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Master John



This is a simple story of a first time threesome among friends.



Linda sat across from John, her snug dress high on her well-toned legs, giving away a view of her panty clad pussy for everyone near.

Her breasts were straining at the thin material of her garment, her hard nipples being easily seen. She was well on her way to being drunk, and getting loose. She rose unsteady as she got up to fetch us all another beer.

"It had been a Saturday get together, just the three of them going out to lunch. Enjoying a good meal and a few drinks, then a few more, after dinner. They were all glowing by the time they arrived back at Bill's house. Where they were in the process of having even more libations and conversation."

She had flashed John, and everyone else, a couple of times at the restaurant, making sure he had a view of her long shapely legs. She had sat very close to him during dinner allowing her fingers to occasionally skirt the length of his upper leg.

She had made sure her leg was firmly pressed into the side of his thigh that evening. Affording him every opportunity to view her deep full cleavage as they spoke, while being at the same time, as witty and charming as she knew how.

She had even dropped her napkin in his lap once, then quickly retrieved it allowing her fingers to linger lightly on the solid flesh of his cock. She had feigned embarrassment afterward and apologized discreetly, moving her lips close to his ear which allowed her firm breast to massage his arm.

"Its quite alright Madam," he had told her, while his fingers moved against the exposed skin of her inner thigh, high up, near her groin.

That had encouraged her tremendously; she had been slightly frustrated by the rate of her progress before, wondering, if he even found her attractive at all.

She had sat beside him on the ride home, with her hem slid high around her upper thigh and her legs slightly parted. Her head rested at his shoulder as her hand slowly toyed near his crotch.

She had brought her lips near his ear once and flicked his lobe with the very tip of her tongue. She had felt his body shiver next to her as he had buried his hand between her legs testing the wetness and warmth of her creative mound.


When she returned from the kitchen, she opened the bottle for John and clumsily dropped the twist off cap. Turning with her back to him she bent way over to retrieve it, her short dress riding high up her ass as she did so.

Everything was showing, her panties drew up around her cunt showing the outline of her full succulent lips, and the luscious curves of upper thighs. There was a very pronounced wet spot on the lower region of her flimsy garment.

John's cock rose immediately, and he couldn't seem to keep his eyes off Linda after that. I knew from past conversations with him that he was interested in Linda sexually, but he never acted out of the way with her. Linda and I had mulled over the idea of swapping, or a threesome before, but had never moved on it.

We had progressed to public exposure recently though, and I must admit watching my wife flirt with and expose herself to other men, had made for some great sex for us afterward. So I wasn't too upset, that my lovely wife was showing her wares to John.

Linda returned to her seat her long legs gaping shamefully wide, knowing full well John had a clear view straight up to her crotch, and she just sat there smiling sweetly across at him. Crossing and uncrossing her legs periodically and flash teasing him. I adored her when she was promiscuous like this; she was born to be a hard-core tease.

Suddenly Linda stood and slowly bent over in front of her guest. Placing her finger tips into the elastic of her lace panties she slowly, and very seductively, slid the scanty material down her long tapered legs. The alcohol had banished all her inhibitions and all normal social restraints were non-functional right now.

After straightening up, she walked lazily across the room, her thin clinging dress hem swaying seductively as she moved. She then stood in front of John, twirling the wisp of a garment on the end of her fingertip. She leaned down and stroked the cheek of his face momentarily as her husband looked on.

"John, I want you to show my husband how a real man feels up a lady, would you be a dear and proceed, please!"

He looked up at her then over to Bill, then back to Lynn again.

"Are you serious," he asked her?

"Yes John, I've never been more serious, please be a Knight for your Lady in distress and rescue me from this tedious boredom, by running your big, strong, manly hands all over me!"

John Sullivan needed no further encouragement as he raised his now unsteady hand beneath her thin dress and began caressing her shapely inner thigh. She sighed at his contact her lips forming a sensual half smile, her seductive eyes encouraging his outrageous behavior.

Her body shivered as she spoke, "John your hands are wonderful, and warm, they feel so gentle against me," she spoke to him in a low soft voice, her eyes holding his as she did so. She quickly removed her dress, and lace bra, and then stood naked before him.

"Linda your one hot looking woman dear!" he told her, as he viewed her in high heels and mid thigh stockings only.

"Thank you for the compliment John, you're so adorable to notice," she told him softly.

He ran his hands along the top of her well toned thighs and then all the way up to her breast. Then he slowly brought them down again to her vulva. Using them like claws his nails softly biting into the tender resilient flesh of her midsection as he went.

Her head went back and her eyes closed as she spoke with a sense of awe and appreciation in her voice, "Oh God, Yes baby, that's the way to love a woman's body!"

There was a trail of tingling warmth everywhere that John's hands cast their spell on her body. Her legs were shaking and her mind reeled at the power of the raw pleasure exploding against it.

Bill's cock was leaping in his shorts at the sight of his wife's reaction with John's hands on her. His touch stirring the storm of her passion and fueling the heated inferno of her lust.

She looked magnificent standing there, her breast and body supremely framed by the rich tinted light flooding in through the balcony doors.

John lightly raked his nails over her high clean mons and forced a moan out of her lovely mouth. Then lightly ran a single deft finger down the folds of her heated crevice, as she stood there shivering and moaning beneath his soft touch.

His other hand was feeling its way up the back of her leg, headed for that superbly fashioned derriere. Kneading her soft flesh expertly when it arrived, dragging one nail over her anus and forcing her body to lunge toward him.

"My God John, I'm so hot right now. You have my cunt weeping," she told him in a husky, deep voice!

He moved his hands to her breast and began alternately raking his nails over her nipples and then running his fingers over the smooth skin of her soft globes. Then lightly running his fingers up her neck and around to the base of her skull and back.

Returning with his fingers firmly locked on her nipples he suddenly squeezed very hard making her cry out in pain. He held her that way until she began to beg him to release her, with her eyes now watering with tears. He forced her to her knees in front of him.

"Please stop John your killing me," she pleaded!

"Lynn, you're a fabulous looking woman, but you demand a little to well, I think its time you learned to beg earnestly for what you want my dear." His voice was stern and completely uncompromising.

"No John please, I don't like pain you bastard," she hissed!

"You were demeaning to your husband and Master, in front of me, I cannot allow this infraction to go on uncorrected," his voice assuming a menacing tone now!

He placed her over his lap and began to lightly slap her firm shapely ass and upper thighs. Stopping now and then to gently probe her wet crevice with his fingers, nudging the sensitive little bundle of nerves hidden away there.

His strong hands made their way to her nipples again where he twisted one of them painfully, making her fill the room with the heated color of her foul profanities.

"You fucking pig that hurt," she spat, her voice black with the poison of her hatred!

He continued spanking Lynn with renewed vigor now, it seemed to her that the more she cried out in pain begging him for mercy, the more energized he became in his correction of her.

If it hadn't been for those brief stops at the oasis, when he so tenderly administered a little pleasurable attention to her mons and ass, she would have done in by now. As it was, she was a mess with tears rolling down her face. Her ass glowing red as a beet, and her makeup smeared to high heaven and back again.

"Get up on all four slut, with your ass aiming back toward me," his voice demanding, stern, and malicious in its tone!

She complied with his request immediately, exposing her beautifully bald cunt in front of him. Bill came over with a cloth to use as a gage, and left his belt beside John before returning to his seat to view the rest of the show.

John quickly, and roughly, inserted two fingers into her opening and began rapidly fucking them in and out of her passage. She was wet and tight, and at twenty-seven with no children she would make a fine slut he thought, a sexual workhorse.

His fingers cast their wicked spell against the tender regions of her inner body, as multiple spasms of pleasure exploded against the soft walls of her now heated cunt.

He worked her body like some mid-evil magician, subjugating her will with the power of her own lust. All she wanted to do at this moment, was come, weeping all over the hand that now pleasured her swollen organ.

"Oh God my Lord, fuck me now ... please," she begged him!

It wasn't long before she was bucking back against his hand and panting fiercely. Her cunt was now weeping down her legs, and John's hand was covered with her frothy, fragrant nectar.

"Bill, would you step over here and free your cock up please, I want you to use her mouth shortly, if you would be so kind," he asked him?

When John felt the first gentle ripples of her culmination he pulled his fingers from her steeping cunt.

"Oh God no John ... put it back in please," she begged him.

"I am Sir, or Master to you whore, don't call me by my given again!"

"I beg your forgiveness my Lord, its just that your hands have made me mad with lust, please fuck me now Master," she pleaded with him again!

She moved her hand under her body heading for her clit, but John caught the movement. Then he forced both wrists behind her back roughly, slapping her ass with a barrage of painful blows after securing them.

Slap ... slap ... slap John's cock leapt at the sight of Linda's firm, shapely ass cheek, vibrating from the energy of his repeated blows.

He continued until both cheeks were a high crimson and his slut had hot tears rolling down the cheeks of her face. He loved the sight of her breasts swinging savagely beneath her, from the force of his spanking.

"You are not allowed to touch your master's pussy until I give you permission," he bellowed! "It isn't yours anymore, it belongs to your master and you may not use it without his permission. Do understand me slut," he shouted at her!

With that he jerked her to a full kneeling position and ask, "What is that in front of you slut?"

My husbands cock," she whimpered. In spite of her stinging cheeks behind her, Linda was thrilled inside with an excitement she had not felt in some time. She was wet and couldn't wait for whatever John had in mind next.

"That's your master's cock bitch, and don't forget it!"

"Y-Yes S-Sir, I'll remember," she replied softly.

He moved his fingers to her clit and began working her hungry flesh again just to keep her heat peaked and her focus sharp.

"Linda couldn't understand her own lust at this humiliation. She would go off in a few strokes right now if they would let her, she hadn't been this hot forever. His hands were like magic on her, she ached in her cunt and she was flowing a river of lubricant."

"Would you like to suck your master's cock, and swallow his cum," he asked her as she cowered before him shivering?

"Yes, oh God please let me have it" she replied! The foul dirty things he said only fueled her heat, driving her on to higher levels of debauchery.

"I don't believe you, you're lying!" Whack-whack-whack. He slapped her ass until she cried out again twisting in agony before him. Then slowly he began to manipulate her sex again, softly caressing her clit and mound, until she was moaning with pleasure in front of him.

She did want it, she wanted one in every opening in her body, and she was just that hot. She didn't know why the Master didn't believe her. She must try harder to convince him, she thought.

"Please Master! Allow me to service you by sucking your beautiful cock. Please master, I need it so badly, I'll die if I don't swallow your cum!"

"That's better slut, you may now sample the offering of your Lords body," he said!

The deep tone of his voice, as it passed over her body was like an intense caress. And that feeling settled deeply in the tender recesses of her cunt, driving her lust to the boiling point.

John, motioned Bill forward, and she latched onto his fat cock like a starving man wolfing down a hot dog. She delivered up the most wonderful assortment of sounds he had ever heard a human being make before, as she sucked him.

True to her word she had Bill milked and coming in no time at all. He must have squirted for three solid minutes, but Linda never missed a beat or spilled a drop of his sperm, swallowing the entire massive load. Bill came screaming his head off and afterward collapsed into the love seat behind him.

"Now lay down in front of me, you are going to masturbate while we watch you. I won't fuck you until after you orgasm. Once you've flamed I'll use you as I please, in any opening that I please, do you understand me slut," he asked her harshly!

"Yes Sir I do," she told him as she laid herself flat out on the floor.

"John couldn't help but gaze down at her laying there, the sight of her high prominent mound was beautiful. She was wet everywhere down below and her swollen cunt lips pulsed with her heartbeat, the very sight of her made his cock lurch, she was lust incarnate in a delightful looking form."

Her delicate hands danced over her mons, expertly romancing her soft heated sex, wooing her hard clit to a higher elevation of sensitivity.

Her eyes were closed but the fact was not lost to her; that two men with throbbing cocks were watching her every move. And she burned inwardly with lust at the very notion of two beautiful, twitching male cocks, impatiently waiting to use her and fuck her savagely.

"Fuck it slave, fuck your Masters cunt faster, we are impatient," he spoke to her encouragement!

"God she thought, he's so fucking forceful, I wonder what he'll be like when he fucks me," excitement filling her as she considered that small element of uncertainty and danger in this present situation.

As soon as John saw her start to tremble he moved down and over her, grabbing both wrist and forcing them to her sides where he held them stationary.

"No, No please, my God Master let me go, you fucking bastard I hate you," she screamed out!

As soon as the words left her mouth she regretted saying them, fearing that he may postpone her climax all together.

"You love me bitch and after tonight you will forever, would you like to have me fuck you now Linda," he asked her softly! After asking, he then quickly covered one hard nipple with his hot mouth, making her moan and squirm beneath him.

"Yes you fucking bastard ... I do love you, and God help me, what you do to me," she answered boldly, arching her breast high against his mouth as she spoke!

Placing his lips close to her ear he ask, "Would you have me tongue your sweet cunt right now Linda and drive you screaming to orgasm, if so speak up, before I change my mind," he told her sternly!

"Oh Master I'm sorry about what I said, would you please ravish your humble maidservant," she begged him! She threw her arms around his neck and drew him down to kiss him. A sweet urgent, wet kiss, sucking his tongue into her mouth with marked impatience.

She stirred something profoundly deep in him, with the softness of her request. It had been a long time since a woman had heated him up this way.

He could easily lose control with her he knew, and that for John ... was his element of danger. Caring too much for another human being can get one hurt deeply, and he knew it would be easy to care about Linda.

When his hand softly touched her wet sex she gasped out sharply, rolling her lower body upward against his hand. Her tongue probing his mouth, whimpering as he fondled her pulsing folds.

There was nothing in the world left to her now but his hands, and tongue. Stirring the raging sea of fire washing over her, that they had created together.

When he returned to his seat and pulled her up in front of him she clung to him like some needy, helpless child, dependant on him for its security. If he had breathed on any sensitive area of her body at that moment, she would have exploded in orgasm.

He whispered in her ear and she immediately dove down on his massive, lurching cock. Engulfing most of it on her first downward plunge. She was an expert, taking it all the way in and working him like a classy Vegas Hooker. The lines between slave and Master were blurring very rapidly now.

He couldn't let her continue, or he would have flamed under her intense assault. He ordered her to stop, and it was immediately evident that she was disappointed from the scathing glance he received.

"Don't you like the way I do it my Lord," she ask him, disappointment clearly evident in her eyes and voice?

"I love what you do to my body Linda," he answered, careful not to meet her piercing glance as he spoke!

"I want you to stand straddling my legs on the couch with your hands resting on the top of my shoulders," he told her!

She found her position, and his hands found her lovely ass. His tongue slithered forward running itself all around her smooth mons as he enjoyed the scent and taste of her heat.

When he lashed her sensitive little nub, bathing it with the glowing warmth of his tongue she nearly fainted. He drank her tangy spice greedily, as the walls of her sex gently clutched on his hot probing tongue.

"Oh God lover finish me off, slay me with your wicked sword," she sobbed above him!

He lowered her to his waiting cock inserting its head between her soaked vaginal lips, and left her in control from there. She shoved her breasts into his face; her arms wrapped around his head, as her pussy began to stroke his cock for dear life!

He was so big inside of her, and he was now stimulating regions of her passage no one had ever touched before, God, he was wonderful she thought.

"Can you see it William? Can you see his huge cock penetrating me? My God Bill! It feels marvelous," she called out to her husband.

"Bill's cock was once again hard as rock, watching his wife feverishly fucking another man was making him hot all over again."

John's fingertips lightly stroked her buttocks as he waited for the proper moment. When she began to excrete significantly more fluid around him and shake, he plunged his finger in her ass and wiggled it playfully.

She threw back her head and screamed gushing out on his thighs. Her pussy pulsating around his hardness making him tingle all along its entire length. She rode him down hard, like a good Midwest cowgirl, milking his sperm to the very last drop.

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