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Masturbation Mutterings


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What can I say? I was one part nervous, two parts toy equipped and three parts aroused. Which equaled to about seven (tossing in all the whimpering, gasping and swearing as well) layers of suggestive, seductive, pleadingly lustful, muttered rambling.

But damn it was fun! And hot! I hope you find it so, as well!

Self-editorial notes:

I am aware that the audio is somewhat muffled sounding. I know what caused that, and it's been corrected. And, there are some points where the words may be hard to make out clearly, indistinct. I'm learning here, and hopefully will be able to (even if extremely aroused at the time*L*) better enunciate in future presentations!

I also know that it may seem rather 'disjointed', in my manner of ramble-muttering, whimpering and other erotic vocalizations, at times. Knowing that now, it's something else I can also work on, for future audios. However, IMO (and from feedback from others) it is still able to be followed well enough, while listening. And is still enjoyable and arousing. Your opinion on the matter may vary, but whatever it is, I'd love to hear about it!

All I ask, is that people keep in mind that while I've given feedback and commented on some audios of others, this is the first erotic audio I've ever made and submitted to Literotica. And, the first one I've ever made and submitted for 'public consumption', at all!

I certainly do have a better, deeper understanding and respect now; for everything that goes into making erotic audios, from start to finish! My goals here (like most, I believe) are to have fun, to entertain and arouse others; and to improve in doing all of the aforementioned! So, any and all constructive criticism, feedback, suggestions, and so on, are most welcome!

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by Anonymous

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by SimonO05/02/17

Sadly . . .

There are no other submissions from you! Get crack-a-lackin, girl. That was fantastic and you do not need to worry about anything. It was excellent.

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