tagMind ControlMaster PC: Jim's Adventures

Master PC: Jim's Adventures


It started with a Mont Blanc ™ pen. Jim couldn't find it. It was one of his most cherished possessions -- a gift from a close friend. That explains why the overweight-50-something-businessman was crawling around on the carpet of his hotel room in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

He lifted the bed skirt. There it was. There was also a CD case. Jim retrieved both and heaved himself back to his feet, not an easy task for one of his girth, and went over to the desk. Sitting down, he put the pen in the inside breast pocket of his suit jacket. Then he took a look at the CD case and more importantly, what was in it.

For all intents and purposes it appeared to be a blank CD.

"Only one way to find out what's on it," Jim said to himself.

Opening the case Jim removed the CDROM disc and loaded it into the CD/DVD drive of his laptop. He ran a virus scan to make sure it was safe. Then he opened it and found an executable file. He clicked on it. The drive spun for a few seconds and then words appeared on the screen.

"Welcome to Master PC. Click enter to install."

"No way. This is impossible. That's just a story."

"What the hell," he said to himself, and then went ahead and ran the install program. When the install finished another message flashed on the screen.

"Welcome to the Master Command Center... where the Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you... Now, you possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's representative."

He'd seen these words before; years before. There was a story floating around the 'net -- a whole series of stories actually -- about the Master PC program. Until now, Jim had thought these stories were just some harmless mind control erotica -- adolescent fantasies about women with enormous breasts who craved non-stop sex, mainly with geeks.

Jim looked at his watch. He had an hour before he needed to leave for his meeting. There were some things that he had planned on doing during that hour, but he decided to skip them and see what this program could do instead. Could fiction be fact after all?

Calling up the command screen Jim filled in the name window with his own name. Instantly a 3-d image appeared on his screen -- it was his own image in an olive green double breasted suit, white shirt, and bronze colored tie with matching pocket square -- rotating slowly. A menu popped up giving him a range of options. The software was fairly intuitive.

"Hmmm...how do I test this to see if it's real? I wonder..."

The only idea that occurred to him was one that, on the surface, seemed rather juvenile, but, it was a quick way to see if the program worked or not.

"In for a penny," he laughed nervously.

He typed in a command to give himself a slightly larger penis. He made the change just significant enough for him to notice. When he hit the return key, he instantly felt a tingle in his groin. Standing up, he dropped his pants and pulled out the front of his underwear.

"Holy shit! It worked!"

His cock was visibly longer and thicker. His test had worked. His heart beat increased and his breathing became suddenly shallow as he considered the implications of his discovery. He did up his pants sat back down and gave some thought to what he would do next.

First, he went through an inventory of his physical ailments -- at 56 there were a number of them -- and changed things that wouldn't be immediately noticeable from the outside. He repaired his blood chemistry, gave himself the internal organs of a healthy 14 year old, fixed his eye sight (he'd have to get clear plastic lenses put into his frames for a while), thickened his hair a bit without getting rid of the gray, and made a few other minor modifications to tendons, joints, ligaments, and cartilage. Over time, he'd reduce his weight, of course, but not all at once.

Most importantly, he added 50 points to an already fairly high I.Q. and gave himself access to more of his brain for processing information. After that, he copied the entire contents of the CDROM onto his laptop, took out several blank CD's on which he made password encrypted copies of the disc, and then he considered his next move.

While he was considering, he absently gave himself some serious IT skills, improved his overall strength and reflexes, gave himself the martial arts skills of Bruce Lee, and made significant improvements in his agility and speed. He tweaked his brain chemistry a little bit to eliminate his depression and give himself a happier outlook on life.

Meanwhile, the rest of his brain had been mulling over the question of what to do next and had come to the conclusion that he needed to get home as fast as possible in order to take advantage of his discovery.

He typed in the name of his boss and made a few adjustments. For one thing, he was going to be letting Jim out of today's meeting for undisclosed reasons.

A quick phone call from his boss excused him from the meeting. Then, he packed all his things, loaded his car, and checked out. On the drive home he began to make mental lists of the things he needed to do when he got back.

For one thing, he was going to re-read every Master PC story he could find to see if there were any ideas he could use or things he should avoid. Most of the Master PC stories had an adolescent sexual bent that had amused him. At 56, he thought he might be a bit long in the tooth for a whole lot of sexual exploitation. That did not mean, however, that he would skip the opportunity to improve his sex life.

He seemed to recall that the range of the Master PC program was about a hundred miles, meaning that he could only affect people who were within that range. That was a complication but not an overly large one. There was a woman in Colorado he knew who had some health problems. He intended to travel there at his earliest convenience to fix them. His children each had some health issues of their own, and he'd deal with that as well.

By not stopping, he was able to make it home in near record time. He was not expected back until late in the evening, so he stopped at his favorite cafe, chose a seat where his laptop screen would be invisible to others, started the Master PC program and went to work.

It was a matter of a few moments for him to input his wishes for various family members. After making sure his children were in perfect health mentally and physically, he began to make adjustments to his wife. For one thing, he reinforced her aversion to using computers, except at her job. He also adjusted her mental outlook so that she would never be curious about anything he did or suspicious of any odd activity he might engage in. Physically, he improved her condition, put her on a strict diet, and gave her the desire to work out at least one hour every day. He adjusted her outlook toward sex as well -- she would be horny whenever he wanted sex and would not bug him about it when he was not in the mood. In fact, her sex drive would be turned on and off at his command and she would have no curiosity about any sexual activities he might have outside of their relationship. She'd be healthy and happy, content to pay the bills on time, entertain when he wished it, and enjoy her children, grand children, and friends. She would enjoy watching pornography with him if he wished it, but would not seek it on her own. She would be completely oblivious when it came to interpreting clues as to his outside interests, and very attentive to his sexual needs. She would find fulfillment in any sexual activity he suggested. She would love giving him head, would ask him for anal intercourse, and find it easy to climax.

Then, he went back to his own image and began to make some further alterations. First, he gave himself a high metabolic rate. Then, he programmed in a series of physical changes that would take place over the next 6 months. He would lose about 140 pounds and at the same time sculpt his body so that he could walk any beach in the world and not worry about how he looked. He also programmed some adjustments to his skin color which would eventually result in his having a permanent tan -- not too dark, but nice and even all over his body. His hair would grow back and its natural color would return. He was prepared to be patient. He knew that sudden changes would be noticed and commented upon. He did not want that. Of course people would notice that he was losing weight, but as almost everyone was trying to do that these days, mostly they would ask him how he'd done it. That was easy.

"OK, now for some fun," he thought to himself as he sipped his coffee. The waitress who'd been serving him was really cute. She reminded him a little bit of porn star Leah Livingston: pouty lips, cute dimples, big tits, and a nice ass. His final command to himself was to grow a bigger cock. Eight inches ought to do it, he thought as he hit the enter key one more time.

Her name was Cheri Langston and he called it up on the screen. She would suddenly be filled with the desire to have sex with the fat old man in the corner. She was going to invite him back to her apartment after her shift, which was just ending, and she was going to do whatever he wanted. Everywhere he touched her would make her feel good and she would orgasm on his command. She would not remember the encounter when he left her, but would always be nice to him. He also gave her a command word (undulate) that would trigger her desire for him in the future as well as put her into a trance state which would allow him to give her instructions which she would carry out as if they were her own ideas. While he was at it, he gave her breasts a minor boost, made her nipples very sensitive, and, grinning like a schoolboy, he made her clitoris more prominent and added a bit more sensitivity there as well.

"More coffee sir?"

"No, Cheri, I think I'm about done. Just get me my check please. Thanks."

"OK," Cheri said, an odd sensation forming in the pit of her stomach. She'd seen this guy in the café before. Old and fat -- definitely not her type -- but he was always polite and tipped well so she flirted with him and made sure he got the best service. Today, though, she felt different. She suddenly wanted him. In fact, the urge was strong enough that she was actually thinking of inviting him back to her place after her shift, which ended in five minutes.

Cheri added up his check and brought it over to his table. He handed her a credit card and she went back to the register to run it. By the time she brought the credit card and slip back to his table the desire to fuck this man had grown overwhelming.

"Jim," she said, "I get off in five minutes. You've always been real nice to me and I'd like to do something real nice for you as well. Would you mind coming over to my apartment?"

"Cheri, I think that's a great idea. I'll be in my car out front and I'll follow you."

"OK, I'll be in a bronze colored Vibe."

"I'm sure I'll notice it."

Jim signed his slip, put it together with a five dollar bill for a tip, and handed it to Cheri. Then he put his laptop back in its bag, put on his coat, and walked out of the café. Fifteen minutes later, he was following the sexy waitress up the stairs to her apartment, watching her ass all the way. He knew he'd have to be careful about indulging his whims with the program, but it would be a dull life if he couldn't have any fun.

The pair entered the apartment. Jim closed and locked the door behind him. Cheri was already struggling to get out of her uniform. Jim decided on a test.

"Cheri, please cum for me."

"OH GOD!" Cheri nearly fell over from the force of the orgasm that suddenly struck without warning. Her entire being was consumed with pleasure as wave after wave of intense sexual satisfaction coursed through her nervous system.

"Stop cumming."

As suddenly as the climax had come upon her, it disappeared just as quickly, leaving her gasping and shaking; wondering what the hell had just happened.

"Let's take a shower, shall we, Cheri?"


"Strip first, dear."


Cheri finished removing her clothing and then stood before Jim, naked and aroused. Her pussy was drooling and every inch of her flesh tingled with desire. She was trembling with lust. Jim had begun to disrobe as well. Cheri could not wait for him to finish and she began to help him get naked.

Ordinarily the sight of someone as obese as Jim would have repelled her. Now, she didn't even notice his body shape. He was smiling as she pulled down his pants and discovered the significant bulge in his boxer briefs.

"Oh my god...it's huge," Cheri gasped as she pulled the briefs over Jim's newly massive erection. Eight inches long and thick -- it was a massive slab of sex meat.

"Suck it."

Cheri did her best but she could barely stretch her lips around the head. Squealing with frustration she tried forcing more of his massive cock into her mouth and finally got about two inches past her lips. She worked her tongue around it as best she could but it was not going to work. She had both hands around Jim's fleshy torpedo, jacking it as best she could. He wasn't interested in a blow job however, so he pulled Cheri's face off his cock and then pulled her to her feet.

"Shower. Now."

She led him down a hallway to her bathroom and turned on the shower as she stepped into it. Jim Followed. The warm water sprayed over both of them. Cheri grabbed her bottle of shower gel and poured a generous amount into her hands. She began soaping Jim's body and then rubbing herself against him. His massive cock poked into her upper abdomen and she grabbed it in both soapy hands, stroking it furiously.

"Easy Cheri ... take it easy," Jim said as he pried her hands loose from his soapy cock. He filled his hands with soap suds and began covering Cheri's C-cup tits with bubbles, enjoying the feel of the firm yet pliant flesh beneath his hands, the large nipples swollen with desire. Cheri moaned as his touch enflamed her further; taking her to the edge of climax but not past that point. She never recalled her nipples being this sensitive before. Just the feel of Jim's palms on her nubbins was driving her crazy.

Jim ran a soapy hand down her belly to cup her sex; his middle finger sliding between the lips to the wet treasure cave they guarded. There it was -- her newly enhanced clitoris. She gasped as he manipulated it with his fingers. Cheri's moans were becoming pitiful now.

"Wash me. Then we will fuck."

Wordlessly, Cheri began washing Jim's corpulent body leaving not one inch of skin untouched. Then, Jim did the same for her. They rinsed off, stepped out of the shower and dried themselves.

"Bedroom. Now."

Cheri practically ran down the hall to her room, Jim following as best he could. He got to her room to find her on all fours on her bed, her pert backside pointing directly at him framing her pussy perfectly and giving a target for his truncheon of a cock. He fisted it, squeezing out a drop of fluid to the tip as he stepped toward the young waitress who was about to sample the power of the Master PC program.

Jim was tempted to just get up behind the young blond waitress and plunge his cock into her, but he could not resist taking a taste of that sweet looking poontang first. Gripping her ass cheeks in both hands, he pulled them apart fully exposing the valley of her sex, her asshole winking in time with the inner clenching of her sex muscles. She reminded him of how the mares had looked on his father-in-law's horse ranch when they were trying to attract the attention of the stud, their big horsey cunts drooling and winking.

He put his face right up to her ass and breathed deeply, taking in the smell of her moist valley of venus. And then he began to lick. Like a big dog, he ran the flat of his tongue all the way from the top of her cunt crack back to the very top of her ass crack and back the other way. Cheri pushed her ass back against his face crying out in delight as his tongue began to worm its way into every fold and crevice between her legs. She was on a freight train to climaxville but she wouldn't arrive until Jim gave her permission.

Cheri's pussy cream was potent as the nectar of the gods and Jim was licking up as much of it as he could. He paid special attention to the knot of nerves and flesh at the apex of her sex, thrumming his tongue across the engorged bump again and again causing Cheri to repeatedly cry out with pleasure and a growing amount of frustration that she hadn't cum yet.

Jim even licked Cheri's puckered brown eye -- something he'd never done in his entire life -- and smiled as she gasped when his tongue touched her in that forbidden place.

With his new mental capacity Jim was able to make a note to revisit Cheri's anal sphincter with the Master PC program and make it extra sensitive to stimulation. He decided to make Cheri his test model for Master PC manipulation just to see how far he could take things. She would not be any the worse for his adjustments -- he would make sure of that -- and he would also make sure that she got a better job. There might be an opening at his company that she could qualify for. This digression took far less time to process than it has taken to type these words, of course, and having sampled her pussy and booty with his lips and tongue, Jim decided it was time for her to experience his enhanced manhood.

"Cheri, would you like me to fuck you now?"

"Oh...God...yessss...please fuck me," Cheri hissed between clenched teeth as her whole body responded to his voice.

Jim knelt on the bed behind Cheri and began to rub the large mushroom shaped head of his cock between the crenellated petals of her pussy. There was no question about her being lubricated enough to take him in. Cheri's entire crack was shiny with pussy dew and saliva. Looking at it fanned the flames of Jim's lust to a conflagration. Cheri's whole body was shaking with anticipation as Jim continued to tease her. He was also covering the head of his cock with her slippery lubricant preparatory to pushing it inside her.

With a grunt Jim began to force his thick cock into Cheri's tight twat. She groaned as the relentless pressure threatened to split her in two. Like a battering ram, Jim's big dick gained ground a quarter inch at a time, gradually forcing its way into the velvet insides of Cheri's hot cunt.

She was moaning continuously now in pleasure and in some discomfort as it almost felt as though she was being deflowered for a second time. Cheri had experienced sex on a number of occasions but had never experienced anything like this. Her whole body was on fire. She ached to engulf the powerful shaft seeking entry to her feminine portal with all of her being. She felt as though her life depended on it. And so she pushed back against the thick intruder trying to aid its conquest of her tight little pussy.

Jim was patient but implacable. Again and again he pushed his shaft forward between Cheri's pussy lips. Inch by inch he began to make headway until the entire head and first third of the shaft were entirely inside. Now his strokes were longer and more powerful as he pummeled Cheri's sex with his cock.

At last with a mighty push he felt himself slide home. His belly smacked up against Cheri's ass and his balls felt the tickle of her pubic fur.

"Cum, Cheri," he whispered.

She exploded. Her cunt muscles clamped down almost painfully on Jim's cock. He made no attempt to move, but held himself still while the subject of his first sexual experiment with the Master PC software wailed through one climax after another.

Wave after wave of contractions rippled through Cheri's vaginal muscles, milking Jim's massive meatpop bringing him intense pleasure. He leaned over the sexy waitress and reached around to grab her big natural tits kneading them like bread dough and tweaking the super sensitive nipples. Cheri squealed and moaned as her climax went on and on. She had never experienced pleasure this intense in her life.

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