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Masturbation To Lesbian Lovers


It all start when I was young the begin of my sexual awakening when I discovered what my pussy was for! It starts small just felt nice to touch. As I got older, I became more experience at producing pillow-biting orgasms. I never had much luck with boys I could never seem to connect with them and I couldn't bring myself off thinking about man it had to be women. I was worry Is there something wrong with me I went mad. I subtly spoke to me friends they were so shock and disgusted that I could never bring it up again.

So I left it for years it was my 18th birthday I was still a virgin I didn't go out with boys though many try. Because I am not ugly I am 5'4 ", black hair, I have these amazing bright green eyes, very slim, athletic and small supple breast with beautify dark nipples to go with my olive skin.

Any way I went out to get myself a dildo I was older enough know so I went down town to this shop I find on the internet as I walked in I bumped into my best mate abbey. She drop the bag she was holding and out fell "Sizzling Hot Lesbian Orgy" I look at it look at her face go bright red and I hugged her and we went back to her house and spoke

"Abbey why didn't you tell my I thought I was the only one In our gang?"

"I couldn't Samantha it was just you seemed so straight"

I kissed her she didn't fight "all those year I have masturbated over you from the images in the showers"

She kissed me back "same here" we took each others hands, walk up stairs to her room abbey quite shy abbey pushed me hard on to the bed, shut, and lock the door.

She walked over to me and leaned forward.

"I am going to fuck you into next Sunday so get out of those fucking cloths bitch"

I did, as I was command her authoritative air really turn me on and I did as I was told.

I got down to my matching black thong and bra abbey stops me and walks around me in a circle.

"mmmmmniiice firm, supple bend over whore" I did so Abbey began stroking my ass it felt good to have that soft warm hand slowly caress me. Then she stop and spanked me it shock and then turn to pleasure it was the thrilling authoritativeness of Abbey and I let out a yelp of gratification and came another hit.

"Ooooh ooooh that's good again please" Abbey made me beg her for more but all she said.

"No it's my turn to be pleasured undress me bitch"

I did so she had no panties or bra just a teddy and stockings. She pushes me on to the bed again and produces some silk cloths Abbey tied me spread eagle fashion to the bed and blindfolded me. She bent forward sniffed me soak panties then sat on me breast and began to rub her clit on my rock hard nipple.

Abbey said, "Ooooh god I never knew my fantasy would come true"

"Abbey please let me eat you I want your pussy juice in my mouth I want you to cum on me face I want to be the best whore for you let make you cum"

Abbey positioned her pussy over my mouth and said.

" Lick it bitch"

I did me tongue curved up to that dripping wet box of pleasure. My tongue connects with her clit and shot of electricity ran though our bodies. It was the first time Abbey had a tongue lick her cunt and the first time I had lick one.


I went crazy me tongue whip up a storm as Abbeys hips began to rock on me face. "Lick hard and faster" over and over again and again Abbey was screaming with satisfaction and bliss. It got increasingly heated Abbey call out.

"I am I am Cummmmmming aaaaaahhhhhhh Jesus Christ oh oh oh oh oh yes"

As she came I jammed tongue into her hot wet portal of love and wiggled it I felt the spasm as she came and came.

Once Abbey calmed down I point out I was still tied up and need her hot wet mouth to pleasure me now. Abbey didn't say a word she cut my panties off and I felt a hard object push at my cunt It was a dildo.

"Abbey what's that"

"A strapon a big rudder strapon cock and I am going to fuck you with"

"No Abbey don't"

The answer I got was for it to be push hard into me I felt good but wrong

"No please Abbey don't"

"Shut the fuck up bitch" and she slap my thigh and start to pump in out in out I was so horny and it felt so good I just moaned and moaned

"Oh yes Abbey fuck me with it Hard HARDER OH OH OH OH OH YESSSSSSS" I explode with screams and moans of absolute pleasure.

After every thing had cooled down I was untied and we kiss and cuddle for a while Abbey was Abbey again we both had showers and said good night. On the way home I entered the sex shop and bought a whip, some chains and an amazing sexy leather bra and panties Abbey was in for a surprise next time I would be in control.

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