tagBDSMMaster's Pretty Little Pet Pt. 02

Master's Pretty Little Pet Pt. 02


Note: Here is part two! I definitely recommend you read the first entry if you haven't already. It's only short (about 1,200 words). Thank you for commenting on my first post. Please keep them coming, I'd like to know how I can improve my writing :) I hope you enjoy!


The straps securing my ball gag suddenly fell slack as my master released the mechanism piecing them together.

"I think you've had this in for long enough."

He gave a gentle pull until the black silicon ball came free with a wet pop. Immediately my mouth relaxed and the uncomfortable ache in my jaw began to lessen.

The tips of his fingers feathered across my lower back and drew a loose circle as he came to stand by my left shoulder. "Repeat your safe word for me."


"Good girl." He pecked my cheek, "Don't be afraid to use it."

"Yes Master."

Despite how much he loved to push me and unleash his sadistic urges, he was always conscious of my limits and only once have I felt compelled to use my safe word.

In fact, the only time he 'punished' me for disobedience was for withholding my safe word during a play session because I didn't want to disappoint him. As a result, my bottom became rather well acquainted with his cane. Needless to say I have never felt any inclination to revisit that moment.

"So, I bought a new toy. I think you might like it."

"Oh?" His mischievous tone of voice piqued my curiosity.

"Oh yes indeed." He breathed a faint chuckle. "I bought it online, and it just so happened to arrive today."

"What does it do?"

He gave my butt a playful slap. "Why don't we find out?"

I scrunched up my nose and poked my tongue at him. Or at least I think I did. It was awfully hard to see with a blindfold covering my eyes.

The sudden drizzle of lube down the crevice of my tush made me squeak and tense involuntarily. Why was lube always so cold?

Once my ass had been thoroughly glazed, he pried apart my slippery butt-cheeks and nudged the coned tip of a butt plug against my silky puckered hole.

A soft, almost inaudible sigh fell from my lips as he urged the toy deeper, slowly stretching out my spongy hole. After a brief moment of nudging and twisting, my arsehole succumbed and engulfed its wide circumference, closing around its narrow stem as it sunk into place.

Little did I know this was no ordinary butt plug. That became evident when my master pressed a small button on its base. What happened next caught me by complete surprise. A blissfully erotic vibration ensued, jolting my body and pulling a surprised moan from my throat.

"G-nnh..Fuck." I caught my bottom lip between my teeth and nibbled. The combination of having my arsehole stretched and treated to such a tantalising vibration was exquisite.

"I thought you might like that." His teeth pinched the back of my neck as he gave my slippery ass a firm squeeze.

"Uh huh." I breathed a faint whine. A sudden fluctuation in the intensity of the plug's vibration forced my arsehole into an involuntary contraction. I chewed on my lip and groaned, arching the sleek curve of my back as a rush of sexual tingles erupted within the soft globes of my butt.

The sustained stimulation from the plug was indescribable. Every 10 to 20 seconds the mode would shift from a low consistent purr, to a rapid staccato, to a slow mind-numbing pulsation.

To say that I was wet would be a severe understatement. I was drenched. Within a heartbeat I was once again reduced to a dangling horny mess, and I yearned for more.

"My, my... Look at you."

I could sense his smug grin as those taunting words returned.

His hands traversed the soft curves of my naked hips and slid down to the perky round shape of my bottom. His fingers dug into the overlap of my tush, clamping tight as he drew close. Once again I was reminded of his taut, muscular torso and the light bristle of hair that adorned his skin when he pressed up against my back.

On top of being devilishly kinky, my master was absolutely. Fucking. Hot.

He had a tall athletic stature with broad shoulders, thick powerful arms and a chest that made me melt. The chiselled definition and contours of his peck and abdominal muscles reflected the many hours he spent labouring away at the gym.

However, it was the sapphire colour of his eyes, the disarming warmth of his smile and his neatly combed hair that caught my breath and made my heart race. One glance at his sparkling blue eyes and mischievous smile was enough to make me swoon.

"How long do you think I can tease you like this before you give in?" His impish tone implied the question was undoubtedly rhetorical. Just another one of his many ploys to accelerate my culminating arousal.

I groaned in defeat. It was not uncommon for my master to edge and tease me for prolonged periods of time during our play sessions. He would always push me to the brink of release, before relenting and then beginning all over again. It was a cruel, cyclical torture, but they always gave the best orgasms.

Of course, today felt like no exception to such an episode.

He reached around and cupped my neglected folds, burying a single finger inside the slick, heated depths of my velvety slit.

"Oh fuck." My fingers clenched and my toes curled inward as he commenced a rather lewd exploration of my glistening vagina.

My hips twitched and bucked in an uncoordinated dance, desperately seeking to maximise the friction against his fingers. My stomach pulled tight and my chest rose as I sucked in a sharp breath. His devious digits had fanned out, forcing my wet, gooey labia apart to expose my lust swollen clitoris.

His middle finger rushed to exploit its advantage, honing in on my vulnerable pearl. It took all but a passing moment for his finger-pad to uncover my most hyper-sensitive spot. With an expertly maneuvered caress he extracted a full bodied convulsion and a desperate, throaty moan.

Such an unyielding assault on the most erogenous part of my body made me tremor. Courtesy of his prior teasing during the hors d'oeuvre of our play session, I was already teetering on the edges of an orgasm.

His soft lips graced my ear as he murmured huskily, "Don't forget, no cumming until I say so."

I shivered with excitement despite the dreaded reminder that I no longer controlled my orgasms, "Yes Master."

Relinquishing such a right felt so appropriate when I wasn't on edge. But when I was, it was so damn agonising, and yet the simple utterance of those words made me squirm in delight.

My body stiffened and my thighs clamped together, squeezing tight in a feeble attempt to trap his hand against my mound. Responding to my rather audacious attempt, he gave a dexterous wiggle of his hand until it came free, and delivered a firm spank to my right butt cheek, making its plump round curve wobble.

Abruptly, he stepped away, once more leaving me to hang from the knot tied around my wrists.

His absence was thankfully short lived, the subtle jingling of a metallic chain announcing his return.

"This might sting a little bit." He warned, bringing whatever he was carrying to my aching, swollen nipples.

Simultaneously, two small metallic objects pinched my areolas, clamping over each perky little nub. Consequently a sharp sting shot through my breasts, making me gasp in surprise.

"Open your mouth." He commanded.

Despite the discomfort throbbing within my breasts, I obediently opened my mouth. Happy to play along with his sadistic little game and to demonstrate my willingness.

The jingling chain I heard earlier was now promptly stuffed into my mouth. Furthermore, said chain was apparently connected to the clamps now biting into my nipples. A discovery swiftly made as I turned my head to the left, which subsequently pulled the length of chain connected to the right clamp and gave my nipple a painful tug.

I could feel a blush surfacing, turning my cheeks a rosy pink.

"Don't let it fall out." He teased.

This was going to be hard.

Quite suddenly, a brisk spank connected with my left butt-cheek, emitting a loud fleshy smack.

I jerked forward and squeaked in surprise, struggling to keep the chain cinched within my mouth as I dangled unsteadily.

"More?" He cooed.

"Mhm." I arched my back and pushed out my ass, eager to feel the pleasurable sting of his hand again.

That was all the encouragement he needed.

Without further ado he proceeded to slap my ass in rapid, quick succession, bouncing my butt-cheeks and turning each pale globe a bright fiery red.

"G-hng!" My brow furrowed and my jaw clenched as the blows continued to rain down upon my out-thrust bottom, sometimes alternating between cheeks, sometimes striking both at once.

With each harsh smack a lewd staccato of claps bounced through the room, accompanied by a chorus of nasally whines and high pitched falsetto grunts that fell from my lips.

I whimpered, spasmed, and struggled. This was exactly the kind of wicked treatment I relished. Each harsh strike magnified the pleasure that bloomed within my moistened petals and solidified my sexual submission to him.

A blistering warmth soon glowed across my reddened tush. My poor bottom had been spanked raw, and yet despite the burning sensation across my tender cheeks my vagina gushed with arousal.

"Shall we step it up a notch, my little pain slut?" He teased, biting on the tender skin between my shoulder and ear while gently pulling on my hair, once again reminding me of the vice claiming my nipples.

"Yes Master" There was no hesitation in my reply. The need to be pleasured with pain and claimed with unbridled dominance was undeniable.

Again he disappeared, rustling through his bag of debauchery to find the toy that would be the vessel of my pain.

I wonder what he would choose this time.

The ominous caress of a flogger against the small of my back confirmed my suspicions. Out of all the toys my master possessed, this was one of my favourites.

Not a moment was wasted as he moved behind me and struck with pinpoint accuracy, priming my delicate skin with a series of playful flicks.

It was a customary practice. He would always tease me with a few gentle whips, letting me adjust to the sensation before ramping up the momentum.

When he was satisfied I was ready, he brought the flogger down with a sharp hiss, striking my back with considerable force. The leathery ends lashed across my smooth creamy skin with a loud 'thwack', painting angry red streaks across my back.

I yelped and flinched, balling my hands and pulling on the silk wrapped around my wrists.

Another explosion of pain erupted from my right flank as he struck again.

I released a hoarse, desperate groan and gnawed on the chain in my mouth.

A third painful strike wrapped around the apex of my left thigh, welting my skin and making me howl and jerk involuntarily.

A breath hitched within my chest and I almost sobbed. It felt as if my skin had been subjected to a blistering singe.

In spite of the agony inflicted upon my nubile body, a familiar sexual fervour began to broil between my thighs. I couldn't believe how much this was turning me on.

He paused, watching me whimper and tremble in a confused mess of pain and pleasure. Needing to confirm how horny I was, he stuck a hand between my legs and cupped my drooling cunny.

"Fuck... You're soaked." He exclaimed.

A cheeky grin spread across my lips. Of course I was!

I gave a provocative wiggle of my hips and shamelessly rubbed my damp vagina across his probing fingertips. It was all the enticement I could manage given my current predicament. The need to be taken was almost indescribable.

"That's it... No more foreplay." He murmured, withdrawing his hand and casting aside the flogger.

The sudden clinking and clattering of a belt buckle falling to the ground made my pussy tingle and my heartbeat quicken.

One hand seized my hip, holding me still while the other brought the tip of his swollen cock to my slick puffy folds. The mere contact of such a wondrous organ against my aching vagina sent a pleasure induced chill through my core.

Impatiently, I arched my back to meet the crown of his thick erect shaft as it nudged against the folds of my labia.

I could feel his rugged breath cascading down my neck while he pulled on my hips, hastily pushing the bulbous, flared tip of his penis past the slippery curtains of my pussy.

Sensing my desperation, he gave a cautious thrust of his hips and crammed the remainder of his dick inside me with one fluid motion.

"Ooh.. f-nnh." I felt every bulging vein of his rigid cock pass through my drenched tunnel as it buried inside. My thighs quivered and my knees dipped as the inner walls of my pussy succumbed to the large hardened diameter of his cock.

My mouth fell agape and I moaned. I had forgotten how thick his penis was. It stretched apart the gooey elasticity of my vagina and filled me completely!

I shifted my hips as I adjusted to his size, stirring his cock inside my moist depths until the dull ache of my bloated orifices began to dissipate.

A sudden outburst of vibration from the inexorable plug crammed into my butt quickly reminded me of its presence. The delicate nerve endings inside the inner walls of my anus tingled and spasmed frantically.

I sucked in a sharp breath, pulling on the knot tied around my wrists and clamping my thighs together.

"Fuck.. You're tight." He rasped, maintaining his firm grip on my hips as he slowly began to withdraw until the glistening head of his cock threatened to slip free.

"Please..." I begged breathlessly, nibbling on the chain strung through my mouth. It was a tantalising withdrawal. One that had me squirming and writhing from the sexual agony it caused. I wasn't in the mood for any more teasing. I needed to be fucked. Hard.

That seemed to pull the trigger. He slammed forward with an animalistic growl, roughly jerking me back and sinking his penis into the far reaches of my sopping wet cunt.

I lost all muscle coordination as the taut definition of his groin collided with the soft cushion of my buttocks. My only brace was his hands on my hips and the knot hitching my arms high above my head.

His lips grazed against the back of my neck as he began to plow into me, repeatedly battering his shaft into my nether regions.

"Hgh-nh.. Harder!" I cried desperately, arching and elevating my bottom to meet his frenzied thrusts. I was ravenous from all the foreplay he had made me endure. I needed more.

The remnants of any intelligible thoughts were simply melted away like butter as he brazenly pounded his thick engorged cock into my needy vaginal orifice, rendering my mind numb and vacant.

Perspiration spread across our bodies, making our skin glisten as we came together in an uncontrollable outburst of raw carnal desire.

Such rough, vigorous rutting sent my body spiralling into a lecherous vortex, submerging me in unrestrained orgasmic pleasures.

I couldn't hold on any longer. I was going to cum.

Sensing how close I was, he yanked on my hair until my head bent backwards. The chain connected to my nipples pulled tight, stretching out my numbed areolas. I deepened the arch of my back and thrust out my voluminous tits.

He growled into my right ear, "Beg for it."

The self-degradation those words demanded made my impending orgasm all the more imminent.

"H-aah..Mnh.. Master! Please!" I whined desperately. My voice fluctuated every time his groin rammed against my bottom.

The sheer power of his thrusts were beyond my comprehension. He was jack-hammering into me with the fury and power of a bull.

"Ohmygod.. Nh-f.. I can't..." My body was rattled to the core and my mind was delirious with lust. I couldn't battle the tide of my orgasm any longer. His cock was so big and it was moving so fast.

"Cum." He commanded.

A sharp sting spread across my left butt-cheek as he delivered a sharp spank, spurring me on like an animal.

Yes, at last... Those heavenly words...

I squeezed my eyes shut and let my jaw hang loose as the flood gates opened.

All my pent up arousal suddenly erupted in a glorious finger clenching, toe curling explosion.

I let out a hoarse moan, drowning out the lewd drumbeat of fleshy claps that came from our colliding bodies.

My back snapped into an arch and my thighs clamped together. Nectar gushed from my nether lips and soaked his cock.

The outburst of pleasure was unprecedented. My whole body shook and spasmed almost violently.

He continued to viciously pound his throbbing shaft inside me, unabated by the intensity of my orgasm, holding tight on my hair like it was a pair of reins.

Without any warning, he released the clamps from my nipples. That alone was enough to wrench free a second episode of full bodied tremors, haphazardly throwing me into sensory overload.

I screamed and moaned like a shameless whore as I came again, convulsing and contorting in sexual ecstasy.

I don't know how long we stood there. Rutting like rabbits with my master pounding me like a Neanderthal and me cumming my brains out. It felt like an eternity.

When the pleasure finally became too much and I began to squirm in discomfort, he finally relented.

The warm embrace of his arms pinned me to his chest, and kept his cock anchored deep inside me as my orgasm gradually subsided.

He reached up with one hand to untangle my wrists, letting my arms flop down to my sides before tugging off my blindfold.

I was a sweaty, exhausted mess. My legs had been turned to jelly and my vagina felt bruised and sore.

For a long moment he just held me as I twitched and mewed in the aftermath of such a colossal climax. I slumped against his chest and basked in his intoxicating masculine scent.

"You're beautiful." He whispered, pressing his lips to my right cheek as he brushed aside a strand of hair that was matted to my forehead.

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach and a dopey grin spread across my lips. I nuzzled my nose against his right shoulder and murmured in reply, "I love you."

To be continued...

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