tagSci-Fi & FantasyMaster of Sins Ch. 04

Master of Sins Ch. 04


It's back! And hopefully better than ever. Took me a while to anchor just how i wanted this chapter to go, and one minor hookup on what the hell a certain kind of dress is called. Boobs and magic commence!


A soft sucking sound slowly faded into existence as inky blackness enveloped Lewis' vision. Vaguely familiar voices accompanied the sound intermittently.

"I'm sure you've gotten the poison out by now. I think your just stealing a free meal while he isn't conscious." Yuna chided.

"Shut up!" Noxica retorted with her usual attitude. "Like hell I'd ever eat cum if i had to, I'd sooner starve." She had stopped sucking and simply fondled Lewis in her hands, not wanting to give Yuna anymore fire to use against her. "Fine take him, I'm outta here, don't forget he has class in a few minutes."

"Class?" Lewis thought to himself for a moment, "When did i start going back to school? what the hell happened?" His memories were foggy, and all he could recall was sparring with Yuna.

A door slammed loudly and made his head hurt, eliciting a groan from him as he rolled over. Yuna crawled over him and placed a cold hand on his forehead.

"There, that help?" She smiled warmly at him, though he couldn't see it with his face planted firmly into a pillow.

"Yes, thank you..." Lewis rested a little more before asking the question on his mind. "So when did i start going to school?"

"You haven't yet...technically. We sent in the files yesterday while you were still recovering. For safety reasons we will not be accompanying you to class. As misfits we aren't exactly accepted among normal demons. You'll most likely have to summon another demon and bind them into a contract."

"Yay..." Lewis said deadpan. "One more pain in the neck i bet."

"Well, maybe not, your only missing a tutor for the Sin of Sloth, those demons are notoriously easy going, if a little unhygienic..."

"Oh yay, i get to summon a farting bump on a log to be my partner?" Lewis tried to accompany his sarcasm with mock enthusiasm but his body was too sore.

Yuna picked up on his aches and slipped out of her yukata and laid bare against his back, her ice cold body soothing the aches in his muscles. "They don't ALL fart, just the fat ones. Just try and think about your own laziness and the magic should find someone who shares in it."

Lewis closed his eyes and enjoyed her cold body against his own for the moment, before an erection appeared to ruin the slightly tender moment.

"Okay, time for school i suppose...tell me there isn't a uniform." He scanned the room for said garment and was immediately deflated at the tattered object hung on the wall. "Really? that's what they wear here?" He asked begrudgingly as he pointed to the robes.

"Well there isn't a rule saying it has to be warn but it is kind of official, your choice to wear it or not." Yuna smiled softly as she explained, standing off to the side of the bed to allow Lewis to get up and examine the robes more closely.

"*sigh* I'll wear it, but if there isn't anyone else in this thing i am tossing it in a corner," He lifted the heavy cloth over his head and draped it on himself, walking around in a fashion similar to George Burns from the Simpsons. "Excellent..." he said in his best impression of the same man. "Smithers! Keep my room safe for me while i mingle with the common people." He snickered as he continued to walk like Burns out the door and into his classroom.


Ms. Agrieta eyed the students filing into her classroom, documenting details of each one with a hyper hand, scribbling on a piece of notepaper nearly lighting it aflame as smoke puffed out from under the pencil. She made note of things like the students personality and their accompanying demon, getting to learn just how these students might act before they had the chance to act out.

She was about to sigh with disinterest as no student seemed extra spectacular to her mind, when Lewis walked in, Sans demon, imitating what appeared to be an old crone. This would not do.

"You there! In the robes!" She stood and slammed her hands on the desk to make sure he jumped. Which he did, but she didn't know that was a headache reflex. "Where is your demon servant?"

"Ummm...taking a lunch break?" Lewis joked, getting a handful of chuckles from the class.

Those laughs were quickly silenced with another loud smack against Agrieta's desk. "So you think you can waltz into my class and disrespect me by mocking me?"

"Far from it ma'am-"

"DID I ASK FOR YOUR ANSWER!!" she snapped, wanting to kill what little free spirit this student had left, but her task was going to be a difficult one.

"It was implied, or was this one of those "stupid question gets a stupid answer" moments?" Lewis looked at her with utmost seriousness, almost making her think that he had no concept of tone or mannerisms, how else could someone interpret her question?

"Lucilia!" Ms. Agrieta called for her demon servant, to Lewis' surprise a succubus answered the call.

A tall leggy marvel of tits and ass melted out of a portal in the ground. Melted wasn't a literal term mind you, but how else could one describe the way she appeared slowly that could encompass the smouldering sexuality she commanded. Pinkish-purple skin encompassed a humanly impossible figure. Deep red pupil-less eyes, hot pink hair tied back in a ponytail that drops down to her ass, the smallest nose he has ever seen on a woman and DSL's so inviting it should be a crime not to have a dick between them.

"Yes mistress..." her emotionless response came from barely moving lips.

"It's time to discipline a student, this shouldn't take long." Ms. Agrieta gave Lewis a smug look as she handed him a quill. "Write your summoning circle, what ever you summon will pay the price for your disrespect, and you will forever be scorned by the very creatures your intended to control." Her grin turned evil as Lewis grabbed the feather.

Lewis just shrugged his shoulders, thinking about how getting to his summoning ritual had just been solved. Writing the same circle he did back home, he double checked it to make sure he did it right, even though he was relying solely on memory. Taking one last look at his teacher he placed both his hands on the circle and thought about how he used to spend his lazy days...


"Sweet!! Final boss time!" Magthalia pumped her fist in the air in celebration. after 22 hours of grinding materials, events, and side quests, she was finally on her way to beating the games secret final boss.

"Should i pause and maybe get something to eat first? I hear this guy has like five forms and takes half a day just to get through cause of all the cut scenes...nah! game on!" She grabbed her controller with renewed vigor as a chihuahua sized maggot chirped at her.

"Oh shush, I smell fine, besides what's a flesh eater gotta gripe about huh? Compared to a dead body, cheese that's lost behind the radiator is potpourri...not that i smell like cheese."

The maggot chirped again more insistently. Trying to alert Magthalia about the portal behind her.

"What the hell is your problem?! I'm trying to beat my game here!" She was about to swing at the bug when she felt a tug from behind her. Looking over her shoulder she saw the portal and panicked. "Oh god no! Not now! You gotta be kidding me!" She spiraled a hand in the air and summoned her own portal, one that summoned a saint Bernard sized maggot to land on her and pin her to the ground. "There, that oughta buy me some time."


Back in the class room, everyone waited on edge as the summoning portal hummed to life, waiting to see what their classmate would summon. But after five minutes of nothing many of them started to snicker, Ms. Agrieta was not amused.

"Is this the best you can do boy? This class is not for amateurs! How the hell did you even get enrolled?"

Lewis concentrated harder on his summoning spell, He had to get something, his life surely depended on it.


Magthalia was in a panic as she tried to play her game and pile larger and larger maggots on top of herself to halt the draw of the summoning portal. She was running out of options, but didn't want to simply pause the game, as a true gamer she lived by a code that she would never break.

"Damn it! Damn it damn it damn it! Who ever the fuck is summoning me is gonna get a maggot enema for this!"


Ms. Agrieta was getting impatient, Casting a spell to protect her arm, she reached into the summoning portal and grabbed whatever was on the other end, and yanked it back through.

To her surprise and utter disgust a large maggot, the size of a small dog, squirmed in her grasp, Forcing her to yelp and throw the thing across the room.

"Disgusting! Is that all you can summon! A simple devil maggot! Get out of my cla-urgh!" Her rage was cut short as another maggot of the same size popped out of her throat and got caught between her lips on the way out. She spat the thing out with a groan of complete disgust. Suddenly a pool of maggots began spreading forth from the summoning circle and filling the class room to knee high depths, causing students to panic and head for higher ground. From underneath them Magthalia made her dramatic entrance.

"Who dares summon me! Magthalia of the Sloth, to this realm! What fool dares to command my power for their pitiful desires!" Inwardly Magthalia was laughing uproariously, having always wanted to make a grand entrance like in one of the many games she loved playing.

Lewis spoke up, albeit a little timidly. "Um...me? I think? I'm not too sure about all that desire stuff but the old crone over there wanted to fight me and apparently i needed a demon for that."

Magthalia looked Lewis over for a moment, really taking in his physique,

"Lanky, pale colored skin, utter lack of interest at a dynamic entry...Holy shit! Your a gamer too ain'tcha!" She broke her character in her excitement, but immediately returned to her other "persona" with a clearing of her throat. "Mortal man! You dare summon such great power for a mere squabble between the ages?!"

"Kinda had no choice your lordship...ness?" Lewis said slightly dismissively, not getting caught up in the drama that Magthalia was trying to drag up.

Again, Magthalia squealed inside her head at being called "lordship". Barely registering his lethargic boredom at the events passing by.

"So be it! But as compensation you will be my plaything whenever i wish it!" Her outward stare at the man was intense, but inside she was like the one kid eyeing a puppy in the window of a store at Christmas time trying to summon all the Christmas magic they could to adopt the thing.

"Fine sure, wait, I'm not gonna be killed in any way right?"

Magthalia squealed as she broke the spell that made her look so imposing. now taking the form of what looked like a 16 year old girl, with slightly off yellowy-white pale skin, greasy matted jaw length hair, and dull grey eyes lined with dark circles from countless sleepless nights. dressed in what appeared to simply be a maggot comically stretched over her body in a makeshift cocktail dress. She never even heard him speak after he agreed, not that any demon would have anyway.

"Woo! Found my player two! Now lets lance this bitch!" She jumped around excitedly, before settling her gaze across the room at the clearly fuming Ms. Agrieta. "Oh also! Call me Maggie, all my friends should-do! i mean do..."

"Lucilia! Gut this disgusting pig before her stench rots my classroom into mush!" Ms. Agrieta commanded her demon in complete rage.

Maggie looked at her new master with wide eyes. "So how is this battle gonna be? tactical RPG? 2D linear brawler? Arena controlled combo type?"

Lewis just stared at her in disbelief. "This is a game to you?"

"Of course! Games are based on real life and are just fantastical images of how awesome it could be. In a world filled with mana real life is a game!" In her excited monologue Maggie had ignored her opponents movements and became victim to her opening attack, however she seemed to know the attack was coming as, in a puff of smoke, a maggot the size of herself replaced her exact position and took the blow for her. Up in the stands of the class, Maggie was standing with her hands linked together in a hand sign. "Substitution jutsu! (I've always wanted to do that!!)"

"So your a ninja type?" Lewis inquired slightly amused at the girls antics.

"I can be anything! I've played every video game you humans have ever created, right to completion! Come on, command me! tell me how i should take her out!"

Lewis watched as the succubus glared daggers at Maggie while wiping her fist off with a small cloth. Seems like she didn't like touching the girl. "Ok then, lets see how you work combos."

Maggie squealed with excitement "Yes my master!" she saluted him before taking a fighting pose similar to video game street brawler.

Taunting the succubus, Maggie stood at the ready for anything. Spitting to her side, narrowly missing a shivering student, causing her to squeak. The succubus glared Maggie down and conjured a pair of gloves to cover her hands.

"I don't want to risk an infection, you understand right?" Lucilia insulted her opponent as she tightened the garments.

Maggie just sneered at her with a chuckle of amusement. "I don't need to touch you to infect you Prissy Bitch. But the fighting style has been set, I do hope a selective bitch like you has at least broken her hymen, I'd hate to do it for you."

Lucilia narrowed her eyes and shot daggers at Maggie, insulting a lust demons sexual voracity was a sure way of instigating a fight from one.

The fight began with a boom of concussive energy. The desk Maggie was standing on splintered into slivers, as the floor beneath Lucilia cracked under the pressure of the blow. The succubus' eyes looked ready to pop out of their sockets before she was sent into the wall behind her.

"Sloth technique specialty #1: weight & gravity control. On a whim i can amplify my body weight and the gravity of the area around me. Making for a powerhouse of a punch if i do say so myself." Maggie cracked her knuckles before returning to her stance again, inwardly smiling as she enjoyed her "tutorial" moment in front of her new master.

Lucilia bolted from her wall imprint straight at the maggot demon, ducking under the attempted intercepting blow, and raising up into a devastating uppercut. The loud snapping sound echoed through the classroom as impact was made. Maggie just stood there, staring down at the succubus like she was a stain on the ground.

"Tell me, what do you think would happen to an object weighing only one pound, when it meets an object weighing two tons under five times earth's gravity?" Maggie said before she grabbed the succubus' mangled wrist and inspected the former stump of her hand. "This looks like it hurts..." Maggie's eyes glowed with a sadistic flare as she lowered her lips to the bleeding wound, lolled her tongue out and released a mouthful of flesh eating carrion bugs onto the wound.

Lucilia shrieked and panicked in a mixture of rage, disgust, pain, and terror. She tried desperately trying to free herself by pulling at her trapped arm, kicking Maggie where ever she could land a decisive blow, and gouging at anywhere her free arm could reach. But every attack only lead to her harming herself worse and worse. After minutes of frightened struggling Lucilia was bawling her eyes out and screaming for mercy.

Maggie smiled evilly as she leaned in and slowly locked lips with the demon of lust, engaging her in a messy, sloppy kiss of hardcore lesbian make out session that would of broke the internet had someone been streaming this bout.

But things went from hot to gross quick as the glossy eyed succubus felt something girthy enter her mouth and wiggle it's way down her throat. Her eyes went wide in abject horror as she watched Maggie slowly back away with a sadistic glare.

"No..." Was all she said. In a gory instant the succubus suddenly ballooned out. Tears slowly formed across her skin, her eyes puffed up and bulged out, and the sounds of bones creaking and snapping filled the room. Lucilia barely managed to get out one last gasp before she popped and decorated the room with bloody puss that was once her body, leaving behind only a wriggling pile of newborn maggots.

Lewis was horrified at the fate of his teachers demon's fate. The feeling in his stomach lurched up his throat and before he knew it he was purging. But he felt something odd, a pressure on his lips. Fearing the worst he opened his eyes to find Maggie pressing her lips to his, gulping down his bile like it was the nectar of the gods. That sick feeling doubled over and his stomach pinched as hard as it could, not helping stop the very thing that was upsetting it to begin with.

When he heaved drily three times he was able to manage enough strength to pull at Maggie's hair and remove her from his lips. Heaving several more times before berating the girl.


Maggie looked crestfallen. She was so excited that she won the fight, and thought that her master had decided to reward her with "Caviar". Tears welled in her eyes as she explained it to him.

"You think...sucking on...eating my...i can't even say it! Do you know how disgusting what you just did was!?" Lewis horked dryly again, trying to erase the image from his mind.

Maggie wanted to rage out at her master. Demon summoners were suppose to learn the ins and outs of demons of all sins. Anyone who summoned a Sloth demon should know their diets consist of the various fluids and excrement of living creatures, if not the bodies of the creatures themselves. But she could only cry at the lose of what she thought was her new gaming buddy.

"I..." Lewis was going to continue tearing into the disgusting creature when his thoughts cleared up for a moment. He watched her sniffle and sob like a kid learning a life lesson at her own expense. He had a soft spot for a crying woman, and couldn't continue to verbally lash at the girl. "Look...you...you took me by surprise was all. I ain't gonna judge you for what was probably an instinctual action. But...maybe next time, ask if you can do it okay...not that i think i will ever willingly do that ever." Lewis extended his hand to the girl, hoping she would accept his apology and offer.

Maggie looked up at her master with watery eyes. After a few sobs and sniffles she finally nodded her agreement before shaking his hand. They both looked around the classroom at all the students groaning, wiping off blood and bugs from their clothes. Ms. Agrieta was slumped onto the ground, in utter shock that her demon was so easily bested.

"I think we should head back to my room and let things cool down a bit..." Lewis offered Maggie.

"You just met a girl and not even an hour later your inviting her to your room?" Maggie giggled back.

"What, it's not like we are gonna fuck right?" he joked back.


I was thinking about making this just a tad longer, but it would primarily be "filler". after the events of this chapter i figure no one is gonna be in a fapping mood at this point, so i'll be sure to give you 200% more sex in the next chapter.

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