tagBDSMMaster of the Universe Ch. 03

Master of the Universe Ch. 03


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Harry felt fingers reach back around his head and loosen the blindfold, pulling it away from him. The black turned to dark gray. He then felt fingers peeling pads off his eye sockets, pads taped down around the edges. First the left pad, then the right pad was removed. The light assaulted his eyes. The bright glare hurt and caused his eyes to immediately tear up. He closed them quickly and then tried to open just his left eye a sliver; just enough to begin acclimating to the light.

Harry saw a dark shape looming over him. The light was still too bright, the glare too great for him to focus, but slowly he began to see dark and light shapes above him. Blinking to clear the tears, Harry began to see the outline of Laura standing over him. He focused first on the part of her nearest him, her furry black bush and engorged, vermillion nether lips.

He then made out the black garter belt, nylons and black leather corset topped by alabaster white breasts standing proudly out on their own above the corset. He was struck by the sharp contrast in color between her creamy white skin and black garments. The contrast was maintained by her jet black hair, falling to her shoulders in a gentle wave and the clear white skin of her face, neck and shoulders.

Laura put her knuckles on her hips, peered down at him, smiled slightly and said:

"Well Harry, do you like what you see? You were trying hard to get into my pants. Was it worth the effort?"

Those eyes, those shining, clear, icy blue eyes... There's not a shred of human feeling, compassion or mercy behind them, he thought. She'd just as soon rip my throat out with those gleaming white teeth as look at me. She's some kind of psychopath? How did I get into this mess? How do I get out it? He worried, his mind racing to find an

Laura cupped her palms over his cheeks, stroked his eyebrows with her thumbs and said:

"Now take a good look around Harry. You are not a big shot lawyer here. You're just a slab of meat strapped to a table - my table," dropping her voice to a whisper, adding more menace to hr words.

"Every breath, every moment of your life from here on out depends upon me," she said, stroking his eyebrows with her thumbs.

She lowered her pussy to his mouth, tickled his nose with her pubic hair by wiggling her hips slightly, raised herself by straightening her knees and took a few steps forward, passing over his face.

"Look up Harry, look up! Haah Haha! You make quite a sight."

Harry looked up and was startled, no, stunned by what he saw. In the ceiling above him was a large mirror. The part of the mirror directly above his head was angled downward like a transom allowing him to see down by his feet and the wall opposite his feet which also had a large mirror reflecting a "feet first" view of him; the remaining flat part of the ceiling mirror provided him with a top-down view of himself. At first, he was disoriented from the reflections but slowly the images coalesced into sensible order.

Harry blinked a few times, not quite believing what he saw. In the ceiling he saw himself strapped down on a dark, wooden table. He was startled by his own appearance - so white against the dark wood. Then it hit him as to why he looked so white.

All of his hair was gone! He was completely bald! And not just his head - his entire body had been shaved and waxed clean. Not a single hair remained except for his eyebrows. He looked childlike, almost cherubic in this hairless form. It also flashed through his mind that he looked like one of those eunuchs that always seemed to be serving a middle-eastern harem in the old movies. That thought was a little unnrving.

His white belly, thickened and rounded by years of too many scotches and too little exercise, rose and fell like a snow capped hill. He looked so strange without hair on his belly, his chest or his head. - almost alien, like another life form. His hairless legs looked like chubby white clubs, the fat dimples around his knees now visible. He couldn't see his arms though - they disappeared at the shoulder into slots cut into the table on each side of him.

The table he was on was bizarre looking. It was very large, about five feet across and eight feet long. All but his head was strapped down to the table with black leather straps. His head and neck rested on a narrow projection only a little wider than his head.

Harry saw that his head was strapped down at the forehead with a black leather strap. A half inch wide adjustable metal half collar held the upper part of his neck to the narrow board. His face was grossly distorted by the dental brace holding his mouth widely open. His lips were whitish gray in their stretched condition. He looked like a frog about to be pithed for a biology class dissection, complete with heaving white belly and gaping mouth.

Around the table was a frame of black, iron rods, each about an inch thick. There were vertical rods at each corner of the table, each about three feet tall. Horizontal rods connected the vertical corner rods at the top and bottom creating a frame-like appearance. A single rod running lengthwise above the center of the table connected the two horizontal rods above the head and foot of the table.

There were rings, pad eyes and hooks mounted on adjustable collars on all of the metal bars. They could be moved and then fixed in place easily with a few turns of a controlling wing nut. There were two odd looking cylinders, each a couple of feet behind the two corners of the table nearest the head. Harry couldn't stop staring at the strange looking contraption and at his helpless form pinned to it.

The silence was broken by Laura's sharp voice behind him.

"Now I'd like to introduce you to my assistants. Oh, didn't I tell you, this is a group effort. You are much too bulky to handle by myself and there was much to do to prepare you before you awoke. Besides, you should have the benefit of many instructors. It would have been selfish to hog all of the fun myself. Everybody wanted a piece of you, Harry. They all will get a piece too; all in good time."

"Harry, I'd like you to meet Madison," she said with mock formality, as though introducing him at an afternoon tea.

A female form stepped into the mirrored line of Harry's sight at the foot of the table. She was tall and slim, with long, wavy red hair, green eyes and full, sensuous lips. She had the "peaches and cream" complexion prevalent in red heads, with freckles on her shoulders and chest. Madison's full breasts were capped by reddish pink nipples, visible through the cutout in her fetish style red-leather bustier. Sheer, red nylon panties and matching hose completed her outfit.

Madison stood with hands on hips, smiled down at him and absently licked her lips in anticipation.

"Harry, this is Shanella," Dr. Jansen, motioning with her arm.

Harry's eyes widened as a tall, exotic looking black woman stepped into his line of sight beside Madison. She was very dark, with almost purplish black, full lips setting off incredibly white teeth. Her hair was straight and very shiny, pulled back into a tight bun behind her head, giving her a sleek, glossy, severe look. Like her hair, her black PVC outfit glistened in the light. Hanging menacingly from her belt was a coiled whip.

Dr. Jansen continued:

"Finally Harry, this is My Ling."

Stepping into Harry's line of sight was a childlike figure, short and slight, she barely came up to Shanella's shiny black halter top as she took her place beside her.

Of southern Chinese descent, My Ling was barely four foot ten and weighed only eighty-five pounds but she was well proportioned for her size with champagne glass shaped breasts and hard nipples pressed against her black spandex halter. Her matching briefs hugged tiny but well-rounded hips. Her hair was bluish black and cut short. She had the white, porcelain like complexion of the southern Chinese. Her glossy red lips and coal black eyes were set in a stern expression of contempt as she glowered down at Harry. She had the smallest, most delicate hands and feet Harry had ever seen in an adult woman.

My god, what have I gotten myself into? Three of them, and Dr. Jansen. How the hell do I get out of this! What are they going to do to me, and why? The questions kept popping up in his mind. Harry stared up at the mirror, at the reflections of the doctor's three assistants and knew he was in a lot of trouble

They all looked like they couldn't wait to tear him apart. Madison continued to slowly lick her lips. Shanella unconsciously ran her fingers up and down the handle of the whip coiled on her hip. My Ling just stared down at Harry, boring into him with those soulless, black eyes. Harry focused on their faces, looking first at Madison, then Shanella, then My Ling, then back to Madison.

Somehow, they looked familiar. I've met them before. I know them; not well, but I've seen them. Can't remember who they are, . . . concentrate, he said to himself, this could be important. It could save your life. Think man, think.

Harry continued to look at their faces, eliminating their fetish gear and trying to imagine them in normal clothes, trying first casual outfits, then formal cocktail dresses and gowns. After a few moments a look of recognition came over his face.

I've got it! I've got it. The last time I saw that black woman was at the formal Bar Association dinner two years ago. She's Judge Parker's wife! The Judge suffered a stroke shortly after that Harry recalled. Couldn't believe he had a stroke. He was a young guy, maybe a couple of years older than me. Made a fortune in real estate development before he was appointed to the

bench. He survived the stroke but was completely incapacitated by it. Heard he was a slobbering imbecile now who needed full time care. Haven't seen either the Judge or his wife since. What the hell is she doing here?

Harry continued to look at the reflection of the three in his overhead mirror. Something about Madison caught his eye. Harry stared at her, searching his memory, sure there was something familiar about her. The hair, the hair, I've seen that mane of flaming red hair, but where, . . where?! . . . .

The image seemed to pop into his mind all at once. It was flaming red haired woman in an exquisite, low cut, dark green ball gown. It was at last year's Cancer Society benefit. I would have hit on her then if I'd have had the chance. She was in the receiving line, standing

next to the head of the Cancer Society, Franklin Stone, Dr. Franklin Stone, former chairman and CEO of Cellex Pharmaceuticals. She's his wife; Maddy, Maddy Stone. He remembered that Dr. Stone was also very ill. Some kind of heart problem he'd heard; bedridden, an invalid. He was also in his prime - early fifties I think. Odd coincidence, Harry thought - the wives of both

men, now invalids, involved in on this plot, this, this kidnaping.

The pieces started to fall into place like the tumblers of a lock clicking into place. He was starting to make sense of it and as he did so, his horror grew.

Harry shifted his gaze to My Ling. She didn't register. He couldn't be sure if he'd seen her before. She looked vaguely familiar but mentally placing casual clothes or formal wear on her didn't help. If Harry had seen her before he hadn't spent much time looking at the details of her face. Like most Caucasians, Harry tended to gloss over the details of an oriental's face, noting only that they were oriental and looking no further. That is why orientals often look alike to Caucasians. They just don't register anything beyond the racial category.

Dr. Jansen took her place in front of her three assistants, turned to them and said:

"Ladies, why don't we prepare Harry for his first attitude adjustment treatment," the doctor said to the group.

Each of the ladies turned to the left and headed outside of Harry's field of vision, returning moments later holding some black leather items.

Madison and Shanella each held twof black leather cuffs in their hands, one much larger than the other. Each of the cuffs was studded with several small metal rings embedded in the leather. My Ling was holding a pair of black leather gloves. All three advanced on Harry.

My Ling climbed up on the table and straddled Harry's substantial belly, facing his feet.

Madison and Shanella knelt on the table by Harry's feet, Madison on his left side, Shanella to his right.

Madison took the smaller cuff in her hands and buckled it onto Harry's left ankle, using a small padlock to secure the cuff permanently in place. Next she buckled the larger cuff tightly onto Harry's left thigh, just above the knee. Similarly, Shanella buckled her cuffs onto Harry's right ankle and thigh.

My Ling put her leather gloves on as the other ladies were completing the cuffing. Harry could see that My Ling's left glove appeared ordinary enough, black, leather, much like a thin, expensive driving glove; but the right glove had a number of small, sharp metallic projections in the palm. Harry's eyes grew wide when he saw the sharp metal points in the glove palm. He didn't know exactly what they were for but he knew it couldn't be good for him.

Harry watched as Madison and Shanella moved and positioned the collars with the attachment rings along the horizontal bars, eying him several times before making further small adjustments and then locking them down in place with the wing. Madison attached a small, double ended snap clip to the ring positioned across from Harry's left knee. Shanella mirrored Madison's actions on the right side. When they were finished, they sat down on the table at Harry's feet and awaited the doctor's further instructions.

They did not have long to wait. Dr. Jansen straddled Harry's face again, leaned over, stuffed a red rubber ball gag into Harry's mouth and secured the strap tightly behind his neck. Next, Harry felt a hand slowly encircling his balls. He looked up at the mirror and saw that it was My Ling grasping them in her gloved left hand.

Her small hand gripped his scrotum between the base of his dick and his testicles. She slowly squeezed down pressing his testicles against the bottom of his scrotum until the skin around them was thin, smooth and shiny. Dr. Jansen looked down at Harry and showed him an alligator clip in her right hand.

"Now Harry," Laura said menacingly, "Madison and Shanella are going to unstrap your legs from the table, one at a time, and attach them to the rings on the metal bars." If you resist in the slightest, My Ling is going to squeeze your balls with her other hand, the one with all of those deliciously sharp needles embedded in the palm. She will squeeze you tighter and tighter until I tell her to stop and that won't happen until I get some blood first. And, just in case you don't get the "point" fast enough, you will stop breathing for a while, maybe a long while . . ., maybe forever," as she put the alligator clip right in front of his eyes and ran it lightly over each nostril.

"And remember Harry, the pain doesn't stop when you obey. It keeps going until I think it should stop, if ever. Well Harry, are you going to make this hard or easy? Hmmm . . . we'll see."

Laura nodded slightly to Madison and Shanella who immediately sprang into action, working on one leg at a time, unbuckling the straps holding Harry's left leg to the table. Before the last strap came off, Shanella took a position on her haunches straddling his left leg. Madison took a firm grip on his left ankle and unbuckled the last strap. Harry didn't move his leg one bit; in fact he let it go completely limp.

Madison slowly lifted up his leg and then positioned herself inside of it. She pushed it outward towards the bars. Shanella simultaneously raised up to a squat, guided the leg over to the ring and deftly clipped the dangling d-ring to Harry's left ankle cuff.

The doctor smiled down at Harry. "Now that's a good little boy. I think you're getting the idea. Now we'll do the other leg, and, if you are still a good little boy, I will let you breath a while longer," Dr. Jansen laughed and stroked Harry's nostrils again with the clip.

Madison and Shanella again sprang into action, unbuckling the straps on his right leg and positioning themselves to keep control while they moved it to the other upper bar. The moment of truth came when they took the last strap off. Madison firmly lifted his leg by the ankle and pushed it outward.

Again, Harry's leg was completely limp, but, unlike the first leg, Madison had difficulty pushing this one far enough to reach the bar. With his left leg already spread and clipped to the opposite upper bar, they were trying to spread Harry's legs almost five feet apart to attach the other leg and Harry just wasn't very limber.

Madison struggled to push the right leg over, using her legs for leverage to push off the inner thigh of Harry's already stretched left leg, pushing hard on Harry's ankle with both hands. Shanella, straddling Harry's leg, added her strength to the effort using her left leg like a lever under Harry's right thigh to pry it outward, pushing outward against his knee.

Harry did his best to remain limp but he could tell that his tight muscles just weren't cooperating. His leg started to quiver as tight muscles resisted the stretch. Harry felt the sting of sharp needles on his balls as My Ling slowly closed her specially gloved right hand over Harry's tightly drawn nuts.

Laura opened the jaws of the alligator clip and ran the sharp teeth up and down the outside of Harry's nostrils. Harry screamed and screamed but all that came out was a muffled sound emanating from deep in his throat.

Oh god, I'm doing the best I can, I'm not resisting, I'm not resisting, I'm just not fucking limber enough to do a split and that's what you're trying to get me to do, he thought.

Aieee! Oh god, she's grabbing my balls, gonna puncture them, I'll be ruined

for life. No! Not the clip, not on my nose! Let me breath, Let me breath! I'm trying, I'm trying! His mind screamed in protest.

Slowly, Madison's and Shanella's exertions bore fruit as Harry's leg gradually moved outward towards the bar. Harry scrunched his eyes up in agony as his inner thigh muscles were stretched to the tearing point and as My Ling tightened her needle grip on his balls. Most of all, Harry feared the little alligator clip. He was sure the bitch was crazy enough to leave it on and hump herself on his face 'til she came as he suffocated to death. He could take anything, anything but that.

Finally, with a faint "click", Harry's right ankle was clipped to the ring on the other bar. Harry was in agony even though My Ling released her grip on his balls as his thigh muscles resisted a stretch beyond any point they had ever been stretched, to accommodate the near split.

Despite the pain, Harry was relieved that his leg had reached the bar and the threat of suffocation was over, at least for now. Madison and Shanella were breathing heavily and perspiring from their exertions. They were both slick and glistening from their sweat.

"I was beginning to wonder about you Harry," Dr. Jansen said as she stared down at him with cruel eyes from far above his face.

"But it looks like you are just fat, tight muscled and out of shape. Too bad for you Harry. This not the first time that you're going to be stretched a bit to achieve a desired position. You're the meat on my table now and I'll arrange you any way I want," the doctor said as she smiled down at him and patted his cheek with her right hand.

"Now you continue to be a good boy Harry. We have just a little more preparation to do before the attitude adjustment really starts and this next position is one of my favorites. I hope for your sake that you don't spoil it for me by kicking up a fuss. I would so hate to lose you before we really got started."

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