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This is a work of fiction, any similarities between persons or events in this story and any other persons or events, real or imagined, is purely coincidental.

Sheltered wife convinces controlling husband to see if dating website will match them. She explores her sexuality and he ends up humiliated.

* * *

My young wife, Karen, and I have been married for about 7 years. I'm a few years older than her, but we both got married pretty young. She's 28 now, and I just passed my 31st birthday. Karen is a typical gorgeous young suburban wife. She's about 5'9", slim with a pretty face, blond hair, C-cup breasts and a nice ass. She wears yoga pants on the weekends, and usually gets a lot of attention when she's running errands around town. We don't have kids, and she's kept her figure up pretty well, even without going to the gym.

I've added a few pounds since we got married, and am kind of average looking. I was lucky to meet Karen at a basketball game in college. She was a freshman, and I was a senior. After I graduated, I got a job 2,000 miles away and convinced her to transfer to the local college here. Karen was a bit of a fish out of water, but we got married the next year. After she graduated, I decided to change jobs again and we moved to a nearby city. I work at an investment bank and she works at a major company, doing HR work.

Karen was always kind of sheltered, and I suppose I tried to keep her that way. Karen was a virgin when we met and had never even dated anyone other than me, much less had sex with anyone else. She was kind of a loner in high school and reinvented herself her first year in college, just before we met. Karen was kind of an innocent when it came to sex and even relationships. Over the last two to three years, though, she had come up with some interesting new fantasies, but we would just have sex a few times and she would move on.

A while back, we were watching television one night, one of those crappy melodramas with the pretty young people who live in mansions and their only problem is which other pretty person they should have sex. Sometimes it's with other pretty people who live in other mansions or slightly hotter people who don't live in mansions at all. Anyway, one of those dating website commercials came on, promising to find your perfect match.

My wife asked, idly, "I wonder if we singed up, if it would match us together."

"I guess we could try it and find out," I said, joking. I figured it was an idle thought and could lead to a fun night of roll playing. I suppose, looking back, I should have been more sensitive to what she was asking. Lately, Karen had seemed to be wondering what she missed by marrying so young.

"Really?" she spun her head to check and see if I was serious.

"Sure! I'm confident you were meant for me. It isn't even fair for those other guys." I figured the compliments couldn't hurt.

"Oh come on, you're not serious. You'd get jealous if I just flirted with another man," she poked at me.

"Hell no, baby," I told her, slipping my hand between her thighs as we lay on the couch together. "You know I want you to be happy." I was secretly turned on by the idea, but at the same time, really scared where it might lead. I knew this was just a harmless fantasy and she wouldn't act on it, so I let her fantasize. She kissed me quickly, like I'd given her a big gift.

I should mention that I had always fantasized about seeing Karen with another man, but was petrified to ever even hint at it with her. As I said, Karen has always been sheltered, and she's never really even looked at porn. Karen didn't know it, but my cock is really small. My cock is only 4.5" inches, and only about 2.75" in circumference. Karen has never complained, and I know she had no way of knowing any different, but I know that my cock is well below average. I had always fantasized about Karen getting filled with a big, hard cock, but that could end badly for me. I knew she would quickly found out the truth about my cock size, and what if she really enjoyed it?

As the show came back on, she was staring at me, searching my eyes for something. She paused the DVR and turned back to me. "But how would that work," she asked, earnestly. "I mean, I suppose we could get another apartment for one of us, or something—I mean nobody wants to date a married girl--or guy," she added quickly. I was starting to think she may be serious.

"Another apartment? What are you talking about?!?"

"Well," she explained, "it's not like we're going to be each other's only match, right? We'll have to shop around a bit to make sure, you know?" She paused, waiting for me to object. I thought she was joking or going somewhere with this, so I didn't stop her. "It wouldn't be fair to the other people not to give them a chance. You know, a dating chance."

"I see," I lied, a lump building in my throat, probably from the hole that was being dug out in my stomach. "You would want to date the other guys, then?" I was turned on, but this was getting very real very quickly. My small cock was trying desperately, in vain, to stretch my pants, but I knew I had to find a way back before this go too real.

"Sure, wouldn't you think it's only fair? You can't tell if someone is your 'Match' just by looking at a profile. I think you'd need a dinner date, at least." She glanced at the pathetic tent I was trying to form, and smiled at me. "I can see you're already excited about taking a hot young girl back to your bachelor pad!" She playfully patted my small bulge, not knowing that other women were the furthest from my mind.

Karen had been getting more elaborate in her role playing, but this was a stretch even for her. I decided to try to backpedal softly, and carefully see where this went, if only for tonight. "Well, you know money is pretty tight. I can't see us getting an apartment. I think we'd have to make up a story—like we're separated or something."

"I know," she said, with the excitement of a child who just solved a great mystery, "we can say we're brother and sister! That's perfect—that would explain our last names being the same and the photos of us on vacation together." She was rolling with this, but I couldn't see how this was leading to us having sex tonight. She kept going, "We can turn the den into a little bachelor pad for you, use the futon for your bed..." She had every appearance of being serious.

Feeling we were drifting off course, I tried to bring it back to flirting. "So, how about we make out on the couch like it's our first date."

She giggled a bit, and pecked me quickly on the cheek, and playfully tapped my small dick. "What kind of a girl do you think I am?" she teased. "I want to put my profile together right away!" With that, she jumped up and headed for computer in the office.

* * *

About a week later, I realized how serious she was. Given the number of people on the dating site, Karen reasoned that we weren't likely to be picked for each other right away. "In the meantime," she had said, "we have to make this look like two separate people live here." She moved me into the den and decorated her—I mean our—bedroom like a 20-something year old single girl might, and removed all of our wedding photos.

We kept having sex for the first week, but then Karen said it wouldn't be fair to our potential matches. "Besides," she explained, "I read in Cosmo that you can subconsciously tell if someone has had sex recently. We both need to look and act horny, and you can't fake that!"

After about a week without sex, I was convinced she wasn't joking with me anymore. I desperately tried to think of a way to pull the plug, but Karen seemed set on trying this. I had to hope she was having as little luck as I was. I checked my profile for matches every day. I had gotten a few matches, but nothing worth following up on. There were a few older women and a couple of women who were a little too chubby or not pretty enough. I mean, I wasn't desperate, I had Karen.

I felt kind of bittersweet that Karen hadn't had a date yet, either. I mean, she was a hottie, so I was surprised, but I was still worried about her finding a "bigger man." I tried not to pry into her "dating life," but after three weeks, I was curious how she was doing, and whether she was ready to get back together and quit her little experiment. While we were brushing our teeth together before I went to bed in my "bachelor pad," I raised the subject. "So, no soulmate matches yet for you?"

"No, nothing to write home about," she said.

"You're not worried?" I asked.

"Worried about what?"

"That no guys are a match for you yet. I mean I'm surprised, I would've thought you'd have been on a couple dates by now," I said, giving her a playful pat on her tight little ass. Her nightie just covered the edge of the bottom of her ass, and she unknowingly flashed me as she bent over to spit. She must have been hitting the gym again, because she had lost a few pounds and her ass was tighter than I remembered. I also didn't remember seeing that neglige before.

"Sweetie! You're so cute. I've been on 6 dates—no wait 7, I went out with Michael again last week. He's kind of cute." I couldn't believe it. My wife had been dating these guys without even telling me! And who the hell is Michael?!?

"Come on Dave," she said, "you didn't expect me to give you those personal details, did you? You're the competition after all."

She must have heard the pit forming in my stomach. "Honey," she said, "I'm sure you have been on a couple of dates already, right?" She saw by the pitiful look on my face that I hadn't. "Oh, sweetie, I'm sure they will find someone for you. It's not like I've been wining and dinning every night," she said, trying to downplay her active dating life. "I've just been meeting most of my matches for lunch. Michael was the second guy I met, the first week." She told me about how she had been taking long lunches from work and once, while I was out of town on business, she met Michael for dinner at a fancy restaurant in the city. She told me about the 5 other guys, most of whom weren't that interesting, or who had lied on their profile. I couldn't tell if she was being honest or trying to spare my feelings.

"So how far have you gone with Michael," I asked, gulping more than speaking.

"Hardly anywhere," she sighed. "Like I said, he's cute, but I don't want to rush anything." My wife was telling me how she didn't want to rush anything with her new boyfriend. "I mean we kissed a little after our second date. He's a really good kisser," she said wistfully, "but not as good as you sweetie," she added, a little to quickly for my taste. I looked down, though, and my little cock was rock hard, poking through my towel. "I can see you'd like to hear more," she said, a little too confidently for my taste.

My head was a little light, and not just from the blood rushing to my cock. "So what about the other guys?"

"Look, sweetie, if we're really going to do this match thing, I can't tell you everything, not face to face. It feels weird, like I'm cheating on you," she paused for a minute, I thought to realize what she had said, but then added, "or, Michael." I was flabbergasted and humiliated, but my cock spurted out a jet of precum onto my towel, betraying my need to be cuckolded. "Besides, it's not fair to you," she said, I thought with compassion, "look at that hard on--it must be so painful, and you know we agreed that I can't help you with it."

I tried to protest, but Karen was fully gone over the deep end. "I'll tell you what I can do," she offered. I thought at least I could get a sympathy blow job from my wife. "I know you're interested in the details," she said, with an almost mocking glance at my pitiful, small but rigid cock. "So how about I send you an email after each date, so you know what happened. Kind of like you're one of my girlfriends at work."

That's how it started. Now every email I get, I dread to open it. Sometimes she's just reminding me of dinner plans or groceries, as we try to keep up appearances for our friends and relatives. Other times, it's graphic, erotic details about the men my wife dates.

I've been on a few dates myself, but nothing really pans out. The girls with even half decent profiles never call me back for a second date. I called the match site and asked whether they could set me up with a particular girl I knew was on the site, hoping to short circuit this little experiment and get set up with my wife. They stonewalled for a week, then I finally got one of their reps to agree. One girl took pity on me and asked for the girl's, my wife's, member number. When she looked her up, she called me a disgusting pig and hung up on me. I found out later that my wife had told them we were brother and sister, too. She claimed it was an honest mistake.

* * *

Karen's eMails:

Friday, June 8


I'm a little sad at the news. Michael and I had to break up. We went on our third date tonight, and before we started, he told me he had two children from another marriage. I can't get involved with that, not with our little experiment. So we had to say goodbye. He was such a nice guy, though, so I went on one last date with him. We had a wonderful time, and he took me back to his place and we had some wine, and talked a while. I really wanted to have sex with him, and everyone says the third date is when it's finally okay to have sex.

I was really looking forward to it, but it wouldn't have been right. So I blew him on the couch and then we said goodbye. Back to the drawing board tomorrow!

PS, I told him he should look into being a porn star! He was over 6.5 inches long! He tried to be modest, saying he was just average. I told him "a friend" had told me anyone over 5 inches was porn star material. We had a good laugh--I guess he was embarrassed. I'm glad we didn't have sex, though. I'm sure that wouldn't have fit!

Wednesday, June 13


Just a quick note before bed. Had a dinner and dancing date with Robert tonight. He was funny, but very handsy on the dance floor. He was also a very clumsy dancer, and Cosmo says a man dances the way he has ;sex, so it was a big turnoff. I did dance with this very hot college boy. I know he wasn't matched with me, but Robert was being a jerk. Connor was big, strapping and very handsome. We kissed a little--okay, made out for 20 minutes in the club. I hope you don't mind--but we never said we would be exclusive with the dating service. I wanted to go home with him, but he came in his pants while we were making out, so another night ends in frustration. :(

PS: I left a pamphlet for a dance instructor for you on the table. I thought it might help impress your potential matches.

Friday, June 15


I met Brad for lunch today. He was really handsome and very, very big. He was an offensive lineman in college, and his hands are enormous! As we were leaving the cafe, he put his hand on my back to guide me through the crowd--wow! His one hand went from the top of my but to the middle of my back! His fingers looked bigger than your who-dad! [This is what my sheltered wife called a penis]. I'm sure it's just my imagination--I haven't been with a man in so long. Anyway, Brad was really sweet and really funny, too. We're on for a second date tomorrow.

PS: I never said you were a bad dancer. Everyone can improve something about how they dance. Don't take it so personal.

Saturday, June 16

Brad took me to this really romantic French place--he speaks French! He's so charming! After dinner, I was a little buzzed, so Brad and I went to a club to dance a little. We got all hot and sweaty, and horny well, he let me suck his cock outside in alleyway. It may have been the drinks, or the lighting, or that I'm so horny but his cock was huge! His balls were huge, too, and he came so much more than you ever did. [David's note: Even when I reread this now, the thing that still stings is how she said "did," past tense, not "do."] It actually didn't taste too bad, either. I guess different guys have a different taste--I never realized. I have to say, I feel like the dating service is stocked with pornstars!

I read that most people have a few days between dates, but I really, really want to get to the third date with Brad quickly, so we're going out again on Monday! Wish me luck! By the way, I didn't realize that people go "dutch" now. Brad paid yesterday, and I didn't want things to be awkward, so I paid for dinner and drinks at the club with your credit card. Thanks, honey.

Monday, June 18

We had a third date with Brad, today, and was really hoping we would have sex tonight. He lied to me, just like Michael,though. He told me he was divorced, but it turns out he was just separated. He said that he and his wife are trying to get back together--that's why he couldn't go out Sunday. I don't want to wreck his marriage. He promised me I wouldn't be wrecking anything, and he really wanted to sleep with me, but I couldn't do that to him. I know he's the toe of guy who would feel guilty about it. He's such a nice guy. I was so disappointed and hurt, I almost didn't even blow him again. I told him to look me up if he actually went through with the divorce.

Okay, I lied. I was trying to spare your feelings, but I promised to be honest. I really couldn't resist blowing him again. His cock is enormous! I took a tape measure and it was almost 9 inches long, and almost as fat as my wrist! Oh, I do wish I could have felt that big, hard cock inside of me. Maybe his wife will dump him again.

PS: I went to an adult store on the way home and bought a big dildo. Remember when you said that they only make 5 inches and smaller for safety reasons? You must have been looking in the wrong aisle, David. Those are all anal dildos. The hot girl behind the counter showed me one that was even bigger than Brad's, but I decided to start small, and just get a 9 inch one. I can't wait to try it out tonight. I think I'll call it Brad.

[I knew the rouse was up, and my sheltered wife, Karen, would find out that my cock was smaller than average. I raced home to see if I could stop her from using it, but when I got there, Karen was in the shower and the dildo was on the night stand with a half empty bottle of lube. All night, I could hear Karen through the wall, pounding away at her newly awakened cunt, shaking the bed fame and screaming out Brad's name, or Michael's or Connor's. She even threw in some names I didn't recognize from her emails.]

Friday, June 22


I had a first date with Kevin today. He is a big fan of the gym! We went to a nice restaurant, and he mostly talked about his workout routine. I guess I was still thinking about Brad and Michael, because I was still pretty horny. You know I don't normally fool around on the first date--I think I made you wait 6 dates before I even went down on you! [It was actually 8.] But I knew Kevin wasn't my match, so I didn't see the harm in being a little sluttier than normal. [Great, I thought, another cock my wife sucked.]

After dinner, we went back to his place, and I spent an hour caressing and exploring his whole, sculpted body! Wow, what a body! His chest was all muscle, and he wasn't timid about showing off every inch of his ripped physique. I have to ask, does this get you horny, David? Your wife talking about other men? I promised to send you updates, and you haven't complained, and I can hear you jerking off after I send these every night. You could have told me you had that fantasy.

Anyway, Kevin--What a man! He wasn't flabby or fat anywhere. Don't get me wrong, sweetie, you're handsome and everything, but Kevin was really something special. And when he was completely naked, I was so turned on! Normally, I need to turn the lights out or something. Well maybe not with Brad or Michael, but they were never really completely naked. [She may not have realized, but I was the only man she had seen completely naked before Kevin.] Every inch of him made me so horny, I had to fuck him, and we fucked all night long. He was so strong. I let him take me, but I doubt I could have stopped this powerful stud even if I had wanted to.

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