tagBDSMMaster of the Universe Ch. 04

Master of the Universe Ch. 04


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Harry looked up at the mirror and surveyed his circumstances. He saw that he was bound fast to the table; wrists cuffed together and pulled tightly down behind him below the table; head and neck bound to the narrow board projecting from the head of the table; mouth jacked wide open and held that way with a dental brace and stuffed with a red rubber ball gag tightly secured by a strap tied behind his neck; thick leather straps held his upper chest, abdomen and hips tightly to the table; and his legs...

He saw his legs widely splayed out and pulled back, obscenely exposing his tiny pink asshole, cock and balls. He was helpless and fully exposed to whatever abuse Dr. Jansen and her minions wished to mete out. He was in the middle of a nightmare from which he could not awake.

My Ling finally released her grip on his scrotum, turned to face Harry and said: "I'll be back lover boy. Don't go away." She smiled and laughed at her own little joke, slid off his belly onto the table, swung her legs around and nimbly hopped off. She stayed by the side of the table, leaning on it lightly with her right hand, taking in the sight of Harry, pinned, trussed and delivered to their waiting hands.

Dr. Jansen nodded in Madison's direction and said: "I think we'll give Madison the first piece of you Harry. She always has such creative ways of adjusting attitudes and always manages to have a little fun herself in the process. And if you're real nice and cooperative, she might even tickle your fancy a bit."

Madison sat down on the table towards the foot end, unbuckled and removed her red, high heeled, open toed sandals, dropping them to the floor. She then gracefully swung her legs up, planted her feet firmly on the table and stood up, balancing herself with one hand on the lengthwise bar above the table's edge.

She looked down at Harry's widely splayed legs, smiled broadly and took a few short steps between his upraised legs. She stopped with the reinforced portion of her red, nylon covered toes just a few inches from his upturned butt. She reached forward with her right foot, placing the balls of her nylon covered foot squarely on the balls in Harry's scrotal sack, resting her heel on the table.

She pressed down lightly as though gradually accelerating a car. Harry's reaction was instantaneous, struggling in his bonds with muffled screams of pain and fear. Madison liked the reaction and pressed down a little harder. Harry flailed even more but he was held fast, pinned tightly to the table and the iron frame. Madison eased the pressure, watching Harry relax the strain on his bonds and then pressed down again, enjoying the immediate tension in Harry's body and his muffled cries of anguish.

Madison eased her foot up and back a bit, lightly resting her nylon covered toes on Harry's aching balls. She flexed her toes up and down, stroking his balls as she went. She ducked her toes down under his pink, wrinkled ball sack and, using her big toe, pressed down firmly on his perineum, that sensitive little patch of skin between his scrotum and anus.

She moved her big toe in small circles as she continued to press down firmly, massaging his prostate. Harry's muffled sigh of pleasure brought a smile to Madison's face. Harry's dick stiffened in response, engorging with blood, growing before her eyes. Madison stopped circling and moved her big toe away from his pleasure zone, raising her foot and reaching out a bit, bringing the sole of her smooth, nylon covered foot to rest on Harry's genitals, heel covering his balls, arch and balls of her foot pressed on Harry's now engorged dick.

Harry's whole body tensed in anticipation of pain. Madison did not disappoint him.

Like a pianist working the foot pedals, Madison "played" Harry for all he was worth, alternately pressing down hard on his dick, just below the corona with the hard balls of her foot, grinding it down against his pubic bone; then shifting her weight to her heel, pressing and flattening his balls against his perineum.

Madison watch Harry tense and groan, relax, tense and groan in time to her movements, controlling him like a puppet on a string, dancing to Madison's tune. Harry heard Shanella yell, "play him honey, play him!"

After a few more cycles of pain and pleasure, Madison stepped back off his genitals and then moved her foot forward again, pressing her nylon covered big toe against Harry's upturned anus. The pressure increased as she steadily pushed her big toe squarely into his puckered red asshole.

Harry's whole body tensed up again as his anal sphincter slowly opened to allow the tip of her big toe in. Madison wiggled her toe around a bit and pressed down more, sliding her large, calloused toe about half way into his ass, about as far as she could with the nylon covering it. She

pumped it back and forth, watching Harry jerk and moan in response. Again, it brought a broad smile to her face.

She pulled her toe out and balanced his ball sack on the tip of it, moving it up and down as though weighing it. She scratched lightly on his balls with her nylon covered toenails, flexing them back and forth, eliciting muffled moans of pleasure from Harry. Then suddenly she kicked his ball sack with a short, swift chop of her foot, bringing muffled howls of pain from Harry as he jerked hard but uselessly against his bonds. This brought the biggest smile yet to Madison's red lips.

Madison put her foot up on Harry's dick again, balls of her foot on its head, heel digging into the very root of his tool.

Grasping the centerline bar above her to balance herself, she lifted her other foot, putting most of her weight on the other foot crushing his dick, and then put the raised foot down lightly on Harry's lower abdomen. Harry wiggled and strained at his bonds but Madison just steadied herself on the overhead bar, standing with much of her weight on Harry's pelvis.

Still balancing herself, she took a few steps along Harry's torso, stopping at his chest. She waited until Harry sucked in a big breath through his nose and smiled when he struggled to expand his chest against her crushing weight. She took her right heel and ground it into Harry's left nipple, using the texture of the nylon to abrade the sensitive nub. She took a few more half steps, stopping on Harry's collar bones which bore the brunt of her weight.

Madison lifted her right foot and brought it forward along Harry's neck, sliding the arch of her foot along the side of his neck until it touched the metal bracket holding his neck to the narrow board . She then reversed the foot's direction, sliding it back down. She did this once more before sliding her foot over across his neck so the balls of her foot rested lightly on his larynx.

She looked down at Harry, directly into his eyes. He looked up and for a moment thought he saw her eyes narrow a bit in fierce hatred as though preparing to crush his larynx; to extinguish him with just the slightest shift in her weight.

She added just a little more pressure to that foot and watched as Harry reacted as though a red hot poker had been shoved up his ass. His muffled screams grew louder as he struggled against his tight bonds, managing a slight wiggle with his legs and arms.

"Just a few more pounds of pressure Harry and your throat will be crushed. Should I do it Harry? Should I get it over with?"

Madison paused as though waiting for an answer. Then added a tad more pressure on his throat to see his reaction. She wasn't disappointed. He flailed and screamed as never before. Madison laughed loudly at the spectacle, added one more little push and then released the pressure, raising her foot to his chin, resting her nylon covered toes on his widely stretched lips.

She traced the outline of his lips with her big toe and then rubbed the sole of her foot across his open mouth.

"You'd better please me with that tongue Harry or I'm going to finish the job on your neck. I'll crush your larynx slowly and get myself off watching you struggle for each of your last breaths," she said in a quiet, hushed tone that added even more menace to the threat.

She put her foot on his neck for emphasis before putting it back over his mouth. Dr. Jansen stepped forward and loosened the strap holding Harry's ball gag in place, put her finger in behind the ball and pulled it out. Harry sucked in a deep draft of air through his now clear mouth and windpipe before Madison raised her heel up slightly and then slid her first three toes into his mouth.

"Start licking those toes Harry. Lick 'em good; get 'em nice and wet. Then I'll have you do the rest of my foot followed by my calves and thighs. If you're a good little boy, I might even give you a taste of my honey. Now lick boy! Work that tongue."

Harry started licking, up and down; back and forth; around and around, thoroughly soaking the three toes through the smooth nylon. Madison shoved her foot further into his mouth, jamming the rest of her toes and front part of her foot into his mouth. Harry's mouth was crammed full of Madison's soft, nylon covered foot. He worked his tongue as best but could do little with so much of her foot jammed in.

He managed to lick across the balls of her foot in long swipes and then in each crack and crevice of her toes with the tip of his tongue. She jammed her foot further into his mouth, getting about half of it in, hitting the back of his throat with her big toe. His tongue was now pinned completely by her foot and could do nothing. She then slowly foot fucked his mouth in long strokes, getting her foot about half way in before pulling it out and then plunging it in again.

Madison withdrew her foot and slid her toes up over his nose, letting her nylon reinforced heel rest on his open mouth.

"Lick that heel boy and work that tongue over my ankle!"

Harry worked hard to please her, licking and curling his tongue around her heel, reaching up with the tip to swipe at the indentations of her ankle. All rational thought was momentarily gone from Harry. He was thoroughly terrorized by the thought of this red haired beauty, slowly and coldly crushing the life from him as casually as she would extinguish a cigarette butt on the floor. The entire focus of his life at that moment was Madison's heel and ankle, nothing else mattered. His attitude adjustment was off to a good start.

Madison pulled her heel out of his mouth and slowly sat down on his chest, sliding her leg over past his right shoulder, and then her foot and leg across his upturned mouth.

"Start working on my calf Harry, and pick up the pace. You're slowing down and you know what that means, don't you dear?"

To emphasize her last point she moved her leg back and put her foot on his throat, grinding it down with slight but distinct pressure. She moved her calf back to his mouth. Harry obviously got the message because he redoubled his efforts, licking away like a mother cat cleaning her kitten.

She slid down a little further towards Harry's face, presenting the upper part of her leg for his ministrations. He licked in long strokes using the flat of his tongue on the back of her knee and lower thigh. She slid further down, sliding her leg over his mouth and turning to present her upper, inner thigh. Harry licked along the edge of the nylon stocking, garter clip and elastic, moving closer to the source of the sweet, musky smell emanating from her wet gash. He

reached toward it with his tongue, straining for a taste but Madison kept it just out of his reach.

"Say, My Ling, check out Harry's equipment," Madison called out. "I need a big dick to fill me up. Is he worth fucking?"

My Ling stepped over to the table and reached over, grasping Harry's dick between her thumb and forefinger. "This inchworm? I don't think so Madison," she laughed.

My Ling flipped the limp member back and forth between her fingers. "I think this guy must be queer or something. He's about an inch from your delicious cunt, licking away and he's as limp as could be. Maybe he prefers guys."

"Harry, Harry, you disappoint me," Madison said. "I need a good, stiff dick right now and you're puny, drooping little fella just won't do the trick. What's a girl to do?" Guess I'll just have to find a substitute for a real man since there isn't one here."

Madison swivelled around on Harry's chest, slid down to the table and then hopped lightly onto the floor. She disappeared behind Harry for a moment and returned with Shanella who was dragging a wooden platform behind her with a small rope. The platform was about three feet by three feet in size and about eighteen inches high.

She positioned it directly under the part of the table upon which Harry's head and neck rested. The she stepped up on the platform, lifted her leg up and over Harry's face. Standing on the raised platform, her knees about at the height of Harry's pinioned face.

"That tongue of yours is too small for me Harry. I need something to fill me up and I think I have just the answer," Madison said.

Shanella stepped up on the platform carrying a large, black, double ended dildo with hanging leather straps attached in one hand and a pair of rubber tipped, stainless steel tongs in the other. The double dildo was about five by one and a half inches on one side, angled at about forty five degrees, and about eight by two inches on the other end. Each dildo was realistically shaped with bulging veins and swollen head.

Shanella stepped forward, straddling the top of Harry's head, facing Madison, and squatted down to get a closer look at Harry's mouth.

"Now let's have that tongue Harry," Shanella crooned. "Don't make me come in after it."

Harry tentatively stuck his tongue out, just barely above his lips. He was staring down cross-eyed to see what she was going to do with it. He didn't have long to wait. Shanella quickly seized it with her tongs and pulled it out, nearly yanking it out of his mouth. Harry grimaced in pain.

In the same motion, she jammed the smaller end of the double ended dildo into his mouth, it's large head jammed against the back of his throat, closing off his wind pipe. He gagged violently but it did absolutely no good. The silicon dick was jammed in fully and she moved quickly to buckle the straps behind his head and cinch it very tightly.

The eight inch black dildo rose majestically up from his mouth, curving slightly back towards his eyes. The tip of his pink tongue was still visible at the wide base of the dildo, crushed flat against his lower lip. Madison smiled down at Harry and licked her lips.

Shanella straightened back up, looked over at Madison and smiled. She reached over with both hands, covered Madison's engorged nipples with her thumbs and lightly circled them. She leaned over and gave Madison a long, slow, soulful kiss. They exchanged tongues, tasting each other, plunging them in and out in a kind of simulated intercourse. This was all occurring directly over Harry's face. Looking beyond the tip of the large dildo planted in his mouth, he took it all in.

Shanella pulled back slightly and said in a low, husky voice, "let me get you ready, honey." Madison smiled slightly and closed her eyes. Shanella encircled Madison's left breast with her right hand, squeezed it a bit and took the nipple into her mouth, licking and sucking in slow, circular motions.

Madison inhaled noisily through her nose at Shanella's first touch and then groaned loudly as Shanella's slow, circular licks sent a shiver of pleasure throughout her body. She was wet and growing wetter. Her pussy juice was overflowing, rolling in small beads down her thighs and onto Harry's upturned jaw.

Madison started to sway in time to Shanella's licks, growing weak in the knees as the hot tingle grew deep in her womb. Shanella licked downward, along the center of Madison's tight belly, below her belly button to the top of her wiry, red pubic hair. The lithe, black woman ran her fingers up lightly through Madison's pubic hair, pressing slightly with her middle finger to divide her nether lips and find her little nub of pleasure. Madison gasped in response, her legs shook as an electric shock of pure pleasure rippled through her.

Shanella's tongue continued down through her pubes to meet her rising fingers. They met at her clit which quickly engorged and stiffened, a small bead of pearly pink peeking out of its covering hood.

Madison rolled her hips now in time with Shanella's licks, thrusting her clit against her mouth with each thrust of her tongue. Shanella spread Madison's lips with the thumb and forefinger of her left hand as she slid the middle and forefinger of her right hand into her sopping tunnel.

She pulled her wet fingers out and grasped the dildo rising from Harry's mouth, running her hand up and down on the shaft, spreading Madison's slick cunt juices over its entire length. She continued to lick around her clit in tight little circles as she plunged three fingers from her right hand into Madison's dripping cunt, withdrew it and again stroked the black, ersatz dick. Madison couldn't take it anymore. The pressure in her cunt was building to the bursting point.

"Please . . . please," Madison moaned. "Please give it to me," she begged.

"Okay honey, I think you're ready now," Shanella said.

Shanella grasped the base of the black dildo and held it steady as Madison lowered herself, bending her knees, squatting over it. Harry looked up and saw Madison, who looked like some kind of giant Amazon from his vantage point, coming down towards his face, fiercely engorged, shiny slick pussy lips first, to meet the black pole rising up from his mouth. Her swollen lips made

contact with the thick head of the dildo.

She groaned loudly as the slight touch to her steamy hot pussy sent powerful waves of pleasurable spasms through her. She slid down on it a little more, allowing the thick member to widely spread her inner lips, tugging at her clit and sending more waves of pleasure coursing through her.

"Ahhhhhh, Ahhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!, that's soooooooooooo goooood!" Madison moaned, faced tilted up, seeing her reflection in the mirror.

Harry had a gynecologist's view of her cunt now as it split and spread before his eyes as the giant pole slowly slid into her. Her outer labia lips bloomed as they fully engorged with bright, red blood, causing her lips to bulge, divide and curl outward. Her inner lips were pushed in at first, then adjusted and slipped out, hugging the giant, black tube like a tight sleeve.

She rose and fell slightly, sliding the pole in and out a little to adjust its position and grease the few dry spots. Harry felt the pressure of the other dildo as it jammed against his throat, and then was drawn back by Madison rising up and then felt it jammed back down again as Madison dropped further down the pole.

Harry watched as Madison's pussy juice foamed white with the up and down agitation, creating a white line against the black pole where it met her steaming hot hole. She slid further down, feeling the girth press hard against her clit, rubbing the sensitive roof of her tunnel. She loved the feel of it filling her totally, pressing against the walls of her wet cavern as it plunged in.

Shanella continued to hold the base of the hefty dildo steady as her friend gyrated herself on it about half way down. Madison's copious love juices soaked her hand as it covered the base of the dong in a thick, slippery sheet.

Shanella squatted over Harry's forehead, nearly touching it as she leaned over and pressed her lips against Madison's clit, circling it with her lips and sucking hard. Madison gasped loudly at the touch and louder at the suction.

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