tagBDSMMaster won't Touch Me Ch. 04

Master won't Touch Me Ch. 04


"We should take off those wet panties." Sir give a devilish smile and pushes me flat against the bed. His hands roam all over my body. Lightly touching my thighs stopping just before the seam of my panties, then touching up my stomach and cupping my tits. He shakes them around a bit making my nipples hard. Then moving his hand slowly between them and to my neck. He rubs my neck gently.

"You always look so pretty with my hand around your neck." I was breathing hard in anticipation knowing that he was going to clamp down soon and I couldn't wait. I was begging for it with my eyes. He just chuckled and moved up to my face, making me pout.

"Don't pout" He said as he traced my lips with his fingers "Your punishments not over yet. I'll wrap my hands around you soon enough." I was lost in his promise when I realized what he said.

"I thought the bullet in my panties was my punishment?" I was still breathless but trying to have a conversation as he continued to touch my body.

"Cute little slut. That was only punishment for misbehaving yesterday. Tonight you will be punished for what you did Wednesday morning." I let out a sigh. I forgot all about Wednesday. How could I forget, it was the reason all of this began anyway. Fuck I was in for it. Nothing can prepare me for tonight.

He just chuckled and got in-between my legs. He grabbed both sides of my soaked panties and yanked them off in two pulls. He let them hang from his finger putting on display how heavy they were from all my juices.

"I don't know if we can save these. Look how much you've ruined my favorite pair of panties." He says leaning over me letting the soiled panties dangle over my face. I could smell all my juices and all the wetness. It was turning me on thinking of how wet I got and reminding me of how good the bullet felt between my legs. Then the panties fell on my face

"Go wash them then come to the kitchen. No clothes Slut." He says and I feel his weight leave the bed. I do as he says and quickly go meet him in the kitchen.

The smell hits me before I could see it. On the table laid out and ready for me to devour, a juicy cheese burger from my favorite place! Yumm. I smiled and sat down across from Sir. He smiled and I ate like I starving. It tasted so good. I haven't had it in so long, because Sir says fast food isn't good for you no matter how good it tastes. Burgers are like my guilty pleasure and when I needed a break it was always my go-to meal. We finished our meal in silence. Then Sir waved me over. I jumped right into his lap. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

"I want you to be a good girl and take the rest of your punishment tonight." His hands were crawling all over my body. He grabbed my legs so I was straddling him. My exposed pussy rubbing against his jeans. I could feel cock hardening under me, making me want to grind all over it. I dive right into his neck covering it in kisses, getting drunk off his body heat. His hands found my ass, massaging my cheeks and teasing my hole. I was slobbering all over his neck as he played with my wet taint. My hands found their way into his shirt and I used his hard pecks to balance myself as I grind against his hand. He just chuckles in my ear letting me explore his neck and face with my tongue. My breathing picked up and I was getting close to edge. I just need his fingers a little closer to a specific hole and I would be so thankful.

"Not so fast" Sir pulls away his hand and I'm stuck begging for more.

"Please Sir."

"Please put your fingers inside me."

"I've been a good girl today haven't I?"

"I want you to use my body. Have you deep inside me is all I've been wanting all day. Please Sir Please!" I begged into his neck desperate and needy for his touch. He brings his hand up to my mouth and I open it eagerly wanting his hand inside me. He shoves three fingers in letting my tongue slip between them, then I feel him push further and flatten my tongue giving him access. He starts slow as his finger get deeper and deeper inside my mouth, but once he hears me gag he losses all gentleness. He was going back and forth in my throat making me gag on his finger. I was loving every minute of it

And so was he. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my thigh. He continued to finger fuck my face with his left hand and the right explores my body. I'm grinding on him as his hand starts going deeper. He pushes his hand further down my throat making breathing hard. All I could do was try and swallow around his three fingers. He just smiled as I struggled.

The feeling of his fingers inside me was turning me on so much. I started to grind on Sir's cock. The feeling of his jeans and the hard rod beneath it was driving me insane. I was so stimulated that I was getting closer and closer to the edge and Sir could tell too. He gently pulled his fingers from my throat and grab both my tits.

"Now slut don't do things that would get you in more trouble."

"Yes Sir. Sorry Sir." I pout

"Go stand in the bedroom." He stands me up and turns me towards the room. He slaps my ass as I walk away.

I stand in the room for at least thirty minutes if not longer. I was starting to get restless and began fidgeting just a little when Sir came in.

"On your knees" I quickly obey. I sit on my knees in front of Sir with my hands behind my back staring up at him. He smiles down at me rubbing my cheek before walking over to the bed. I try to follow but he puts a hand up telling me to stay put. I watch as he strips off his shirt then his pant leaving him in just his boxers. I could see the outline of his hard cock and I could see the small stain of delicious precum at the tip of his dick. I wanted to go suck that stain but I knew my punishment wouldn't allow me.

He took off his boxers letting his cock spring out and hypnotize me as it bounced around. I was lost in how thick and veiny it was, how the tip had escaped from its cover and was out greeting me, drooling, teasing me to come clean it up. I wanted that cock so bad that I hadn't even realized that my pussy was making a puddle underneath me until Sir pointed it out with a laugh. He became serious as he sat on the bed across from me a few inches away, just far enough that I couldn't touch him.

"I'll give you a chance slut. Tell me what you did wrong on Wednesday and I'll go easy on you, but play dumb and I'll increase the punishment." I knew what I did and I knew it was wrong but at the time I couldn't control myself. I wanted this punishment to be over I wanted to be in my Sirs arms again without him being upset with me.

"I'll tell you what I did wrong Sir." I say looking down suddenly feeling guilty as the memory of what I did comes back to me.

"Good choice. Go ahead tell me what you did." He says as he starts stroking his cock.

"I used your cock without permission." I say curtly though it is the truth it is only a part of it.

"Don't be cute slut. You're an English major so use your words" I mutter out a Yes Sir and take a deep breath before continuing.

"I woke up to your dick cradled between my ass like every morning and like most morning it drives me absolutely crazy and all I want to do is shove it in my slutty hole but I never do because I'm a good girl" I look at him with a smile and continue when he looks back unamused.

"I wasn't going to do anything. Really! But then you rolled over and your cock was sticking straight up just begging me to pleasure it. So I was just going to help you out. You know make your morning more........ more enjoyable." I stopped but Sir cocked an eyebrow and I knew my storytelling wasn't over.

"So I straddled you and started rubbing my pussy on your cock. I was only going to do it for a little bit but then you started getting harder and your tip was rubbing against my clit and I couldn't control myself. I was getting so wet so I just going to keep grinding. I was only going to do it until you came and gave me my prize, I wasn't going to cum at all, but then you woke up before I could get it." I pouted thinking about how I haven't had any cum since then.

"Was it yours to touch?" Sir questioned standing up and walking towards me "No Sir." I reply as he stops right in front of my face. His hard dick teasing me. He was stroking it hard but slow and I knew what he was doing. I looked up at him with pleading eyes. He knew what I wanted and was going to deny my till the end.

A big glob of precum crowned his tip. I stuck my tongue out begging for it to fall. For Sir to give me just a drop of kindness but he didn't. Just as the drop fell he caught it and rubbed it around his tip. I could have cried right then.

"Did you want that? You should have said something." He had a shit-eating smile on that I just hated. It made me want to be bad or at least get him riled up.


I have to be a good girl and take my punishment without getting in anymore trouble. I don't think I can take punishment for another day. So I suppress my urge do something I'm not allowed to do and just watch as Sir strokes his cock.

"You know you're not allowed to touch my cock." He says letting go of his dick and wrapping his fingers through my hair, forcing my head back.

"Open" he says hovering over me. I stick my tongue out and open my mouth as wide as I can. I knew what he was doing and I was dreading it. For all the dirty things that turn me on spitting straight into my mouth just isn't one of them. Sir must be really disappointed in me to make me sit through this. I try to close my eyes and just let it happen but Sir has other plans.

"Keep your eyes on me." His voice was full of authority that both scarred me and turned me on. He pulls my head back further so I was looking into his eyes, they were excited. I saw him collecting the spit in his mouth. I wish I could just close my eyes and pretend it was cum or something but I had to watch and confirm that it was spit dripping into my mouth. He let the spit fall from his mouth. It felt like it was in slow motion as the huge wad of saliva fell towards my open mouth. The wad hit my tongue dead on and I stayed still as I felt it travel down my tongue and mingle with my own spit in the back of my throat. I took a deep breath, through my nose, and braced myself for the second ball of spit I could tell Sir was forming in his mouth.

He spits again and this time it fell right to the back of my mouth. I stared into his eyes trying to trying to gain the power to kill him with just the thought.

"Swallow it like the dirty whore you are." He laughed. I hesitated and tried to just think of it as my spit as I swallow hard. "Good girl. Now get on the bed" I mumble a yes sir and lay flat on the bed.

Sir sits between my legs and spreads my lips apart "You always say you hate when I spit in your mouth but you get so wet from it." I want to argue but I hold my tongue. He grabs the bullet from off the nightstand. I let out a groan but it only fuels his inner sadist. He spits on the tip of the bullet and slowly slips it into my eager wet hole. He grabs his phone and looks me in my eyes as he pushes the button. I feel the bullet come to life at the highest speed making me squirm. I try to close my legs shut but with Sir between me I couldn't move.

He leans down and kisses me hard on the mouth. I feel his tongue wiggling it way into my mouth. He begins to explore my mouth tasting all parts of my mouth. I feel his cock head rub against my clit and moan at the feeling. He continues to devour my mouth as his cock moves up and down my slit. Along with the bullet rattling around in my hole I was about to cum. I was feeling so good that I hadn't realized I had stopped kissing Sir back.

"Can I cum Sir please. I don't think I can hold back with both your cock and the bullet." I begged as he kissed down my neck making me even hotter. He started to grind harder on my slit. His tip was hitting my clit with each passing and I was getting so close.

"Isn't this what you wanted slut? You wanted Daddy's cock to rub up and down your wet cunt."

"Daddy?" I question slightly out of breath. His cock was driving me crazy and the thought of being able to call him Daddy doubled the sensation.

"Yeah baby cum for Daddy. Cum all over my cock." He was humping at lightning speed over my clit and I was so grateful to call him daddy that I couldn't even think anymore I just let my body go like Daddy wanted me to.

"Daddy! I'm cumming. I'm cumming for you Daddy." I screamed as I came. Daddy didn't stop rubbing his cock over my pussy and I couldn't stop cumming. I was bucking off the bed and moaning out. I was in heaven as my second orgasm of the day came to an end. I wrapped my arms around Daddy's neck and pulled him down into a deep kiss. "Daddy" I whispered against his lips. He just nodded his head and smiled.

I felt the bullet try to slip out my hole before being sucked back in. I threw my head back and moaned at the sensation.

"Can I take the bullet out now Daddy?" I ask giving him innocent eyes. He just looked back at me with ones filled with mischief. He began grinding over my now sensitive cunt with vigor. I tried to grab his hips so I could pull away but instead he grabbed my hands and forced them above my head, where he held them giving him more leverage to fuck into my slit. My pussy was so wet and the sound of his cock rubbing inside me was driving to the edge all over again.

I knew Daddy could tell I was close and I thought he would pull away or tell me I wasn't allowed to cum but he didn't.

"Do you want to cum? All you have to do is ask." He said licking up my neck. I was a bit suspicious but I wanted to cum so it was worth a try.

"Can I cum Daddy? Please?"

"Go ahead" he laughs "Cum for Daddy" I came again hard my whole body felt the orgasm as Daddy continued to grind over my pussy. This time he didn't stop and my pussy didn't have time to recover. I was feeling amazing and my clit was so sensitive. I felt like I could feel his slit as it moved over my now hard clit. I was looking right into his eyes as he positioned his cock over me. I could tell he was enjoying this and that turned me on even more. I wanted to make him cum with my pussy lips. I spread my legs wider but that only gave him better access to my clit which he attacked. I had never felt anything like this my pussy was so sensitive that I was already on edge again. I started begging.

"Please Daddy can I cum? My pussy is so sensitive from your cock. Please can I cum on your cock?" I was desperate and just wanted this torture to be over.

"Cum." He whispered in my ear and I cried out as I came again. This time I felt a tingle in my body that I had never felt before my toes curled and my body squirmed away from Daddy's cock. He gave a tsk and grabbed my waist, holding me back down on the bad so he could keep up his torturous punishment. He continued to assault my cunt. I was moaning out and trying to squirm and arching off the bed and my clit was getting the most uncomfortable pleasure it had ever gotten. I was still trying to get rid of the stimulation when I realized Daddy wasn't holding my hands any more.

I start trying to push myself up further on the bed using Daddy's shoulders to get away. His face changes immediately and I realize what I'm actually doing.

"Hands." He barks looking me in the eyes and not stopping his gyration. I lay my hands at my side but the quickly become fists of desperation as I try not to move again.

"Above your head." I quickly throw my hands above my head crossing my fingers together trying to keep them still.

Daddy lays one of his hands on top of my pubic bone and brings the other to my throat. Even in my blissed out stat I still lift my neck so he has more access. He wraps his fingers around my neck and starts putting pressure on my pubic bone. I moan out and grind against his cock even more. His grip on my neck tightens.

"Isn't this what you wanted? For Daddy's cock to make your little pussy cum. Well I'm giving it to you and I'm going to keep giving it to you until I get bored of it and cum." He says leaning harder onto my throat. I was losing breath and the bullet seems to have moved inside of my hole and was now rumbling just over my G-spot. I was getting close again and Daddy took away my need to ask.

"Cum. Now." He said and my body tensed and exploded all over the bed. He continued his attack and my body continued to pour out juices. He eased up his grip on my throat and I breathed deep as the air retuned to my lungs. His cock was slippery over my cunt and it was magnificent. I just wanted just a few moments to recover from the orgasm.

I knew that wasn't going to happen. I could tell by the look on his face how exciting this was for him, and I couldn't lie that it did feel amazing.

He gripped my neck again and I could tell he was trying to push me over the edge again, and it was working. I could feel my body tensing as another orgasm was creeping up. He moved quickly and his hands were giving me so much pleasure and the restriction of air was making it hard to no cum again.

"Cum." He laughed and again my body obeyed his command. My body convulsed and I couldn't as my pussy contracted and I felt the bullet slip out of my hole. I tried to say something but his grip was preventing it. I just enjoyed the assault on my cunt as it was less harsh when the bullet was gone. He let me get a few breaths in before he continued with all his strength. It went for a few seconds before he slowed and had a look on his face like he was listening for something. I knew immediate what he heard as I could hear it too. He pulled away for the first time in who knows how long and looked down at pussy and between it as the bullet, rattling around the bed near my ass.

"If you wanted this somewhere else you should have said something" He picks up the bullet and rubs it against my asshole "All you dirty pussy juices made you asshole nice and slippery" I can barely feel the push as it enters my ass. Fuck that feels good. I mon out and feel the bullet slip back out my ass. Daddy chuckles and pushes back in. He moves back between my legs and leans down to kiss by my ear "Don' let it out until you cum again" I hear his husky voice command in my ear. I nod my head and find the crook of his neck to lick. He starts to move between my pussy lips again and my sensitive clit quickly reacts. It was stiff again in seconds and it felt like it was ten times more sensitive now that my asshole was being played with. It didn't take Daddy long to get back in to a mind numbing rhythm. I was trying to hold off on my orgasm just for a bit to give my body just a few extra second before every nerve was set on fire again. My asshole felt so delicious and it was taking all my strength for it not to pop out causing the bullet to lay right on my inner rim. I can't hold it any more.

"Can I cum Daddy?" I asked into his neck.

"Good girl. Go ahead." I came so hard my whole body shook and even then Daddy didn't stop. I felt the bullet fall out and I was relived and it took away some of the sensations. My body was still shaking as I wrapped my arms around Daddy pulling him close, like an anchor, keeping me on the bed. He stopped moving then and I realized that I had moved my hands without permission. I move my hands back over my head and start apologizing.

"I'm sorry Daddy I didn't mean to. I was just so overstimulated and my body moved on its own before I could realize. Please forgive me Daddy I didn't mean to be a bad girl it just felt so good." I felt my eyes tearing up and I was trying to hold back the tears.

Daddy sat up to look me in the eyes. I thought I would see anger but instead I saw love. He grabbed each hand and placed them on both his shoulders respectively.

"It's okay that last one was intense. I'm not mad." He moved his hand to caress my face and I laid into his hand. He leaned down and kissed me softly and I felt my emotions calm. We kissed for a while until Daddy pulled away.

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