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Massaging my Dorm-mate



After writing my first story, I got a few comments and private feedback sent to my email. I thoroughly love them all and hearing any kind of feedback for improvements or if you liked it. However, I got a comment or two to either continue the first story, or to make my writings longer.

I understand that chaptered stories are the most popular on this site, but the stories I enjoy reading are ones that are shorter and situational. I like reading stories that pique my imagination when I actually decide to jerk-off. :P As such, those are the stories I like writing for this site. So, as for now, I do not plan to turn any of my stories into a series, and I plan to make sure each submission isn't too long to read. Those are just the two suggestions that I don't plan to follow up on. If you enjoy what I do write, though, thank you!


*All characters are nineteen years of age.


Fuzz opened the bathroom door from inside of our dorm and walked into the room. He had just taken a shower and only had a white towel wrapped around his waist. He rubbed the drops of water out his hair and made his way over to the dresser.

"Tonight's game was rough," he said.

"At least you guys won," I said, guessing. Fuzz was some position in the schools' football team, but I didn't like football enough to go to a game.

"Barely. I was tackled so many times, man." Fuzz tried reaching behind and rubbing his back, but his arms were humorously too muscular to let him do that. His whole body was built like a rock. I remember hugging him once before leaving for Christmas break, and it was like hugging a statue that radiated endless heat.

"What's killing ya?" I asked. I sat on my bed in my boxers, studying and barely paying attention.

"Everything! My arms, back, shoulders, and oddly my waist is in the most pain."

"That's normal. When you're tackled, your legs and torso are bending in different directions, which strains the muscles around your waist."

He pulled a pair of underwear out of the dresser. "How do you know about that stuff?"

I smiled. "First year after high school I decided to try massage school instead of college."

Fuzz nodded. "Ah. That's why you're a year behind us all." He turned back to his dresser and then quickly spun back to me. "Wait. Do you think you could give me a massage?"

"Not a chance. I'm busy."

"Oh come on!" He scampered over to the wallet sitting on top of his desk and pulled out a twenty-dollar bill. "I'll even pay you, Cole."

I pulled the right earbud out of my ear just so I could turn around to him and laugh at the offer. "Twenty-dollars? Most massages range around a hundred."


I bit my lip and quickly scanned his body in the towel, his skin still red from the hot water. A thought suddenly entered my head that I thought I could try on this guy. "Fine. Twenty."

With one fluid motion, I moved my notebook and phone off my bed and pulled the mattress onto the floor. "This will make this a little easier. Lay down and I'll get my left over oils."

I moved over to the dorm door and closed it, making sure to lock it. The college apartment had three dorms with a kitchen and living room, so I wanted to make sure no one walked in. After grabbing my bottle of oil I stashed in the bathroom, I made my way back to Fuzz. He was already laying on my mattress on the floor, his left cheek planted on my pillow. I wasn't sure if my plan would work quite yet, so I made a point not to get too excited.

Sitting between his legs—of course prying them apart so I could get between—I drizzled some oil onto his overly muscular back. Granted, simply pouring oil onto someone's back wasn't professional. Usually you pour it in your hand first, but I was counting on the fact that Fuzz didn't know about the massaging standards.

I placed my hands on either side of his spine and pushed down, ironing down the sides of his back. Instantly Fuzz closed his eyes and let out a quiet moan. My boxers poked up just a little at the delicious sound. The abundance of oil pushed to the side as I rolled my palms up his back. I used that moment to trace my fingers along the side of his shoulder blades, which was a sure fire way to get Fuzz to wiggle from the goosebumps that prickled over his skin.

I smirked. "The shoulder blades and arms house some of the tenses muscles." I kept my voice low. My hands smoothed over his shoulder blades and made their way onto both of his arms. I firmly squeezed his arm muscles as I rubbed the oil down. I loved a nice muscular back, but a man's arm muscles derived me the most pleasure. The way Fuzz's muscles tensed up and pushed against my hands managed to send goosebumps even down my back. With just my fingertips now, I tickled over his wrist and inside of his palm.

I scooted myself up closer to his butt, subtly rising his towel some. I used my new leverage to dig into his shoulders. He cried out in ecstasy—or, at least that was how I liked to imagine it.

"This feels so good," he groaned.

"I'm glad," I whispered. Eying the dreaded towel that kept my arms from touching his bare ass made me upset. "Your lower back is really knotted up, though. If you'd like me to massage your waist, it would be easier if you removed the towel."

I felt that was a little too direct, but it didn't stop him from pulling his towel off. He did it all while remaining face down, as if he didn't want to show off his dick. That didn't matter, because from where I was sitting, I had a front row view of his balls and ass.

My mouth watered the moment his clean scent hit my nose.

"Are you a little nervous?" I asked.

"Not at all. I just figured it's weird for you to see my front side."

The innocence in this football player was almost too much for me to handle. I quickly slide my hands down his back and stopped right above his butt cheeks. One of the best things was squeezing someone's lower back. Fuzz responded by arching his back from the pressure, pushing his groin even further into my mattress.

"Woah," he extended between gasps.

"I know." I circled my thumbs along his waist. "It's an incredibly sensitive area."

"God, Cole. You should let me pay you to do this after every game."

"Possible," I said, smirking. "Now, fair warning. Don't twitch too much, but I'm going to massage your ass muscles. It's the most neglected muscles, and massaging them gives easily the best relief."

I held my breath until Fuzz responded. It would be then that I could tell just how far I would be able to take it.

"I guess," he said, shifting his head so his right now cheek rested on the pillow. "But if I say stop, stop, man."

"Of course. Whatever you're comfortable with."

I wasn't sure what happened first: my boner or me finally gripping both his ass cheeks. They were unbelievable. Bubble butt couldn't even give them justice. His ass was the only pale part on his body, and they only served to outline the arch. Making sure to scoop as much excess oil as possible, I massed them into his skin. He seemed to like it a lot. He would softly rock his hips back and forth, dancing to the beat of my fingers.

"Your ass is so tight," I said, knowing he'd have no idea what I was really implying. "When's the last time someone massaged them."

"Never," he sighed and moaned. "I try asking my girlfriend to massage me, but she never wants to."

"Shame. This is where most of the stress you're experiencing comes from."

Using my fingernails now, I scratched all along his cheeks, driving them up and around them as if they were little people climbing a mountain. A beautiful, gorgeous, sexy mountain. By now, my dick had popped out of the hole of my boxers and stood straight up. I had to make sure they didn't touch his legs.

"You know," I said as slowly as possible. "During massage school, we would all perform a technique on each other that brought about the most muscle tension release than any other technique. But we weren't allowed to perform it on clients because it was considered too much in our society."

Fuzz repositioned himself on my bed, probably having to readjust his penis. "What do you mean?"

"Well, rimming the ass losses up all the various muscles located down there."

"Rimming?" Fuzz proclaimed. "Like. Licking my ass?" He nervously chuckled. "No thank you, man."

"Oh? Have you ever had it done before?"

"I haven't. My girlfriend asked me to during sex once, but I turned it down. It seemed too gross."

"Well, that's the thing," I said. "America associates rimming with sex, but outside of the states, it was originally a relaxation technique between couples, and then massage therapists picked it up. But people are always too uncomfortable here to ask for it." I paused for a moment, letting my string of lies to sift through his head. "Are you sure you don't want to try it? Like before, you can just say stop and I'll stop."

There was the longest ten seconds of my life as he laid there in silence while I continued to rub my thumbs into his ass muscles. "I... I guess," he finally managed. "If you think it'd help."

"Oh... trust me it will."

With both hands, I pulled apart his cheeks to reveal that pink asshole. It quivered from the exposure. If I opened my mouth right there I probably would had drooled everywhere.

To be honest, this was what I always wanted, but now that I was there, my heart throbbed, threatening to break my ribcage. It was a mixture of lust and nervousness since I didn't want him to tell me to stop and that I could had sworn our other roommates came home and were in the living room.

It didn't stop me, of course. I didn't want to shock Fuzz, so instead of flicking my tongue against his hole, I rested it entirely on his hole, warming it up. He didn't say a word or move. With fluid motions, I moved my tongue up and down his small hole, tasting the mixture of his own oils and the oils from my bottle that dripped down his ass. It tasted amazing. My cockhead swelled, pressing against the edge of the mattress as I tried to get the best angle with my mouth.

After a few flicks, I traced the tip of my tongue along the edges of his meaty hole. That was the key. His moaning increased with each circular motion. His hips dug into my mattress. "My God," was all that he could say between bottomless gasps.

At this point, it was all or nothing.

His body laid flat on my bed. His arms hugged the edges of the mattress. I licked my lips, pulled his cheeks apart, and plunged my tongue deep inside of his hole. Fuzz's head shot up instantly, his neck craning. The sexiest moan echoed out of his throat and wrapped around my dick, making it beg to cum even more. "What are you—" Fuzz could barely finish a sentence now that I was rummaging inside of his asshole with my dripping tongue. "What are you doing?"

I decided not to reply and just let my mouth speak for itself. Pull my tongue out, I watched as his aching hole grew and shrunk, as if it was begging for my return. A stream of spit fell from my mouth and right into his gaping hole. Not letting it fall out, I buried my face back into his ass and darted my hungry tongue in and out.

Fuzz's body couldn't handle it anymore. He pushed his ass into the air, shoving it further into my mouth. He was on all fours by now.

Pulling my face out for a moment, I smiled at the precum that connected his dick to my sheets. "You gotta be a little quieter," I said. Part of me didn't want him to follow those directions, but the last thing I needed was a roommate knocking on the door.

I wrapped my arms around both of his legs and pulled his ass straight into my mouth, my tongue drilling far. Using the new position, I tried my damn hardest to push my tongue as deep as I possibly could. The taste inside made me moan in his ass. With my now vibrating tongue, Fuzz shouted. "Fuck! Cole! Urg! Stop-stop!"

I didn't listen. Pushing his body back down onto the body, I eased up a little but ran my tongue in circular motions while about an inch in. His nose pressed into the pillow while he tried to muffle his grunts.

He continued to rock his hips into my bed, and with my hands firmly planted on his ass, I helped rocked them. The thought of his huge, leaking dick humping against my bed while my tongue fondled his asshole excited me so much that I decided to try humming again.

I shoved my warm tongue down his hole and softly hummed his name. This time Fuzz didn't protest. I don't think he even had time to. His hands clenched the sides of the mattress and he shot his head back one final time. With a series of moans and grunts, he pushed his groin deep into my mattress and shivered, presumably cumming all over my sheets and his chest.

With his last, quiet moan, his body relaxed and I pulled my tongue out of his ass. He didn't move. Motionless. "Um," he said, regaining his breath. "I didn't mean to... I think I..."

I smiled and quickly tried to hide the pleasure in my voice. "It's normal. The massage releases a lot of stress, as I said. You should probably go shower off again. We won't have to talk about it."

He stood up from the bed. Cum pulled from his sheets and stuck to his chest, but he didn't turn to look at me. He walked back into the bathroom without ever looking back.

I glanced down at the puddle of his cum on my mattress. I scooped some in my left hand and rubbed the warm liquid all over my throbbing dick. With just three thrusts, my cock exploded, shooting all over my bed and even hitting my pillow where his lovely face just was.

The easiest twenty-bucks.

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