tagBDSMMaster of the Universe Ch. 06

Master of the Universe Ch. 06


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Clad only in white silk panties, My Ling slowly walked the length of the table, closely examining her prey. She pushed and prodded his torso with her foot, getting the feel of the man meat she was about to torture.

With the sole of her tiny foot she felt along his rib cage and up his side to his armpit, sensing Harry's fear from the slick coating of sweat and the involuntary twitches that jerked Harry's legs. Her glistening red toenails ran little circles around Harry's left nipple as she watched it harden and become erect under her ministrations.

"I've waited a long time for this Harry. For years I've thought about what I would do to you when I had you in this position, and now I have you, I have you, and you are going to pay in pain and blood for everything you've done. Yes Harry, this is going to give me great pleasure - in fact we are all going to have a good time watching you suffer."

Planned this for years?! Who the hell are you, I don't even know you. Why would you be planning to hurt me?! What did I ever do to you? Oh God, leave me alone, please leave me alone. I don't want to die. I don't want to die! Harry thought, believing she might be his executioner.

Harry's eyes narrowed as he tried to focus on her face; tried to figure out just who she was. My Ling stared back at Harry's face and gave him a brief, ironic smile, almost a smirk.

"Don't know who I am, do you Harry? Hahh, that's pretty funny. You have eyes but you do not see. You've seen me before, many times. I've been in your house just about every day for the last two years. How about it Harry, enough clues. Have you figured it out yet.?"

Harry's eyes narrowed again as he searched his memory. He looked at her face and long, thin graceful neck. He took in her pert little breasts, tiny waist, slightly flared hips and thin, muscular legs. He stared at her panties and especially at the dark crotch which showed the outlines of her engorged labia. A small wet spot grew from between the two labia bulges. She was obviously turned on by both the situation and Harry's look of confusion.

Saw her many times . . . . in my house every day? Who the hell is she? Harry wondered.

Harry searched his memory. Something was familiar. Something about the way she moved, her slow graceful movements, reminded him of someone he'd seen. He just couldn't place it.

I've seen that movement before, but where? In my house, of course. Something else - those hands, those tiny hands with the glistening red nail polish - I've seen those also. They were moving in slow circles, pushing and kneading white flesh, the image formed in Harry's mind. Betty, Betty, she's somehow associated with my wife, Betty. It's her white flesh being kneaded, he remembered.

A picture flashed in Harry's mind, an image of his wife lying face down on a table and a small person dressed in a white uniform bent over her, kneading the white flesh of her exposed buttocks. In his mind's eye picture, he sees the hands, the red nails, her hands; he sees the image, recalling as he walked into their bedroom and seeing the white uniformed masseuse working on Betty and hearing the soft groans of pleasure those hands work worked her butt, sliding down the crack and back up again. The masseuse looks up as Harry walks in. It's her! My Ling! It's her! It's her! Harry saw the image of her face in his recollection.

Harry's eyes suddenly widen in surprise and recognition. My Ling smiles back in return and takes a few more circular swipes with her toes over Harry's erect nipple.

"Well, it took you long enough. Guess you don't pay much attention to the hired help, even the masseuse who has been in your home and massaging your wife every day."

My Ling stepped over Harry's upper chest, straddled him and slowly dropped to her knees, pressing all of her tiny frame's eighty-five pounds on him. Bracing herself with her arms on the edge of the table, she leaned forward until her face was directly over his and lowered it until it was just a few inches over him. She looked directly into his eyes, smiled and spoke in a quiet, menacing voice.

"I'm more than just your wife's masseuse, you stupid fool. After years of clumsy, incompetent, brutal lovemaking by you, your wife turned to a woman to pleasure and satisfy her. She turned to me. I'm your wife's lover, and have been for the last two years. And Harry, she has told me everything, the beatings, the rapes, and lately your predilection for ass fucking. I've also seen the bruises and tears to her beautiful skin myself. Always, the thought uppermost in my mind was revenge, revenge for what you did to my beautiful Betty. I've dreamed of this moment and planned exactly what I'm going to do to you. It's payback time Harry," she said in the same, cold, even tone.

Slowly she raised herself back to a kneeling position on Harry's chest. While still staring directly into Harry's eyes, she reached down with both hands and took his erect nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and squeezed them slowly, increasing the pressure with each grimace from Harry.

She pulled and twisted on his nipples for maximum effect, smiling in response to each facial grimace. She licked her lips with the tip of her pink tongue as Harry groaned in pain. His nipples reddened as she pinched them off at the base of the erectile tissue. She ran her thumbs over the nipple tips and smiled again.

My Ling released his nipples and reached into her black leather sack, pulling out two small, metal, cone shaped objects. She took the first one and placed it over Harry's right nipple and areola. She pressed it down into his soft flesh, centering the cone over his nipple. At the top of the cone was a thumb screw which she proceeded to slowly turn.

With the first turn, the open end pressing around Harry's nipple bit down and closed, squeezing the perimeter of his areola, pushing his nipple up. She turned the thumb screw another full turn and watched Harry grimace and groan in response as the open end of the cone closed further, severely pinching his areola. Smiling broadly at Harry, she turned it again, causing Harry to jerk in response as pain seared through his trapped nipple.

Harry's nipple turned dark red as trapped blood pushed against the surface of his painfully squeezed tip. She pulled on the thumb screw until she felt a slight click which locked it in place. My Ling then reached over and showed Harry two sewing needles which she twirled slowly between her fingers directly above his eyes. Harry's eyebrows shot up as his eyes widened in fear.

She took the first one and slid it through the open side of the cone and probed his trapped nipple with the tip. Holding the cone still with her other hand, she suddenly thrust it in piercing his nipple with one deft move, sliding the needle all of the way through until the tip exited out of the opposite side of the cone. Harry's frantic scream of pain was muffled by the ball gag in his mouth. His legs jerked back as he futilely fought to free himself. Sweat poured off of him in small rivulets as his body responded to the shock of sudden pain. A trickle of blood spurted from his pierced nipple as the dark, trapped blood found a way out along the shaft of the needle.

Working deliberately, with precision, My Ling gave Harry's other nipple the same treatment. More blood spurted from that nipple so that small, red lines traced down from both of Harry's nipples, down the sides of his chest. Tremors shook Harry's body in reaction to the piercings. Sweat stung his eyes as beads of perspiration ran off his forehead.

My Ling put her tiny forefingers through the small rings at the top of the caps holding the thumb screws in place and pulled up on them, testing the clamping power of the cones. Harry whimpered in response as the lifting motion caused more blood to spurt out of both nipples. My Ling smiled, very satisfied with her work.

Dr. Jansen reached over to a side table and picked up some additional items, handing two small pulleys and snap hooks to Madison and a short, flat metal rod to My Ling. Madison snapped in the two pulleys on two metal rings embedded in the centerline rod above the table, one above Harry's chest, the other over his crotch.

She ran a thin metal cable through each pulley, dropping the end of one cable down to My Ling and allowing the other to dangle well above Harry's crotch. My Ling moved with practiced speed to attach the end of the flat metal rod to the rings atop the tit clamps and then the dangling cable to the ring embedded in the center of the rod. Harry could see the result of My Ling's work and could figure out what came next. Again he trembled in anticipation and began grunting deeply in his throat to signal his objection.

My Ling stood up and admired her work, testing the metal rod attached to the tit clamps with her toes before turning to Dr. Jansen to accept a couple of lead pendants from her helpful hands. Harry squirmed a little more as he shut his eyes and tried to will himself to disappear. He opened them just in time to see My Ling attach the first of the lead pendants to the other end of the cable dangling down from the pulley above his chest.

She slowly lowered her hand holding the weight, allowing the weight to take all of the slack out of the cable before letting it go altogether. At five pounds, the weight jerked hard on the cable as the last bit of slack was pulled out of it, lifting the rod attached to the tit clamps, yanking them cruelly up.

Harry yelped in pain as his tits were stretched, pulling his sensitive nipples and trapped areola several inches from his chest, distorting them grotesquely. The sudden additional pressure also forced the last few drops of blood out of his pierced nubs, coloring his chest further with lines of red and turning the tips of his painfully clamped and stretched nipples a whitish gray.

My Ling added a smaller one pound lead weighted pendant for good measure and set them both in motion with the flick of her wrist, swinging and spinning, adding the centrifugal force of their pendulum arcs to the weights pulling mercilessly on Harry's trapped nipple flesh. My Ling smiled broadly, enjoying a private joke. Shanella, Madison and Dr. Jansen all seemed to be enjoying the same private joke as they looked down at Harry's stretched nipples and smiled in response; Madison dropping down to one knee to inspect the stretched nipples more closely.

"Whoooeey My Ling, you sure do nice work," Madison exclaimed in a half whisper looking closely at the cruelly stretched whitish, gray nubs of flesh, as the lead weights spun and dangled above her. "This stuff really gets me hot. Can't wait to see what you do next to this asshole's balls. Wonder how far you can stretch a scrotum?"

My Ling smiled at Madison, acknowledging the admiration and then promptly set about answering Madison's question with her delicate hands and practiced technique. She swung her leg gracefully over Harry's pinioned abdomen, straddling his chunky hips with her bare feet, and lowered herself down on his belly facing his shriveled cock. Harry felt her hot, wet, bristly bush through her thin panties press down on his belly as she sat back on her haunches and calmly laid out the items she needed next.

Staring up at the overhead mirror, Harry could see various small leather straps, thick rubber bands, short lengths of small gauge chain, thin metal rods, small metal plates and several coils of black cord. She leaned forward and grasped his flaccid penis between her thumb and forefinger and rolled it back and forth, wagging it like an accusing finger.

"Harry, Harry, tsk, tsk, tsk, still not too excited about all of this attention, eh? I think we'll have to stiffen you up a bit. You're not much use the way you are and we have plans for you Harry - especially this little piece of your anatomy."

She squirted a little lubricant onto her fingers and rubbed the underside of his dick up and down with the flat of her thumb as she gently pulled back on his soft prick with her other hand, hooking her middle and forefinger around his flared corona and stretching it a few inches.

She tickled the sensitive underside of the head with the edge of her thumb nail and continued to run the flat part of her thumb along the underside of his stretched dick. She used the palm of her hand to lightly rub the top of his dick head in small circles, running her thumb nail back gently to his urethral opening and then along the hyper sensitive edge of his corona. She could feel him stiffen as the blood rushed in to fill the spongy membranes of his shaft.

Like a snake turned magically into a stick, his dick grew hard and lengthened in response to her delicate touch, thickening and rising, filling her tiny palm and emerging all red and angry, lengthening beyond her grasping palm. It now stood up at an angle on its own, quivering in time to his pulse as blood was pumped in and out of his engorged shaft.

His dick glistened with lubricant as she slipped a black rubber collar over his dick. About two inches wide and shaped like an inner tube, she pushed it down to the base of his rock hard dick and attached a small gauge rubber tube to an inlet valve in the collar. Attached to the tube was a palm-sized, black rubber bulb which she proceeded to pump several times with her tiny fingers. The collar responded immediately, inflating, creating a pressure cuff around the base of his dick.

As she pumped the bulb twice more, Harry felt the pressure around the base of his dick increase dramatically, squeezing it hard. With one more squeeze of the bulb, My Ling trapped the blood in Harry's painfully engorged dick as the pressure of the cuff overcame his blood pressure, forcing all of the red liquid to remain trapped in his spongy flesh, pushed hard against the surface of his shaft. His dick turned a bright angry red, becoming darker red and finally a reddish purple as the blood trapped in his shaft was depleted of oxygen.

My Ling held his rigid staff up straight and ran her palm gently over the lubricated shaft, feeling every bulging vein strain against his thin, taut skin. With her other hand she inserted her thumb nail into his urethral opening and pried open its tiny lips. She pressed his dick head on the top and bottom along the glans causing the urethral slit to become oval and then circular in shape.

From her line up of implements, she selected a thin metal probe. It was no more than three sixteenths of an inch in diameter, eight inches long and shaped like a knitting needle with a thinner graduated tip at one end and a small disk shaped flange attached to the other end like the head of a nail. Running the metal probe along his slippery shaft to lubricate it, she inserted the tip of it into his urethral opening and pushed the first half inch of it into his cock head. Harry stiffened at the initial touch of the tip and then went berserk as watched the tip disappeared into him.

Grunting in both pain and alarm, Harry jerked back on his legs and tried desperately to free his pinioned body, all to no avail.

Harry screamed as loud as his muffled voice would allow as My Ling, exerting a strong steady downward pressure, sliding the metal rod down his urethral canal, twisting it to evenly lubricate the canal to ease its entry. Harry shook uncontrollably as his instrument of penetration was itself cruelly penetrated.

With about an inch of the metal shaft and the disk shaped flange remaining above his stretched urethral opening, My Ling released her grip on his shaft and picked up a small, cone shaped cup made of a black metallic mesh, about half the size of a shot glass. Harry stared at the strange looking device trying like hell to figure out just what it was and how it was going to be used on him. He didn't have long to wait.

My Ling fitted the odd looking mesh cup over the disk topped metal probe sticking out of his urethral opening and, holding the top of the probe with her other hand, pushed down hard on the cap until there was a low, audible "click," as the flange seated in place inside the mesh cup.

Harry watched in horrified fascination as she pushed the cap down, sliding the remaining inch of the shaft down into his dick and, for the first time, noticed six small silver colored, razor sharp curved prongs jutting out from the bottom of the cap. As she slid the cap down over his dick head, she pushed down on two spring loaded buttons on either side of the cap causing the prongs to expand, widen to clear the flared corona of his dick head.

With the bottom of the cap lined up with his coronal ridges, she released the buttons causing the six prongs to spring inward with great force, slicing into the soft, sensitive flesh just behind and under the glans, bringing another muffled yelp of pain and involuntary jerk of the legs from Harry.

My Ling inspected her work and saw with satisfaction that the only way that probe could be forced out would be for Harry to tear off the top of his prick in the process. A trickle of blood seeped from the embedded prongs and mixed with the slick lubricant covering his shaft as Harry continued to shake and moan in response.

"Well Harry, I don't think you'll be cumming without permission," Dr. Jansen laughed as she took a closer look at My Ling's handiwork. "If you did, I think you'd blow your top, so to speak. Now wouldn't that be something to see, eh? And we have such wonderful plans for that probe. How do you like having your dick penetrated Harry?"

Harry had never felt pain like that. As the knitting needle shaped probe was shoved down his dick he felt a searing, white hot, burning sensation that only subsided when it was replaced by the sharp, stabbing pain of the probe as it penetrated his urethral canal to the base of his dick.

As he fought back the urge to vomit, knowing he would probably choke on it with the ball gag sealing off his mouth, he stared intently at the mesh cap and the several other implements laid out on the table between his legs. Seeing all of that equipment, he knew My Ling wasn't done with him, not by a long shot. He knew also that she hated and despised him and that she had both the knowledge and the skill to inflict incredible pain upon him. All of this knowledge preyed on his mind, terrifying him beyond all reason or rational thought.

The most powerful lawyer in America was now a whimpering, blubbering, shivering mass of white flesh and Dr. Jansen and her friends were enjoying every minute of it.

My Ling next turned her attention to his balls, scooping them up in her palm and hefting them to test their weight. She rolled them in her fingers and ran her thumb over the entire surface of his scrotum and testicles, feeling the bumps and ridges along each ball.

Harry was quivering, arms and legs jerking with every touch of his balls in anticipation of excruciating pain. Harry expected her to squeeze his balls with her small hand. He was not so lucky. She hefted them once more and inspected his scrotal sack closely, looking under every fold, checking every wrinkle. She gripped him a little more tightly around his sack above his balls and watched as his testicles pressed down against the bottom of his sack, smoothing out the wrinkles and revealing the location of each purple vein. She ran her thumb lightly over the smooth surface covering his balls, feeling the location of each ball and attached vessels.

Satisfied with her inspection, My Ling picked up a thick leather strap with a small, silver colored slide buckle at one end and four thin silver chains attached at even intervals to the strap, joined by a common silver ring. Harry had never seen a parachute harness before and looked puzzled as he stared at it using the overhead mirror.

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