tagBDSMMaster And The Bitch: A Tess Story

Master And The Bitch: A Tess Story


The note left on the table simply read:

"I want My bitch ready for Me at eight."

tess's hand quivered as she read the words and her tummy jumped. He had been in a mood as of late. It was the kind that she could not ease or soothe and she had been waiting to help Him in a way only she could. He did not demand this of her often but, when He did, she knew the evening would be a challenging one, to say the least.

she went about her housework with an eagle's eye to detail. The grout was scrubbed with an old toothbrush, the mop left in the cupboard in exchange for a scrub brush and bucket, the windows shone inside and out, and the air was lightly scented with evergreen. she roamed the house looking for even a stray thread on the floor before taking herself to the bathroom.

she gave herself "the works": face mask, deep conditioner, close shave, manicure, pedicure, and vanilla body butter all over her skin after a long soak in the tub. she brushed her hair until it glistened in the light and expertly applied a delicate layer of make up to her freshly polished skin. her lips were coated with cocoa butter and she was done.

she looked at herself standing naked in the mirror and her blue eyes spoke volumes in the silence. They told a tale of lust and pain, of surrender...of devotion. she examined herself closely for the last time before going to the cage in the laundry room off the kitchen. Nobody ever asked about it as they had a large dog, which now was out back in the dog run and fed for the evening. tess turned out the light, crawled into the cage and circled around, making herself as comfortable as she could on the scrap of blanket He left in there for her. she used to have a pillow but it was taken away when she complained about it being flat. she quickly learned not to complain on bitch night anymore.

He would be home in half an hour and tess breathed deeply, calming herself and bringing her slavery front and center. she would need her strength this night. she would need to be absolutely focused on His words and wants and not allow other thoughts and fears to enter the picture. she could not afford to do that. she quite literally felt herself getting smaller and smaller until nothing existed but the flow of air steadily being inhaled through her nose and pushed out through pursed lips.

The front door opened with the creak that slightly older homes have and she swallowed. Some nights He never came for her, leaving her to sleep in the cage without supper. Other nights He had her wait until He ate and read the paper. Tonight, He whistled.

she nudged the cage door open with her nose and crawled to the foyer as quickly and gracefully as she could. she made her movements long and lean in hopes that the sight of His bitch would be found pleasing to His eye. she inched to Him as He stood there, seemingly like a giant from her perspective and stopped exactly one foot from His form. He pushed a foot to her and she leaned down and pulled on the lace of his oxford with her teeth, untying the first shoe, trying not to get any drool on the leather she had polished last night. When it came untied, which happened fairly quickly as he had her practice this until He was satisfied one night last summer, He switched to the other foot and she worked again to loosen the lace. He slipped out of the shoes and pointed. tess took the heel of one loafer and oh so carefully, as not to leave teeth marks in the fine hide, placed it and its twin on the shoe rack by the door. she was very aware of His eyes on her as she did her chore as methodically as a jeweler setting a stone.

He spoke.


He snapped His fingers near the side of His thigh. tess circled and crawled behind Him down the long hallway. she stopped when He did and He unlocked the door and entered. tess followed with the sound of her own heartbeat pounding in her ears.

He had set up the playroom that morning and tess had not seen His handiwork until that moment. she peeked up and saw the implements He had laid out in anticipation of using His bitch. The leash was there as was a thick collar that she hated as it was just a bit tighter than she was comfortable with. A large plug, tapered on one end and with a shiny tail on the other rested beside a black marker. she hated the marker with a passion reserved for liver. He tapped His leg.


tess lifted her torso and rested her weight on her heels bringing her arms in front of her and curling her hands down to resemble paws. He uncapped the marker and squatted in front of her. she dared to lift her eyes to his and lowered them when she felt them penetrate her to the core. Sensing the slightest edge of fear, He laughed. He brought the marker to her face and made an upside down triangle on the tip of her nose, adding three lines across from it towards the sides of her face.

"What are you?"

she closed her eyes and swallowed.


"That's right."

He wrote across her bare breasts in large ebony letters:


He stood, seemingly satisfied with His work and placed the pen on the table.

"You better have that tail in when I return."

He left the room, not closing the door and strode down the hall.

tess silently prayed and looked for some lubricant. None was to be found. she didn't dare whimper as she reached for the large black plug. she knew her time was limited and tried sucking on it to get it wet. her mouth was dry and the rubber felt heavy and thick in her mouth. she knew the pain from not doing her task would be worse than the pain of the plug going in and brought it to her anus on all fours while reaching between her legs. she bore down and wiggled the tip against her pucker. she took a deep breath and while exhaling worked the first third of the plug into her dark tunnel. she breathed again and bit down on her lip as she shoved it past the tapered part and her ass opened and stretched to accommodate the width. she panted, taking a break and trying to work past the burning pain.

"Finish it, bitch."

He stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame. He had changed into a deep blue long sleeve shirt with the cuffs rolled and light olive green pants that were as soft as butter.

she could not help but to make a soft, yet high pitched moan as she pushed and pushed until her anal ring grasped the rim of the plug, right under its flared base. the strands of hair that formed the tail danced across the backs of her thighs.

He leaned down and grabbed her hair in his hand, turning her face to Him and growled out.

"I told you to have that in when I returned. Seems My bitch isn't as well trained as I thought."

she flushed a dark pink and hung her head like a pedigree Walker Hound and waited for the consequence of not following His command in time. He let go of her hair and reached for the collar. she lifted her head without Him asking and He fastened it around her neck...one notch tighter than usual. The leather pressed into her skin and she felt the urge to gag.

"Don't you dare, bitch."

He reached for the leash and then changed His mind, going for the clamps instead. He nodded at her and she sat up in position again as He clamped each nipple efficiently and tugged to be sure they were on good and tight. He then took the leash and instead of attaching it to her collar he fastened it to the chain connecting the clamps. He stood and gave the leash a jerk. tess fell forward and braced her weight on her hands.

"Time to correct My naughty bitch."

He turned and pulled the leash...and His pet behind Him.

He drug her along and she crawled less gracefully than before, the clamps biting into her nipples and pinching them tight. she knew He would cause her pain this evening, even without a reason but she had given Him one so very quickly and knew that He was ready to begin tormenting her for His pleasure. He stopped in the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, pulling out a zip lock bag and sat in the chair.

"Turn around. I want to see that ass."

tess turned and wiggled her tail at Him.

"A bit late for cute, I would say, bitch."

He tugged on the tail sharply...and then again. tess fought to hold position. He wrapped the tail around His hand and slowly pulled on the plug. tess whimpered as it came out and He tossed it to the floor.

"you can clean that later."

He opened the bag and pulled out another plug. This one did not have a tail...and was carved by tess the night before from a root of ginger.

"Since My bitch seems to not like her other tail she can wear this for Me instead. Reach back and spread your cheeks."

she hesitated a fraction of a second and His large palm came down with a loud smack on her ass. her hands flew and she parted her ass cheeks, exposing herself to Him.

Without a word He roughly shoved the ginger root deep into her and slapped her ass several more times when He had finished.

"Bad bitch...bad, bad, bitch. Go get in your cage."

tess made her way back to the dark laundry room and crawled into the cage. her heart raced as she waited for the slow burn to begin. Ginger came on slowly for her and when it hit she was in her own special agony. It made her incredibly horny and she always longed for room to writhe, for the need to move was overwhelming when she was filled with the cold plug that gave off such intense heat. He came to the cage with a dog bone They had purchased at a gourmet shop that used human consumables in their products. He tossed it in the cage before looking its door.

"Enjoy your dinner. I'll be back when I am done with Mine and, I don't want to hear a sound from you while I am gone."

He closed the door to the laundry room, leaving tess in total blackness and it began.

It started as an itch, an ache inside her and at first she thought it might not be as bad as she remembered. she listened to Master in the kitchen. Judging from the sounds she guessed He was heating the cassoulet she made for Him the previous evening. she sniffed at her bone. Just then the first wave of deep heat burned inside her and she actually bit down on the bone to keep from crying out. He had used the ginger on her before but it was during a softer time and He was there to talk her through it, His voice making it bearable, His eyes on His girl. This time she was left to suffer alone, not even allowed to see the pride as He watched her absorb the pain for Him.

It wasn't pure agony but it was enough to make her more than uncomfortable. The urge to tighten her ass cheeks kept coming and she knew that doing so makes the sensation more intense so she focused on relaxing and took a bite of the bone, as she was unsure when she would get a chance to eat again and Master would be displeased is she got light headed from hunger after He had fed her. After about twenty minutes the effects from the plug diminished and as though He knew it, the door opened and He unlatched the cage door. He took her leash again and pulled her out, taking her to a water bowl left on the kitchen floor. He reached down and unclamped her nipples. The blood rushed back into the tender nubs and she groaned. He pinched them tight in His fingers, rolled, and tugged them as her eyes watered. He stopped.

"Drink, bitch."

tess leaned down and lapped at the tepid water, grateful to be able to wash the taste of the grain and protein treat out of her mouth. Water splashed out onto the floor and she licked it from the tile she had cleaned that morning.

He scratched her head. she had hoped He would tell her she was a good pup but that was not to be. He removed the ginger plug and tossed it in the trash before going to His recliner in the living room. He snapped. she followed.

"Let's rub that tummy now. Roll over."

tess rolled and lay before Him. Master reached over with His foot and rubbed her belly with it. tess wanted to disappear. she felt so vulnerable and shamed when he toyed with her like this, as if she was really a pet. His foot moved lower and pushed against her cunt. He laughed and worked a toe inside her slick walls.

"Bitch is in heat."

tess turned yet another shade in the pink family and tilted her hips, much to her embarrassment. As humiliating as it was, she was turned on and He knew it. He kept toying with her pussy, using His toes at times, other times pushing the heel against her mound and grinding hard. tess felt it building and whimpered to Him with pleading eyes. she knew she could not hold off for long with such direct pressure right on her tiny bud. she knew He was aware of that as well...and did not lessen the pressure one bit.

"Don't you dare cum...don't you even fucking think of doing it."

she was panting now....aching so deep inside. Each wave of pleasure seeming to bring her closer and closer...each one fought off until she shined in a gleam of sweat. her cunt dripped...oozed...flooded out and she whimpered again. He reached beside the chair and picked up His favorite crop, the one she referred to as "evil". He moved his foot and teased the tip of crop against her clit.

"Here is how it works, bitch. you will bark if you want to cum and each bark will get you a kiss from the crop. See what a kind Master I can be? When you are ready to cum, give Me a howl and if I think you have earned it...you will be allowed. Understand?"

tess barked. The crop came down hard on the inside of her thigh.

she barked again. The other thigh was treated to the same.

His foot made its way back to her clit...He flicked at it.

"Come on, bitch. Show Me how much you need it."

she barked. He hit.

she barked. He hit.

she barked. He hit.

she sobbed as the stripes welted on her legs and belly. He had avoided her clit and she was crazed in a land between pain and need. she choked on the tears...and barked.

The crop came down on her mound and the very tip flicked and curled on her clit. Stars danced before her eyes and she began to float. she heard herself bark. It seemed to come from outside her, but the crop landed again.

Not pausing now, the barks came...woof, woof, woof

thwack, thwack, thwack

Eyes rolled back and her cunt gripped tight.

she was close. So very close.

she leaned her head back; stretching her neck and feeling the collar tighten just a bit.

she let out a howlllll.

The crop came down hard.


The howl continued, filling the room with its hauntingr wail.


Every muscle tightened, her teeth clenched, her toes curled, and she came...and came...and came. The crop urged her on, the strokes not as hard now, more teasing, more merciful. tess fought against curling into a ball and stayed open to Him as her insides churned slave cream out her pussy. she gushed like she was getting paid by the drop. she gushed like the whore she was for Him. The ripples subsided and she felt cramping in her feet as the muscles relaxed. she gasped for air...where was it? There seemed to be some in the room before but now she could not find it. He came to the floor and took off the collar. she gulped and shivered as her lungs filled. He stroked her head and scratched behind her ear.

"Such a good bitch."

she cried again at His words, at the pain on her thighs, at the fact she behaved as she had. He leaned down and ever so softly whispered in her ear.

"Take a moment, pet...then crawl to the playroom."

Master left the room and tess curled up in a ball, silent tears streaking down her flushed cheeks. she always felt so very small after surrendering while being humiliated and used hard for His pleasure. she brought her fingers to her face and traced the nose and whiskers He had drawn on her skin. At that very moment she knew she would do most anything for Him. Even as she fought against his commands to bark and to cum, her body had betrayed her by showing a plethora of evidence to the contrary. her nipples had been rock hard, her cunt soaking wet, and every nerve ending has welcomed the Sadist and His toy.

she knew not to dally and rolled to her knees. she crawled ever so slowly to the playroom and waited in the doorway for permission to enter. Daring to peek up she saw Him lighting a candle in the room, illuminating His playground in an amber glow. she knew He was aware of her presence but He continued to light three more candles before turning to her and curling His finger. she slithered His direction and He reached down for her hand, taking it in His and pulling her upright. He gave it a tight squeeze.

"That's my bitch."

He cuffed her wrists in the steel bangles and thread the chain from the ceiling to the restraints, extending her arms overhead, her breasts thrust out and up, her weight on the balls of her feet. He left her stretched there while He went and examined His supplies. He returned with the blindfold and stood behind her, wrapping it around her head and tying it tightly in back. His breath was hot in her ear.

"So many more ways to make you suffer, My pet."

A gloved hand ran down her back. The small spikes from it scratched her delicate skin without breaking it. her muscles tightened and He used the glove to deliver a small slap to her ass.

"Relax, pet. Breathe for Me."

tess lived in the darkness as He teased her flesh with the glove, grazing her nipples, drawing it down her soft belly, the tender backside of the knees. He was still fully clothed, as far as she knew, and tess felt even more like a play toy knowing He maintained such control and distance as He worked His property. she almost felt like the product of a mad scientist. she was His creation now, everything He had trained and encouraged her to be. she was lust personified. she was His dripping whore kissed by the hint of fear the darkness always provided. she was lost in His black vision. she was His slave from the tiniest cell in her body to the sweet space she drifted in now.

He didn't touch her for what seemed like an hour to tess and then she hissed out a breath as the ice cube circled her nipple, causing it to pull in tight and the nub to puff out at attention. He chuckled and He firmly rubbed a cube across each nipple, the melting water dripped down her tummy and ran in the crease of skin where thigh met torso. she could not help wiggling and trying to turn from the intense icy burn but remained silent except for the heavy panting which filled the room.

"Breathe, My precious bitch."

tess inhaled deeply and He ran the ice down her center, nudging her nether lips open, and slid it into her oven of a cunt. He held His hand there, trapping the cold object inside of His toy. she could imagine Him scanning her body then, taking note of her responses, her swim into His brand of agony. The cube soon melted and she pushed her pelvis forward with the softest of whimpers. The Master's chuckle reappeared.

"Such a good pet now, aren't you?"

tess nodded and chewed her lower lip.

His hand quickly slapped her cheek, not hard, but so unexpected she moaned out in shock.

"Words, bitch."

tess choked on them.

"i...i am...Your...good...pet."

He pulled the blindfold off and kissed her forehead before licking the lone tear that escaped her eyes.

"That you are, girl."

tess blinked and brought her eyes into focus and the first thing she saw was Him unbuttoning His shirt as he continued to study her. He slipped out of the sleeves, dropping the shirt to the floor before undoing and stepping out of His trousers and boxers. tess's cunt clutched tight as His steel hard shaft stuck out from His body, seeming to point directly at her, as if claiming what was His. He took it in His hand and fisted the length as she watched.

"See what you do to Me, pet? See how your Master's cock responds to your tears?"

tess nodded and then quickly remembered to speak.

"Yes, Master. Your girl sees Your need. May i...please, Master...may i show You how much i am grateful for being Yours?"

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