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Master, slave, playtime


He walks into the bedroom, I am on the floor, on my knees, legs spread apart, head bowed down with respect for my Master. I am naked. He walks up to me and pats my head to show his affection for me. I do not look up at him, but I sense he has something new planned for me tonight. I wait with anticipation for him to touch me. Just when i think he is going to skip the nightly fun he likes so much, he slaps my ass hard three times, I feel my ass burning, my clean shaven pussy becomes instantly wet. He then shoves a butt plug in my tight ass without any lubrication. I want to cry out in pain, but I know that it is forbidden for me to speak or make any noise until I'm told that I can. Once the plug is in place he smacks it hard three times, as tears fall down my cheeks, I try not to scream, but a small sound escapes my lips.

That makes him angry so he smacks the plug three more times as hard as he can, and yells at me to be quiet. More tears run down my cheeks as my pussy juices run down my thighs. My Master is very turned on by my tears and pain, just as much as I am. He then chains my wrists to the bars he had installed on the floor last year. I cannot move them, I am at his mercy, just the way he likes me, I hear a bag rattling as my Master gets out his new toy he bought just for me. First he places the nipple clamps on each nipple, I do not cry out but wish i could. He gives them a tug to make sure they will not come off. My nipples burning, and my ass plugged, my Master prepares to shove in the new toy, it is bigger than any toy he has ever used on me.

It feels like it might rip me apart as he shoves it in as hard and as fast as he can. I almost scream out in pain, but I catch myself and bite on my bottom lip until it bleeds. Both of my holes filled with a toy my Master stands back and slaps my ass and pussy hard, causing pain and pleasure. He then turns on the vibe in my pussy and leaves the room. I am still chained to the floor so I can't move to much I know my Master intends to tease and torture me for a while, the vibe is on low so it will take a while for me to reach orgasm, just like he intended. He leaves me like this for a few hours. My knees start to ache, I can no longer feel my nipples from the clamps. My juices are running down my thighs and dripping on the floor. He will make me lick it up later, after he finishes with me. He likes to watch me lick up my mess.

After about two and a half hours, my Master returns, he slips a blindfold over my eyes, and puts a ball gag in my mouth. I cannot see what he is about to do next. I hear my Master moving things around in the closet, he finds what he was looking for, walks up behind me, caresses my ass once, the next thing I feel is a sharp intense pain in the same spot he just touched so very gently, I hear the crack of a whip, I try to scream out in pain but the gag muffles most of the sound, as my Master continues to whip me like an animal, tears are flowing freely down my cheeks. Finally after what seems like hours but is really only twenty minutes, he stops whipping me, and caresses his hands over every welt on my bright red ass. It burns as he touches them, he then gets some ice out of his drink and rubs it all over my ass to cool down the burning. There is an even bigger puddle of juices on the floor. He knows that even though he hurt me, he has also turned me on. He takes off the gag, stands in front of me and shoves his big hard cock all the way down my throat, he loves to hear me gag on it. My Master is rewarded with the sound of my gagging. He pulls out just a bit then shoves it back in deeper, I cannot breathe as he holds my head still. I gag hard, almost vomit, then he pulls out again, I gasp for breath, then he shoves it back in again. He continues to fuck my mouth for quite some time, my mouth gets very sore. Finally he stops, sticks a dildo in my mouth, takes out the butt plug, and with only my spit on his cock he rams it in my ass as fast and hard as he can.

It feels as if he has ripped my ass apart as he starts to pound my ass hard and fast. He likes to try and make me scream with the dildo shoved in my mouth. He slams in and out of my ass, as he slides the vibrator in and out of my soaking wet cunt, he slaps my ass making the welts burn again, the tears are streaming down my face, I am humiliated, all of my holes are filled. My Master loves to humiliate me this way, it makes him stay hard for many hours. He continues to pound my ass for a few hours, he has allowed me to have several orgasms, while he hasn't had one yet. I feel that he is almost ready to cum, because he starts fucking my ass as hard and fast as he can in and out, my ass taking all of his cock, the pain is gone now and only pleasure remains as he pounds in and out deeper. Finally, one last thrust and my Master starts to cum in my ass, then pulls out and cums some more on my ass and on the floor, he has added his cum to my puddle of juices.

My Master takes off my blindfold uncuffs me and orders me to clean off his cock as he takes out the dildo, and puts the butt plug back in my freshly fucked ass. I obey my Master and take his cock in my mouth and suck it clean. He then orders me to lick up the mess we have made on the floor, I obey him and clean it all up with my tongue. After I am finished, he smiles at me and says, "Good girl, that's my good little cum slut." I smile to myself because I have pleased my Master. He then tells me I can sleep on the bed with him, but I must keep the plug and vibrator in place and sleep with them in me all night. I say, "Yes Master," and climb in bed next to him and fall asleep instantly.

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