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"I have thought about what you are offering and I am willing to submit to you as my master."

The words crossed her lips with a surety and understanding above her 18 years. She would commit to her master wholly and completely, whatever that involved. A smile crossed his lips with the knowledge of this. He would control her, dominate her, watch her submit and surrender to this lifestyle. His anticipation of this left him almost breathless with desire.

"I will call you. You may never contact me. The instructions I give are complete and must be obeyed to the letter. Failure to comply will lead to punishment. Punishment is my choice and delivery of punishment will happen over a period of time decided by me. Public humiliation will not form part of this relationship. The pain will be torture and delightful."

His words caused her fear and trepidation. These became immediate aphrodisiacs. She felt the crotch of her panties become soaked. She heard her breath ragged in her chest. She also felt electrified and empowered. She could hardly wait.

Abruptly he put his empty coffee cup down, stood up and walked out of the coffee shop without a word. The confusion and desire he left her with caused her an intense dizziness. She stood up unsteadily, her knees shaking, her wetness dribbling down her thighs.

It was a confused week before she heard from him.

She was standing behind the jewelry counter when he walked in. She felt her sharp intake of breath and her lips going dry. She also felt deliciously naughty knowing who he was and why he was there. What would her boss & colleagues say if they knew? The secretiveness was arousing.

He placed a note on the counter in front of her, turned and left the shop. He had made the instructions clear and precise and knew she would follow them to the letter. He looked forward to tonight and her welcome into his world.

She read the note carefully:

"Meet me outside the coffee shop at exactly 5pm. Wear no panties. Stand on the left hand side of the door. Master."

Her head spun and her knees were weakened by the thrill that ran from her groin, through her stomach and up her spine.

She left the shop at 5 minutes to five and ran the three blocks to the coffee shop. She arrived at exactly 5pm and took up her position outside the door on the left hand side. He watched her from across the road. She was almost dancing on the spot. He saw her chest heaving and her eyes watching every passer by expectantly.

At 5:15pm he walked up to her. "Follow me," Came the curt instruction.

She followed him into the office building across the arcade. She stood next to him as they waited for the lift. No one said a word.

As the lift opened on the 14th floor she was aware of the silence that permeated the building. There was no one there. No one knew she was there. She realized the danger she had put herself in. This danger caused her further excitement and she felt the lips of her pussy swell and the giggles rise in her throat. They walked through the plushly carpeted passage to an office at the end. He opened the mahogany door and she walked into a dimly lit office with mahogany paneling, green carpets, heavy curtains and a large mahogany desk. The desk was the focal point of the room. It was clear of clutter and had large mahogany chairs upholstered in green leather on either side of it.

The silence of the room and the building was roaring through her ears. In the distance she heard the tinkle of ice in a glass and turned to see him filling glasses with vodka. He handed her one and she drank it down in three quick gulps. The taste stung her throat; the warmth ran through her stomach.

She stood expectantly as he sat down on the couch and surveyed her. Slim feet in high heels; long legs with well shaped calves; medium length navy blue pencil skirt which hugged her hips; white long sleeved shirt covering firm proud breasts; long neck; young oval face with green shining eyes; long red hair tied up and back.

She felt his stares pierce her clothes and the blush rise through her cheeks.

"Turn around"

She did as she was told. He surveyed the rounding of her arse as it plunged into her thighs. He felt his cock stirring to life.

"Are you wearing any panties?" came his quiet, even, rich voice from behind her. She shook her head.

"Allow me to check my sweet. Raise your skirt." She felt herself blush wildly. She was hesitant to comply, fearing what would happen if she did. Her fingers pause and twitch next to her.

"Ah. I see that you are hesitant. Let me remind you that you are to comply with all instructions or you will be punished. I repeat; show me that you have no panties on."

Her blush intensified. She swallowed hard, bent forward and gripped the hem of her skirt. He felt his semi stiff cock harden at the sight of her rounded hips and arse. She lifted the hem up pulling it over her calves and thighs. She hesitated for just a moment at the top of her thighs. She closed her eyes, breathed deeply and lifted the skirt over her rounded hips revealing a creamy bare arse.

He surveyed the arse in front of him and watched her body quaking.

"Turn around and keep the skirt up" came his instruction through the sound of the roaring sea in her ears. She turned and saw him sitting on the edge of the couch, his eyes blazing and the hardness of his cock visible through the linen of his trousers. She felt her swollen pussy's wetness slip between her thighs.

"Spread your legs". His voice was mesmerizing and hypnotic and she felt her legs moving apart with a will of their own.

"Wider" she moved them further apart and felt the air moving between her legs and cooling the wetness on her thighs.

She heard his quiet steps move around her and became acutely aware of his fragrance in the room. He smelt strong and musky. Her lips were dry and her breath caught in her throat. She could feel his heat behind her. He dropped to his haunches.

"Keep looking straight ahead" came the instruction. His hands touched her ankles and ran up the outside of her legs slowly and lightly. They slipped over her hips and ran down the inside of her legs, the tips of his fingers whispering close to her wetness. She bit her lip and closed her eyes. She felt his hands leave her and felt rather than heard the moan that escaped her lips.

"Close your eyes." She did as she was bid and he smiled. She had all the makings of a compliant and steady slave. He quietly moved around her and stood watching her face as her teeth gripped her lower lip and her breath heaved her breasts.

Her arms were growing heavy as they held her skirt up. She moved to drop the skirt.

"Who gave you permission to move? Stand dead still. Keep your eyes closed."

She froze where she was immediately. He moved closer to her and traced the outline of her breasts with his finger watching her nipples harden in response to his touch. He fluttered his fingers down her body to the bottom of her blouse. Here he paused for just a moment before he started undoing her buttons. Every button caused her breath to catch.

"Drop your skirt and leave your arms at your side."

His hands pushed her blouse open over her breasts. He stepped in closer and put his arms around her to undo her bra strap behind releasing her firm, creamy orbs from their restraints. His cock jumped in joy at the sight of them partially covered by the loose sheer bra. She smelt him next to her and moved her face towards him needing urgently to kiss and taste him. He moved away from her leaving her longing for his kiss. Her eyes fluttered to open.

"Keep them closed", came the instruction. She complied directly and willingly. The fact she could not see him and did not know what would happen next was delicious torture.

He moved round behind her and slipped her blouse off letting it drop to the floor. Next he unzipped her skirt and let it rustle to the floor at her feet Moving back to her front he slipped her bra off. She sighed with desire. She was naked except for her high heels.

"Step out and away from your clothes and raise your arms above your head while keeping those eyes closed."

She heard him open and close a drawer across the room. Suddenly she felt his fingers on her nipples rolling them until they stood proud.

"I am now going to attach the nipple clamps to you. You will not cry out or wince. You will stand still."

As the first clamp closed around her nipple she felt an intense pain shoot through her and had to bite her lip hard not to cry out or move back. She waited expectantly for the next shot of pain. Nothing happened. There was dead silence in the room. She frowned wondering where he was.

He stood watching her, his desire growing by the minute. He moved his hands to her side, stepped in and ran his feather light touch along the inside of her thighs until he reached her excited clit. He gripped her and rolled her already hard clit. Her breath caught and she felt the squeal rising in her. "You will be silent" came the instruction. She cut the squeal short in her throat.

She felt naughty for what she was allowing him to do. She felt slutty and delighted at the same time. The slowness and deftness of his hand left her wanting for more.

He stepped back leaving her panting. He deftly slipped the clamp over her other nipple and the unexpected pain was too much for her to bear. She let out a cry of pain

"Oh dear. You will have to pay for that. I think I will be kind and only add an extra three strokes to your discipline. That would usually cost you at least six strokes."

She felt the burning tears well up in her eyes. This was almost too much to handle. The fear of the pain she would undoubtedly feel today left her confused.

"Now, listen well" came his comment as he walked away from her to the other side of the office. "Open your eyes, turn and move to the desk. Stand in the middle of the short side of the desk. Open your legs wide, lean forward and place your hands flat on the desk in front of you."

All this she did carefully and mesmerized by his quiet commanding voice.

"You comply and listen well my slave. Your discipline will begin now. For this I will use my trusted cane. There will be 6 strokes for a first time discipline followed by the 3 for non-compliance. There will be 5 warm up strokes delivered by my well-worn slipper. The warm up will be delivered in that position. For the discipline I will require you to climb up on the desk with your knees on the edge and wide apart. You will put your head down and push that beautiful full arse of yours out. Do you understand?"

She nodded and swallowed. She felt exposed and vulnerable. The tears welled up in her eyes. They were tears of fear. She wasn't sure if she was enjoying this. How could she stop it? No-one knew she was here, the doors were locked, the building deserted. Her cries would be useless. She was scared and the fear was confusing in that it made her more excited. With a shock she felt his hands stroking her arse cheeks with long languid movements. She was surprised to find that the action calmed her and brought the enjoyment factor back.

"The tools I use to discipline are varied and many. My favourite though has always been the cane It is supple but hard. There is nothing more effective for me or my slaves as the sound of a cane running through the air, landing on the arse cheeks of a willing or unwilling backside and hugging its contours before sailing through the air again to repeat the action. It is an accurate tool and can be manipulated to have stroke after stroke land on the same place or in neat lines along the length of a backside. The enjoyment of the pain delivered by this tool is intense and lasting. You will meet many tools in our time together but tonight you will meet the cane. The slipper too is a favourite. Its sting is deep and warming. It prepares the muscle and skin of the arse well and leaves a beautiful blush."

The tears returned. The stroking of her arse didn't help. His words resounded in her head. She had never had a hiding from her parents or a schoolteacher. She was 18. This didn't happen to adults. The knowledge that she was moments away from a beating left her fearful.

He stopped stroking her haunches and watched her breathing. It was hard and deep. He could almost smell her fear. He felt his cock getting harder as he watched her. He knew she would be close to tears or already crying. He knew the fear she was going through. He knew the embarrassment she felt at being reduced to a naughty schoolgirl again.

He walked to fetch his cane. It was kept beside his bookcase. The slipper was above the shelves. These were the only tools of discipline he kept at the office. He used these, his hands and his belt at the office and sometimes all of them. She would learn these habits over time.

She watched him fetch the cane. Part of her couldn't believe this was happening; part of her was aching with anticipation. This duplicity was as confusing as it was pleasurable.

"You will count the strokes delivered backwards loudly and clearly. You will remain in this position for the warm up. You will stand dead still in this position until the warm up is complete and then you will smoothly and efficiently climb up onto the desk and assume the position for the main discipline during which you will remain dead still and use your voice only to count down the strokes. Any movement or deviance from these instructions will mean that the previous stroke will be rendered meaningless and will be repeated. Do you understand slave?"

"Yes" she replied in a shaky voice. The boys at school had always spoken of this form of punishment. Being boys they had given brave details of positions assumed and states of arses when done. They had spoken of the pain. She had always found herself excited by the thought. Now that she was in the position awaiting the strokes she felt the same excitement mingling with fear.

He took up position to the left of her. The strength of the blows would be all the more intense as his dominant hand was delivering them across his body. He touched her arse with the slipper as he measured it up and watched her clench and quiver in fear. He pulled it back across his body and above his head and waited for her arse cheeks to unclench and relax. She waited expectantly with her eyes closed and her fists clenched along with her arse. Nothing happened. Slowly she opened her eyes, released her fists and her arse. She wondered if he was still there and was about to turn around when she felt and heard the quiet plop of the slipper against her arse. The sting pulled through her and she felt it deeply.

"I see that you have not heard my instructions clearly. You have forgotten to count the stroke. I will repeat the action and you will begin the count down from 5."

She heard the dull thud against her arse and felt the sting a moment later. "Five," she counted clearly. This hurt but she felt that it was bearable.

The next stroke landed neatly on her left cheek. "Four."

"Three," landed on her right cheek. Master paused and surveyed his handy work. The rosy blush of the arse was light and the creaminess of her arse still shone through. He put the slipper down next to her and moved up close behind her. She wondered what he was doing this was nothing like she expected. Suddenly she felt him lean over her and cover her body with his. Her hips moved out toward him of their own accord. The heaviness of him over her was delightful and the moan that escaped her was deep and throaty. His hands came around her and cupped her breasts. The warmth was deeply satisfying. He felt her arse against his groin. His cock strained against his zip. He was almost crazy with the desire to enter her and thrust hard and deep into her. Instead he released her breast and gripped the chain joining the nipple clamps he tugged firmly on them and she felt the searing pain shoot through her.

"OOOOOOOOW!!!!!!" came her cry.

"Ah. My instruction yet again ignored. Let me see how I will discipline this oversight," came the deep mesmerising voice behind her as her breath heaved in response to the adrenalin coursing through her veins. "I think I will simply remember this misstep and discipline for it next time," he said as he stood up and moved back besides her picking up the slipper. The stroke landing upon her arse quickly and unexpectedly. Quickly she remembered his instructions. "Two," came her call.

He swung his arm back and brought the final two blows down hard and quickly on her arse cheeks and then dropped the slipper beside her and picked up his cane.

"Assume the position please," came his cultured and polite instruction.

She felt the sting of her arse and in a daze climbed up on the desk placing her knees wide apart and close to the edges. She leaned down on her folded arms and stuck her arse out behind her. She felt like an exposed whore. She also felt her pussy lips swollen and her thighs soaked with her juices. She could not help marvelling at the excitement this little incident was causing her. He observed the sight in front of him and felt an almost unquenchable desire to grab her, push her down and fuck her hard from behind across the desk. Instead he moved next to her and placed his hand on the nipple clamp chain. He paused as he allowed her expectation to grow. He tugged the one side of the chain and swiftly moved his hand to the other side and tugged. She felt the pain but this time it was pleasurable to the extent that she almost felt herself surrendering to an overwhelming orgasm.

He knew that if he did not complete his discipline of her he would surely cum soon. He gripped the cane firmly in her hand and raised it into the air.

The whistle of the cane through the air followed by what sounded like a shot sent a searing pain ripping through her as it landed on the join between her thighs and arse.

"Six!" she gasped almost leaping up and grabbing her arse.

"Oh no, no my precious. Not six. Six is the basic but you are to receive three extra for non-compliance with instructions. You will therefore count down from nine. We will begin again."

She felt anger and indignity well up inside her. She was about to challenge him when the stoke landed in the same place. She gulped. "Nine," she counted.

"Eight. Seven! Six!! Five!!! Four!!!!" the five stokes landed quickly and hard against her arse one above the other. As he stopped to rest for a moment and observe what he had created she clenched and unclenched her arse feeling the almost unbearable pain as well as the deep desire and wetness of her pussy.

"I see that you are enjoying this. Let me check to what degree." He stepped up behind her and spread her pussy lips with one hand while running his fingers down the length of her. Her wetness was intense.

"I see that you are well prepared for what is to follow. Let me complete this obviously delightful discipline and complete the process."

He paused next to her and waited for her arse cheeks to relax. She tried hard not to rub her inflamed clit.

"Three." Landed neatly in the middle of her arse. "Two" and "one." Landed neatly below each other.

"One more to go!" she thought to herself. "One more and then he would relieve the burning need in her!"

"Upon this last stroke you will say thank you master and will lie forward over the desk keeping your legs spread and gripping the desk with your arms outstretched on either side of you."

He pulled his arm high into the air. This last stroke would be his hardest and most intense. He intended for it to stay with her long after she had left him.

She was prepared. She was ready. She was even keen! How much she had changed in this first short meeting she thought.

She heard the cane whistle through the air and the incredible pain as it landed on her arse.

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