tagFetishMaster! Master! Pt. 04

Master! Master! Pt. 04


I knew what I was going to find on the other side of that door, but I still didn't have the guts to open it. Sonja had just come into the kitchen saying that there was someone in the shed, and considering the strange phenomena that had been happening to me lately, the circumstances of this stranger's presence were obvious. But I knew I had to face this new trial. Behind me were Momo and Sonja, Momo's ears twitching from her curiosity and Sonja growling and fighting her instincts to bark and yell.

I opened the door of the shed and my palms met my face. "Goddammit, this isn't funny anymore!"

Crouching in the back of the shed, surrounded by overturned firewood, was a small girl, drop-dead beautiful. With short white hair and waxy skin, she almost looked like a ghost. On the sides of her head were two fuzzy ears like satellite dishes, and wrapped around her ankles was a tail like a length of rope. She was shivering with teary eyes, cowering at the sight of me, a scrawny little thing. From the look of her, she was (or technically had been) a mouse living in the shed. She transformed last night under the woodpile, knocking it over.

"Are you... Master?" she whimpered, covering her mouth with her hands as if to chew her nails.

Great, now I have a kid to take care of. Looks like I won't be "playing" with the new girl.

"Yeah, I guess I am," I said with a sigh.

I took a step towards her and she squealed in terror. "Please don't hurt me!"

I stopped, shocked by her cry. This was certainly new. With Momo and Sonja, I had gotten to know both of them as animals before they transformed, meaning that they loved me before they became people. But this new girl, I had never met her before. Perhaps she had seen me come into the shed while she was living in here, but that was it. I was going to have to build up a relationship with her from scratch. Not to mention this added credence to my theory that the girls actually acquired knowledge of human vocabulary rather than remembering it from past exposure.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. Just let me get a look at you."

"Who are you?!" Sonja yelled. "What are you doing in our shed?!"

"Sonja, Momo, go wait inside!" I couldn't let the two of them crowd the new girl. They refused to leave so I was forced to herd them back to the house and toss them inside.

I returned to the shed, the girl still cowering in the corner.

"Relax," I said, "I just want to check you out."

I slowly approached her, my arm outstretched. With every step I took, her shivering increased and she tried harder and harder to burrow into the corner and hide from me. At last, I rested my hand on the top of her head, and I felt her tension begin to wane. I ruffled her hair, the way I would Momo or Sonja, and she soon became calm, though she remained curled up in a ball.

"See? No one is gonna hurt you. Now let me see that pretty face of yours."

She looked up at me, her face like a doll's. She was beautiful, but something didn't quite look right. I then did a quick check of her body, finding dirt and signs of slight frostbite from after she transformed.

"Aren't you a little cutie? Come on, let's bring you inside, get you something to eat, and get you clean and warm."

I scooped her up in the princess hold, her small body even lighter than it looked. She didn't resist me picking her up, but she grabbed her tail and clung to it. I carried her outside, letting the sunlight shine on her. I could see Momo and Sonja in the windows, watching us like wolves eyeing a wounded deer. I opened the door and Sonja rushed over, sniffing her the way only a dog would. Suddenly swarmed by the blonde beauty, the new girl squealed in fear and buried her face in my chest. Momo, on the other hand, kept her distance, but the twitching of her ears and look on her face told me that she was very curious.

"Both of you get back! Scram!"

I kind of had to kick them a little to get them to back off, sending them scurrying back to the couch to watch us. I brought the girl into the kitchen and sat her down in one of the chairs. Now with proper lighting, I was able to get a better look at her and confirm the strangeness of her body (beyond her ears and tail of course). She wasn't a little girl; she was a woman, well, college student age, but just tiny. I don't mean that she was stocky and scrunched up like a midget (I know I should say little person, but there aren't any around, so fuck it, I'll say midget), I mean her body was perfectly proportionated, but it was as if all her atoms were closer together than they would be for normal people. The bone structure of her hips, face, shoulders and the rest of her body belonged to a girl on the tail-end of puberty. She was like the tiny woman that Moe dated in that episode of The Simpsons. Her flat chest and shy mannerisms just made her look like a child from a distance. Quite simply, she was "mousy", pun very much intended.

It made sense in a weird way, her appearance at least. Since she was such a small animal before, it would be strange if she wasn't also small in her human form. After all, Sonja, formerly a dog, was taller than Momo, formerly a cat. It certainly explained her flat chest. She was also at the same developmental stage as Momo and Sonja, comparable to a nineteen or twenty-year-old. Maybe the age of the human form was based on the lifespan of the animal form. If, as a golden doodle, Sonja could live to be fourteen, then were she seven years old when she transformed, she might have the body of a forty or fifty-year-old. Or maybe whatever weird magic was causing this simply transformed the girls into human bodies at peak sexiness.

Anyway, since she wasn't actually a kid, I seemed I might be able to play with her after all.

"Let me get you something to eat."

Considering what she had originally been, and the fact that she had just transformed, I went with something simple, a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk. As I worked, all three girls watched me, the mouse from her chair, now pulling her feet up and hugging her knees to her chin, and the cat and dog from the living room, their heads poking up from above the back of the couch. I set down the food and drink in front of her and took the nearby seat.

"Here you go. You eat the sandwich with your hands, and for the milk, you pick up the glass and bring it to your lips to drink."

Her eyes moved from me to the sandwich, the look of fear on her face still sharp. She snatched up the sandwich and sniffed it. Liking the smell, she started to nibble on it with rapid, tiny bites, the way a rodent would. As she ate, I pulled out my phone and called the office. As the manager, it was no big deal for me to be late, and as long as someone covered for me, there were even times when I could take the day off. It would be better not to skip the whole day, so I just called my assistant and told her I would be in later.

I turned off my phone as the girl began trying to pick up the cup. She clearly was still getting used to her new body. I helped her out and clasped her hands around the cup, her pale face turning red as my hands overlapped hers, and then I helped her bring it to her mouth. Both Momo and Sonja had seen me do things like this before they transformed, so it was easy for them to do it when they first turned.

Even with my help, some milk trickled from her mouth. I got a paper towel and wiped the drops off her chest, suddenly finding myself aroused. Normally, small boobs aren't that great. I mean, of course, boobs are boobs, but Momo and Sonja had spoiled me. But strangely, the fact that her body was so small actually made her flat chest very sexy. I wanted to tickle her little pink points and made her shiver. In fact, everything about her was turning me on. Her shyness and innocence made me almost want to dominate her a little bit. She was very... how do I say this... she was very... molestable? No, that sounds too creepy.

I waited for her to finish eating before I spoke to her. "It's good, isn't it?" She nodded, but still looked fearful. "Tell me, do you have a name?"

"A name?"

"You know, something I can call you? My name is-"

"Master!" Sonja yipped. "Can we come see her now?"

"Not yet. I'll wait until she's comfortable, then you can come over." I turned back to the girl. "Anyway, they call me 'Master'. You said that too, didn't you?" She nodded again. "So, you can call me that if you want. Do you have a name?"

Unlike Momo and Sonja, I had not given this girl a name, no one had. Would she come up with one herself?

"No, I don't," she murmured, looking away as if ashamed. I almost expected her to start crying.

"OK, then I'll give you a name. From now on, your name is... Chloe, a cute name for a cute girl." I patted her head and she looked at me.


"That's right. Now, once you finish your sandwich, I'll give you a bath."

"A bath?"

"It's like sitting in a big puddle of hot water. It must have been freezing out there last night. You've got some signs of mild frostbite. A nice bath will help you heal and get you all cleaned up."

In all honesty, I was very much looking forward to giving her a bath, but as my thoughts continued on down that line and expanded into greater things, I realized an inherent danger: I had no idea whether or not Chloe could get pregnant. Momo and Sonja had both been spayed when they were animals (at least there was a good chance that Sonja had been spayed, but I couldn't be sure), and as such, had never shown any symptoms of a menstrual cycle. There were only two possibilities: either Chloe could end up pregnant if we "play together", or she was sterile in this form and I didn't have to worry.

Until I knew which it was, I had only three courses of action. The first was that I simply use a condom, but frankly, I'm just not that kind of guy. If I can't do it raw dog, I don't really see a point in doing it at all, especially if it's my first time with this new girl. The second was to try and get her onto some kind of contraceptive, but I had no idea how to even get it and I didn't want to risk giving Chloe medications that could be dangerous. The third was the most painful but ultimately the best choice: wait one month before having sex with her. If she didn't have a menstrual cycle in that time, then it meant she and the girls were all naturally sterile, or at least that she didn't operate on the same cycle as normal human women. Besides, it was far too early for me to play with her. I needed to build up a trust between us.

"Ok girls, you can come in now."

Sonja immediately rushed in, smelling Chloe just like before with her tail wagging. The albino pygmy gave a pathetic whimper as Sonja prodded her with her nose. Momo came in much more slowly.

"These two are Momo and Sonja. They're just like you."

"I'm Sonja!" the doodle cheered.

Momo didn't reply and simply huddled behind me. Was she feeling jealous like when Sonja transformed? No, it didn't seem that way. She also didn't seem afraid.

"Are you going to play with her, Master?" she asked.

It was not the question that surprised me. I had expected her to ask that after everything with Sonja. It was the way she asked, very casual, that surprised me. I looked back at her and realized that her tail was swaying and there was a soft purr in her throat.

"Play?" Chloe asked, once again tense. Was it something painful?

"Playing with Master is a lot of fun!" said Sonja. "We do it all the time! It feels amazing!"

"Hold on, girls. Let's take it slow. You both were with me a long time before I played with you. I'm going to wait for Chloe to become comfortable with me. Now, let's move this conversation upstairs. Chloe? Can you walk?"

Being addressed, Chloe's first instinct was to release a terrified squeal and cover her head with her hands. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Chloe, it's ok, you haven't done anything wrong. Just tell me, can you stand up?"

She looked up at me with big, tearful eyes, and nodded. "Uh-huh." She then got to her feet, her hands clasped in front of her.

"Good girl. Now come on, let's go upstairs."

I led her up to the bedroom with Sonja and Momo following, and sat her down at the foot of the bed. I then went into the bathroom and turned on the bath faucet, filling the tub with hot water. I came back out, finding her still sitting on the bed, but with Sonja pressed next to her, happy as could be. Meanwhile, Momo was lying across the pillows by the headboard. Not only was she still keeping her distance, her tail was continuing to flick and coil and she had a curious gleam in her eyes.

"From now on, you'll be living in the house with us and sleeping in bed with us. It's certainly a lot nicer than that shed you've been staying in."

Though now that I thought about it, I wasn't sure there was enough room. We slept on a king-sized bed, which, while large, was at its limit comfortably accommodating three people, all of which liked to stretch and roll while they slept. With Chloe also squeezing in there, we might end up packed like sardines, just like before. Maybe if we dropped the mattress onto the floor and added some couch cushions as an extension...?

Those thoughts were pushed aside when Chloe got down on the floor and crawled under the bed. Her head poked out and she looked at me. "Can I stay under here?" she asked, but her shaky voice made even that simple question sound pathetic.

"Well, I meant that you would sleep ON the bed."

"I'm sorry!" she cried out, grasping her ears and pulling them down, looking like she was expecting someone to hit her.

I sighed. "You really like it under there?"

She nodded. "I feel safe."

"Ok, I just thought it would be more comfortable for you in the bed. I suppose we can make a little nest for you under there with blankets and pillows. Just know that you're always welcome up top."

For the first time, she smiled.

In a few minutes, the tub was full and I brought Chloe into the bathroom, though I had to lock the door behind us to keep Sonja and Momo from following us inside. I beckoned Chloe to the tub. "Go ahead, the water is perfect. Just climb in and enjoy yourself."

Clutching herself and shivering, Chloe walked over and first sniffed the water. She batted it around with her fingers, gauging the temperature, and then dipped her right foot in, one tiny toe at a time. She gave a tiny squeak and lowered herself into it, her breathing deepening as the water enveloped her. At first, she simply huddled in the middle of the sub, clutching her knees to her chest, but with some coaxing, I got her to lie back and stretch.

I sat down on the toilet. "There, see? Isn't that nice?" She nodded. "Good, now, can you tell me the last thing you remember before waking up like this?"

"I was in my burrow in the shed and I was about to fall asleep. I was tiny. Then I woke up and I was big. My burrow was ruined and I was cold. Then Sonja came."

"You don't remember the actual transformation?"

She shook her head. There was nothing she could tell me to answer my confusion. The only thing I was now certain of was that origin was me, rather than my old house, but that was a huge problem. Chloe was proof that it was more than just pets that could transform, and the range and time needed for it to happen was variable. Minus the times when I went into the shed, Chloe and I had never been in any kind of proximity until now, and I hadn't lived in this house for very long. It seems that coming out to the woods was a bad idea. Were squirrels and birds gonna start changing?

Perhaps I should move again, someplace where there aren't animals, but where? Any desert that can't even sustain lizards would be too inhospitable for us. Maybe I could move to a tiny island? No, because there are still animals there, crabs and mussels and everything else. It would be a major pain in the ass if I woke up to find a mermaid washed up on shore. Maybe northern Alaska or the Arctic? But then how would I provide for the girls? Perhaps if it was isolated enough to be away from the wildlife but not be too far from people and employment, maybe I could work on an oil rig? But I'm not sure I have what it takes for a job like that. I may be a Mainer, but I don't have antifreeze for blood. I'm just an office guy. Plus, it would be hard to imagine the girls being happy when surrounded by ice 24/7.

Either way, I couldn't move now. All my finances were tied up in this place and I now had another mouth to feed. I'm the lone breadwinner of a family of four and it would take a long time to get another job at the same financial level. At the very least, with Chloe's size, she hopefully wouldn't eat as much as Momo and Sonja, but we would certainly need to get that vegetable garden going. Hell, it might be a good idea to go to the government or the scientific community. I had worked hard to avoid exposure, but maybe we would be treated like celebrities, our needs taken care of in exchange for the chance to study us.

But enough about that, it was time to indulge my inner-scumbag. I may not be able to "play" with Chloe, but I could still have a little fun.

"I'm not sure how you'd keep yourself clean out in the wild, or if you even bothered, but now that you're a person, you need to learn to bathe. Since you'll probably want to stay naked most of the time, you're going to inevitably get dirty and sweaty. So, you're going to need to shower every couple of days. I'll show you how. First things first, get your hair nice and wet." Chloe began splashing herself. "No, I mean lower your head into the water."

She had a strong look of uncertainty, and I could understand why. Like Momo and Sonja, she not only had huge ears (the largest of the three of them), but huge ear canals. Every time the girls took a shower or bath, it would take them several minutes to get the water out of their ears.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine. The girls will show you how to get the water out of your ears."

With that encouragement, she slipped farther into the tub, letting it come up to her chin and then leaning her head back. She scrunched her face up as she felt the water flood her ears, and after a moment, she sat back up and leaned her head from side to side to drain them.

"Good girl. Now I'll apply the shampoo. This stuff is to keep your hair clean, but don't use it every day or it will dry your hair out."

After taking off my dress shirt and undershirt, I retrieved the nearby bottle and poured some onto her scalp. I began working it into her hair and Chloe seemed to go limp. Her head was drooping, almost looking like a cobra under the spell of a snake charmer. Just like with Sonja and Momo, rubbing her head calmed her down. Her slender shoulders jittered as I rubbed her elephant-like ears, but from the small noises she was making, I could tell that she was enjoying it.

"Ok, we'll let that sink in while I wash the rest of you. Come sit up on the edge of the tub and I'll get you nice and soapy."

Chloe didn't understand but did as I told her. She sat her cute little butt down on the end of the tub with her back to me. It's amazing how something so simple as a girl's bare back can be so arousing. The line of her spine, the flexing of her muscles, the tenseness of her shoulders as if from embarrassment. I might not be able to last a full month with this girl around.

I got the bar of soap and began rubbing it on her arms, making her shiver from the feel of my hands on her naked body. I then did her legs and her inner thighs, followed by her stomach. I was saving the best spots for last. I soaped up my hands and leaned against her, her back pressed to my chest. She shivered from the sensation and began to whimper as started working on her breasts. They were certainly small, just A-cups, but considering the size of her body, that just made them cute. I ran my palm and fingers across them, toying with her little pink areolas.

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