tagBDSMMaster's Pet Ch. 09

Master's Pet Ch. 09


Sorry for the delay getting to the end of the part that is edited and I try to catch all my mistakes in this chapter. Sorry for any that made it through and i hope you enjoy.


We all got accustom to each other and found a balance in the house. We started taking everyone out from time to time. We would go to the clubs or out to dinner or just running errands. We went out to the club with Pet and Six we got a table and wait for a few friends. I took Pet around to look around when a guy grab Pet by the arm as we walk by. I see Pet try to shake him off but to no success.

"Pretty little thing you are." His says leering at her holding his own slave bound and beaten behind him. I step back towards him.

"Let her go." He looks to me for the first time.

"I just looking you can have her back in a second." Then back to Pet. I step direct in his face.

"I will ask once more nicely. Let go of her arm." I watch as he looks up and down at me letting go of Pet and shoving me out of the way. I take Pet and start to walk away with her next to me. "Are you alright?" I ask her as move away.

"A little scared Master." She replies. The guy is still yell and following us as I move back to the table. As we get close Mia can see the man carrying on.

"Go sit with Mia and Six." I tell Pet as she moves to obey the guy tries to grab at her again this time I grab his arm. "That is enough. Try that again and there will be problems." I say again he looks me over.

"I want to buy her I like her." he says with a sense entitlement and the smell of alcohol coming off of him. I take a deep breath and calmly answer.

"She is not for sale. Have a good night." As I turn and walk away. He grabs my arm.

"I don't think you understand. I want her." He says. I turn and look in his eyes losing my calm.

"She is not for sale. Now remove your hand or I WILL." I say raising my voice. I can tell he is about to swing at me and in dodge it. I grab and twist the arm holding me forcing him to let go. I shove him back a few feet and watch as he regains his balance. "Turn around and walk away." I say but he is pissed and drunk as he charges at me. I quickly have him subdued on the floor with his arm behind his back when security arrives. Everyone in the club that has seen this tells them I was defending myself. I am amazed how quick his attitude changed when they asked if I wanted to press charges.

"We can talk about this and be reasonable." He says.

"Now you want to be reasonable. You attack me twice after I tried to talk to you. What is reasonable now?" I say enraged at him Mia is holding my hand trying to calm me. I see Pet with fear in her eyes she has never seen me this mad before.

"You take my slave and you don't press charges." He says hoping to appease me. I look at his slave still nearby on a leash attached to her collar then back to Mia and Pet. I see Mia nod I think only to end this quickly and Pet looks at me nodding as well.

"Fine but you are to avoid us in the future." I take his offer and give my condition.

"Yeah." He agrees instantly. As soon as he transfers his slave he is escorted out and I go back to the table. I bring her back with me trying to calm down but not having any luck.

"Let's go I am done for the night. Pet I am upset but not at you don't be afraid. I want you to take care of her." I say passing her the leash of our new slave who also looked terrified as she cowards from me. I thought Pet was better to help her right now. When we get home I turn to Mia.

"I am going to my office to calm down." Then I turn and tell Pet. "I want you to calm her. Help her." I kiss her to reassure her. I look at the scared woman behind Pet. I motion Pet to bring her I watch as she stays just as close to Pet pulled her to me to speak to her. "I know this is your first time you have seen me. I do not mean to frighten you. Pet is going to take good care of you. I will be back in a while to speak with you. When I have calmed down I hope you will be less scared of me." She nods but other than that she does not move. I walk away to my office and surf the web for an hour to distract myself and calm down. I head back out and find most of the household in the living room with Mia.

"How are you doing?" Mia asks as I sit next to her.

"Better. How are you?" I reply.

"I am good darling. Pet is in the bedroom still with the new one." She tells me. I kiss her long and deep as I pull her close to me.

"I will go up in a few. Did you talk to her at all?" I ask as we cuddle on the couch.

"No I thought you would want to go first." She says.

"Thank you Sweetie." I sit with Mia until the next commercial then say. "I am going to go see them would you like to join me?" I ask.

"No just bring her back when you are ready." I kiss her and head out. I walk into the bedroom to find Pet and our newest addition to the house. Sitting on the edge of the bed I walk past them slowly.

"How is it going?" I ask as I sit across from Pet in the love seat.

"She is doing ok Master. She has showered and eaten. We were just talking a bit about you." As Pet looks for permission to move over close to me.

"And how are you doing?" I ask as I motion her to me.

"I am ok Master." I can tell she is holding back but decided I will talk to her in private.

"Do we have a name for you?" I look across the room asking her. She nods. "I would like to hear what it is." I say doing my best to put her at ease.

"Fifi Master." I hear fear in her voice. I want to change that.

"Fifi I know you are scared. I understand why but I want you to be able to relax. Is there anything I can do to help you relax?" She nods. "I know that some of your former owners may have in forced silence but I like to hear you speak." I say. I watch as she slowly shifts on the bed.

"Pet said you have a cage in the closet. May I go in it please Master?" I don't understand this but I want to help.

"Of course." I say tapping Pet to open the closet. She opens the cage and I watch Fifi crawl in and turn around. I bend down to look at her I see her relax inside the cage.

"Thank you Master." She says sounding better. "You are welcome but I wonder why this calms you." I say as I sit on the floor talking to her still giving her a little space.

"My old master would lock me in a cage and leave me. I felt safe in the cage." I got the feeling that she was afraid of anything outside the cage.

"Ok you can stay in there as long as you want." I state. I see her favor one side as she moves in the cage.

"Does your side hurt?" I question her.

"Yes Master I was beaten soon before you took me." She says. I see some of the same thing as when I first took Pet but Fifi seem to have had it even worse. I think of how best to handle all of this.

"Alright I want to take a look at that before bed but for now you can stay here and relax. Pet will stay with you and will call me if she needs to." I say.

"Yes Master thank you." I stand up kissing Pet and whisper.

"I want to talk to you more later Pet." Pets nods knowing why. I go fill Mia in as I sit with her again. Pets come to get me about 20 minutes later.

"Fifi ask to speak with you Master." She says. I look at her.

"She may come down at any time or we will be up after this show." I watch Pet head out and then we stayed and finished before we go to the bedroom. I see Fifi sticking her head out through the cage door talking with Pet. I walk over and look down at both of them. "You wanted to speak with me." I say to Fifi.

"Yes Master I wanted to learn more things you prefer." I take this as a good sign and smile at her.

"You will learn everything in time but for right now. I want you to be comfortable around me. You may not play with yourself and tomorrow I will show you around and you can see the outer limits to explore." I say to her.

"Yes Master." Is all I get back.

"Good now I want to take a look at your side." I say and wait for her to come out.

"Yes Master." I see her slowly crawl out and stand in front of me.

"Come over to the bed. I want you to meet my wife she will be your Mistress." I introduce Mia.

"Nice to meet you Mistress." She say a little uneasy.

"Lay down." I say turning on a lamp on the night stand.

"I am going to feel around to see if your side is bad. It may hurt but I want you to do your best to talk to me. After this you may sleep in the cage if you want."

"Yes Master." She says laying down. I run my fingers over her ribs she gasps as I move over two spots.

"I want you to tell me pain level one to ten."

Then I gently press "8" I move to the other rib and press gently again. "10" Fifi yelps I stop and let her catch her breath.

"I am not going to do that again. I think 2 of your ribs are cracked we will take you to the doctor as soon as we can get an appointment. I can give you something for pain for tonight." I say helping her sit up.

"Thank you Master I would be grateful for that." I take her to the bathroom and grab two aspirin and a glass of water and hand it to her.

"You want to sleep in the cage tonight?" She nods "ah" I say wanting her to speak.

"Yes Master thank you." I hand her a blanket and pillow after we walk into the bedroom.

"Good go ahead." I lay down as Fifi goes back to the cage and climbs inside pull the door behind her. I lay in bed with Mia, Pet and Six moving through this day in my head trying to figure out where my day took a turn that end with Fifi in the cage. I am a lucky man is all I finally decide. I wake first the next morning I hold Mia and Pet close as I look over and see Fifi curled up in the cage sleeping peacefully. I again think through the interesting events and what I had to do today. I needed to talk Pet and see if we can get Fifi to a doctor. I lay there as the rest of the bed woke up but we are quiet as we leave to get breakfast. I open the cage door and leave a note.

"Come finds us when you are ready." I grab some waffles from Ruby and sit with Pet at the table. "I want you to call and see if we can get an appointment today." I say as we eat.

"Yes Master." She says.

"Then you and I need to finish our talk." I follow up with.

Again I hear. "Yes Master." from my little Pet. We are almost finished breakfast when Fifi peeks timidly around the door.

"Come in and get some food." I say when I see her. She does as I say thanking Ruby and sitting to eat at the edge of the table. "No one here is going to hurt you. You are safe after breakfast you and I will walk together so you can see everything and meet everyone." I say as I finish eating before I go shower. Fifi is waiting kneeling by the bed when I come out. I get dressed and take Fifi out and show her around introduce her to everybody and tell her the rules. I find Pet waiting in my office kneeling next my chair. I turn to Fifi. "You may go where you like now explore around or relax in the cage. You follow the rules and you can try what you want." I say before I join Pet in the office. "Yes Pet." I say sitting next to her.

"The doctor had an opening at 2:30 Master." She informs me.

"Good what else do you have to tell me?" I place my hand on her back.

"I am sacred Master." She says in her shaking voice. I have her sit with me.

"I am sorry that I scared you. I want you to know I was angry with that man not you right." She nods.

"Master I was scared of you but I know you. I am scared that man would take me from you." I feel her crying in my arms as she says this. I hold her to close to me.

"No one is going to take you. You are mine and that is not changing. I thought you would know that by now." I say.

"I know Master but I am afraid." She says. I hold her face so I can see her eyes.

"You know I will protect you." She nods wiping her eyes. "Remember that Pet." I kiss her head and clean her up.

"You want to spend time with Button or come with me out?" I know the answer but I want to make sure.

"I wish to stay with Button Master." She answers with a smile.

"Fine by me have fun. You both are free to cum today." She hugs me.

"Thank you Master. Do you wish me to serve you first?" I kiss her.

"No go enjoy your day." I send her on her way knowing I would soon have company. I was right but a little surprised it turns out to be Fifi. "How are you?" I ask as she walks in.

"Good Master." She says kneeling next to me.

"We are going to the doctor later to check out you ribs." I say looking her over.

"Yes Master." She says softly.

"Is there anything you need?" I ask.

"No Master." I leave her where she is and go back to what I was doing. Fifi sits quiet next to me as I work. I look over at her every few minutes to check on her. After a while of this I get curious.

"You may stay with me here but I would like to know why you are doing so?" I question her.

"I want to be close if you wish to be served Master." Comes her reply.

"Why?" I question simply.

"I want to prove myself to you so I may stay." She answers.

"First barring any major willful disobedience you will be staying. I don't want you to worry about that. I will let you serve me and train you in how to I prefer it. All you need to do is you best to learn." I say to put her at ease.

"Yes Master. May I please begin the training now?" She begs.

"How much oral training have you had?" I watch as she smiles at this question.

"I have had some training but not a lot Master. May I show you?" I nod and watch her gently remove my shorts and begin to kiss and lick my cock. Her attention soon has me hard and I feel her suck me into her mouth.

"You are very eager I will give you that." I say letting her know I liked it. I feel her push down gently swallowing my member into her throat. "I am very pleased you have been trained to deepthroat." I say resting my hand on her head. "Try to move with my hand." I say showing her the speed and depth I like. She is quick to learn and eager she will be easy to train. I am soon cumming into her mouth as she licks the underside of my head. "I am impressed Fifi. I think you will do fine here." I say as I catch my breath. I look down at her.

"How would you like to feel pleasure?" I ask.

"May I touch myself Master?" She begs. I nod and watch the pleasure move across her face as her fingers begin to play. "May I cum Master?" She begs after she enjoys herself for a few minutes.

"Yes you may cum Fifi." I watch as she does.

"Thank you Master." She says as she comes down from her orgasm.

"You're welcome. You can relax. We will be going to the doctor after lunch." I say as I run my hand across her face. "You may stay or go as you like I will call you when it is time to go." Fifi curls up at my feet as closes her eyes I watch her briefly before going back to the computer. I look down on her every once and awhile as I work for a while. I let her nap briefly before I gently tap her. "I am going to get some lunch." I say and watch Fifi get up and wait to follow me. After we eat Fifi stays by my side as I walk around sitting with Mia briefly as I made my rounds. I find Pet tied to the bed with Button tease her with her fingers and a vibe. I walk in. "I think an explaination is in order." I say remembering the last time I found them. I look to find out how this happened. Button stops for a moment to let Pet answer.

"Button did not believe I completely control my orgasms like you have trained me. So I told her she could test my control." I look her over.

"How long has this test been going on?" I look at both of them Pet does not know so I look to Button.

"About an hour and a half Master."

"Do you believe her now?" I ask.

"Yes Master." She answers moving to untie Pet.

"Wait." I say stopping Button before motioning for Fifi to sit on the cushion next to the bed. "Let me show you the other side of the training." I see Pets eyes light up at this. "Place two fingers inside Pet and hold still." I say to Button as I sit over Pet. I look down at Pet aroused and helpless. "5" I say and hear both Pet and Button gasp.

"I felt her react Master." Button says.

"I know here comes more.4" I watch as Button feels Pet react again. I then grab the vibe and turn in on pressing it to her clit. "3, 2. 1." I say quickly. "Now I could leave her here to calm down and lose all of this arousal. I can then count her down to the edge of orgasm." I look down at Pet. "and she can cum on command. I think she is ready to show you that. Aren't you Pet?"

"Yes please Master." I hear from her.

"Cum for me Pet." I say ending her wait. I let Pet relax from her orgasm before turning to Button. "She can also cum multiple times. Cum for me Pet." I watch the second orgasm move through her. I push two more before I stop for good. "You can untied her now and give her a little time to recover." I say to Button look at Pet in her blessed state. I sit with Pet until she is more awake. "I am taking Fifi to the doctor. Make sure you get some rest before your next activity." I say kissing her and letting Button lay with her. I motion to Fifi to join me as I leave. I grab a snack as we head to the car buckling Fifi in. "The Doctor is going to look you over and x-ray your ribs. He will probable touch them as I did last night. I know it may hurt but I want you to do your best." I say to her as we drive. Once we arrive I sign in Fifi sits with me slowly looking around at the room. I open the bag of chips and offer one to Fifi to distract her from getting nervous. We don't wait too long before we are seen. I explain my concerns and have Fifi lay on the table so the doctor can take a look. I place my hand on the table above her head. "Hold on to my hand Fifi." She does this showing her side badly bruised in two spots. Fifi does well though the examination.

"You are right her ribs are crack but not too sever I will prescribe a pain killer and suggest you go easy on her." I thank him and head out to the pharmacy before returning home. I give Fifi a pill and say.

"I want you to go lay down somewhere and rest."

"Yes Master. May I use the cage?" She asks before leaving.

"You were good today of course you can and you are free to use it as long as no one else is." I say sending her on her way. I walk around and find Pet and Button sitting together watching a movie. I see everyone in the house including Six and Krissy. This is a very odd to me I go try to find Mia. I go out and find Mia alone on the deck. "What's up sweetie?" I asking motion to the empty space around her.

"I let them go off and enjoy themselves." I sit on the edge of her chair and kiss her deeply.

"You want to go to the bedroom?" I say with a telling smile. Mia is up and on her way without answering. We get to the bedroom and lock the door before stripping each other on the way to the bed. Kissing our way to the bed Mia lays down as I climb between her legs. "I cannot remember the last time it was just us." I say as I gently lick at her clit.

"We are alone now let's enjoy it." She says gently moving my head. I build her arousal slowly as I kiss and lick every inch of her. I move up the bed and I position myself at Mia's dripping pussy.

"I love you." I say looking into her eyes.

"I love you to." She says wrapping her legs around me trying to pull me closer. I lay down sinking myself into her as I kiss her and wrap my arms around her. She start to move and roll her hips. We move through positions and enjoy each other bodies bring Mia to orgasm twice before I finally cum. We lay there catching our breaths as Mia lay satisfied in my arms.

"We need to do that more often." She says kissing my chest.

"I am certainly not going argue with you my darling." I say as we lay together. We lay there quiet for the first time since we came in the room. In that silence I hear breathing that is not Mia or myself. I look over and see Fifi in the cage fast asleep. Those must be powerful pills if she did not wake up I think. I feel Mia dozing off as she listens to my heartbeat and I cover her with a blanket. I lay there for a while listening to Mia breath then to Fifi. I doze off as well. I wake when Mia shifts in her sleep. I hold her close and look over to Fifi still asleep. I grab the remote and turn on the TV on low volume to look for something to watch. When I find it I wrap my arm around Mia and check on Fifi both sound asleep. Mia awakes half way into my second show I gently kissed her awake. When she turn over to watch TV with me I motion to Fifi.

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