tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaster Rob's Prey

Master Rob's Prey


My feet hurt and I'm exhausted. I'm even more pissed. Let me explain. I've been walking for the past two hours in the middle of nowhere because I was so stupid and forgot to top off my gas for my car. I remembered seeing the sign, "Last gas station for hours. Stop Now!" I shrugged it off. I just wanted to drive and keep driving. I had a half tank and didn't think much of it. I had missed my flight and it was the last for the weekend because of a serious cold front headed my way bringing snowstorms. It was a 10 hour drive so I rented a car and drove.

It was 2AM and I had been walking for over an hour now. There was a full moon out. The sky was so clear and everything was brighter than any night I could remember. Maybe because i was in the dark for so long but it didn't matter. I was going to lose my job over this. I had one simple job and that was to just close out a deal across the state. I remember my boss specifically telling me that he would fire me if this went bad. It was that serious. The meeting was supposed to be in 48 hours so there was still hope for me to get there on time. That's when i saw the headlights peek over the distant hill.

As the car got close enough to me that i was pretty sure that the driver could see me, i stepped off to the shoulder and started waving my arms hoping that he would stop and give me a lift. I was so happy when I realized he was slowing down. As the truck slowed down to a complete stop the driver's window slid down.

"It looks like you could use a lift, Missy" The man from the truck shouted out at me over the roaring engine.

"That would be amazing, my I ran out of gas down the road. I've been walking for hours."

"Climb on in, I can help you out." he shouted back.

As I rounded the truck and got to the passenger door, I realized that it was a tow truck. I opened the door and jumped in slamming the door behind me.

"Oh my goodness, you're a lifesaver!"

"No problem at all Missy, Let's go pick up your car and get you back to the station for a fill up so you can be on your way." he said.

"I would much appreciate that. How much is this going to be?"

"Oh nothing at all." he replied. "I don't mind helping."

"Well, thanks again mister." i gushed at him. "I really do appreciate this."

There was an awkward pause for about a minute. He would occasionally glance over at me and smile, which made it worse.

"So, got business out here in the middle of nowhere?" he said breaking the silence.

"Oh, not today... I was dressed up for a client of mine that would have been picking me up at the airport. But I missed that flight." I said to him embarrassed of the stupidity of the situation I was in. I was in a white blouse and black skirt with stockings. The stockings were ruined because I had been walking down the road barefoot. I was planned poorly only packing heels for the trip.

"Oh, that's a bummer." he said.

"Don't worry about it. I just need to get on my way as soon as possible."

The rest of the ride was pretty quiet. It was only about a 15 minute ride to my car. I stayed inside the tow truck while he hitched up my rental. It didn't take but two minutes. As he entered the truck he handed me a paper cup filled with some sort of sports drink.

"Here you go Missy. I'm sure you must be thirsty. I totally forgot about the cooler in the back."

Without saying a word I take the cup out of his hand and drink it all. It definitely tasted a bit funny but I didn't care. It hit the spot.

"Thanks for that, I really needed that." I said to him happily.

Not too long after he started driving off my limbs started to tingle and feel heavy. At first I thought I was just tired but the sensation rapidly got worse and soon I was just a motionless body slouched in my seat. That's when I felt his hand on my thigh. He moved it up my skirt and pressed his fingers against my pussy. I tried to scream and lash out, but nothing happened. I was just frozen there, not able to make a peep.

"Don't worry little Missy. I'm going to take good care of you." he said with one hand on the wheel, and the other exploring under my skirt. My heart was pounding at this point. I had a mixture of emotions flowing through me. I was mostly terrified.

"You'll be fine, you're just temporarily paralyzed." he said and gently patted my pussy like he was trying to console me.

At this point he takes off my seat belt and lays me down and makes my head rest on his lap. Switching hands on the wheel I hear him digging in the side door compartment. He grunts and moans, "Damnit where is it..." he says under his breath. He digs around for a few seconds more and finds what he was looking for. He quickly switches hands with the object and is back to steering with his left hand. He then uses it. Hr gently drags the cold metal across my skin and under my blouse. I can feel it catch on to the fabric. They were scissors. I could tell by the sound it made as he spent a moment going down my body cutting off my blouse, bra, and skirt. I felt the cool air draft across my body. I was nearly completely naked in a matter of seconds. I felt him tug at the shredded clothing, pulling them out from underneath me. I heard them soon be discarded on the floorboard. I could tell that he liked what he saw. His penis was now swelling under my head, rising against my cheek. His hand quickly found my firm C breasts. He started out by cupping each of my fleshy mounds. My nipples pressed into the palms of his kneading hands. His groping then turned into him gently punching each nipple, giving them a tug.

"Very nice..." he moaned out. "I'm going to get paid well for you."

The inside of the truck started to light up. We were approaching the gas station. It illuminated the entire area during the night. We started slowing down, taking a right going down a dirt road. It quickly began to get dark again.

"We're almost there." He said.


The truck slowed down and the man rolled his window down. As it came to a stop, he leaned out the window and I could hear the beeping of a keypad. We were going into a secure area. Rolling up his window we entered.

The tires rumbled as we drove over the gravel driveway towards our destination. The driver announces his arrival by honking his horn before getting out and leaving me inside the cab of the truck on my back and fully exposed. The paralysis doesn't seem to be wearing off any time soon. I desperately want to sit up and gather what was left of my clothes and disappear into the darkness. But I couldn't.

The driver has been gone for several minutes. My mind wanders of what could happen to me. The pitch black darkness and silence doesn't help me as I'm afraid of the dark.

The silence is broken by footsteps approaching the vehicle. They get louder and louder until my door swings open. The cool night breeze sweeps over me spreading goose bumps all over my body. I cut my eyes in their direction. But with my paralysis all I can see in my peripheral is the back of the bench seat and the roof of the car. There wasn't a word spoken. But I can tell there were two people standing at the doorway. I can hear them breathing. Before speaking, the unknown man lets out a sigh. "She's cold. Get the girl inside."

I feel a hand on each of my ankle then there was a pull. My long brunette hair drags again the seat. He lets my ankles go and my legs flop down and out of the truck causing my ankles to slam out against the floor of the truck. Throbbing pain shoots up my legs. I can't do anything but tear up and raise my rate of breathing.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" the second man yells. "You will receive no payment if those injuries bruise up. Hurry and get her inside you idiot!"

"Y-yes sir." he stammered back.

I am quickly scooped up and tossed over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. My vision is blurred from the tears in my eyes. I couldn't see anything anyways. My head was bouncing around like crazy.

We entered the mysterious house. The sound of their footsteps echoed through the long hallway I was being carried in. The house must be massive.

"Take her into the next room on the left." the homeowner said.

Within a few seconds I was set down on upon a very soft and warm platform. There was bright lamps overhead. They were so very warm. It felt so good against my bare and cold body. I was so tired that I wanted to just lie there and fall asleep. I wished I could fall asleep and wake up and this all be a dream. The moment was brief. I felt his rough hands on my right thigh. He dug his fingers under my stocking and quickly it was peeled off my body. Then the left one was taken off. All I had left was my panties. I laid there in fear, praying he would leave those on. But my prayers were not answered. He put his hands on my hips, hooked his fingers under the thin fabric and slowly pulled them off my body. My heart pounded as I lied there fully exposed, and so very vulnerable. In my mind I was kicking and screaming. But in reality, I was hopeless and unable to do a thing. He straightened my body on the platform. He placed my hands at my side palms down. He then straightened my legs. I heard him gather up the last of my clothing and his footsteps faded out of the room.

As soon as the steps grew faint I heard more from down the hallway. It sounded like a group of people this time. They entered my room and stood beside me. I heard a loud thud and a slosh of water at their feet. What I heard next was what sounded like dripping cloth from a bucket. That's exactly what it was. I felt three warm and moist cloths at different parts of my body. One person was washing my feet. The person was being very thorough and washing in between my toes. Another person was wiping me gently on my face and working down my neck and breasts. The third washed my thighs and worked down to my knees. It didn't take long before my pussy started to be cleaned. These people were not being sexual with their work at all. I felt like I was a cripple receiving a sponge bath. Within minutes I was flipped and my backside was cleaned.

They however, didn't stop with just the cleaning. One of the cleaning crew spread my cheeks wide and moments later I felt something being pressed against my asshole. It didn't slip in as easily as they hoped. They lifted the object away and I felt cold lube being squirted on my crack. It began to cascade down and across my hole and down to my pussy where there quickly stopped it with a rag. I felt the object pressed into my ass again and this time it slipped in with ease pain free. It went in several inches. Its tapered shape allowed my ass to firmly hold it in place. Just as quickly as my ass accepted the phallus in my ass, I felt myself being pumped full of warm liquid. I was filled and filled until they allowed my body to push it out. I heard a gush of water start to fill a second bucket below. They repeated this several times until they knew my ass was completely cleaned out.

They removed the douche and filled my ass again with a much larger, longer plug. This one hurt a little but the pin didn't last long. They rolled me over and Spread my legs exposing my pussy to them. I felt some pretty hot stuff being applied to my bush. Quickly one of them applied pressure to it. I knew what was coming next. I would stiffen up and brace myself for the pain if I could. In one swift motion, a large patch of my bush was ripped off of me. The pain was terrible. I have never once even shaved down there before and now it's being ripped from me. This happened five or six more times and my pussy was now bald and red from irritation. They all gathered up their supplies and left.

Same as before, I heard someone approaching my room after they left. This time just one. This person spoke.

"Hello my name is Carol and I'm here to assess you this morning. Looking at your ID your name is Megan Smith and you're 23 years old." she said as if she were a doctor.

I was shocked to hear a woman's voice.

"This will only take a couple minutes."

I heard he pull open a tape measure. The cold metal was draped across my body as she took a measurement of my height. She let it wind up and i heard her pencil tapping on a clipboard as she wrote down the measurements. She measured the width of my must, waist, and hips.

"Very nice, 34-26-38... One of our best yet."

She continued to scribble more notes down on her clipboard. I couldn't help but think about her comment. What does she mean by one of our best yet? Are there others I thought.

"Well I have just one more thing to check" she said while reaching down into her back.

I heard her snap on some gloves and I heard the same lube container from earlier snap open. She lube up something and slid it into my pussy. She cranked on a knob and my pussy began to stretch open. She grabbed a flashlight and peered into my gaping pussy.

"My oh my... You're a virgin?" she said with a chuckle.

She slide the device out of my and quickly started writing down her findings on the clipboard. I was so embarrassed. And my face probably showed it. She set her clipboard down and bent over to her bag again. I heard her pop off some plastic lids and dispose of them into the trash.

"You're going to feel a slight sting, nothing to worry about."

With that being said I felt a prick on my arm. I hated getting shots. A few seconds later my vision started tunneling. Then, complete darkness as I passed out.


My eyes open to a fairly dark room. I turn my head towards a lighted outline of a door. "Had I been dreaming all this time?" I think to myself as I sit up in the bed. I immediately realize that the room I was in was not my own. Sitting on my butt I also remember that the rather large anal plug is still inserted snug up my rear. I'll leave it there for now as it isn't an immediate threat. I also realize that there is a tight collar wrapped around my neck that was uncomfortably tight. I spend a moment examining it in the darkness trying to take it off or loosen it at least. No luck. I began to panic. Throwing the blanket to the side I jump off the bed and began looking for a light switch. At this moment I realize that I'm still completely naked and that there was a burning pain where my pubic hair once was. Reaching my hand down to my sensitive bare skin, I realize that there was a bandage taped to me. I applied pressure to it with my hand and it increased my pain. "What the fuck?" I quietly breathed out.

I continued my search for switch or light source. Stumbling my way to the distance outlined door I find the switch. I flip the light on. To my surprise it's very nicely decorated and fully furnished with a queen sized bed, dresser, night stand, etc. At the other end are two doors. One is already open. Walking over to it I peeked in and turned the light on. It's a full bathroom. Walking in I see myself in the mirror. My eyes immediately target the bandage over my bald pussy. Peeling it off I discover that it was a tattoo. It was an image of what looked like a cattle brand with the letter "R". My mind was a total mess. What the fuck is going on.

I resume my panicked state and begin looking for an exit. First I looked for window. There was none. I checked the mysterious closed door. It was locked. Next, I rushed over to the dresser with three drawers in hopes of finding some clothing. I pull open the top drawer and find that the whole thing is filled with all sorts of panties, and they're all my size. All of them are very skimpy and slutty. Definitely not the kind I would normally wear. Examining the drawer I find a pair that I thought were the least slutty. They were a pair of white cotton very low cut boy short panties. They hardly covered up a thing. It was like wearing a strip of duct tape. It however, was better than an alternative of the assortment of thongs, g-strings, and other various panties made of practically see through materials.

Opening the second drawer was full of tops. More clothes that I wouldn't want to wear. Nothing covered up my breasts fully. And if it did, it was sheer and see-through. There were some corsets too that would push up my breasts and nicely outline underneath them. I pushed them to the side. The only thing that I could find acceptable in the drawer was a white baby doll. Its material was somewhat see through but you could easily see my puffy areolas. There was a white ribbon bow in the center and more sheer material even more see though draped below the outlines of my breasts that stopped well above my belly button. I felt so silly wearing it, but it was all I had.

The third drawer was full of stocking. They ranged from fishnets to just plain stocking. I recognized patterns that matched materials from the previous drawers. Obviously they were all sets. I didn't realize it until now but I had been choosing everything from a matching set. I searched for the white stockings. They were a pair of thigh high stockings that went to my mid thigh. They were a thicker material till about the ankles and from there on it was the same matching thin material as the material that covered my breasts. I slid them on. They actually felt pretty nice. I was aware of how nicely they accented my curvy ass.

I walked back to the mirror in the bathroom to examine myself. I looked like a Victoria's Secret mannequin that I always saw when I passed by that store in the mall. Something that I knew I would never wear. I was so uncomfortable wearing the clothing. I never wore anything like this and if just felt so weird. I rushed back to the dresser. I just wanted to get out of this. If someone was going to see me I'd rather be naked than be caught in this seductive attire. As I made it halfway across the floor I heard someone at the main door. There was a sound of someone inserting keys into the knob to unlock the door and enter. I froze for a second then my instincts were to jump into bed and cover up my body, and so I did.

The door swung open. A tall man in a business suit entered the room holding a tray of food. He saw that I was awake.

"Good morning, I've brought you some breakfast." he said in a way that a father would address a daughter early in the morning.

I immediately recognized the man's voice. He was the home owner from last night.

"What the fuck are you doing holding me hostage like this?" I replied in a very distraught manner. They were the first words that I've said since before getting drugged and paralyzed.

"No need for the temper." he cooed. "That is no way a lady should be acting."

"Fuck you whoever you are! You need to let me go right now. I am a hostage here." I shouted back.

He set the tray of food down and reached under his jacket and produced a remote and held it up purposely to show it off. He pressed a button and a loud beep came from my collar. Moments later there was an extremely painful wave of electricity flowing through my body. It lasted for about a second but it felt like minutes.

"You are to never use such language again. That was on the lowest setting. If I have to I'll give you the highest the next time. Consider this your warning. Now first things first, eat your breakfast." He said more sternly while setting down the tray of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and a glass of milk.

Honestly, I was starving. I hadn't eaten a thing since the previous afternoon before my abduction. I wanted to resist his offer but I was too hungry and fearful of what the highest setting of that taser around my neck might feel like. I quickly ate the food down and was hesitant to drink the milk.

"Don't worry, it's not drugged." he said. "I would never drug you."

"Like I'd believe you." I said sarcastically.

"Not another word out of you. You're starting to anger me." he said in a darker tone. "Drink your milk, now."

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