation is driving me crazy. Will she? Wont she? And the answer is YES! Reaching the point where my thigh meets my glutes her hand turns in toward the middle and her fingers slide right over my ass hole a little slower this time. I might have moaned a little that time, I'm not sure but it was feeling fantastic. I guess she was satisfied with her teasing me on that leg and maybe my moan was her clue but she covered me up and moved to my other side. Again in her attempts to expose half of my body with the sheet she totally exposes the lower half of my body and my now throbbing cock which pointed straight down between my legs. Just FYI, it's impossible to get your cock in this position once you're hard but if you do it before you're hard it is possible. As she tucks the sheet between my legs she rubs the back of her hand twice against my bare cock! Wow that's an incredible feeling! All the while she is chatting away which makes it more erotic for some reason.

So there I lay, face down on a massage table with a sheet covering my right leg and half of my ass. I hear her walk over to the table and get her bottle of warm oil. This time she puts some on her hands and places the bottle between my legs, resting near my right knee. She begins on the calf and lingers there a bit. How long is she going to tease me? Back on track and her hands are moving up the back of my leg and now she's lingering on the back of my thigh. It sure feels great by itself but it's not exactly what I want right now. In my head I'm begging "please move your hand up and slide those pretty little fingers wherever you want". Eventually her hand moves from the back of my thigh to my glutes. She gives them a good massage. I feel her hands leave my glutes and she grabs the bottle of oil. She adds a bunch more warm oil but this time right to the back of my thigh... A lot! It was warm and running down both sides of my leg.

She returned the bottle of oil to the table and began to rub the oil up and down my leg. I very subtly spread my legs a little wider, wider, hoping to expose my cock and I think I accomplished it. Her hands moved back down to my calf and then they assumed the position. Thumbs overlapped and pressing down as each hand rubbed one side of my leg. Up her hands went and my heart starts beating faster. As she neared my inner thigh the back of her fingers rubbed up against my hard, exposed cock and came so very close to my ass hole. I'm just soaking it all up trying to remember everything because I feel it's a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Up and down my leg she moves brushing my hard cock each time and massaging the muscles in my glutes with a little more vigor than the other side and kind of shaking it a little side to side. This seems to make the sheet expose more than half of my ass and all of my cock for sure. It's hard to tell when you're laying face down but it sure doesn't feel like anything is covering me. She hasn't returned to my ass hole but has touched my cock several times. Walking over to the table she grabs the bottle of oil and then squirts more on the back of my leg. This alone is a pretty erotic thing and I spread my legs a little more. Her hands feel really oily as they move up my leg, the inside one slides against my hard cock, and her fingers glide right over my ass hole! To be honest, I'm not in to ass play but this was feeling incredible. She moved her hands back down to my calf then back up again. This time as her fingers touched my ass hole I reflexively pushed my ass up a little.

I felt like I was in a trance or something and I was craving her to push one of her oily fingers against my ass hole. Maybe it was me pushing my ass up a little but the next time her fingers came up they stopped there with one of them right at the opening. I again pushed up a little against it and that was her clue as she pressed her finger in to my ass hole. She pulled it out and slid it back in, each time going a little deeper. I started pushing my ass up as she was sliding her finger in and out. Now everything was on the table so to speak. With her free hand she slid the sheet off me, on to the floor, then found my throbbing cock and started stroking it. I'm still face down and loving every second of this.

She has stopped talking now and seems intent on giving me pleasure; rhythmically sliding her ring finger in my ass and stroking my cock, the oil making both of these feel incredible. After what seemed like 5 minutes but was probably only 30 seconds she asked me to turn over. Remember the sheet has been thrown on the floor. As I turn over my hard cock springs out and is throbbing as she gazes at it and grabs it with both hands.

My cock is not overly long, I'd say about 7 inches with as hard as I am now. It's very hot to watch her two petite hands grasping my cock and stroking up and down as I add some movement to my hips to help her along. She's standing next to me while doing this and it seemed natural for my hand to reach out and start fondling her sexy ass. She is more than ready for this as her hands leave my cock, go the waist of her sweat pants and quickly slide them down to her knees exposing her sexy bare ass. Now this is what I call a massage! More than I ever imagined could happen.

So here I am laying on my back, naked, and she is standing to my right with her back towards me bending forwards a bit exposing her wet pussy and stroking my hard cock with her left hand. Mmm I can smell her pussy and so badly want to taste her but I settle for reaching up and sliding two fingers in her very wet pussy. I love fingering a girl from behind and she seemed to love it too. She then leans over me, holding my cock in her hand, licks the tip, and starts stroking from the bottom to the top nice and slow while holding her mouth right above it.

Even with her body turned now I'm still able to reach her and continue fingering her pussy. I've been teased and hard for so long now I can feel I'm reaching the point of no return. My hips start pushing up trying to reach her mouth that she's keeping right above my cock. Thankfully she obliges me and swallows my cock, moving her head up and down, occasionally stopping at the tip and swirling her tongue around it. Furiously I'm fingering her dripping wet pussy and bucking my hips as she continues to suck and lick my cock.

I groan pretty loud and tell her I'm about to cum; surprisingly she doesn't move her mouth and just continues to suck and stroke, swallowing every last drop. Wow what a ride that was. I lay back totally relaxed when she says "you still have 20 minutes left and it would look funny if I left now, so if it's OK with you I'll just finish the massage". I reply "that sounds good to me but how about you leave the sheet off?"

I've received many massages after that one but none have come anywhere near that! As for that particular masseuse, when I asked for her specifically the next time, I was informed she was no longer there...ah well, once in a lifetime.

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