tagBDSMMaster's Pet Ch. 07

Master's Pet Ch. 07


When we woke the following morning we all started out day Pet waited till we were alone then told me. "Master I think I know what I want as a reward." I nod waiting to hear it. "I want to feel owned by you totally and completely." I look at her.

"Do you not feel that way now?" I question.

"I do feel owned Master but then I am in charge of the others, it is complicates how I feel Master." She explains.

"I understand Pet. You know that may be hard on you?" I ask.

"Yes Master I want you to as hard on me as you can. Let me feel totally controlled by you." She answers.

"Ok anything else to add?"

"No Master" I hug her already thinking of how to best make Pet feel owned. I talked it over with Mia and asked Six's opinion on what to do. We came up with a plan to give Pet her day the following week.

It was late evening the following week when I called Pet to sit on my lap so we could talk. "Pet I want you to understand I am going to push you very close to breaking. You are going to be on edge and off balance." She holds my gaze.

"Yes Master I understand please let me feel it all." She begs. I kiss her head then bring her to the bedroom. I then start to remove her wrist cuffs and ankles cuffs then finally her collar. I take everything off her and lock it all in the safe, as I turn back I see Pet totally naked standing before me. I can tell she is already uneasy without her collar.

"They will be safe in there Pet. This is going to a very long day for you, now come over here." I hug her and kiss her deeply then we went back down to the living room with everyone. Pet starts to blush as everyone sees her without her cuffs and collar, she is thrown off so much that she stops in the doorway. I am sitting in my chair before Pet snaps back reality and scurries over to kneel at her pillow next to me. I place my hand on her head moving her to lay it on my leg, doing so calms her down a bit. We all watch TV I make sure Pet stays a little on edge, I pinch her nipples and spanking her ass just enough to keep her off balance.

After our show ends I get up. "I think it time for bed." I say walking out of the room Pet quickly following me. Mia joined me with Six in tow shortly after we left the bathroom. I grab a piece of rope and tied Pets hands behind her. While Pet normally slept bound is was normally by her wrist cuffs and sometime her ankle cuffs as well. I know that the rope was throwing her off a little then when I blindfold her I hear her gasp slightly. I lay her down on the bed climbing in beside her I pull her close to me. Mia and Six join us and get comfortable Six and Pet are between Mia and I. I feel Pet is still tense as I hold her in my arms. "Get some sleep Pet you are going to need it." I say kiss her head.

"Yes Master." Is all she says taking a deep breath and relaxing slowly. I make sure that she falls asleep before I doze off as well. When I wake up the following morning I still have Pet in my arms. I lift and turn Pet until she is curled into a little ball on my chest. I hold her to my chest and let her listen to my heartbeat as we all fully awake for the day ahead. I rock Pet a little.

"Time to start your day." I sit up and climb out of the bed hold Pet in my arms. I carry her to the shower and step in before I put her down. "I am going to remove the blindfold but I want you to keep your eyes closed."

"Yes Master." I then untie her I toss everything on the counter and turn on the water. I wash every inch of Pets naked body I watch her eyes as I do. I know she was dying to open them but obeys me. Once she is clean my hands caress her chest and pussy.

"Spread your legs Pet."

"Yes Master." She says and she opens her legs. I turn her around so we are both facing the shower head and take it down. I set it to pulse and begin tease her clit and kiss her neck as I bring the water stream to between her legs. I listen to her gasp and moan as her arousal builds. Then I stop the water and slap her pussy lips three time quickly.

"Deep breath Pet." I hold her as she gasps. I pick her up and take her out of the shower and begin to dry her off. She has been doing well and needed to see me so after she was dry I tell her. "You may open your eyes Pet." Her eyes open I am right in front of her, her eyes lock on mine with a kiss. "Ready?"

"Yes Master." I kiss her and pick up the blindfold and retie it around her eyes. I grab the rope and hand it to her before wrap her in a towel and pick her up and carry her back out to the bedroom. Mia and Six head in for their shower, I place Pet on her feet to finish drying her. I then hand her a vibe. "Tease yourself." She is very eager to obey that order and has the vibe on her clit in record time. I watch her tease herself as I dress as I move around the room I pinch her nipple or biting her neck. She is always listening for me but never know how, when or if I would touch her.

The bedroom smells of Pet's juice by the time Mia and Six emerge from there shower. "I like the perfume in here." Mia jokes. Pet is on edge both from my hand and her own. When Mia is ready I lead Pet down to the basement I lock her in a cage and sit down next to it. Mia is sitting next to me she sent to Six to get everyone else, who all know what they are to do. Mia and I watch as all our slaves begin to play in front of us, their moans grow as time goes on. I reach through the bars and place my hand on Pet's back holding her as she listens to the orgy of pleasure going on only feet in front of her.

"Please Master may I play?" She begs at my touch.

"No Pet I want you to stay right there and listen." She could only feel my hand and listening to every sound and smell the arousal that fills the room.

After an hour of this all our slaves had cum except Pet who had been driven insane by it just as I hoped. I dismiss everyone and take Pet out. "Good start now it's time for breakfast." I watch Pets face I can see her disappointment even with her blindfold. "Don't worry we have all day Pet." I say as I pick her up and head to the kitchen. Ruby is cooking French toast with everyone helping her. Mia and I Sit at the table I grab a towel for Pet to sit on, place it on my lap and move Pet to sit with me. We wait for Ruby to finish her current batch I pass the time kissing Mia and lightly stoking Pet's clit. We were served and start to eat I feed Pet a syrup cover bite as I ask. "Did everyone enjoy this morning's activity?" I ask. I get all positive responses back and comments of starting every morning like that. I offer Pet another bite. "What do you think of the day so far Pet?" I question her.

"I don't know Master I think I am going to explode before this day is over." I hug.

"You will explode." I pause briefly "In many orgasms before the end of this day. That will be later for now eat and calm down a bit there is a lot more to come." She eats and drinks relaxing through the rest of the meal as I hold close to me. Once we finish eating everyone heads off to start their chores. Mia gets ready to do a bit of grocery shopping with Six, I lead Pet to my office have her kneel on her pillow and start to check on my stocks.

When I thought Pet was calm enough I pass her the vibe. "Start to tease yourself again, Pet." I am amazed at how quickly she is back to the edge of cumming. "Control your breathing. Slow and deep." I watch my beautiful little slave naked except for the blindfold, kneeling next me vibrator on her clit doing her best to take deep breaths.

"That enough for now hand me a vibe." She does as I tell her. I remove my own cloths before sitting back down and calling Pet to my lap. I feel her slide her arms and legs around me slowly then she held onto me tighter than she had ever done. "How are you feeling?" I question her.

"I don't know Master. I feel so many things I am not sure what I feel." I place my hand on her head. I hold her.

"You stay here with me while I work. I want you to relax with me." I say.

"Yes Master." She say grabbing on to me and gently rocking on my lap. When Mia gets home I get up with Pet still tightly holding on to me.

"That's is another way to carry her." Mia comments with a chuckle as she sees us. We all go to the bedroom, I lift Pet off of me and lay her down on the bed. I tie Pet spread on the bed on her back again I use more rope. When I finish I take a ballgag and place it in her mouth. Now bound gagged and blindfolded Pet listens as Mia and Six leave and close the door. I don't think she know I am still sitting with her, I watch as she tests all her restraints. I sat there and watched her in silence for half an hour before I quietly rose and walked over to her. I run my finger across her chest, she jump and yells into her gag.

"Did you think I left you alone?" I say to let her know it was me. I sit on the bed and place my hand on her chest to calm her. I then began to tease her with my fingers all over her body. She doesn't know how to react being tickled one moment and aroused the next she starts to wiggle this way or that to get more or less attention. I begin to focus on her arousal and her moaning through her gag. Once I got Pet to the edge of orgasm again I stop and tell her. "It's almost time for lunch, Pet." She nods as let her calm. I remove the gag first she asks permission to speak.

"Please Master may I serve you before lunch?" She asks.

"No that will be later." Is my reply. She does not question me anymore as I untie her. I then take Pet up on my lap facing away from me. I start to run my hands along her back. "I want you to relax." I whisper as I gently massage her shoulders.

"Yes Master it feels very good." Pet says in a faraway voice. I stand up and lay her down on her stomach. I gently rub and relax Pet as she lays down and let's go of the tension in her body. Once I finish all the way down to her feet. I roll her over and pick her up and sit under her bring her right to my chest.

"What do you think of you day so far?" I ask her.

"I love everything so far Master. Thank you for today." Comes her soft reply. I hold her with me allowing her to enjoy the feeling of her massage. Then after I held Pet's frame in my arms during dinner I carry Pet down to the final part of her day. I sit her on the sybian then tie her down to it. The rest of the household joined us and I turned on the sybian. Pet begin to moan and beg, in an instant. "Please Master let me cum. I can't hold back I need to cum please." I stay quiet and turn up the speed. "Uhhh, Please I can't I need I" She fades into moans. I turn the saddle all the way up and removed Pet's blindfold. The lights are low so she can focus slowly. I turn the speed down so she can focus a little better. She looks in my eyes. "Please Master." I place my hand on her face.

"Soon but first I want to think about today how have you felt."

"Master I was pamper and beaten, tease and ignored. I feel owned." I smile at this and turn the dial up again.

"Well then I think today was a success shall we end your torment?"

"Yes Please Master." I kiss her head

"5" I see total joy in her eyes "4" I move face to face with her "3" her eyes never leave mine "2" I kiss her lips "1" Pet holds her breath. "Cum for me Pet." I watch the pressure build up through the day release in one moment. Pet slowly come down from her orgasm, I turn the speed slowly turning it off. When I untie her and lift her up she is totally limp. I hold her in my arms. "Have a good night." I say to our audience as I carry Pet to the bedroom. Mia and Six have beat me there, Six has drawn a bath I climb in holding Pet. I gently lower her into the warm water with me allowing her to relax her muscles. She slowly becomes aware of her surroundings, she looks up at me hugging me as hard as she can.

"Thank Master today was perfect." I hug her back.

"I glad you enjoyed but today is not over yet." She smiles and nods wrapping her hand around my shaft. "I have one more thing planned for the evening." I say as I pick her up and carry her back to the bedroom. Mia and Six are waiting for us on the bed Six is between Mia's legs licking away. I lay down next to Mia placing Pet between my legs, she looks up at me.

"May I please you Master?" I nod and she begins to lick and suck my cock. I feel her swallow me deep into her throat I see her lips wrapped around the base of my shaft. I kiss Mia and enjoy Pets affections for a long while.

"I am going to cum on your face Pet." She looks at me then kneels at the edge of the bed waiting for me. She sucks me when I sit up then strokes until cum covers her face. I love seeing her smile so big whenever we do something new or different. I clean her off and let her lay with us as Six licks Mia to orgasm. I then got up and got Pets collar and cuffs, she jumps up and kneels next to the bed at the sight of them. "I guess you are ready for these back?" I ask to her.

"Yes Master." She answers in a shaky voice. I open the collar and place it on her neck I hear her sigh as I lock it. Then I move to each of her limbs lock them in the same way I get a sigh from Pet with each one. She relaxes more as each cuff closes on her. I pick her up and put her in bed with Mia and Six as I climb in with her.

"Did you get everything you wanted today Pet?" I ask hold her.

"Yes Master everything and more thank you so much." She replies as she curls up with me.

"You may ask for this again if you need it." I say stoking her head. She nods then lays her head on my chest as I place my arm around Mia. We cover everyone with the blanket and fell asleep together.

The next day Pet was full of energy and just seemed happier. Pet moved through the day until the afternoon I called her to me. "I am going to be more hands on with the training." I tell her. She smiles.

"Yes Master." Is all she replies but I can tell she likes the idea. We gather everyone together.

"I want you to show me one thing that you think they are best at Pet."

"Yes Master." She moves through whispering in each of their ears and getting a nods back. I then feel each of their talents one by one. Stacy has excellent control of her pussy muscle squeezing and pulling as she rides me. The most surprising was when Ruby started to runs her tongue around my ass. I finish inside Trixie's mouth Ruby rimming me Moxy lick one ball and Rei on the other. It was intense it say the least.

"That was very enjoyable to me Pet. You have been doing very well." She smiles and looks down almost shy at my praise.

"Thank you Master." I look to all the rest of the slaves still around me.

"I will grant one request from all of you if it is within reason. I want you all to think about what you would like. I also think Mia should try out your talents." I walk over to Pet and give her a deep kiss as I hold her.

"I get the feeling I am going to enjoy these training sessions." I see that cute smile again.

"I hope so Master."

"You may tell me your request any time between now and this weekend." This gave them all a few days to think about what to ask for. I was surprised when they all ask before the afternoon was over. I was shocked when all 5 of them asked for the same thing. I call Pet to me. "What have you been talking about with all of them?" I see her worry a little.

"Everything Master I tell them what we do, where we go I talk about it all. I'm sorry Master." I have her sit with me.

"You are not in trouble I just wanted to know because all of the girls asked for the same thing. Do you know what that is?"

"Yes Master I think I do." She hugs me.

"What do you think?"

"I think smoking with you Master." She responds. I laugh.

"You are right but my question is why is that what they all want?" Again she shifts in my lap a little.

"I said that was the best experience of my whole life and I loved every second." She answers.

"I am glad you liked it so much. My first question is, are you willing to share it with everyone?" She nods. "Well then the next question is together or separate?" She looks to me.

"I think we should ask them."

"I agree." With that we went and spoke with everyone and decided to go ahead as a group. We made a plan for Friday night and we got a few more large cushions in our bedroom so everyone could be comfortable. As we eat dinner everyone is chatting excitedly I say. "After dinner we can meet in our bedroom I will get everything ready so you can relax for I little while before you come up. I will call you when we are ready." I dismiss everyone and go to the kitchen I grab some water bottles for everyone and a few sodas. When I get to the bedroom Mia is on the bed with Six and everyone else is around the room on the large cushions.

"I think they are eager to start." Mia comments as I walk in. I chuckle as I hand the bag to Ruby to give out water to everyone as I set up.

"I have decided to make a few changes to the normal rules tonight. First you are free to speak this evening, second is you may cum as much as you like." I watch everyone react to my statement before I continue. "Finally you may ask for anything you may like."

I call Mia over to start with her and Six. They share a bowl then I repack a new bowl and ask. "Who is next?" Slowly we work our way around till only Pet and I remain. I sit Pet on my lap and handing her the bong I look around the room as Pet takes her turn. "Anyone for another." Mia and Six share again a few take a second round. I watch Pet on my lap as she starts to look around the room at everyone her eyes darting for one to the next checking to see that they are all ok. I turn Pet's face to me and meet her eyes I always love her green eyes. "Take a deep breath you should enjoy this along with everyone else." She nods and hugs me wrapping herself around my chest and calms down as I prep for myself I watch Mia order Six to lick her. The other slaves take this as a cue and start to play with themselves and one another. I take my pull surround by naked women moaning in pleasure and Pet holding onto me. After I finish with the bong I put it on the table and wrap my arms around Pet as I pick her up and move to the bed stepping over Rei and Moxy. I tap Pet and she lets go of me, I take her weight and gentle set her down on bed.

I climb in bed and begin to kiss Mia with Pet laying on my chest. "I want you to look around the room darling. Did you ever imagine this would be your life?" Mia laughs as she scans the room.

"I can honestly say did not but I sure am happy it is." She says kissing me again. Pet looks up at me with a stoned smile on her face. I kiss her head.

"How are you Pet?"

"I am good Master thank you for helping me earlier." I place my hand on her head.

"You are welcome Pet. You can relax till you are ready to move." Pet lays her head down and I cuddle Mia, Six still licking her gently. We watch Rei use a dildo and vibrator on Moxy who was laying on her back bucking and moving with Rei's hands. Pet lays quietly on my chest totally content. I think she would lay with me all night if I let her and one night I would but that would wait for another night. I look down at Pet as she looks like she is asleep but I know if I whisper her name or nudge her slightly she would respond instantly. Mia starts to shift and move as she approaches orgasm. I kiss Mia wrapping my arm around her as Six licks her to the first orgasm of the evening.

I got the sense that again everyone else was waiting for Mia again as one after another they start to cum all around the room. I sound of orgasm all around us seems to stir Pet who looks up at me. "May I please you Master?"

"Yes Pet." She slides down wrapping her hand around my shaft gently stoking me. When I am hard I have her straddle me and tease herself.

"I want you to slowly slide down." Pet nods I sit just at her entrance I feel her obey me as I begin to enter her. Once she is fully seated on me I pull her down to me holding her to my chest. "Pet I want to show Mia Ruby's talent."

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