tagFetishMatch #02: David vs Madison

Match #02: David vs Madison


I decided to carry on with my adventures in the mixed nude fighting club. I wasn't too concerned that my last opponent Eve showed the world that she was clearly the superior sexual beast. I basically had the opportunity to have sex with an amazingly beautiful woman and life was not looking so boring anymore.

After taking some time to clear my head, I decided to accept another match. In the club, it was the woman who challenged a man, and she would normally choose her next opponent based upon her own strengths. It was no secret that the public enjoyed watching matches where the women were the victors, and little rules like this tended to give the women more of an advantage. It also allowed the club to weed out men that no woman wanted to go up against for whatever reason.

I had 3 challengers. Two of the women were 1-0 and 2-1, but I was leaning towards the challenger with the 0-2 record. Not many of the women had losing records, and I decided that her lack of a win would be a good match up with my non-existent experience. I clicked the 'accept' button, and the scheduling macro chose a mutually acceptable date just over one week away. I took one last look at the picture of my adversary. Her photo didn't reveal much other than she was slightly heavier set than most of the other girls. She didn't have that perfect hourglass figure, but don't get me wrong, she was hot.

I then decided to review the point system for a real match. The winner was the one who first reached 10 points. Points were awarded for four different outcomes. First, if for any reason you orgasm, your opponent gets 2 points. Second, a combatant can declare their submission for 2 points, but if the submission is in response to avoiding an orgasm the referee can delay the submission at their discretion. Third, pinning your opponent's shoulders back on the mat was worth 1 point. Points for another pin would not be given until an orgasm or submission was achieved. For these three methods, only after a submission does the referee stand up the combatants to 'restart'. There is no relief when you are pinned or orgasm, the match continues. Finally, the females have a fourth option, the knock-out. If a man loses consciousness, she automatically gains 10 points for the win.

Four days before my match, Kate arrived for my weigh-in. I was 158 lbs and had lost a few pounds as I had increased my training over the last few weeks. Kate and I began to talk about next match. "I see you chose Madison," she started. "She is an interesting one." I asked her why she would say that. "I don't think she'll last long in the club. She lost those two matches because she can't handle a man penetrating her vagina with his penis. Most women would relish the opportunity to meet a man thrust for thrust, but Madison emotionally falls apart and ends up losing. She chose you because you tried to not fuck Eve. Plus, she heard that you have terrible wrestling skills and she feels that you are a good match-up for her."

I looked at Kate, and asked her quite bluntly. "So, she considers me to be her best bet to get a win." Kate nodded her head yes. "One more thing," she continued, "Madison seems to like her men pinned on their back. She weighed in at 149 lbs and has the skills to keep you down. Don't let her do that or she'll be running that point total up quickly." I again thanked Kate for her advice, and saw her out.

On the day of the match, I was pretty pumped and excited. I had decided to heed Kate's scouting report and try to fuck Madison's pussy. I thought the risk of me losing control and having an orgasm was worth it if I could get an advantage over her. On the drive to the club, I daydreamed all the different ways I could penetrate that woman and make her my slut.

When I arrived at the club, I registered and entered the men's change room. Just like last time, I started my warm-up an hour before my match. The referee came in to deliver my robe and asked if I had any questions. I shook my head no.

When the time came, I made my second entrance to the wrestling mat. The camera guy had nothing else to do, so he began to film my entrance. I tried to look tough and began to hop around like a boxer does before a match. All that I accomplished was bouncing my junk out of my robe and into plain view. The referee chuckled and I turned red with embarrassment. I just made my way to my start position and tried to regain my composure.

As I calmed down, the ladies change room door opened and out walked my opponent. She was 5'6" with short auburn hair that fell to her shoulders. I could tell that she was a little apprehensive and I told myself to focus. The referee walked over to me and removed my robe and Madison sized up her next opponent. She smiled and nodded her head in silent reflection. Apparently, she liked what she saw.

The referee than took off Madison's robe and I finally got to get a good look at what I had agreed to face. She reminded me of that girl in high school who was really athletic and wasn't afraid to take on the boys. My eyes walked up and down her body and took note of her waist, hips, and thighs. She was bigger than what most men would consider perfect dimensions, but this wasn't a screening for a pin-up-girl. I was about to get into a very physical wrestling match with this woman and she was solid.

I was still lost in thought when the referee shouted, "For $1000, ready... Fight!". We began to circle one another, moving in and out, trying to size each other up. I watched as her 36C breasts, which stood at attention in the cool air of the gym, bounce up and down. She barked at me, "Stop staring and come get some." With that, she lunged forward and tried to go for a take-down. Our bodies mashed together, and we awkwardly spun around a few times as we tried to trip each other up.

She lost her balance first, and fell onto her butt. I took the opportunity to try and execute my plan to pierce her vagina. As I put my hands on her shoulders to push her down, she opened her legs, wrapped them around my waist, and clamped her thighs around my midsection. "Are you really prepared to wrestle a real woman?" she taunted. Before I could answer, she grabbed my head with both hands and buried my face in her chest. After a quick 180 degree roll, I was on my back with Madison on top of me. Her soft breasts were strangely inviting and suffocating at the same time. I used my hands to push her shoulders up and free my head. She didn't resist, and quickly scooted her hips further up my chest. She almost had me pinned!

Madison wasted no time and began to make her way further up my chest as she was going for a school girl pin. I was lost and before I knew it, she had pinned one of my arms under her leg. My instincts kicked in and I fought her attempts as she worked on my other arm to completely sink her pin in. I focused all my attention and energy on avoiding that outcome.

Without me realizing it, Madison switched strategies and swung her other leg across my chest to scissor my arm. She then plopped herself down across my chest and grabbed my free hand. She overpowered my one arm with both of hers, and pushed it away from my body. I took stock of my situation. I'm on my back, with her face down and draped across my chest. My one arm was trapped between her legs, and my other arm was trapped in her hands. She had me in a cross body pin and the referee was inspecting me to determine if I was truly down. I tried to buck her off, but we both just fell back to the mat. The weight of her body forced both my shoulders down and the referee gave the first point to Madison. "1-0 Madison, by pin."

Without missing a beat, Madison used her two arms and bent my lone arm at the elbow while twisting and folding it onto itself. She got a good grip on my wrist with one hand, and dropped the other hand to my defenseless penis. I groaned as she began to jack me off and her taunting continued. "Ha! I've always liked to be the one on top." She wasn't in a great position to get me off quick, but there was no rush, and she had all the time in the world. I was stuck, and she was slowly working me up. I couldn't believe that this bitch was having her way with me and I was powerless to stop her. I used my arm trapped by her legs to try and grab something, anything, for leverage. All I got was a handful of her ass. Madison laughed at my feeble attempts to struggle and told me to just give in. I continued to resist, but I knew I was going down a path that would end badly for me. My loins tightened, and I began to spew cum. I now understood what it truly meant to be forced to orgasm by your opponent. It was a strange sense of trepidation, disappointment, and relief. "3-0 Madison, by orgasm, 4-0 Madison, by pin" the referee shouted in quick succession. I relaxed and the pace of her hand job slowed to a gentle massage.

My mind fogged for a bit, but I soon regained my composure and begin to resist her unwelcome advances. "Why are you resisting? There is no point." Madison chided as she began to increase the pace of her hand job once again. I then realized my predicament. If I didn't get out of this position, Madison would continue to work me over until I give her a chain of orgasms and the win. I had to get out. As I vainly struggled against her pin, the referee knelt down and asked me if I wished to submit. Madison laughed and began to taunt me. "If you submit, we'll be half-way done before we really even begin!" I knew I had no other choice and declared my submission. "6-0 Madison, by submission." the referee shouted.

Madison gave my dick a few more rough tugs before the referee told her to get up. She released my manhood and stood up to start again. She looked really pleased and seemed to have an air of confidence about her. I had started this takedown with the intention of fucking a naked woman, but ended up giving her six unanswered points. "You want to hit the mat and wrestle again?" she cooed. "I still want that school girl pin so I can show you a little surprise." Damn, this woman was kicking my ass both physically and mentally.

We danced around the ring and I was being more cautious and stayed away from her taking me down when she gave me a quick shove that pushed me back a few feet. "Penalty! Outside the ring," stated the referee. Arg, I wasn't paying attention and had strayed too close to the edge. The referee walked me to the middle of the ring, had me lie down on my back. "Madison, take your position, and let me know when you're ready to start" said the referee. She giggled, and mounted me in a 69 position. She wrapped her legs around my head, and grabbed my cock in both hands. She gave a quick 'start' just before she guided my member into her mouth. Ughhh... I grunted.

This match was getting away from me quickly and was literally leading to a blow out. My cock quickly became stiff as she sucked me off. I thought my only way out was to distract her by eating out her pussy and force an orgasm from her. I grabbed the thighs wrapped around my head and parted them enough so I could go to work with my own tongue action. Surprisingly, she didn't fight me on this and I began to stimulate her. My plan seemed to be working as she slowed her assault on my penis. Just in time too, because I was primed and ready to shoot my load. Madison adjusted her hips and made it even easier for me to access her clamshell. My tongue continued to lash her pussy and her own moans gave me hope for an orgasm.

After one particularly long "Mmmmm..." escaped from her lips, Madison took my cock, swallowed it once again and with a few quick motions forced my second orgasm. She freed my penis from her lips and used her hands to manually drain me. The referee shouted "Score 8-0, Madison by orgasm." I was in the midst of my recovery period, when she jumped off me, swung around and crashed down quickly securing her school girl pin. "Score 9-0 Madison by pin." I looked up at my beaming opponent. "You ready for your surprise?" she teased. "I usually just do this for myself, but I'll make an exception for you."

With that, she put one hand on her clit, and began to rub herself furiously. I didn't understand what she was doing, if she had an orgasm, I was pretty sure I'd be getting 2 points. With her other hand, she grabbed my hair, tilted my head up, and screamed her own orgasm. It then became apparent that her orgasm was my disgrace as she squirted some cum from her quivering pussy. This woman could ejaculate! As the warm liquid splashed onto my face, I could hear Madison snicker at my misfortune. The referee shouted "Score 2-9 David by orgasm." I was angry with myself for once again becoming someone's plaything. My opponent was so sure of herself that she gave herself an orgasm just to mess with me.

My anger continued to boil as Madison relaxed to enjoy her post release glow. I decided to act. With all my power, I rolled to my side and caught her off guard. We rolled 180 degrees onto her back and I folded her legs toward her head. Within a few seconds, she had gone from a school girl pin to being pinned herself. I looked at the referee and she said "Score 3-9, David by pin". As my anger continued to rage, I looked at my opponent and she was white with fear and she began to plead with me "Please don't do it. It hurts so much." I noticed that her cunt was exposed and knew that I had a chance crush her spirit. I made sure to keep her legs pinned and positioned myself to take advantage of her vulnerable fuck hole. I had my opportunity to remind this bitch that she was facing a man, and men loved to fuck women.

As the head of my cock began to probe her pussy lips, Madison burst into tears. I wasn't a mean guy and the pathetic sobbing drove a stake through my heart. I was here to add excitement to my life, not assault a weeping woman. I was torn. I decided to take pity on her and whispered that if she submitted, I wouldn't fuck her. Madison told the referee she submitted, and the referee said, "Score 5-9, David by submission, but I'll allow you to continue your sex attack for awhile." I stuck to my word, and let her go without piercing her trembling frame.

Madison mouthed a 'thank-you' as she got back onto her feet and wiped the tears from her eyes. The referee was amazed at my mercy and told us that we could start again. My heart wasn't in the match anymore and I lost my concentration. I met Madison in the center of the mat and swept her feet out from under her. She fell back onto the mat and I went down on her and began to eat out her pussy once again. With ease, she clamped those thighs around my head and began to squeeze. I looked up at her face and her eyes were dancing once again.

She knew that victory was one submission away and crossed her ankles and poured everything she had into that head scissors. I began to see stars and even if I wanted to hold out, there was no way I could stand the pressure. I tapped out. The referee shouted, "Score 11-5 by submission for the winner of this match, Madison!" My opponent loosed her grip and let me roll away. She pumped her fists into the air and began to celebrate her victory. I just lay on my back, and asked myself whether showing mercy was worth losing $500.

The referee interrupted Madison's celebration and asked her if she is ready to proceed with her sexual finishing move. Fuck, I say to myself, I didn't really think this through. Madison crawled over and mounted me in another school girl pin. She trapped both my arms and spread her legs as she thrust her beautiful clamshell within an inch of my mouth. She ordered me to eat her out. I complied.

She began to squirm and made soft 'yes' noises as she encouraged me along. I knew where this is going... I was going to get squirted on again. She then pushed my head back with one hand and began to finger herself with the other. "Open your mouth," she gasped. It was a fascinating sight, seeing a woman work her own pussy in such close proximity. Her labia gave way to probing fingers as she stroked herself to higher levels of sensitivity. Around and around she caressed her soft folds, ever increasing her level of distress. It was an intimate dance she was performing and I had the best seat in the house.

Her breaths quickened as she passed the point of no return. "Here it comes," she groaned. With both hands, she grabbed my head and guided my open mouth to make a seal over her dripping hole. She clamped her legs closed and cried out in satisfaction as she quaked her sweet orgasm into my mouth. After her release, she was spent, and the stress seemed to melt from her body. Madison just sat on my chest for a minute in her own little sex coma and enjoyed her first victory. Finally, she gave me a big grin, stood up, and stumbled her way to the ladies change room, her legs still wobbly from the exertion.

After I cleaned myself up and had a shower at the club, I was wondering how my actions would be received by the community. The fighters I witnessed in previous videos were ruthless and took every opportunity to take advantage of their opponent. Even Madison didn't hold back on her final head scissors and sexual finishing move. I was still processing this in my mind as I walked out to my car. I almost didn't notice a lady standing there until I was a few feet away.

"David, I want to thank you and say that I am sorry you had to lose." It was Madison. "You should know that that I only joined the club to make a bit of money for school. I now know that I can't handle even the threat of being fucked by a man. I've quit the club, but wanted you to know that I think you're a good guy." With that, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and waved good-bye. As she left, I thought of the adage that 'Nice guys always finish last'.

The next day, I checked the club's website. I had an email from Kate and learned that my match had caused quite a stir. Many women were lighting up the forums wondering who this man was who would have mercy on his opponent. Apparently, my videos with Eve and Madison were getting a lot of downloads because of the buzz. Kate finished her note by saying that I wouldn't have to worry about losing the $500, my portion of the video proceeds would more than compensate me.

I already had a few new challengers and I was in awe of all the beautiful women who wanted their chance to participate in my next naked romp. As I went off to bed, I had no idea how I was going to choose between them.

Thank you for reading the second of what I hope to be a nine part series.

I accept the criticism that readers may become lost in my story because of inadequate background information. I purposely try to insert as little as possible to keep the plot moving. I want to avoid long, mind-numbing preambles.

I don't accept the criticism that the club's business model makes no sense. It's fantasy. It's not real life. To anyone who disagrees... HULK SMASH YOUR FACE!!!!!

Stay tuned for "Match #3: David vs Claire"

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