tagCelebritiesMaster of the House Ch. 06

Master of the House Ch. 06


It was only nine o'clock but long past time that Josh would have liked to have closed the financial books he was working on at his desk in the library. Stephanie was curled up in a chair in front of the built in bookcases, reading.

It had been a long day for Josh, full of meetings with directors and money managers. He was looking at several potential movies to produce and his head was spinning with the details of each. A hot bath was just what he needed, perhaps with a little company.

Josh stood up and stretched. Stephanie looked up at him and then quickly back down at her book.

"I'm gonna head up and unwind with a bath," Josh said. He walked over and leaned down to kiss Stephanie's cheek.

"Good night," she said softly.

Josh walked out and shut the door behind himself, then went upstairs. He found Mary, the upstairs maid, returning from a shopping trip to town.

"Good evening, Mr. Holloway."

"Mary." His eyes roved over the light pink blouse clinging to her breasts and the way the matching skirt swirled around her shapely calves. "Just the person I need."

Mary smiled and tilted her head inquiringly.

"I was just about to take a soak in the bathtub. I could use someone to wash my back, and other parts of me."

Mary nodded, smiling so that her dimple showed. "I'll be right there, sir."

As she hurried off to her room to stow her bags, Josh went into his suite and ran the water for the bath. What kind of bubble bath to use? He felt tonight called for something invigorating. He pulled out a bottle of orange and ginger. That reminded him, he needed to make sure he had fresh ginger for when Ms. Chang, his housekeeper, returned from vacation.

Josh slipped out of his jeans and shirt, dropping his clothes into a solid wood hamper in the corner. He shut off the taps as the water reached the right level and stepped in, settling into the foam and hot water. "Ahhhh, perfect."

Mary walked in wearing just a satin dressing gown and slipped it off, hanging it on a hook behind the door. She and Josh had done this many times before. He leaned forward so that she slipped into the tub behind him, her long, smooth legs wrapping around him.

Taking a washcloth from a rail above, Josh lathered it with body wash and handed it back to Mary. She begin to work it in firm, slow circles over the muscles of his shoulders and down his back. Josh tickled her legs under the water and she giggled. Neither of them heard the doorknob turn slowly and the door open a crack. They simply continued with their bath.

Mary leaned forward, pressing her chest against Josh's broad back as she reached around to wash his chest in the same lazy circles she had used on his back.

Reversing her direction, she went up to his arms and worked her way down his right arm then shifted over and did his left. "Hold up your arms, please," she requested. She washed under them then let him put them down.

She reached around with the washcloth and gently worked around his cock and balls making Josh groan. His cock started to fill and he took the washcloth from Mary. It could be a little rough, he preferred Mary to work with her bare hands in the water, she did an admirable job with them.

Tonight, Mary was in top form. She closed her eyes as she leaned her cheek against Josh's back and felt her way with her sensitive fingers. They lightly explored the contours of the expanding cock, teasing him with the light touch. Then she took his erection in both hands and began to stroke the water slicked flesh.

"Oh yeah, darlin. That feels so good. Play with that nice bath toy." Josh liked to give vocal encouragement.

Mary did play with him, alternating light touches and caresses with firm strokes from his balls to the head of his cock. She cupped her hand around the head and gave it a little polish. After playing for a while, Mary got down to business and stroked him with long firm strokes until she felt the balls she held in her left hand pull in a little.

"Oh, yeah, that's it baby." Josh grunted as he came. Not a spectacular orgasm for him but a relaxing one, it relieved the tension in his body and cleared his mind.

"Thank you, Mary, love." He turned and met her lips.

"My pleasure, sir, as always."

The door moved silently closed again behind them and the door knob turned to close it. Unaware, the couple finished their bath.

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