tagBDSMMaster Surprises Me Ch. 02

Master Surprises Me Ch. 02


I woke up and slowly opened my eyes to see that I had not been dreaming, My master was still there sleeping beside me. I could feel his warm skin all the way down my body and his cum still inside my ass. I loved being his slut so as a proper cock-whore I immediately slipped down on the bed until my face was even with his big beautiful cock. I loved when my master fell asleep, it was so fun to suck his cock until he woke up. I lightly licked around the soft head of his cock, playing with his slowly hardening shaft gently. I let his cock slide into my wet mouth slowly sucking him deeper, letting just the head rest on my tongue. I sucked and licked around the head of my masters cock, loving the taste of myself and his cum. I let my mouth go farther down on his long cock, sucking him slowly into my mouth.

I move my hand to his balls and roll them around, I know my master loves me to play with his balls when I suck his cock. His long, thick cock now fully hard in my mouth, I began sucking him harder, moving my head slowly up and down his big dick.

"Ah... I love when you service me like this bitch. You are such a good little girl, I knew you would be." my master said in his pleased Daddy voice, and then moaned as I fully deep-throated his cock.

I love it when my master is pleased by me, I live to be his whore. I'm made for him and he uses me so well. I kept his cock deep in my throat and moaned, knowing he loved the vibrations on his hard shaft. I began sucking his cock harder, moving my mouth up and down his shaft. I stop at the spongy head of his cock so I can taste his pre-cum and tease him a bit. I bring my mouth off of his cock for a moment and look deep into my master's eyes, questioning him.

"Yes baby girl, what do you have to say?" he asked me softly giving me permission to speak.

"Chris I love the way your cock feels in my mouth and the way you taste. Master my pussy is dripping wet just from having your cock in my mouth." I moaned out and then returned to sucking my master's hard cock. Without warning I quickly deep-throated his cock and began sucking hard.

"Oh god you little bitch! Suck my cock, slut!" my master grunted as he grabbed my head and began fucking his cock into my throat as I relaxed and just sucked his shaft as he fucked my face. I loved making him lose control like this, he made me feel like a fuck toy when he used me like this. I came hard while he fucked my slutty mouth, moaning around his cock. "Oohhhhhhh Fuck!" my master yelled as his cum spurted into my throat and he pulled his cock out fast to cover my pretty young face with his spunk.

I keep my mouth open to try and taste my Masters creamy cum and catch a few shots but most lands all over my face. I lick my lips and swallow the bit of cum in my mouth moaning as I taste my master's treat.

"Did you cum, bitch? Did you?" Chris asked me in his stern Daddy voice, the one he used when he was going to punish me.

"Yes sir I did, I just love being your little cock whore so much that I couldn't help it. I love being your cunt Master." I whispered in my little girl voice.

"Ok baby girl, this time is ok. Look up at me doll. You look like such a whore right now. My cum all over your face, you are such a fucking slut. Today you get rewarded for being such a good girl for me" my master replied softly. "Now, let's go get cleaned up for your surprise" he smirked. Chris lifted me off the bed and carried me into the bathroom, putting me down in the shower. "Ok slut, let's clean my cum from you and get you shaved and soft. I want your soft, sweet, young pussy to be as fresh as it can be." my master whispered as he turned on the spray and began lathering his hands with sweet smelling bath gel.

When his hands were covered in the white foam he began washing my hot little body, my cunt was still soaked from sucking his cock and I wanted him to fuck me. I needed his cock inside me soon. I was moaning as he washed my big breasts. My nipples were rock hard by the time he rinsed the soap from me. He laughed as I wiggled closer to him and grabbed his already hard cock and began jacking him off.

"You want my cock slut?" he asked me laughing.

"Oh god, Chris please." I begged as he bent down and bit my nipple while suddenly shoving two fingers into my wet cunt.

"Please what bitch? What do you want? Do you want me to let you ride my fingers, want me to lick that slutty cunt or fuck your tight little pussy? Or maybe you want me to fuck your ass again? Well, little girl what do you want?" my master growled roughly into my ear as he grabbed my hair hard and pulled me against his chest, flattening my big tits, his thick fingers still buried deep in my cunt.

"Oh master, please fuck my cunt, I need your cock inside my pussy master. Chris, mmm, Chris please fuck my cunt" I screamed as I rode hard on his fingers.

"That's my little girl, turn around slut and put your hands on the wall and spread your pretty legs for me. Let me see your cunt baby girl. Show me my pussy, now bitch!" He replied as he pushed me to turn around so my ass was facing him. Slap Slap Slap Slap his big hands slammed down on my white ass, the water from the shower making the sting worse. I cried out in pain and pleasure, he spanked me without warning and the shock almost made me cum.

"You came while sucking my cock cunt, WITHOUT my permission. I cannot let you get away with that. A good whore knows better" Chris yelled at me while continuing to slap my reddening and stinging ass.

I cried out, "I'm sorry master, please forgive me, I'll be a good slut". After he slapped me about ten times on each burning red cheek his assault stopped, my cunt was dripping wet from my well-deserved spanking. "Master I am sorry for being a bad little girl, you made my little cunt so wet by spanking me. Will you please fuck me Chris?" I begged him in my sweet little girl voice.

"You make me so proud baby girl, you're such a good slut for me." my master whispered as he shoved his thick cock in my dripping cunt from behind, pushing me against the cold shower wall as he fucked me. Chris reached up and grabbed my wet hair pulling my body away from the wall and my back against his chest as he fucked my wet pussy. He pulled his cock from my tight little cunt and swung my body around lifting me up to his waist and impaling me on his hard cock. I wrapped my legs around him and rested my back on the shower wall as I rode his cock. Master thrust his cock up into my pussy as I slammed down to meet him, I loved fucking my master like this. I loved it when he used me like a fuck toy.

Master began sucking and biting hard on my nipples and breasts, digging his nails into my ass as he pounded my tight cunt and I screamed "please Master, let me cum, I need to cum. Your cock..oh god..master...please...Chris..ohh god let me cum!"

He stopped with his cock all the way deep into my cunt, and looked deep into my eyes and whispered "Ok bitch cum for me, cum for daddy whore" and then kissed me brutally and started fucking his cock in and out of me hard and fast. I screamed as I came on his big cock, my cunt pulsing around him my master groaned and kept fucking me hard.

My head slamming into the shower wall as I kept cumming on his cock, "Oh baby girl your so tight. You're gonna make me cum bitch!"Master growled out as he thrust his dick in and out of my tight little pussy. My pussy juices were running down his cock onto his balls and thighs, I just kept cumming as he fucked me until Chris finally pulled out of my grasping cunt and pushed me to my knees so he could cum on my face again. I loved it when he covered my face in cum, then I really looked like his whore.

I smiled as he jacked his cock off into my face, and he laughed "Want this honey? You want me to cum on your face? You like being my slut whore?"

"Yes Master Chris, I want your cum and I love being your slut and your whore." I responded in my girly voice hoping that would make him cum faster. His already big cock swelled and he cried out as he began to spurt hot white cum on my face.

After he finished cumming and calmed down he pulled me up off of my knees in the shower stall and began washing me again, not letting me have his cum off my face just washing it off. I pouted up at my sexy master as he wasted all that yummy cum but said nothing, a slave never complains. My master cleaned my whole body softly, washing away our sweat and sex juices. He washed my soft little pussy and then got his razor and my shaving cream so that he could shave my pussy soft and bare. He liked me to be shaved completely or to have just a strip of hair down the center. He shaved my little cunt, on my lips and near my asshole making sure not to cut me but getting every hair.

"We need you to be perfect for your surprise slut, so while I wash my hair you shave your legs and arms, and wash your hair and then I will wash your body again." he said sweetly and I nodded and followed his directions. After I was done shaving and washing and conditioning my own hair, Master lathered me up and rubbed his big soapy hands on my big tits, tweaking my nipples and roughly squeezing my flesh, slippery with soap. I lathered my own hands and began washing his chest paying close attention to his nipples and then washing softly down his stomach to his big cock and soft balls. I tried hard not to play, I knew he didn't have time to fuck me again and he didn't want me to get dirty again I just soaped up his cock and balls, washing all of our cum from his body and then stopped.

I stood there so my master could wash me to his liking, he washed my cunt again and my ass, slipping his soapy fingers inside me to make sure I was really clean.

"Oh Chris, please let me cum one more time. Your hands...your fingers in my pussy and ass..oh...oh..oh...they feel so good..please let me cum sir?" I panted out as he rinsed the soap from my ass and pussy, still fingering both my holes.

"Ok baby girl, you can cum. You're such a slut I can't even wash you without you getting all hot." My master replied as he roughly fucked my asshole and cunt with his thick fingers.

"Yes sirrr..I am a slut..oh god, yes master make me cum for you." I stuttered out as I came hard on his hand. After my master let me cum we finished our shower and got out to dry off.

"I bought you some clothes for tonight baby girl, go get the bag from the living room and bring it to me." Chris ordered once we were both dry. I got the bag and came into the bedroom to find him already dressed and sitting at my computer, looking at the pictures I had taken for him. When I can't be with my master I am allowed to play with myself whenever I want as long as I am not expecting him and I take pictures of myself. Master likes to see how slutty I am when he is not around, and to be able to see my wet cunt when he wants so I take lots of pictures with my fingers and my toys.

"Thank you slut, I see that you have been busy. You took almost a hundred photo's of yourself, playing with those big tits and that tight little cunt I love. Now open the bag and get dressed. I think you'll like the clothes." he smirked at me.

My pussy already getting wet again I sat on the bed and opened the bag to see a black lace camisole with underwire cups and a short black skirt. Master had also bought me some black thigh high stockings and some tall black stiletto heels to wear. I loved dressing as his slut, so the world could see the body that he used whenever the mood struck him. I put the shirt on and adjusted the cups around my breasts, master had of course bought the shirt a little small so that my tits spilled out almost to the nipples. Not that it mattered much, the shirt was so sheer the light pink of my nipples showed clearly in the black lace. The skirt so short that when I bent down to roll the stockings up Master smacked my visible ass cheeks and I jumped.

"See whore, you want to be my slut you will look the part. Now do your make-up, black eyes red mouth, I want you to look like a street walker." he told me in his Daddy voice.

"Yes sir, I love looking like your whore. Master, can I ask what my surprise is?" I begged.

"No! You do not ask me anything whore. I will do whatever I want with you bitch, no questions. Understood?" Chris responded angrily.

"I'm sorry sir, I'll do as you say." I replied quietly, saddened that I had disappointed my master again. I went into the bathroom and applied thick black liner to my eyes, shadowing them darkly and heavily before lining my lips in bright red and painting in the color. When I looked in the mirror I looked like a young hooker, tits all displayed, my skirt so short it barely covered my ass and my face painted so heavily. I hoped Master would be pleased.

I walked out of the bathroom to the bedroom and put on the slutty fuck me heels that Master had bought before walking into the living room where he was waiting for me. "Oh Baby Girl, you look so good dressed as my whore." Master said proudly, smiling at me while his cock rose in his pants. "Let's go out. You'll get your surprise soon enough bitch, you'll be happy. I promise you that." Chris said to me smirking evilly as he pulled me outside to his waiting car. My neighbors happened to be walking to their apartment as we left and stopped speechless when they saw my practically naked body.

"Hi Boys! She looks good dressed as my slut doesn't she? Maybe some time I'll let you fuck her, if she behaves." Chris said to the college guys next door as he dragged me to the car, they laughed and asked me to please be good. I just smiled and followed my master to the car.

After we got in Master reached between my legs and felt my damp pussy, "You want those young boys to fuck this baby girl?" he asked me, grabbing my cunt hard.

"No, master. I only need your cock. You are my master, I don't need any boy's cock. I am your slut and only yours. But if you want me to please them I will, anything you want Chris. I am your whore." I replied, grinding my pussy into his hand as he smiled at me and nodded.

"You are such a good girl. Let's go get your surprise."

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