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She had received a strange call from her Master ordering her to meet Him in old abandoned play ground across town. He knew her fear of the dark as well as her fear of the stories she had been told of that part of town as well as the murder that had happened two years earlier. He had ordered her to dress in her black cat costume from the year before, she gasped at the thought of having to wear that old costume. I t was a black leotard but the bottom He had made her adjust the costume to his liking .

It was now a thonged leotard she was instructed not to wear her tights as she dressed slowly into her outfit she wondered what was in store for her this evening . She places the ears on her head applies her makeup slutty just as Master instructed on the phone puts on her shoes and socks then walks out the door to get in her car . She starts out of the drive and remembers that she has forgotten the bag of toys she had been instructed to bring and leave on the play ground by the swings. She had no idea what was in the bag He had filled it before he left for work that morning and placed a small pad lock on the bag . She was in another world as she curiously tried to think of what was in the bag and what he had planned. She backs her car up the drive way, places it in park and runs for the house " I'm gonna be late she thinks." fumbling with her keys as she finally gets the door open grabs the bag and bolts for her car.

Her thoughts spin in her head the fear of the dark and entering the playground makes her body shake with fear and anticipation. She pulls into the deserted parking lot so far " He's not here ." ..she mutters to herself " at least its a full moon". She looks around it has been decorated for the holiday .. Halloween" she thinks . Wondering why she got mixed up with such a weird Master to begin with.. She slowly walks through the gate and spots the swings almost immediately. The cold damp air nips at her tender flesh she begins to shiver.

Her thoughts over run her mind and she starts to hear foot steps. Panicking she looks around but sees nothing. She then hears a howling a rustle in the leaves behind her . She spots a note on the swing that wasn't there beforehand it tells her to go to the old gazebo.

Walking through the abandoned park she has no idea where this gazebo was. Where is it she cries out. And reminds herself she's gonna go crazy if she keeps talking to herself . She passes a stuffed black cat knowing she must be going in the right direction. Walking up a path lit by candles she spots the gazebo in the distance she hears someone behind her. The breath on her skin she's afraid to turn around she begins to run falling on her face in her nice black heels. Her hands are cuffed behind her a blind fold placed over her eyes. She is lifted by what seems to be furry hands. A soft growl she hears come from deep within his throat . She knew that growl it was her Master. She was placed on what seemed to be a wooden bench she hears another growl from her Masters lips and she begs to see him but he snaps out NO!

She gasps a deep breath as she hears the words that come next from his lips. Lay down slut!!.. She lays back testing the bench with her back lightly to make sure there was something there.

He uncuffs her hands placing them under the bench and cuffing them again. Her fear of what is happening.. He grabs her legs spreading them wide feeling the softness of the fur of what she believes to be his costume. The blind fold ripped from her face she sees what appears to be a werewolf his furry fingers move across her clit pinching and pulling she moans out loudly. Shut up slut " He growls. She bites her lip to silence herself.

Running His claws along her body He scratches her bringing blood to her skin then licks it off the wounds heal almost instantly. She stares in amazement but also in fear, He removes his clothing He's hairy all over she thinks to herself. Grabbing her face with his hands He places the other around her neck squeezing He then buries his cock deep inside of her she begins to cry to beg Him please Master please don't. She passes out from lack of oxygen. Awaking later in her bed at home she looks at her body still dressed in her costume. No bruises no scrapes. She feels a sense of satisfaction and smiles . The phone rings its Him.. He thanks her for the evening .. Thanks her for allowing His real self to take His slut.. She gasps and whispers You're welcome Master..

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