tagGay MaleMaster Jakob and Seth Ch. 14

Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 14


Chapter 14 - The anatomy of a blow job

Training Day 8 - Saturday

I woke up to find Master sitting up in bed and had an immediate panic attack thinking that I overslept again and that he was waiting for me. I checked the clock and found that was not the case.

"Good morning Seth," he said. "I want to start the day off with a talking blow job. As you know I don't like talking while you're sucking my dick. I expect you to concentrate on what you're doing and make sure you do it right but this will be your one chance to get feedback and ask questions."

"Ok Sir," I replied.

"Let's get started - first you should be aware of my dick at all times and make sure your mouth is clean and ready to receive my dick. When I say aware, I mean keep it in your sight and anticipate what it or I might want or need. If you wake up and see I'm hard, what does that mean?"

"That you want to get off Sir?"

That I MAY want to get off", he interrupted. "So what should you do?"

"Um, make sure my mouth is ready..."

"Yes, AND?"

"And um, come over and get ready to suck you Sir?

"Well... sort of. I want you to communicate to me with your movements and your eyes that you've acknowledged my erection and that you're ready. It will be obvious then by my reaction whether you should approach me. I may come right out and say something or maybe motion with my hands. It's also possible that it will only be a look. Ity should be obvious but make sure you know the difference from an invitation or an indication to not approach me. Understood?"

"Yes Sir."

"OK, good, now, when the indication is for you to approach me - always remember to come from below me. If you're doing a task or are otherwise on your feet, you should immediately drop down so your head is beneath my cock. Got it, Seth?"

I nodded and said, "Yes Sir."

"BY the way - I may not be hard yet still want a BJ but that you will learn how to anticipate with time. OK, so moving on, never and I mean NEVER get into my bed unless I explicitly invite you. Again, that invitation can come verbally physically or with a look. If you wake up and see I want a bj approach me from the floor. So do that now, Seth, come around and approach me."

I was on my knees and crawled off the mattress to the floor and around to the sign of his bed. He spun his legs down and put his feet on the floor and I crawled in between them.

"If i'm already hard you can get acquainted with my dick anyway you choose. You can kiss it lick the head, get used to the smell anything you want but make it brief. I'm going to want to feel your mouth on my dick pretty quickly. OK, now lean in and take the head in."

I kissed the head feeling a little slippery wetness on my lips and then let the head slide in my mouth. "Ok, that's good," he said. "Be careful with your teeth - I don't mind feeling them but it should be softly. Work your tongue around the head, I especially like to feel it flick my pee slit."

I did what he said in a very methodical way. "Mmm yeah that's good, keep licking."

I licked the head of his hard cock for a few minutes. I had now started to get to know the taste of his dick and precum and started to get used to how it felt in my mouth.

"OK, now if you feel me put my hand on the back of your head, it usually means I want you to go down on my cock and take it all in. Don't make me have to push down hard on it - once you feel the tap you should know what to do. Also, as long as my hand stays on there keep my cock deep in your mouth and throat."

He placed his hand on the back of my head and I worked my lps down the shaft of his cock until I felt the head hit my throat and my nose pushed into his pubes.

"Mmm that's it... work my cock with gentle motion while keeping it all in your mouth... ohh fuck that feels good." He took his hand off my head and I came up off his cock - I was glad he did because with my limited gag reflex training I was about to gag.

If I put my hand on top of your head that means I want my balls, pubes, or area where my thighs meet my crotch licked. If you feel me pull up on your head, that means I want my nipples played with. My nipples are one area you can be a little rougher and can even use your teeth. If your mouth is on my nipples you can keep your hands on my dick and if your mouth is on my dick don't be afraid to use your hands to play with my nipples.

"Once you take my dick in your mouth it should only come out to lick around my dick or my nipples but for no other reason. The only exception is if I take it out," he said. OK, if you feel me put both my hands on your head, like this on the side, it means I want to fuck your mouth. In this case, make sure you don't do anything that disrupts the rhythm i'm establishing. Move with me and keep with me no matter what, got it?"

I nodded as he grabbed my head and started to fuck my face. He thrusted his hips up hard making my face bounce off but I stayed with him. It helped that his hands held my head so even if I wanted to I couldn't pull away. He pounded away for a few minutes then stopped pulling his dick out of my mouth and said, "Ohh fuck i'm really close to cumming."

"I'm going to usually cum in your mouth and i'm not going to say anything before I do but I expect you to be ready for it. Make sure you keep it all in your mouth. I don't want any of it on me for any reason. You may swallow it as you want, unless I say otherwise. If you do swallow make sure you remember to thank me. There may be sometimes when I decide to do it on you. If I do also make sure none gets on me - for any reason. Also, you are not to touch it, other than to prevent it from getting on me, until I give you permission. This is similar to the sneeze - think of yourself as a tissue."

"OK Sir," I said as he pushed his dick again in my mouth.

He put his hands on the side of my head again and started fucking my mouth. His dick felt so hard and my face kept pounding against his pubes and stomach. I heard the breathing change - which was an indication he was about to cum and within a few seconds he said with a moan, "Ohhhh fuuuuuck..." He filled my mouth with a large shot of cum. I felt his dick spasm about six times and with each movement he deposited another portion of semen in my mouth. It was so hot. I felt so special being there witnessing his orgasm. I can almost feel his pleasure and relaxation through him.

To him, I was purely a receptacle, nothing more than a way to apply wet friction to his cock so he could get off. It gave me a reason for being and I felt privileged to be. It felt right to me. This was the place I should be and this is the place I wanted to be. I waited until he finished ejaculating, making sure I kept moving on his cock, before I swallowed his seed. I kept my lips gently pursed around his dick and felt it start to soften before he pulled it out. He wiped it through my hair then raised his feet back up onto the bed and laid back.

"Thank you Sir," I said.

He let out a deep cleansing breath and I continued, "Thank you for your cum and for the lesson."

"That felt good. You did well Seth, I'm proud of you and I know you will learn more as you go along and get more used to my cock." I liked hearing he was proud of me and happy that he felt a good orgasm. I was eager to learn and considered myself lucky to be there when he has his orgasm.

I was about to leave and go about my morning routine when Master said, "Let me give you some more rules about what you can wear. When you're dressing for work, you may wear anything you want. Just make sure you wear the silver chain, which you can tuck inside your shirt, and keep the collar in your pocket. This also applies if you're visiting your family or friends or going to a work related outing. When visiting your family or friends you may leave the collar home but should still wear the silver chain.

However, when you're home or going out with us, I want you to come here first." He walked me over to the clothes hamper in his bathroom. He opened the top and said, "grab socks, underwear and undershirts from here. You can choose which ones to wear but as long as there is something in here you have to use it. If this is empty then you can wear your own. Understood?"

"Yes Sir," I replied.

He then walked me to his closet and pointed to the left lower hanging bar, "Once i'm tired of a shirt I will move it here. This is where you come for your shirts. Unfortunately my pants won't fit you so you can wear your own."

"OK Sir, I understand," I said.

"Of course," he continued, "when you're in the house you wear nothing but the chain and collar - oh, and your chastity device and butt plug."

He laughed as he uttered that last part then told me to get breakfast ready. I left the room and went about my morning routine and prepared breakfast for him and Zach (who was up going through mail in the kitchen). Master called me back to the bathroom and made me take his morning piss - this time straight to the mouth without the gag. I was starting to get better at swallowing it but he still had to slow down the stream. The taste was awful - it seemed to be much worse in the morning.

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