tagBDSMMaster won't Touch Me Ch. 02

Master won't Touch Me Ch. 02


I pouted all the way to school. All I wanted was to have just a small release, but I knew it would have to wait, especially after last night. I know Daddy's angry. Very angry. I've been a bad slut lately but I don't completely regret it. I like being on edge it makes me needy for Daddy's attention and when I finally cum it's the best feeling ever. Daddy knows this and I think that's why he lets me get away with it for so long. Just like this morning I got lost in just touching him, it was out of charter for me during the day. During the day people would never expect me to beg. I always stood up for what I wanted and got what I thought I deserved but it was something about my Daddy that made me want to beg, to have him in control of my body and to do as he pleases. I was still in a shit mood when I heard my name being screamed across campus. I looked up to see my best friend, Michelle, waving at me. I couldn't help but smile as we got closer. We had class together today and I couldn't be more grateful for the distraction. I got through my first two classes without any problem.

I was walking with Michelle and two other girls we had classes with, I'm bad with names and don't like people enough to remember them, when I heard the two girls squeal. Thinking it was just another hot guy walking past I didn't even look up from my phone until I bumped into someone. Not just any someone it was Daddy.

"David?" I smile up at him. Loving when I get to call Daddy by his name in public.

"What are you doing here? You don't have class today." His smile was dark but quickly soften when he turned to address my friends.

"I haven't seen Mia in a whole day. Would you ladies mind if I walked her to class" He gave a bright smile and the three just blushed and nodded their heads. He grabbed my hand, interlocking our fingers and pulled me toward the building. We walked for a minute making a good distance between us and my friends. His grip tightened and I knew I was still in trouble.

"You left a mess on the island." His voice was dark. I gave a smile because I knew he was holding back since we were in public.

"Who's fault was it that I was so wet? Technically you made the mess for making me so horny and not letting me cum last night." I say giving him innocent eyes. He gave a sigh and I could tell he was starting to lose patience.

"I didn't make you horny you're just a slut who can't control her pussy." He was angry whispering. His grip on my hand was numbing but I would never let go.

"Now when you come home I'll have your punishment waiting so don't be late."

"I'm sleeping at the dorms tonight." I say confidently. I sleep at my dorm maybe once a month, really I just go get a new set of clothes. I spend most of my time at Daddy's apartment, it's close to the school and it's where daddy says we will live until I graduate. "Are you sure you want to play this game little slut?" I couldn't even begin to answer as he pulled me into a deep kiss right in the middle of campus. His tongue explored my mouth and his hands found my ass. My body melted into him. My pussy throbbed. I was getting drunk off the feeling of his touches and him being so close. I didn't want it to stop but he pulled away and continued to walk me to class. The rest of the walk was silent but my body was still dizzy from the kiss. I didn't want to let go of his hand as we came to my classroom door. He tried to pull away but I held on tighter.

"David" I whined and he just laughed and pulled his hand away. I pouted

"Go to class before your late"

Class was hell! My pussy was drooling all through class. I was practically sitting in my own juices in front of my whole class. I practically ran to my dorm room, thankful that I had my own room. I needed a distraction immediately. I tried doing homework but it took me an extra two hours just to finish 20 problems that I would normally fly through. My body was still on fire. Maybe a cold shower will help me forget? I stood under the shower the cold water shocking my system making me shiver but also drawing my attention to my stiff nipples. They ached under the weight of the water and just made me more aware of the dull aching between my legs. I shut the shower off and dry off with a towel trying to miss all my sensitive spots. I put on a black bra and matching panties, since the only place I'm allowed to be without them is Daddy's house. I decide to watch Netflix as another distraction topic. I get through one season of Terrace House before I can no longer keep Daddy off my brain. I could imagine laying on his bed his thick cock hanging over my face. His precum dripping into mouth, hot and sweet. His deep voice edging me on as his hand moves back and forth teasing me with what was to come. God I wanted him!

I could at least call him. He was still my boyfriend right?

I thought of face timing him but I didn't want to see his smug face.

The phone only rang twice before he answered "Hello?"

"Hi Daddy." I say being sickly sweet "I was just calling to see what you were doing." The line was silent "I did all my homework and even finished most of my paper" I bragged trying not to seem needy for him to reply. "I'm still really wet for you daddy. My panties are a mess with all my juices" I moaned out my pussy starting to throb as I let myself acknowledge how wet I really was. He was still quiet "Daddy I haven't touch myself in two whole days and you know how wet that gets me?" I hear him moan. It was deep from his balls and made my juices flow even more. "I took a cold shower to try and help but all it did was make my nipples hard. They haven't softened yet." I could hear shuffling on the other side. I knew Daddy's cock was out. "I keep imagining your cock in my face moving between your hand and dripping all your delicious precum. I can practically taste it on my tongue rolling it around in my mouth tasting you even after I swallow." Daddy's breath was heavy but he still stayed quiet. I had to think of something to get him to verbally abuse me. I thought of something but it was dangerous and I was already in enough trouble as it was. But Daddy's voice, I needed to hear it even if it was to scold me. "My hands must have a mind of their own. They keep crawling into my panties" I innocently rub my hand against my sheets knowing on Daddy's side it sounds like it's my panties instead.

"Hands! Now!" He yelled and I immediately put him on speaker and lay my hands at my side.

"I know you're not stupid enough to touch my pussy while I'm not around?" His voice vibrated through me "I asked you a question. Are? You? Slut?" My pussy spasms and I moaned out an answer "No Daddy."

"No more Daddy you lost these privileges." His voice was serious. I wanted to cry. I pushed too far and now I had lost Daddy privileges and I would have to work so hard to get them back. I didn't want him mad just slightly annoyed.

"Yes Sir." I said trying to swallow around the lump in my throat.

"Now I'm going to jerk off and I don't want to hear a sound from you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" I pouted.

Sir started to moan. It filled my ears and vibrated through my holes. I could hear how wet his cock was and how quick he was moving up and down his large shaft. It was getting louder and I could only assume he moved the phone closer to his cock. Then he started talking and it took all my will not to moan out.

"Such a little slut always acting up. Only thinking with her dirty little pussy. It must be so wet right now. Drooling all over your panties. Soaking the bed, ruining the sheets. All because you're a simple slut who can't control her mouth." He was right! My pussy was making a mess all over my bed. I was sitting in a puddle of my own liquid. Sir's cock was beginning to make more noise and I knew it was because of all the precum, that should have been in my mouth, was slicking up his dick. His groans were deep and it felt like it was vibrating inside my pussy. I was throbbing and my body was shaking. I was so on edge that I could probably cum on command without a hand being laid on me. But Sir knew me too well and just kept moaning not saying another word to me. He was moving fast and getting close. His moans were becoming grunts and the sound of his slick wet cock was driving me insane. I heard one final long drawn out growl and knew that he had cum. I could imagine the thick white paste littering his crotch and my pussy hole flexed at the thought. I held in a moan as Sir calmed down.

"I want you in my bed naked before my first class tomorrow don't be late, or your punishment will be something you can't imagine."

"Yes Sir." The line goes dead and I lay in my bed of juices for a while just letting all my need wash over me. I was done being bad and tomorrow I would do whatever Sir told me not questioning a thing. I just wanted him more than anything and I knew I would take any punishment he gave because I deserved it for being such a bad slut. I set my alarm for 5 hours before Dad- Sir's first class. I wouldn't be late for my punishment.


If you made it this far you'll get oral tomorrow lol.

Any Suggestions or Comments are Welcomed!!! Thanks For Reading ;D

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by sshh110/03/18

Love it!

I love the dynamic and the build up. I think you should make the chapters longer. Give us some more background on how it started please

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Can't wait!!

Looking forward to the next chapter....can't wait!!!!

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