Massage School

byOne Wounded Dragon©

"I missed you too, hon. Oh God, I missed you." She snuggled back against me and hugged my arms as I slid them around her, but she resisted as I gently tried to roll her onto her back. I kissed her again, then noticed she was softly crying.

"Lover, what's wrong? What's the matter?" I lovingly snuggled up against her, my cock ached and nestled between her cheeks. She moaned and pushed back against me.

"I missed you, I missed you so much." She clasped my hand and held it to her breast, then twisted to kiss me. I stretched and kissed her and she slid her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her shoulder and gently rocked my hips against her. She lifted her hips and spread her legs, maneuvering until my cock rubbed against her pussy. Kimmy softly moaned and rolled onto her back My hips were under her knees and Kimmy pressed my cock against her soft lips. Her panties were soaking wet.

"Oh Love..." She lifted her hips and I tugged her panties off, rubbing my cock between her pussy lips. She was dripping and whimpered every time my cock stroked her clit. Like familiar lovers, she lifted her hips for me to slide my cock into her pussy and I felt my cock head bump into her.

"Oh Kimmy, you feel sooo are sooo wet and slippery..."

"Uh-huh," Kimmy moaned, watching my face.

"You're..." My heart skipped a beat. "Oh my god... you're full of're really full of cum..." I moaned.

"Uh-huh, Oh Lover, I'm sooo full of cum..." She moaned, rocking her hips.

"Oh my god...Oh Kimmy...Oh Lover, you feel sooo good..." My cock humped deep inside her now. Her pussy felt so warm and soft, I could see cum clinging to it as we slowly fucked.

"Oh god..." I watched cum leak out of her as my cock slid back in.

"You like...?" Kimmy searched my face.

"Oh Kimmy, your pussy feels sooo good." I kissed my way down her throat and slid my hand over her breast. I could see her nipples through her sheer baby doll camisole. They were huge and very dark. I sighed, gently sucking on one. She moaned, almost frustrated, pulling me back toward her mouth. I persisted, lifting her camisole and gently sucking on her nipple while my hand slid down her tummy. Again she moaned, almost frustrated. Her tummy was firm and very slightly rounded and I suddenly tasted a sweet taste from her nipple.

"Oh my God..." My fucking slowed and I leaned up on one elbow, time stopped and I could hear my blood rushing in my ears. My hard cock pressed deeper into her pussy, but my hand seemed paralyzed on her mounded tummy, and my eyes grew as I looked down at her. She looked back, wide eyed.

"Oh Kimmy! Oh Lover! Oh My''re pregnant...?" My tone was gentle, she slowly nodded. My hips moved slowly with my hard cock still inside her pussy. Her lip quivered and her tears flowed.

"Please don't leave me! Please, please, please, don't leave me. I love you." She held my arm, crying.

"Oh Hon, I'm not going to leave you." I looked at her, gently fucking her soft pussy while my hand caressed and explored.

"Oh lover! You're pregnant..." Confusion began replacing my shock. The rushing subsided in my ears. She was beautiful, but the confusion and hurt grew.

"Please don't leave me, please promise." She sniffed and wiped her eyes.

"Who...? How could you...?" My anger tried to surface and I fought it.

"I'm so sorry. Please don't leave me. Please? Promise you won't leave me."

"I promise. I love you. I love you so very much... I'm... I'm hurt, and I'm confused, I love you, but..." I blinked back my own tears, my cock began to soften, then she lay back, so vulnerable, so beautiful.

"Hon, I'm so sorry. This is such a shock for you. I'm so sorry. I can explain. Please don't leave me." My heart melted.

"Oh Hon, I can't leave you." I held her close, smelled her new scent and caressed her mounded tummy. "I'm hurt, and confused..."

"Me too..." She gazed up at me, hopeful, fearful. Her tummy, her dark nipples and soft glow enchanted me. I was confused, but deep within me something stirred. I was excited. I was thrilled she was pregnant. My beautiful, sexy wife was pregnant, full with another man's baby. She wiped her eyes again.

"I guess that stupid fantasy just got real, huh?" She sniffed.

"You are sooo beautiful." I smiled down at her as she lay beside me, then kissed her, my hips moving slowly. I slid my hand up to her nipples and noticed a drop of breast milk about to run down her breast. I lovingly licked it and then gently sucked on her large nipple.

"Oh God, you are sooo beautiful."

She moaned, closing her eyes. Her nipples grew very erect and I began to gently tug one while I sucked on the other.

"Oh God, that feels so good..." She lay back, caressing my head as I sucked. Her milk was sweet and soon streamed into my mouth. Her breasts were wet with her sweet nectar and she moaned softly as I suckled.

"Yes, yes, drink my milk..." Her legs were spread slightly and she softly stroked her clit as my cock hardened inside her soft, wet pussy. Her hips softly rocked with me, pulling me deeper.

"I missed you so much." My cock was so hard it ached and I let my free hand trail down to her tummy. Her bump was just visible and I caressed her. I sucked from her other nipple and slid my hand down to her soft swollen pussy. She moaned as my fingers replaced hers, stroking her. Her pussy was soaking wet and slippery, and her soft lips rubbed against my cock. Her hard clit bulged high above her swollen lips and she arched her hips and lay with her arms over her head.

"Oh God that feels so good... my pussy is so wet." She looked over at me with sleepy eyes and softly rocked her hips. I kissed her and gently suckled.

"Oh Hon, is it ok that I'm pregnant? Will you still want to make love to me?" She spread her legs slightly, rocking her hips, and my hand cupped her swollen pussy lips. I felt my cock sliding inside her swollen pussy. She was so soft and wet. I licked my fingers to add to her wetness. I watched my cock sliding into her, it was coated with cum and more cum coated her soft lips.

"Oh Kimmy, you're full of cum."

"Oh Lover, I'm so full of cum..."

"Oh Yesss..." I moaned.

"I let Don and Jerry cum deep inside my pussy? I let them cum in me just before we landed."

"On the plane?"

"Uh-huh, Is that ok?"

"Oh God... " I moaned again, then climbed up between her spread legs and slid my hard cock back into her wet pussy. She'd let another man's cock cum inside her, deep inside her pussy.

"Did you cum on their cocks?" My cock pressed deep into her soft pregnant pussy.

"Oh... it felt sooo good. Please, please don't be angry. They drank my milk while I fucked them." She humped her pussy against me and kissed me.

"Oh Hon, I'm pregnant with a black baby...everyone will know, everyone will know your wife fucks other men." She humped her pussy against me, her orgasm building.

"Oohhh yes...Oh yes, I want that...I want them to know..." I kissed my way down to her breasts, suckling from each one, then down her tummy. I slid her panties off one leg and kissed my way to her pussy. I lay between her knees, kissing her soft narrow strip of fur. Kimmy rolled her hips and held my head. I moaned; she was wet and I tasted cum.

"Oh Kimmy, you're full of cum..." I pressed my tongue against her clit.

"Oh God... uh-huh...oh God, that feels sooo good... I'm full of cum, lick me, lick my pussy." She humped my face in earnest. I reached up and gently tugged on her nipples and licked her clit. Warm milk streamed from her nipples.

"Ooohhh... Oh God... full of cum...Yesss! Yesss! Lick my pregnant pussy!" She held my head and arched her back, moaning. A gush of liquid soaked my face, again, and again. Her breast milk was running down the sides of her breasts and I pressed my tongue against her clit and pussy until her orgasm subsided. She moaned, humping against my tongue. Finally, she slowed and lay still.

"Please kiss me." Her small voice called me. She twitched with one last lick and I crawled up to her face.

I was soaked, the sheets were soaked, and her breast milk still leaked and I kissed her deeply. My tongue slid into her mouth and she kissed me back, her breast milk soaking my chest.

"Oh... you taste like my pussy." She kissed me again, licking her juice from my face.

I drank her milk and kissed her. She held my hips and my aching cock surged into her wet pussy. Her eyes grew wide and she spread her legs for me. I felt her tummy press against mine, and the head of my cock bumped against her cervix.

"Oh Lover, I can feel your tummy and your full of cum..."


"Oh God, you feel so good. Oh Luv... you're full of cum..." My cock bumped in and out of her, teasing. I wouldn't last long and she knew it. Her wide eyes gazed up at me and I slid deep inside my pregnant wife.

"Did they cum in you on purpose?" Her pussy was so warm and full of cum.

"Uh-huh, I wanted them to get me pregnant." she gazed up at me with wide eyes.

"Did people watch...?"

"Yeah.... Oh God... you're making me cum..." She lifted her hips, humping me deep inside

"Did you fuck them often...?"

"Uh-huh..." her eyes were glazed.

"...all of them?" I moaned.

"Uh-huh..." She ground her pussy against me. "Oh! God! I fucked them...All of them, I let them cum in me...again and again... every night...Oh yesss... Oohhh...I'm cumming... I'm pregnant and full of their cum.Yes! Fuck me...Cum in me... Ohhh...I let someone...cum in me, every night... I let them... cum in me... cum in me... OH, YES!" She climaxed, hard.

"Oh God..." Her pussy gushed their cum onto my cock and balls and I erupted.

"Oohhh! Yes! Ohhhh... pregnant pussy full of cum... Oohh...God..." My cum gushed into her, streaming again and again. My wife, sooo full of cum. She was holding my hips and humping me deep inside, cumming again and again. She lifted her hips, fucking me.I convulsed, my cum gushed into her and leaked, soaking both of us. She held me inside her, kissing me, licking me, humping me deeper. I groaned.

"Oh Lover, everyone will know I'm full of cum and pregnant." She kissed me.

"Oh Hon, I love you full of cum and pregnant." I moaned and kissed her passionately, then softly, my climax slowing. She gazed at me, gently stroking my face as I slowly humped her wet pussy, my cock softening.

"Tomorrow I'll let you see the pictures. OK?" She smiled and spoke in her small voice, caressing my face.

"Oh god... pictures?"

She smiled and nodded. I knew she still loved me, my loving wife just can't say "no".

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