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Masturbation Class


Kelly examined her watched impatiently against the clock hanging in her cubicle, noting with displeasure that the office clock was four minutes slow.

"Hey Kel..." Her boss, Robert, appeared at the opening of her cubicle, carrying a stack of papers, "can you get these on my desk by tomorrow?"

Kelly read the clock again with an inward grimace. It was almost time to go; class was in an hour.

"Robert, I'm kinda pressed this evening," she smiled, despite her agitation. "See, I have class tonight and..."

"Class?" her boss said surprised, stepping into her cubicle, "I didn't know you went to school Kelly, what are you studying?"

"Oh, uhm, I'm working on my advertising certificate," she lied, surprised at her quickness. Of course she wasn't studying advertising, but she could hardly tell her boss the truth about her educational pursuits.

"Well, then," he smiled, "I guess Jim can do it. I don't want to get in the way of your studies."

Then, turning on his way out, he looked thoughtful for a moment. "Kel, you know, we might have an opening in advertising, down the road, for a qualified person," he said with a wink.

It was seven minutes after five.

"Awesome!" Kelly smiled, pretending to care.

"Well, good luck at school tonight," he said on his way out.

Grabbing her things, Kelly raced out of the office to the elevator. She wouldn't have time to change, but she could just make it to class if she hurried.

In the parking garage, she dumped her stuff in the backseat, and got in, checking herself in the mirror. With the car in gear, she backed out, and pointed it at her destination.

With exactly, five minutes to spare, Kelly entered the classroom, and took a seat in the semi-circle of chairs, at the end by the window, next to a heavy-set, handsome gentleman who smiled at her as she sat down. She returned his smile. He was one of only two men present that evening, the rest of the class were women.

This was her third class, and she'd discovered that the ratio of men and women usually favored women.

"Good evening folks," Jetty Talmot spoke, entering the room, as the murmur died down.

"How's everyone tonight?" she asked pleasantly. Taking a seat on the edge of the big mahogany desk in front of the group, she sipped from a bottle of water. The room functioned as a regular college classroom during the day, but one evening a week it was used for masturbation class.

"Any questions from last week's class?" Jetty said towards the class, placing the bottle on the desk.

Jetty was an older woman, probably in her early fifties, by Kelly's guess. Her dark hair fell to her waist in tresses, and was contrasted by the deep-red, shouldered blouse, and grey skirt that outlined her classic, hourglass figure. Kelly thought she was beautiful.

The room was silent, waiting for her to continue.

"Great!" she said, standing. "Now, tonight class, we're going to talk about adding some excitement to your masturbatory sessions."

Moving to the blackboard, she picked up a chunk of chalk, and wrote the word "Nudity" on the board, underlining it.

"Nudity," she said, turning to the class. "Can someone please explain nudity?"

The class was silent for a moment before the man next to Kelly raised a hand.

"Isn't it the state of being undressed? Naked?"

"Exactly Jim," Jetty said. "Nudity is the state of being undressed, naked, no clothes on."

"So, class," she continued in a serious tone, "how can we use nudity as an added element of excitement when we masturbate? Any ideas?"

"Well..." a petite, blonde-haired woman said from the other end of the semi-circle, "you could be naked in a place where you aren't supposed to be..."

"True. Good, that's one way," Jetty answered.

"Jim," she smiled, nodding at the man next to Kelly, "could you come up here a moment?"

Rising, Jim strode to the desk, turned, and stood in front of the class.

"Now, last week, Jim here masturbated for the first time with us," a small applause went up, with congratulations from the semi-circle.

Jim flushed a little, and Kelly noticed him fidget.

"Jim, will you be my demonstrator?" Jetty said sweetly at him.

Jim nodded.

Coming around the desk, Jetty stood beside him facing the class.

"Would you please take off all of your clothes Jim...everything...socks too...and place them on the desk?"

"Yes Jetty," he said...then went about the business of getting naked.

Opening his shirt, he removed it and placed it on the desk, then pushed his shoes off, one at a time with his feet.

Unzipping his trousers, he pulled them to his knees and bent over, stepping out of them. Folding them neatly, he put them next to his shirt. Then he pulled his socks off, and dropped his boxers to his ankles and stepped out of them. Bending over again, away from the class, he laid everything in a neat pile on the desk, and faced the semi-circle again.

Kelly couldn't help noticing the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair, just above his rather large penis, which had begun to thicken, as Jim stood naked in front of the group.

Apparently, that fact didn't escape Jetty either, as she bent to pick up his clothes, smiling at him. Jim blushed.

Crossing the room, she opened a metal cabinet in the corner and placed Jim's clothes carefully on a shelf inside, before closing it, and returning to her spot next to him in front of the semi-circle.

"How do you feel Jim?" Jetty asked, touching his shoulder lightly for reassurance.

"I, feel...kind of embarrassed." he said sheepishly.

"Yes, that's right...embarrassed. Anything else?"

Jim was silent for a moment, looking out at the group. Kelly saw his breathing increase as his cock continued to swell between his legs. She felt wet between hers.

Glancing through the group, she saw that she wasn't the only one affected. Several of the women appeared to be breathing a little faster. The petite blonde squirmed a bit in her seat, and adjusted her skirt. The other man sat silent, staring attentively at Jim.

Jim's chest was flushed pink as his cock reached full mast, pointing at the class. While it was large to begin with, when it was hard, it was huge, Kelley thought, probably twice the size of when it was flaccid. The head of it was swollen slightly purple. Jim's cock throbbed and moved lightly with his heartbeat. His balls hung low between his thighs.

"Well," Jim continued, "I feel...excited..." he finished, looking down at himself.

"Yes," Jetty, said, punctuating it happily. "You are excited. It's exciting to be the only one, totally nude, and hard in front of a group, isn't it?"

"Class, "she said towards the group, "Jim has just discovered an excellent way to add a measure of excitement to your masturbation...being naked in front of a group of clothed people is terribly exciting...just look at him."

As Jetty smiled at him, Jim's hand went to his cock, stroking slowly, moving over it, back and forth from the head to the base.

"Nice, Jim," she said encouragingly, touching his shoulder again, "stroke yourself...masturbate for everyone..."

Kelly felt her wetness soaking through her panties and the insides of her thighs as she stared at Jim, naked, stroking himself in front of everyone.

Taking stock around her again, she saw that a dark-haired woman, two seats over already had a hand in the front her jeans, and was rubbing herself, transfixed. The petite blonde on the end absently pulled at a nipple through her shirt.

Unable to help herself, Kelley opened the few button on the front of her work slacks, and reached in, fingering herself through her wet panties.

Jetty stood, smiling around the class.

"Jim," she said sweetly, describe for the class what you're doing please."

Jim's eyes were closed; his head was tilted back on his shoulders as he pleasured himself.

"I...I'm masturbating..." he said, struggling a bit.

"Well, yes...you are Jim, but is there another way to express it...is there another way to say it?" Jetty pressed, still sounding sweet.

"Uhm..." Jim said, before his voice trailed off. Kelly saw he was having trouble focusing on Jetty's words.

"Could you call it beating off?" Jetty prodded gently.

"Yeah," he said, his breath coming shorter, "I'm....beating off..."

As Jetty stood before him, she smiled, glancing down at Jim's stroking.

"You're beating off Jim," she said low, almost in a whisper, moving closer. "You're beating off; totally naked, right in front of the whole class...they're all looking at you Jim. Everyone's watching you beat your big, fat, cock...right here...in the classroom."

Jim gasped, stroking faster. His hand was all over his rigid cock, as he stroked it, pulling it to first to one side, then the other, before stroking fast and hard again.

Spreading her legs wider, Kelly entered her hot pussy with her fingers, moving them in and out under her panties...thumbing over her clit at the same time.

Scanning quickly over the room, she saw that one woman already had her pants at her ankles, and was rubbing her cunt furiously.

The other man in the group had taken his cock out, and was slowly stroking himself, while he alternated between watching Jim, and a pretty redhead beside him who opened her shirt and pulled one heavy, large breast from it....lifting it and rolling it between her fingers.

Jim moaned loudly in front of the group.

"Class..." Jetty said, facing them. "Do you see how nudity can enhance the masturbatory experience here, both on the parts of the nude person and those watching him?"

"For Jim," she went on, "being naked and masturbating in front of you is exciting beyond imagination. He has no way to cover himself. Let's say that someone else walked into this room right now. Jim would have to remain nude, no matter what. He effectively has no control over his situation, and can't help but...beat his dick...while you watch," she finished, with a wink at Jim.

"And I see that many of you have perceived Jim's naked helplessness and it has turned you on as well. Several of you are already masturbating," she finished with wink at Jim.

Here and there, a few moans arose from the class, as Jim continued beating his cock in front of the group. Spreading his legs wider, he sat back on the edge of the desk and pounded himself hard and fast, moaning loudly.

Reaching deep into herself, Kelly watched, and tugged and pulled at her throbbing, clit...rubbing hard circles around it...before sliding her hand into her horny cunt again. Her nipples were stiff nubs under her blouse.

"Kelly, can you come up here too please?" Jetty smiled, noticing her.

Looking around quickly, Kelly hesitated. Jetty continued to smile at her, waiting. Finally, withdrawing her slick fingers from herself, she stood up and crossed the few paces to the front, standing just to the side of Jim.

"Kelly," Jetty used her sweet-voice again, "what do you say we step it up a notch by allowing the class two naked people to look at while they masturbate?"

Kelly hesitated again. Watching Jim stroke his cock, fully nude in front of the group was exciting, it made her pussy gush and her clitoris swell and throb...but she'd never been naked in front strangers before.

"I guess so..." she said unsure.

"Thank you Kelly," Jetty grinned at her, "now please take off all of your clothes, socks too, like Jim, and place them on the desk."

With her pussy on fire, Kelly slowly opened her blouse, untucking it from her slacks. Pushing it from her shoulders, she pulled each arm out and removed it, before laying it on the desk, before stepping out of her shoes.

Jim watched, fascinated as he slammed his fist over his cock.

Since her slacks were already unbuttoned, she pushed them down, over her hips to her knees, then bent over and stepped out of them, placing them on the desk. She removed her socks one at a time, put them on the desk next to her pants and shirt, and straightened, standing in her bra and panties in front of the class.

Jetty motioned patiently for her to continue.

Kelly could see that almost everyone in the semi-circle was masturbating. Her clit pulled at her.

Reaching behind her back, she unclasped her bra, and pulled it away. Her pink-capped breasts tumbled free...her taught nipples pointing at the class. She could feel every eye in the room on her...her aureole swelled with excitement and her pussy poured hot wetness into her panties.

Swallowing hard, Kelly grasped the waistband of her panties, and pulled, sliding them down, revealing her shaved slit to everyone in the room. She dropped her panties and stepped out of them, bending over, showing her bare ass, before throwing them, her bra, and shoes on the desk.

Turning, she faced Jim, who was pulling hard on his swollen member, gobbling her naked body with his eyes.

Retrieving Kelly's bundle of clothes, Jetty put them in the cabinet next to Jim's.

Watching Jim, Kelly's clit pulled harder.

Sinking her fingers into her soft, wet, box, she tugged at her engorged pussy lips, before jamming three fingers straight up and into herself. The feeling was incredible and indescribable. She'd never felt so naked, so exposed.

Never before had she stripped in front of a group of people. She'd masturbated in her two previous classes, and that was exciting, but this was totally different. As the horny rush swelled and washed over her body, she felt like she was on some kind of stage with the spotlight shining on her.

She felt brazen.

"Oh god..." Jim moaned beside her. Stepping closer, and standing directly in front of him, Kelly spread her pussy lips apart with both hands.

"Look," she said like a wanton slut in a peepshow, "look at my pussy..."

Rubbing herself, she pulled on her clit, then slapped it...spreading her legs as wide as possible... she spanked at her pussy quickly. The slapping sounds filled the room, mixing with the moans of the students.

Jim gawked at her dripping, open cunt. Spitting on his hand, he pistoned his cock with his fist, moaning through gritted teeth.

"Oh yeah," breathed heavily, "jeezus fuck...rub your pussy..."

Turning to face the class, Kelly sat on the edge of the desk, thigh to thigh, next to Jim. She pinched and pulled at each hardened nipple in turn, while slapping wildly at her horny cunt.

The blonde on the end of the semi-circle was now totally naked as well, her clothes in a pile on the floor at her feet. Leaning backwards in her seat, she spread her creamy thighs, and jammed both hands into her snatch.

The other man was jacking hard, pants around his knees, as he stared at the redhead. Both of her huge breasts hung free from her open shirt, swinging as she rubbed herself through her pants.

Jetty stood behind the desk in front of the chalkboard, smiling at the horny scene.

"Oh fuck...fuck..I'm gonna cum..." Jim moaned, loudly, pressing his bare thigh hard into Kelly's.

Feeling her own orgasm moments away, Kelly pushed all four fingers of her hand deep into her bald cunt and grabbed it, like a clamp...and shook it. Gobbling Jim's slick cock with her eyes, she pressed her thumb into her clit and made herself cum...hard...moaning and squealing, sliding her naked ass all over the edge of the desk.

Jim came, jettisoning thick, white ropes of hot, sticky cum, all over himself, covering his belly and his chest...pumping his cock fast, squeezing it out.

As Kelly watched him, another wave of orgasm rocked her...she pressed her fingers hard into herself and squirted...shooting her hot cum-juice far out in front of her, over and over again...moaning and biting into her bottom lip.

Just then, the naked blonde came, arching her body in her seat, rubbing her pussy hard and fast. "Oh god..fuck....me..." she yelled, writhing in ecstasy, twisting and turning her body.

The other man shot his load on high in the air, some of it hitting the woman in front of him. All over the class, the students were cumming, and moaning, sounding like a Roman orgy, filling the air with the scent of sex and spilling their fluids on themselves, the seats, and each other.

As a third wave hit her, Kelly buckled. Squatting quickly, she braced herself on the desk, and squirted on the floor, making a puddle between her open knees.

Jim was squeezing the final drops from the tip of his cock, eyes closed, and head back. His entire upper body was soaked with his own cum.

Jetty took it all in, smiling. Finally, when the orgasms had subsided, and the room settled down, she glanced at the clock.

"Well class," she said, proudly, "that's all the time we have for this session. I hoped you enjoyed the lesson tonight. Remember, used properly, a little nudity can really add to your masturbation enjoyment."

The following afternoon, Kelly sat in her cubicle, readying herself to leave.

"Knock knock," her boss said, standing outside of the entrance to her cubicle.

"How was class?"

Kelly smiled.

"It was awesome," she said, in a much better mood than the previous day.

"Great," he said, stepping out her way as she headed for the elevator.

Turning for his office, he spied a small, white card on the floor. Bending over, he picked it up. It must have fallen out of Kelly's things.

Flipping the card over in his hand, he read the inscription...

Jetty Talmot: Masturbation 101. Come and learn to play...with yourself.

Knitting his brow, Kelly's boss shoved the card into his coat pocket and headed for his office to finish up for the day.

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by KYJOHN295506/10/18

Hot Story

I would love to find a class like the one in this story. Really hot! Where are you going with the boss that found the business card? I would like to read about that too.

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by Mark195606/02/18

Kelly ist eine unzüchtige Nacktdarstellerin

Ich möchte mein erregtes Glied öffentlich herzeigen. Es soll vor einer Damenklasse steif abstehen.

Wichst mich bitte fest, ihr Damen, mit euren erfahrenen Händen !

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Really an excellent fantasy.
Great for cosplay , role play!!!

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