tagBDSMMaster's Shower

Master's Shower


written for my Master, Rob.

i had just awoken from my slumber to feel You tapping me on the bottom. You look at me and say, "Come My sweet girl, I wish to have a shower and you will bathe me."

i grin up at you and follow You into the bathroom. i turn on the water and adjust the temperature asking You once to feel it as i can not judge such things very well. i light the candles that line the wall by the sink and turn to You.

i slowly take off each article of Your clothing and neatly fold them on the counter top. i help You into the shower and kneel down beside it.

i ask You in a soft voice, "May i bathe You, Master?" "you may My girl, "You say with a grin.

i slowly rise and join You in the shower. i slowly run the wash cloth over Your upper body and making sure to suds every where. You stand there and relax as You take in the warmth of the water beating down upon Your skin.

Being the minx that i am, i can't resist leaning in and taking a nipple between my teeth and gently pulling on it. You gasp at me and Your body reacts despite Yourself, and drags me under the water's spray so that You can spank my bottom.

"you naughty pet, did I say You could do that?" you question me in a stern voice.

Bowing my head low, i answer, "No, Master, You did not."

You spank my bottom again. "Now finish washing Me without being a brat," You command.

Slowly i lather the rest of Your body, teasing You a bit with my touch. You growl softly at me and give me a half grin.

"Look what you are creating My pet, "You chortle at me, "you will have to finish now what you have begun."

i rinse the suds off Your body and wash Your hair, my body brushing up against You. After i rinse the suds from Your locks, i let my hand brush against Your half hard cock, teasing You just a bit.

You grin at me but say not a word about what i have just done. You give me that look that tells me that i have started something that i will be expected to finish.

After turning off the shower i then begin to dry You off with a towel. You softly grab my hair and pull me to You, bending my head to kiss my lips. With a small growl and a pat on my ass You tell me to hurry up. i lead You back into the bedroom and start to open drawers to get out clothing for You. You clear Your throat and look at me.

"Not just yet My pet, since you saw fit to play with Me in the shower you will finish what you have begun."

i kneel up before You and with my minx like grin i ask, "May i have permission to touch You and arouse You as i deem fit in order to finish what i have started?".

You chortle at me and grin, "you may finish what you started My pet but you are to only use your mouth, and tongue."

i adjust my position so that i may begin my task. i softly kiss along Your skin, licking and touching my lips to every part of Your cock. You steady Yourself against me by placing Your hands upon my shoulders.

i can hear You take a few deep breathes as my tongue slowly bring You alive. You gasp as my teeth ever so slightly graze You. i wait to hear You chastise me for that but You don't. That can only mean one thing...You are saving up my transgressions for an atonement day.

After slowly running my tongue along Your cock, and i take You into my mouth. i slowly suck up and down Your length as my tongue caresses the underside of You. You run You hand through my hair and softly pull it.

i let out a soft moan despite myself as You pull my hair. This pain is a sweet reminder of who is truly in control of this play. You let me continue to suck and lick upon Your cock until You have had enough.

You grab me up off my knees and softy push me onto the bed face down. You kick my legs apart and enter my wet pussy. You smile at finding me good and wet for You. You take me in this manner until You reach the point of no return.

You nip in the center of my back as You cum. This is a sweet reminder to me that this is about Your needs. You swat my bottom and pull me back into the bathroom.

"Now pet...this time...no playing with Master." *chuckles* " I really do have to get ready for My day."

i behave myself this time and complete the task as asked. With a smile, You place a soft kiss upon my forehead as You leave for work.

"Be good My pet, you brat you."

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by Anonymous

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Cute story. However, when writing, I needs to be capitalized...YOU and YOUR do NOT unless they are the first word in a sentence! And do you realize that in this very short story you used the word "slowly"more...

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