tagCelebritiesMaster of the House Ch. 04

Master of the House Ch. 04


Josh and Stephanie had enjoyed a pleasant ride together over the estate that morning. He showed her the pond that was stocked with fish for the estate and the extensive gardens. They rode through the woods where Josh fondly remembered taking many rides with his stable master. He had pointed out the little hunting lodge back there to Stephanie but didn't tell her what kind of sport he usually engaged in there. It didn't usually require a gun.

Josh found himself entertaining some particularly obscene thoughts as he watched his ward's jeans clad ass bounce in the saddle. It was wonderful to see her healthy body engaged in such energetic activity.

After lunch, he had excused himself from her company to work quietly in his study at his desk on some business papers as Gracie went about her cleaning quietly nearby.

Suddenly a CRASH came from the corner where she was working.

Josh looked up, a little startled then assumed a stern expression. He took off his glasses and steepled his fingers as he looked mournfully at Gracie.

"What is that Gracie? The fourth item you've broken this month?"

"It's the sixth, Mr. Holloway, sir," she replied, schooling her features into a downcast expression and looking down at the lamp in pieces around her feet.

"It seems to me that you're not being terribly careful with my possessions, Gracie. I think you need a little something to remind you. Come here."

Gracie stepped carefully around the broken lamp and crossed the room to Josh's desk, her footsteps silent on the thick area carpet in the center of the room.

Josh stood and came around the desk. "Put your hands on the front of the desk and lean over."

Gracie tried to appear reluctant as she did as ordered, leaning on the cherry wood desk and pushing her buttocks up into the air. A little shiver danced over her skin though and she had to bite her lip. She was ready to start moaning just from remembering the last time she had been punished.

Josh lifted her skirt over her lusciously full hips and laid it on her back then reached down to cup her bare buttocks and stroke his fingers over her soft skin. He pulled back his hand and brought it down hard on her flesh with a SMACK! He heard her gasp. He reprimanded her as he punctuated his words with blows to her ass, using his open palm.

"You smack were very naughty smack to break that lamp. smack You smack have to be more careful. smack Or I'm going to have to smack figure out how smack to teach you a lesson smack that you won't forget."

Her ass was a lovely shade of red by now and she was gasping. Of course she had broken the lamp on purpose. She loved it when Josh punished her. She felt her pussy lips swelling and knew that if she were to slide a hand down to her cunt, it would be well lubricated by now. She just prayed he would finish this lesson the way he had before.

Finally, she heard his zipper and smiled. She felt him push her legs a little wider with the toe of his boots and opened her stance willingly to him. Her arms braced on the desk as she felt the head of his big cock rub against her slick and swollen pussy.

"What do we have here? I think my Gracie likes to be spanked." He pushed into her from behind.

Gracie heard a grunt and staggered a little at the invasion as he thrust in all the way. She couldn't help moaning now as his cock filled her so completely.

"Do you like being spanked, Gracie?" Josh rocked easily, sliding in and out of his maid's pussy. It excited him a little to know that she liked him to be harsh with her. Now, he wanted her to admit it.

"Yes, sir," she whispered.

"Louder, Gracie. I couldn't quite hear that." He thrust in harder now, punishingly.

"Mmmm, yes sir!" she moaned.

Gracie reached down and stroked her own clit as her orgasm neared. This had to be the best job in the world! She braced herself on her one arm as her employer brutally fucked her. Gritting her teeth, she felt the orgasm shake her body in competition with Josh's thrusts.

Josh's fingers dug into her hips as he thrust once more and came in her. He withdrew and ran his fingers lightly over the red marks on Gracie's ass before dropping her skirt back over them. He really needed to have them wear panties, but it was so hard to think of keeping such sweet treats anything less than totally accessible.

"Maybe next time we'll try a riding crop, or try spanking that sweet pussy of yours. Would you like that, Gracie?"

Gracie sighed and straightened up. "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. That would be lovely."

Neither of them heard the door to the library click shut or the footsteps as someone tiptoed away.

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