tagBDSMMaster Jakob and Seth Ch. 08

Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 08


Chapter 8 - Plugged and Milked

Training Day 5 - Wednesday

I woke up next to him with one of his arms still holding me. I stayed motionless. I knew it was time to get up and start my morning routine but I wanted to stay in this moment as long as possible - being held with his cum still inside me. I reflected on the decision to commit to him. Although there were a lot of unknowns yet to surface, I wanted to remember this feeling and capture it as a snapshot of my happiness and a marker of what my constant state will be.

I took a few more minutes for myself but then carefully got out of bed making sure not to wake Master and went about my morning routine. It's been only a few days but I enjoyed the minutes to myself in the shower and afterwards with my cup of coffee. It was extra special today since I didn't have my cage on.

I started to prepare breakfast - it still felt awkward being totally naked with only my collar around my neck but I was getting used to it. I heard Master getting up and go to the bathroom to pee - which meant I didn't have to drink it. He walked into the kitchen wearing only his boxer briefs. With the sunlight coming in from the window behind him he looked heavenly to me. A massive 6'4" god-like frame. I glanced fleetingly at his midsection noticing his cock that had been hard and deep inside me now soft and tucked safely away. He was holding both my chastity cage and butt-plug and said "time to put these back on. Start with the plug first"

I started with the butt-plug Master had already put a little lube on it. The insertion part was very thin and went in easy. "OK, Sir," I said.

He tapped away on his app which started an inflation process. It was quiet but I felt a small vibration as the probe expanded inside me. The level of inflation was set by the Master and at this level it felt very comfortable - almost like it wasn't there.

"OK," he said, "let's test it out." He walked to the other side of the house and I felt the anal probe vibrate.

"Did you feel that?" he shouted from across the house.

"Yes Master," I replied. I then felt a shock that wasn't painful but did startle me.

"How about that?" he asked.

"Yes Sir, that too." I responded.

"OK, put the cage on" he shouted.

I put the device on my dick - it was easy because it had two clasps on the top and went easily around my balls and dick. I clicked the clasps in place. This too felt pretty comfortable.

He then tested the unlock features and I felt the plug deflate and chastity device unlock. He came back in and said, "OK I'm going to go drive down to starbucks and see if this will work over cell and wifi." He got dressed and drove away and performed the same test. I confirmed to him via text that each instruction he gave was received.

I waited with the plug inflated inside my ass and the cage locked on my cock, on my hands and knees by the door. When he returned he said, "OK, remember the cage and butt plug stay in at all times except when I've ordered you to remove it or you've asked for and received permission. Got it?"

"Yes Sir," I replied. "Thank you Sir." I served him breakfast and Zach too - who came in about 15 minutes later. I served myself a biscuit which I ate on the floor by Master's feet. After we finished and I cleaned up Master made me follow him down to the basement.

"OK," he said, "Take out the butt plug and hop on the table and lay flat on your stomach."

The plug deflated in a few seconds and I removed it - placing it on the other table. I did as he said and nervously stepped onto the leg extensions and laid across the table on my chest. He fixed the Velcro straps across my legs and arms but left my head unstrapped. I heard him fumble behind me as he plugged the unit in and moved it against me and pushed. He must have put some lubricant on the tip as it felt slippery and pretty comfortable going in. I felt a slight vibration as he turned it on and then just felt pressure against my prostate as the unit started to calibrate.

"Just relax," he said, "It will be a lot quicker and easier if you just let it happen and not fight or tighten up." He pushed a few buttons as the device adjusted inside me. It felt warm with a very slight vibration. He looked at the device then said, "I set it for a longer period since this is your first time. I'll be back in a few minutes to see how you're doing."

With that he walked upstairs. For the first 20 minutes I did not really feel anything other than being strapped to a table like that made me want to fidget. After about 20 minutes, I started to feel like I had to pee. It started slow - like a regular feeling that I had to go - but it quickly got stronger. In a few minutes it started to become unbearable. It felt like I had to pee really bad but I was blocked from going. I tried pushing like if I was peeing but it made me feel worse.

As much as I tried, I could not relax. It was constant - the feeling that I was stuck and had to pee wouldn't go away and it was bad enough to drive me crazy. After another 5 minutes I started to hear a dripping noise. I knew it was dripping out of my dick but I didn't feel it - all I felt was the urge to pee. I felt my body start to sweat not knowing how else to react. I groaned out loud as tears were dripping from my eyes. I couldn't take this much longer and wanted to call out for Master. I laid there struggling to deal with it as I hear Master come back down.

"How are you doing Seth," he said as he walked to the table. He looked at the collection pan and said, "It looks like it's starting to work."

I started to plead, "It's unbearable Sir, please make it stop, Sir." I was scared and my voice was shaking with fear.

"Just relax," he said again, this time there was a hint of laughter in his voice. "You'll have to learn to take this and it will get easier. Just relax and think about how it's making your prostate healthier".

After a few more minutes I broke down and started to whimper with my body starting to shake. I tried to grab hold of my emotions and thought about what Master had said - to relax and let it happen. I took a few deep breaths and tried to relax - slowly breathing in through my mouth and exhaling even slower through my nose. I started to calm down and my body felt colder now with my sweating subsiding.

Master stood and watched as the machine worked the seed out of me and said, "I want you to also think about how i'm enjoying this and that you should be quieter while it's happening." with that he turned and went back upstairs.

The only sound was the intermittent drip spaced anywhere from 20 to 120 seconds apart. The drip had a metallic ping to it. As I focused on it - it became somewhat soothing. After each drip there was a slight sense of relief and relaxing of the strain.

Although I felt emotionally calmer I started to feel physically sore. The feeling started inside me where the probe was inserted and carried straight through my scrotum. It felt like I had jerked off a few times in a row only it was a much stronger soreness.

I tried to zone out a bit when I heard Master come down again. He walked around the table inspecting the situation and said, "Good, it's working well but there's more to go. Let me explain what's happening. The instrument inside you gently massages the prostate. The stimulation causes the gland to slowly drain and excrete semen through your penis while your penis remains soft. Doing it this way eliminates the chance of any pleasurable feeling but helps maintain a healthy prostate."

He paused for a few seconds and I realized he expected an expression of gratitude so I said, "Thank you, Sir."

"Good, you're welcome," he said as he nodded. "Do you have any questions about it?"

I thought for a moment and asked, "How long will it go on for, Sir, and how often?"

"Well," he replied, "it depends on you. Normally it takes about twenty minutes to two hours to fully drain or milk the gland. I set it extra slow for the first time. If it goes too fast there's a chance you may feel some pleasure and we don't want that to happen, do we?

"No Sir," I replied.

"Yes, that's to be avoided," he said with a tone of laughter and maybe even some disgust in his voice. "After a milking, you should not be able to cum or feel an orgasm for 1 to 3 days. That's because your body has to remake the semen, which doesn't take too long, but also because you'll be to sore and too weak to ejaculate. We'll have to see how you react and adjust the process accordingly. Eventually, I hope that once every other week will be enough but we'll be doing it every week at first."

"Thank you, Sir," I replied.

He continued, "The beauty of this machine is that you'll be able to do it yourself as part of your routine, and I won't have to be inconvenienced. It gives me comfort that you won't physically be able to orgasm. It's one less thing to worry about and will help you concentrate more on making sure you please me."

I thanked him again as he circled around the table. He picked up a bottle of water and put it to my lips allowing me to drink. It felt good to drink and I was grateful that he allowed it. He kept it there and allowed me to drink the entire bottle and I thanked him again.

"OK," he said, "Just relax and I'll be down to check on you in another hour." With that he turned and went back upstairs. I thought about what he said and how it fit into my new state of being. I knew that as a slave I would not be worthy of feeling an orgasm, unless it was for the benefit of the Master but I now got the sense that he enjoyed that dynamic. I sensed that he would find it distasteful if I was allowed to feel an orgasm purely for my pleasure, and the more I thought about it the more I realized he was right.

I should be focused totally on his pleasure and all my attention should be dedicated to make sure his orgasms are perfect. The discomfort of milking was still there, the soreness even worse, but I felt the appropriateness of what I had to endure.

After what seemed like another hour the dripping sounds started to space out longer and longer until they eventually stopped. The feeling of having to pee went away but the straining and sense of soreness increased and quickly turned into a strong ache. Gone was the feeling of relief that came with the drip and I had to adjust to that. The discomfort slowly built up and now started to physically become unbearable again.

I started to moan in agony hoping to get a soothing sensation from the vibrations of my voice. Thankfully after another few minutes Master came down and turned off the device. He removed the probe and slid it away from the table and undid the Velcro straps.

He handed me a bottle of water and said, "take a little time to relax and collect yourself. When you feel ready, I want you to clean the machine and dispose of your semen. You're going to be really sore tonight. The machine causes muscles contraction to expel semen that you would not ordinarily need. So, it's going to hurt but it will get better as time goes on. I want you to get the full effect of this so no pain relievers. Take all the time you need but when you're done come back upstairs."

When he left I sat up on the table and drank the water. He was right about it hurting. I felt it from down in my thighs through my butt muscles and up to my stomach. I finished the bottle of water and stepped down off the table. As weak as I felt, it was good to stand. Cleaning up was slow and took a long time even though I did try to move as fast as I could but I was a bit concerned that he'd punish me if I took too long .

There was a slop sink against the wall with a floor drain and a hose connected to a water supply. I picked up the metal pan with my semen in it and dumped into the sink washing it down the drain. I was surprised at how much actually came out of me - certainly a lot more than any one given jerk-off session.

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