tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaster Takes Her

Master Takes Her


He looked down at her in the muted light of early morning. Summer and a full moon afforded him more light. Small and perfect, her naked body fuelled his lust. He could feel himself throbbing in anticipation. She was small for her eighteen years, he liked it. Small pert breasts, nipples erect in the slight chill of the morning breeze. Her chest rose and fell with the relaxed breathing of sleep. Not sure whether to wake her he stalled, caressing his hard cock, imagining screwing her virginal body. He thought of the others, they had enjoyed being woken to feel him inside them. It was decided. Bending over he a nipple in his mouth flicking it gently with his tongue. He was stalling again, but he liked to loosen up before he took from them what was theirs alone. He was often jealous of them, that gift they could give.

He loved relieving them of it. Kneeling over Tia he snaked his way down her young body. Placing one hand around her right breast, his other started to feel around her mound, the downy hair, and the tight, tiny slit. He watched her breathing change as he ran his fingers over her clitoris and down towards her slit. Wetness reached his fingers as she began to yield to his touch. He groaned in anticipation of the tightness that was to come. He circled his finger around her mound, pressing down harder in areas to heighten her sleeping pleasure. She began to buck his expert fingering. He wanted to cum right there.

Kneeling back he slipped his middle finger into her slit. She was so godamn tight, it would be hard for him to fit into her virginal cunt, but he sure as hell would force it in there. Pushing his finger further in he touched her hymen; it was good to make sure. Removing his hand he wiped her juices on his hard head. It would be a tight fit and he would enjoy every minute fucking that hole, young and tight, the way he liked them. Taking his cock in one hand he touched his head to her pussy. Slipping two fingers in from his other hand he stretched it. He would really enjoy this cunt fucking. Pulling out he slipped in the head of his penis, feeling her sides contract automatically around him. She stirred, beginning to come out of her sleep as he eased more of his shaft into her. Feeling her hymen he eased back, leaving just the tip of his cock in her tight pussy. He looked at Tia's face, sleep beginning to leave her, he wanted to take it before she awoke. He thrust forward and broke through the virgin's partial barrier in one movement. He heard her gasp as he began to pound her cunt, forcing it to accept more of his manhood with each thrust.

He grabbed the arms that were beginning to push against him, forcing them above her head, holding them in his vice like grip. He silenced her screams of pleasure with a hungry kiss, taking away any breath she had in her lungs. She had been born to serve him. He assaulted her pussy with more vigour; enjoy the ravishing he was giving her. He was up to six inches, but he wanted to feel his balls slamming against her arse. Her nymph like body bucked under him, shaking uncontrollably as the grips of her first orgasm tore through her body. Kissing her deeply, he caught her tongue with his sucking it as his lust took over and he thrust his whole shaft into her tiny cunt. Her eyes watered as he pounded her, bottoming out in her tiny pussy. She met each of his thrusts, forcing herself down on his solid member.

Moaning he released her hands, and they strayed down her body, feeling around her bud, feeling him pulling out and in of her small slit. He ran his fingers through his hair, enjoying the sensations of this young nubile girl impaled on his cock. He could feel her muscles begin to contract once more, he wasn't ready to come yet, and quickly withdrew, turning her over, and plunging his cock back into her upturned crotch.

Her face, buried in the pillow, she fought the screams of lust she had, biting the downy softness as he rode her, thrusting himself deeper and deeper inside her. Again she greeted each of his thrusts with one of her own. They moved together, enjoying the sensation of large cock in a virgin's twat. His hard member throbbed, and he was beginning to tremble as he was caught in the beginnings of his own orgasm. He lay on top of her, and gently pumped away, wanting the sensations to last, she was only a virgin once. He knew there was nothing for it. Pulling back, knelt, and pulled her back onto him, bouncing her up and down on his groin, she gyrated slightly with each manoeuvre, grunting hard, he let her take over, and she bounced easily on him, now that her juices were seeping out of her cunt and into his lap. Her sweet juices, leaked from her stretching slit. He grunted as he thrusted upwards, feeling himself come closer again to coming.

Closing his eyes, he forced himself in her tight twat, pumping faster and faster, he roared as he unleashed his first load into her pussy. Not pausing for breath, he lifted her off his still stiff member. Without thinking he slipped three fingers into her crotch, keeping her distracted, as he manhandled her into an unwilling doggie, he knelt behind her, as she moaned and bucked against his fingers as he probed her. She was enjoying the ride. Feeling her muscles contracting he took his opportunity.

Placing his head once more at the entrance to a tight hole. He didn't not wait as she bucked he pressed his purple head, covered in her juices, against her ass. He breathed deeply and forced his way into her tight asshole, she screamed as he tore at her, but he no longer cared, she belonged to him for this very purpose.

This was his right. He forced himself into her, the tightness was a wonder, he enjoyed impaling her on his shaft. Forcing her down into the bed he built up the pace, pumping her full of his come as her tight ass worked wonder on his cock. His already large cock swelled as it unleashed his load into her arse, feeling it drip down the side of his shaft. Collapsing on top of her, he continued to pump; he wanted to make sure she was full of his cum.

Gently his thrusts subsided, and he pulled out of her ass, leaving the limp girl on the bed. Stepping back he looked at the mess he had left. He would clean her up later. Turning he walked to the door, and unlocked the room. Glancing over his shoulders, he saw the steady breathing of the girl.

He would keep her there till the new one was ready. Until then, she was his breeding tool.

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