tagMind ControlMaster Controller Act 07: Accommodation

Master Controller Act 07: Accommodation


*Disclaimer. The full story will include a variety of fetishes mostly including mind control and non-consent, but also including enslavement, feminization, diaper punishment, cross dressing and gender bending. If any of this is not your thing, I ask that you keep going.

* This story, specifically, will cover brain washing, enslavement, spanking, and chastity caging, along with some gay play. As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Chapter 1 – New Gadget Out for a Spin

Some time had passed, and Mark was thoroughly enjoying his absolute kingdom. Furthermore, he had already started the implementation of the transmitter technology Damian had given him.

He started with updating the nanites already in his own system. All the simulations showed the transmissions being submitted perfectly. He had several virtual entities to practice on and they were all reacting perfectly, and showing excellent reception. The time had come to move beyond the virtual.

Because of the upgrade, the nanites would now be able to transmit coding to other nanites nearby. The nanites in his own body were registered as Master Nanites. These could send commands to Slave Nanites and they would have to listen. No more needing to use code phrases to manipulate others.

Once the orders had come back in from the manufacturing plants, he began to once more instill the water supplies of the local towns, as well as that of the Company, with the new nanites. It didn't take long for the micro-machines to do their job. He could feel it. He was now connected to all his minions with their Slave Nanites.

So after a couple of days had completed, and everyone had had a chance to "drink the juice", he decided to take it out for a spin.

It took some mental adjustments, but he felt he really had the hang of it. He practiced on Mary, Crystal and Jenny to make sure he knew what he was doing. He was able to make Mary orgasm with a thought, while dusting the living room, with no spoken word, or physical action. One second, she's dusting the entertainment center, the next she cried out in pure bliss, providing the entertainment.

He got Jenny to perform quite a few stereotypical dog actions, sitting, barking and playing dead. He was even able to switch her brain between animal and human at varying times. The expression on her face when she reverted to human, after a period of time being a dog, was rather comical.

Finally, his ability to control Crystal's body, seemingly separate of her cognitive thought was truly interesting. He was able to put her into a deep sleep with a thought and then have her body climb atop him and ride him like a rodeo, bringing him to a sharp climax. He made sure to make it up to her later by having Phillip give her hours of pleasure later that day.

It was time to go out and about.


First, he went to a local grocery store, and there saw a young couple. The man was handsome, and his wife was pretty. He was dressed casually with a simple t-shirt that bore a basic design, and cargo shorts stopping below his knees, and to finish the ensemble were his leather sandals. She wore comfortable clothing as well, a loose tank top with an edgy design on it, and jean shorts that showed her perky ass, and long legs ending in cheap, but comfortable, flip flops. Her hair was pulled tightly into a pony tail that bobbed back and forth as she walked.

He sent a command to both of them while they were in the isle with spices and baking supplies. Suddenly, he reached out for her pony tail and pulled forcefully towards his face, and they were on each other like animals. She was trying to inhale his face, while her hands were breaching the waistline of his shorts, while his own hands were trying to find something new on her ass.

During their activities, they knocked over jars and spices, and then fell to the ground in a spread of various sundries just about to remove clothing when they suddenly came to. They stood aghast at their actions in such a public place, but the lust had not completely dissipated. Shortly after that, a grocery employee tentatively asked the enthusiastic couple to leave.

While still in the store, he happened across a middle aged man checking out frozen vegetables. With a single transmission from Mark the man's face went lifeless and flat. He set down his basket, opened the freezer door, pulled out a bag of frozen peas, and without further ado, put the entire bag down the front of his shorts. He stood there a moment, no reaction to the frozen vegetables touching his sensitive bits.

When Mark mentally released him, the hapless man blinked, coming back to his senses, then his comical expression broke out and he began jumping in place trying to get the bag out of his crotch, only to open the bag in the process spilling the small, frozen, green pellets into his underwear. This elicited a great deal more reaction.

Mark left the store laughing, and began walking toward the neighboring coffee shop, Easton Perk. As he approached, a gorgeous college girl stepped out in a pretty white sundress, decaled with flowers and vine, and pretty white wedge sandals that wrapped around her delicate feet.

He sent her a message, and she immediately pulled up her skirt to show off her pretty white with yellow sunflowers panties to him, wiggling her hips back and forth. When the hold was released she squealed in horror not knowing why her body was displaying her undergarments to a complete stranger. She saw the shit-eating grin on his face, and yelled "PERVERT!" and she scurried away, skirt still in hand. He sent another quick command and she pulled up her skirt one last time presenting her tiny perky ass covered in the full back panties, while also releasing a high-pitched yell.

Still, he needed to try it more. He had seen a cute girl at a local gas station and thought she'd be the perfect test subject. He had tried hitting on her before, but due to his own appearance, had been rejected out of hand. Now, however, she would be his.

As his driver pulled up to the gas pump he saw the girl taking a break outside of the station. He had directed his driver to park towards the back pump that was a little isolated from the main street. Lowering his back window on his posh town car, he summoned the girl over. With a look of apathetic reluctance she came up and leaned in.

"Can I help you?" she asked, absolutely no love lost.

"Hey, I just wanted to chat."

"Well I'm really busy and have work to do, so ... "

She made as if to leave, and suddenly froze, but not just her body, but as if her entire body had been paused. Then with no expression on her face, she took off her work shorts, and shirt, handing them to Mark through the window, and stood wearing her somewhat plain bra and panties. The bra was a plain nude color, with no design, but the panties were a comfortable lavender, cotton pair. Her body was much more unremarkable than he had supposed, but still ...

Then she turned and took the credit card, proffered by Mark's driver, and began to pump fuel into the car. Once that task had been completed, she opened the back door, climbed in, and proceeded to unbuckle and pull down Mark's pants. Once his manhood had been released, she immediately removed her last vestiges of clothing, climbed atop Mark's lap, and began to ride him reverse cowgirl style.

Her efforts were worthy of mention, and quickly Mark was brought to climax. He then mentally had her get dressed again inside the car, her pussy still full of his cum, and when she stepped out of the car they drove off.

She came to at the last pump and wasn't sure what had happened, but there was a strange tingling going through her pussy, and she felt some kind of discharge sliding between her lips. When she went to the bathroom, she saw what it was and was dumbfounded, and very worried, as to what had happened.

Chapter 2 – Tran's Side

Riding the high, he went into the office at the Company. While many had fallen in line, and were happy that the bullying tyrants were finally getting their comeuppance, some still shied away in fear of what the supernatural CEO might make them do.

However, others hoped to be saved from their tyrannical bosses. Tran was one of these hopefuls.

When Mark heard the knock on his door he extended the invitation to come in, and in walked Tran. Mark liked Tran, even though he had had very little interaction with him, but he was a nice openly gay man with what could best be described as a "fabulous" fashion sense.

Today, he wore a tartan design bow tie accenting his dark blue shirt, and bright light gray pants. His shoes were the solid black and white style of the 20's, and his glasses were of a thick and wide faux wood look that were more decorative than for visual aid.

Tran and Mark never had any issues, but seemed to have fallen into the same rut in the Company, as the victims. Now however, that Mark had risen to power, it seemed like Tran may want to try and capitalize on their previous friendship, Mark was willing to hear him out.

"Tran! Come in, come in. Have a seat!" Tran looked all around him then stepped in, he seemed terribly uncomfortable, "What can I do for you, today?"

"Well, I ... that is ... um ..."

"Tran, its fine. Take a deep breath, and tell me what's on your mind." Mark sent calmness mentally to his friend.

Tran did take a deep breath, closed his eyes, and seemed to strengthen his resolve, "I heard about all the things you've done for Division 1 and 4, and ..."

"You were hoping I'd take care of something in Division 6 for you?"

Tran shrugged, "It's not a big deal ..."

"Let me be the judge of that, what's going on?"

Then Tran opened up. He went into pretty deep detail, too.

Larry, the head of Division 6, is a womanizing douche bag who likes to dress up and look nice. Always in a suit and tie, and always flashing expensive bling with overpowering cologne, he is an in your face guy with delusions of grandeur.

Every attractive woman in the Company had been hit on by Larry, and some had been pressured by him to do more, or suffer the consequences. Unfortunately Larry didn't see it as rape, but as a favor that these women had the opportunity to be with him, such was his ego.

He was a middle aged black man, with not unpleasant features. While not strikingly handsome, he carried himself with such confidence that it often did the trick for him. Even though married, this fact did absolutely nothing to hinder his often unwanted advances on those of the fairer sex.

Considering himself such a manly man, he especially disliked Tran for being so polar opposite. He thought it his duty to give Tran as much hell as possible for his lifestyle "choice", and many times would encourage Tran's coworkers to participate in the bullying. It was making Tran's life miserable.

Tran told Mark of one occasion when Larry, having returned from "lunch", walked right up to Tran and shoved his index finger up under Tran's nose. The smell was obvious, and the connotations of what Larry had just done even more so. Larry then went into great detail of his exploits with the female worker, putting on quite the portrayal for Tran's entertainment.

Guys would wedgie him, throw his stuff on the floor or shove him, treating him like less than. Girls would mess with him and demean him regularly, not considering him a real man. He wanted out.

"I see. Well I'm sorry Tran, you're too valuable to let leave."

Tran's face fell, and tears began to well up in his eyes, "I understand. I'll get back to work."

"Not just yet. Let's see if I can affect some change."

Chapter 3 – Larry's Side

Sometime later, Larry was invited into the office. At first he had the same smug smile he always bore, but when he saw Tran in the office, Mark saw his smile ever so slightly crack, but he regained his composure, stepped in, and sat down.

Funny enough, as he was getting comfortable in Mark's extra chair a strange noise came from Mark's private bathroom. The three men turned as Claire opened his bathroom door and crawled out, still in her pig suit and pig tail butt plug. She crawled to his office door, opened it, and crawled out, giving everyone a view of her wide rear and the pig tail shaking back and forth.

All three of them watched her leave, then once she had left, it took a couple of seconds to come around to the topic at hand.

"Larry, thank you for joining us. Tran and I were just discussing the future of the Company." Mark said the last bit with a huge grin.

Larry glanced at Tran briefly, then said, "Oh, really? In what way?"

"Well, one issue that needs to be addressed is the level of tolerance in the Company. Not just about race, but also gender and orientation. Don't you agree? We should all be more tolerant?"

"Oh, yes of course, I always prided myself on my acceptance of all people."

Mark smiled, almost genuinely, "Really?! That's great to hear. You can be the voice of our campaign!"

Larry's façade showed the first signs of cracking, his smile became a little stiffer, and there was the slightest twitch to his left eye, "I beg your pardon, I don't think I understand."

"Well, for the most part, we already have quite a bit of diversity, at least racially, amongst the other division leaders, but I think you could be a great candidate to represent the more fringe society of our office staff. Don't you?"

As Mark made this statement, he was also using his new toy to send curious thoughts into Larry's mind. Thoughts of Larry's mouth wrapped around a cock. Thoughts of Larry writhing naked with another naked male body. Thoughts of Larry positioned doggy style, longing to have his brown bud penetrated by a long, thick penis. He didn't change Larry's orientation, or his attitude, just submitted pictures to his forethought.

Mark could see Larry's brain receiving the images, because Larry would start to blink and shake his head, willing the images to be cleansed from his brain. Larry readjusted himself in his chair, obviously uncomfortable, and tried to regain his footing.

"I'm sorry, I-I'm afraid I don't understand. You want me to represent who?"

"The Homosexual Community." Mark said this with a flourish.

"Bu-but, I'm not 'gay'." He made this statement with a slight uneasy chuckle, hoping not to offend, but trying to quash any notions he was anything but straight.

"'Gay' is just a label, a tag line, but you yourself said you were accepting. You of course have no issue with same sex unions, do you?" Mark pushed more thoughts into Larry's mind, and Larry was struggling to keep his own thoughts straight.

"N-no, of course not, I just don't think ..." He trailed off trying to marshal his own personality to the forefront, but was losing.

"Even then, Larry, how do you know unless you've tried? How about we put the issue to rest? I want you to suck Tran's cock."

Mark said this so matter-of-factly, it almost didn't register to either Tran, or Larry. Tran was first to react with a wide eyed look at Mark. Larry, a few moments later, realized what Mark had asked of him and had a much more disgusted look on his face.

But as Larry looked into the face of the CEO, he saw that Mark was not joking in the slightest. He stared back at Larry with cold calculation in his eyes and simply waited. At the same time, he was transmitting notions of being fired if he didn't comply, more waves of arousal, and further confirmed his heterosexual nature to cause him more stress at the situation.

At first Larry tried to laugh it off hoping the whole notion was just a joke from the Boss, but seeing his cold stare stay as it was he quickly changed tactics to begging Mark not to make him do it. He had never stooped so low in his life and this would be a breaking point for Larry. Mark kept staring, and slowly raised an eyebrow.

Larry couldn't refuse, he couldn't be fired, though not sure why the notion of being fired scared him more than anything else, and he needed the job too desperately. The original programming still held strong. But could he stoop to this level, a level that had disgusted him his whole life? But he couldn't refuse.

Larry tremulously turned towards Tran, not looking at him, but at his lower region. The images that kept passing through his mind were leaving him very confused, and his prominently standing arousal caused him even more confusion. Mark directed Tran to expose himself, and Tran did so somewhat hesitantly. Seeing the meager phallus stand so erect caused a reaction in Larry's head that scared him, he was getting horny at the idea of taking this thin, hairy sausage into his mouth and servicing it. He didn't even realize he had slid to the floor and crawled across the distance, only that he was salivating and drawing near.

There was no conscious thought when his mouth parted, and the head crossed the threshold, only instinct. He didn't know where the "instinct" came from, and he was scared of the ramifications. He was not able to think beyond the head he was giving, his entire mind was consumed with Tran's humble member that seemed to fill his mouth and warm his soul, and more.

Tran didn't last long with Larry's fervent effort. His eyes closed tight and his body tensed all the way to his toes, filling Larry's mouth with his jizz. Larry stayed latched on until Tran was completely finished. Then he pulled away, but stayed kneeling not even sure what to do. Shaking.

Chapter 4 – Tran Gets in Some Licks

"Larry, that was an excellent job. Seemed like you really enjoyed it. 'No Offense'."

"W-what ...? NO!" Larry seemed to suddenly wake up. He started scrambling quickly away from Tran in a sporadic, backwards, crab walk.

"Something wrong, Larry?"

"I am NOT gay! I'm not a FAG!!"

Mark's face turned into a mock sad face, "Oh, Larry. I wish you had kept your mouth shut. Maybe you think you can just go back, business as normal, but unfortunately that's what made you such a colossal douche bag. Isn't that right, Tran?"

Mark began to transmit confidence and aggression towards Tran, and at the same time was transmitting submission to Larry. Tran had a new look on his face, one sterner, angrier and he jumped to his feet. Now towering over Larry, the former head of Division 6 quelled, and hunkered his head down.

"Shut the Fuck up Larry!" Tran demanded, and Larry immediately went silent.

"Tran, I think you should take some time to teach Larry. Help him be more 'open', more 'understanding'."

"I think you're right Mark." Tran's gaze was ice cold looking on his old superior, "I think this sack of shit should be taken down a peg or two."

Larry was shaking, "T-troy, p-please."

"IT'S TRAN! You Never got my name right! Get your fucking clothes off, NOW!"

Larry was shocked into action, and began taking his jacket and shirt off. Now in an undershirt, and his pants, Tran's wrath was renewed, and Larry saw it. With a little less hesitation, he unbuckled his belt and lowered his pants, in the process taking off his shoes. The view was comical, Larry had on tight, purple, silk briefs with a fashionable name brand streaked across the waist. His bulge was fairly respectable, and Mark had a thought.

"Tran, I think that thing may be the source of Larry's poor attitude, don't you?"

Tran looked down and saw Larry's manhood sticking out, "I think so yeah. LOSE THE UNDERWEAR!"

Immediately, Larry pulled down the waistband and dropped them down. His meat hung out thick, and low, weighed down but still obviously somewhat erect.

Larry didn't know what the strange sensation was that ripped through his body, but it was uncomfortable. He doubled over, and rested on his hands, gritting his teeth, and trying to withstand the pressure. Tran shoved him hard and he was on his back. That's when he saw Larry's dick shrink. It diminished at a noticeable rate, until only about two inches remained.

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