tagSci-Fi & FantasyMaster PC - Aaron's Adventure Ch. 04

Master PC - Aaron's Adventure Ch. 04


Please shoot me your feedback & ideas! I have quite a few more chapters I'm working on now and would love some constructive feedback on this, and my future works. This story is built off of J.R. Parz's Master PC Universe. Thanks for creating such a fun world! As to Chapter 3 - I am going to do quite a bit of re-working on it. So, stand by for that!

Guessing I need to add this... if you're under the age of 18, please stop reading now. All characters in this story are 18 years or older.


Chapter 4 - Katrina

As my wife still laid sprawled across the bed, I couldn't sleep. My mind was going in too many directions. One such direction was the extremely attractive neighbor girl that brings us fresh chicken eggs twice a week. Her name is Katrina Winzer. She lives a few blocks down. We're pretty good friends with her parents. Just finished high school and is taking the summer off while she finds work.

She normally stops by on Friday morning before school. With tomorrow morning being Friday, I thought I would let my work know I'd be working from home tomorrow and have some fun...

Getting up off the bed, I made my way to my study to plan my day tomorrow. Walking down the hallway, my absurdly massive cock swayed between my legs, hitting my knees with each strut. Looking down at it, I felt I should minimize it just a bit.

Sitting down at my computer, I opened up Master PC and added my name as the Subject.

-Reduce flaccid cock size to 6" long and 1.75" thick.

-Reduce erect cock to 8" long and 2.5" thick.

-Reduce size of each testicle to 2" in diameter.

-During each ejaculation, increase cock size by 10% until cock length reaches 12.8"

-Give ability to control stiffness of erection.


Feeling the surge of energy through my cock, I felt it slowly reduce its size as it reached a more comfortable size.

With my head still spinning in a thousand different directions, I tried to focus on just a few. With that, I typed in the following commands...

- Increase ability to focus and concentrate by a factor of 10

- Increase speed of decision-making capabilities by a factor of 20.

- Increase persuasiveness by a factor of 10.

- Increase patience by a factor of 10.

- Apply

Almost instantly, I was able to focus easier, with my mind pulling me in a thousand different directions. "Much better," I quietly said aloud.

Redirecting my focus to Katrina, I methodically thought of what I wanted to do with her. Already, she is quite the sexy girl. She stands at just under 5 feet tall and must weigh less than a hundred pounds. She is literally a twig. Her thin legs roll up to an equally thin waist. Going up further, she sports some somewhat small tits, that occasionally look pretty good when she's wearing that new push up bra she started sporting a few months back.

Her face is soft and innocent, like that of a young high school girl afraid of boys. Bluer than the summer sky, her eyes were the first thing one would notice. Her long curly blond hair completed the package.

Even before Master PC, I couldn't have helped but fantasize about her. Now, with the power I have, I can make it a reality. I needed some fresh pussy. My wife's been great and all, but I need more. I needed another slut in the house to use when I needed.

Honing in on what I wanted to do, I switched the subject to Katrina on Master PC.

-Subject: Katrina Winzer

-Subject will dream of being sexually dominated by Aaron Stafford.

-Subject will wake up hornier than ever before.

-Increase submissiveness by a factor of 10

-Decrease waist size by 25%.

-Increase anal and vaginal elasticity by a factor of 5.

-Loosen throat just enough to take my cock. Easily unlocking jaw to open mouth further

-Increase natural lubrication by a factor of 5.

-Over the course of 16 hours, reduce IQ by 40 points.

-Increase need to be controlled and used each time a command is given from Aaron Stafford.

-Keep pain to pleasure ratio of 1 to 3.

-Bust will increase by an equal volume of sperm consumed until bust size reaches 32E.

-Upon passing out, body will repair itself and regain consciousness within 90 seconds.


Smiling at my commands, I applied them. God, I was going to have fun tomorrow. Shooting a quick email off to work, I let my assistant know that I will be out for the rest of the week.

Switching the subject back to my wife, I entered the following commands,

-Increase submissiveness by a factor of 10

-Will not notice husbands change in cock size.


Shutting down my computer, I made my way back to the bed and focused on clearing my mind to fall into a deep relaxing sleep.

Beep Beep - Beep Beep - Beep Beep,

In looking over at the flashing alarm clock, the time read 6 AM. Rolling over towards my wife, I locked my lips with hers, waking her up with an energetic kiss.

"Good morning," I said as my lips slightly pulled away from hers.

"Morning sweetie," she said as her hands traveled down my abdomen, brushing along the length of my cock.

"Pretty sure he could use a mornin kiss too," I said as my cock twitched within her grasp.

Moving her way down the bed, her head closed in on my cock. With her ass sticking up in the air, I gave it a firm grasp as my other hand took the back of her head, guiding closer to my cock.

As her tongue started swirling around my cock, I slowly started to grow, filling her mouth.

"Oh fuck babe," I said as her tongue softly swept along the bottom of my shaft, "Keep going baby."

As her mouth swallowed more and more of my cock, I could feel her throat grip the head of my cock as I slowly slid down her throat.

Slowly moving my hand from her ass down in between her legs, my fingers brushed her pussy. As my fingers made contact, they were drawn towards the moist warmth of cunt. Moving a finger slowly inside her pussy started dripping uncontrollably. God was she getting wet.

Welcoming another two fingers, her pussy stretched, engulfing them as I swirled around inside her. Sticking my fingers in a little deeper, her moans grew louder and louder, her vocal cords vibrating my cock.

As my thumb focused more on her clit, her body started to move as her orgasm started its blissful journey.

Quickly pulling my cock out to give her a quick breath of fresh air, I hastily grasped the back of her head firmly and pushed her back down as she took in a mix of fresh air and saliva.

Moaning uncontrollably, her body started twitching as her orgasm shot through her body. Forcing my cock further down her tightening throat, her body shattered into a blissful release.

Plateauing from her orgasm, I released a load deep into her throat. Gagging on my cum while grasping for air as her orgasm subdued, I slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth.

Regaining her pose on the bed, I laid back and watched her as she got up off the bed, cum dripping down her cheek, landing on her perfectly firm tits.

"How about you go take a shower sweetie," I said as I got off the bed, still sporting quite the erection. "I'm gonna go for a quick run around the block."

"Sounds good sweetie," she said as she blew a kiss my direction, making her way to the shower. "I'll see you in a bit."

Throwing on some gym shorts and a tank top, I threw my running shoes on and headed downstairs and out the door.

I know, with my new-found powers, my body doesn't need it, but I still enjoy it. It's just so relaxing and freeing.

Running out the front door, I watched as the sun was just coming up over the mountain in the distance. It was still pretty cool, but I could feel the warm morning sun hit my skin.

Making my way through the neighborhood, my regular route, I felt as if I could go on forever. I loved this new sensation of my cock and balls swinging in between my legs. It's an odd sensation and weight that I've come to find most pleasant.

Running along my usual route entails running past Katrina's house. God, I wondered what exactly she was dreaming and how she must feel right now. Focusing on clearing my mind, I continued my run as I made my way around the neighborhood.

After a few loops and a couple of miles later, I started heading back. My wife should be getting ready to leave here soon.

As I made my way into the front door, I could smell breakfast escape the house. God, it smelled good. Walking into the kitchen, there she was, in one of my favorite tight dark blue blouses she normally saves for special occasions. The matching short skirt and 3-inch heels put her over the top.

"What's the occasion?" I said as I walked past her giving her tight ass a nice slap.

"I'm meeting with some important clients today." she responded as she pulled the omelet from the pan onto a plate handing it to me, "And just thought I'd dress up a bit today."

"Ah, I see," I said as I grabbed the plate from her, "thanks, babe."

"You're welcome,'' she said as she took a seat next to me at the bar.

"So, busy and important day at work then today, huh?" I said.

"Yeah! I have a few big-time clients I'm meeting today in Chicago," she replied, "they're pretty important to the company, so it's going to be a lot of work, I'll be back tomorrow evening."

"Oh, well that's cool," I said, "You'll do great."

"Thanks, sweetie," she said as she took her plate to the sink.

Following her to the sink, I stood behind her, reaching around her to put my plate in the sink as well. With my other hand, I slowly moved my hand up her leg, up into her skirt, encountering her lace panties.

"Mmm," she moaned as she started washing the plates, trying to keep a subtle pose.

Moving my fingers beneath her panties, I slowly slid them further towards her warm moist folds.

"Ohhh, yes," she moaned as she dropped the sponge into the sink.

"How about you hop on that plane with a cunt full of cum?" I whispered into her ear as my finger slowly started caressing her clit.

"Ohhh... God...," she moaned.

Moving my hand back out, I cupped her perfectly round tight ass as my thumbs pulled her panties down. Pushing her up against the counter, bent over the peninsula, I lifted her skirt up, revealing that flawless ass of hers.

Giving her ass another good slap, I positioned myself behind her as I rubbed my bulge along her as.

"Fuck me," she moaned, "Fuck me now!"

With one hand pushing her back down towards the counter, the other pulled my shorts down and guided my now throbbing cock to her dripping wet pussy.

Slowly rubbing the head of my cock up and down her pussy, I started pushing the just tip in and out.

"Ohhhh... fuck.. Yess," she moaned as she laid further down on the counter, pushing her ass into the air, gripping the other side, "Stop teasing me! Fill me!"

With my cock pulsing, and her cunt dripping, I went in for a forceful plunge, thrusting in three-quarters of my cock into her with one switch motion.

'Fuuuuck!" she wailed as I pulled myself back out, only to drive my cock back into her, "God... Fuck... Yes... Harder!"

As I looked down, watching my cock slid into her tight grasping cunt, I moved my hands from her waist and grabbed ahold of her forearms, bring them up and over her head, pinning them to her ass. As her hands grasped her ass, I continued thrusting harder and deeper into her warm cunt as her back arched.

"Oh fuck.. Oh, fuck.. Oh fuck..." she moaned, "Harder! Use my pussy!"

Moving my hands down towards her thighs, I firmly gripped them pulling them up off the floor as I impaled myself deeper into her.

"Ah! Fuck!" she moaned as her chest fell down on top of the peninsula. Quickly moving her hands from her ass to the counter to support herself, her legs straightened, being held steadily in the air.

Pulling her deeper on to meet with each thrust, her body shook she yelled, "Fu-Fu-Fuck! Fill-ll me! Use me-e!"

As I rigorously penetrated her, her ass slapping against my abdomen, her body convulsed, pussy tightening its grip on my cock as I pulled her tightly on to me, keeping my cock impaled deep inside of her.

Leaning back, holding her legs in my hands, I forced my cock as deep as it would go as I released wave after wave of cum, deep into her pussy.

"Yeee sss sss ssss!" she moaned as her entire body convulsed as if she was having a seizure.

With my cock still embedded within her, I held as much as my cum inside of her as I could.

As her body slowed its tremors, I slowly withdrew my cock.

With a heavy breath, I slowly lowered her legs to the ground as she pulled up off the counter. As she stood, regaining her balance, a light stream of cum rolled down her leg.

"Don't touch it," I told her as her arm started to move towards the cum. "Keep it there. Let it drip down naturally."

"But I need..." she said as I interrupted her.

"You need to do what I say..." I said to her.

"But..." she stuttered.

"But nothing," I commanded. "You'll be fine. I know you'll enjoy the feeling of it dribbling out through the day"

As she pulled her panties back up, I gave her a quick peck on the cheek as a knock came to the front door.

Just in time... I thought.

As my wife grabbed her purse and keys from the counter, I pulled my shorts up as we walked towards the door, my cock still half erect.

As expected, there was Katrina and her basket full of fresh eggs.

"Mornin' Mr. & Mrs. Stafford!" she said with an innocent smile on her face.

"Good Morning Kat!" my wife said as she walked out the door. "Mr. Stafford will get ya some money, I'm late for work!"

"Thanks, Mrs. Stafford!" Katrina said, "Have a good day at work!"

"Thanks, Kat!" my wife yelled as she walked down the path to the driveway, "Have a good day too!"

"Man, those look good," I said to Kat as I welcomed her in. "Come on in, I'll get ya some cash..."

"That they are!" she exclaimed as she made her way into our living room, "There nice and fresh!"

God did she look good today. I couldn't help but take a glimpse at her as she walked past me into the living. Her tight blue jeans were a great addition to her too tight white spaghetti strapped tank top. With the support of her small push up bra, her little tits were bulging subtly from her shirt. What put it over the top, however, where the two blond pigtails jutting from the sides of her head. God damn.

"You're looking pretty good too," I said to her, "You lose some weight?"

"Just a little," she said with a shy smile on her face as she giggled.

"Well, whatever you're doing, it's working great," I said as she passed me the basket of eggs, setting them down on the coffee table, "The boys at school must be all over you."

"Somewhat..." she said shyly taking a seat on the couch, "I have a boyfriend."

"Oh," I replied sitting across from her, "That's cool, how long have you two been together?"

"We just hit our 1 year anniversary a few weeks ago," she said with uncertainty.

"You don't seem very sure about that," I said laughing.

"Well, we had our first romantic weekend last week, we were going to wait until we got married, but we ended up trying a few things while his parents were away." she said shyly.

"Oh, I see," I said, "Your first time?"

"Yeah," she said in dismay, "His too. It was ok. Not really that grand.."

"Why do you say that?" I said with a confused smirk.

"Well, I don't know..." She said slowly, "I guess he was a little too shy. He didn't really know what to do."

"Ah," I said. "I see. Yeah, I was like that too in my early years. I had to learn that I really needed to take control for it to be a really good experience."

"Control?" she asked.

"Yes, Control," I replied with a smirk on my face. "A man needs to be in control and dominate whilst the woman needs to be submissive like a good girl."

"I see..." she said blushing. "I'll have to remember that..."

"You know," I said as I stood up off the couch, my cock bulging from my shorts, "A young girl like yourself, with a body like that, must secretly know she wants to be used and controlled..."

"Mr. Stafford!", she said standing up off the couch, eyes fixated on my crotch "I don't know about this, I should leave."

"I think you really want to stay," I told her as I put my hands on her shoulders, pushing her back down on the couch, "I think you want to be used now like the good little slut you are..."

"Mr. Stafford!" She yelled, trying to get back up off the couch.

"Shhhhh," I said to her as I took a knee onto the couch, pushing her further into the cushions while firmly cupping her small tit with my right hand.

"Mr. Stafford! Please!" She yelled as both of her hands gripped my arm, trying to pull me away.

"It's ok sweetie," I said in a subtle tone, "Consider this your first lesson in submission..."

"But! Mr. Stafford!" she exclaimed as she slowly relaxed her body, "I have a boyfriend..."

"Well, you said yourself, you two aren't a good sexual mix," I said as I gripped her breast firmer, massaging it in my hand, "Someone needs to use this body of yours."

Moving my hands up her chest, I slowly slid my hands under her bra, pushing her straps down her shoulder.

"Just let it happen, sweetie," I said to her calmly whilst pulling her shirt down, revealing her perky little tits, "You know you want it, deep down."

As I cupped her bare tits firmly in my hands, her small nipples, hard as diamonds, rubbed up against the palms of my hands.

With my cock now prominently bulging from my shorts, my lips slowly made their way down to her neck, giving her small subtle pecks.

"... I can't..." she said softly while exhaling slowly, "I don't know if I can do this..."

"You already are sweetie," I said as my lips slowly traveled down her neck to her perky tits.

Letting out a small squeal of pleasure, "I don't know...", she moaned.

"You can," I commanded her, pushing her deeper into the couch as my left hand grasped the back of her neck, "and you will."

"I... I... Willlll..." she exhaled slowly.

Giving her forehead a light kiss, I knelt down in front of her as I grabbed the base of her shirt, pulling it up over her head. Reaching down, unbuckling her bra, I slowly pulled it off, freeing her chest of all coverings.

"That's more like it," I said as I reached my hand out, grasping her hands as I pulled her up off the couch.

With her face beet red and a nervous stare, I took a step back and took a quick gaze of her body.

"Very nice, Kat," I said. It seems the subtle changes I made last night fit her well. Her extremely thin frame and stature had just enough fat and muscle on her bones, making her just perfectly toned. Her waist, almost impossibly small, flowed down into slightly larger hips. "How about you take those jeans off and let me see the rest of that beautiful body of yours..."

As she moved her thin arms to her waist, she slowly unbuttoned her pants. Slowly pulling them down, arms shaking, she revealed her bright red lace panties with quite the dark moist spot emerging from her crotch. Kicking off her sandals, she stepped out of her jeans.

"What's this..." I asked her as I took a step closer while my hand slowly reached down, brushing against her warm moist lace.

Standing as if she was frozen in time, I knelt down, and slowly placed the palm of my right hand against her toned stomach. Looking up at her, her gaze slowly looked down towards me.

"Feels good, doesn't it sweetie?" I said as my hand slowly dove beneath the band of her panties, brushing against some subtle hair.

"Mmm," she softly moaned as she bit her lip, eyes still locked down at my hand, "Mmhhmm."

As my hand slowly moved around hips, still tightly hugged by her lacy panties, I slowly made my way to her small yet well-rounded ass.

Giving her ass a nice tight squeeze, a soft moan escaped her lips.

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