tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMatching Thong Dare

Matching Thong Dare


It was another fantastic weekend in Southern California. It was definitely beach weather. Things have been going pretty well with Jon. I think I have opened up the exhibitionist within him. He told me that wearing very little turns him on but was not really into being totally naked. We’ll see about that. We went to the secluded beach after I first dared him to go to the beach in a thong and he dared me back by making me go topless. It was fairly uneventful yet very exciting, which is why I am going to skip forward to this past weekend.

Jon and I went shopping last weekend, this time for bathing suits. We bought matching black thongs that are made of this rubberized material. Not like latex but more like a vinyl. It feels so good. I purposely didn't buy the triangle top that goes with it. I told Jon that as long as he wears his thong I would only wear mine. I did however buy this cute matching skirt and halter-top that goes with it. The skirt is really tight and short and the top really accentuates my cleavage.

Jon had survived his first weekend in a thong but now it was time to step it up. I dared him to wear his new thong to a more public beach. In return he dared me to wear my new skirt and halter-top to the beach minus the thong bottom. He told me that I would have to change into the thong after we got there and after I had taken my clothes off. Of course I could not pass it up. Now remember, summer is getting into full swing around here and the beaches are a lot more crowded then when I did my naked towel dare. So I knew that it would be a rush to get undressed in public. I was getting comfortable going topless but I would have to watch myself since it is illegal in Newport.

Jon picked me up and we headed down to the beach about 10:30. It wouldn’t be too crowded by then. We knew none of Jon’s friends would be down at this part of the beach. He liked the excitement of wearing his thong, but said it would be too much to wear it in front of his friends. We arrived at the beach and found a spot that was close to some sand dunes. We would have a little more privacy there. There were probably 30 people or so within about a hundred yards of us but most of them were in front of us. I got several head turns from the outfit I had on. It looked like I was going scuba diving in a mini skirt and halter-top. After walking across the sand my skirt had hiked up a little and the bottom of my ass cheeks were showing. Little did these people know they were about to get a nice show.

We laid our towels down and Jon said your first. I looked around and a few teenage boys had turned over and were now facing us. There were a couple of groups of college girls on either side of us. I did see that a couple of them were wearing thongs, so I thought they would not be as offended. Some of them were looking over at us. I think they liked my outfit. There were a few couples in front of us but they were paying attention to each other.

I did not know what to shed first. I decided that if I was going to be topless all day, I might as well get that over with. Now this top was pretty tight and was going to be fun getting it off. I pulled the halter part of the top over my head. My breasts were not exposed yet. The rest of the top was a band that went around my back. It sort of looked like I had a bandeau top on. I then took a deep breadth and then slowly pulled the top up over my breasts allowing them to pop out. My nipples were already rock hard. I proceeded to wiggle out of the top. I could hear the murmurs coming from beach. I just treated as if it was no big deal. I folded the top neatly and knelt down to put into my bag. I then stood back up and grabbed the waistband of my skirt and began to wiggle out of it slowly. Jon was watching intently. I pretended I was giving him a little striptease show. After I got it down below my ass, I just let it drop. I was now completely naked. Not minding who was looking at me now, I casually bent down and rustled through my bag for my thong bottom. I forgot that I packed it first, so it was underneath all my magazines, food and drink. After what seemed like a minute, I found it. I stood up and casually slipped one leg in and then the other and slowly pulled it up until it covered my shaved pussy. I adjusted the back of it in my ass crack and sat down on my towel.

I was so excited. I made me more turned on by just acting like it was no big deal. Having to hold in that nervousness acted like an amplifier and made me even more excited. Now it was Jon’s turn. He got up off of his towel and pulled his shirt over his head. God does he have a great chest I thought as I gazed at it. Jon has not quite mastered the art of acting like it is no big deal yet. He promptly dropped his shorts and sat down. Fortunately most of the beach was looking over at us because of me. Jon’s face was a getting red. I could tell how nervous he was but his package looked like it was fairly excited. It was not hard but it was stretching the rubberized fabric of his thong. Having only been to the beach in a thong once, Jon still had tan lines from his shorts. I told him that he better work on that ass tan. I said it is easier to get over the initial nervousness by just lying down on his stomach and closing his eyes. I did the same.

After about a half hour of chatting about our excitement, I needed some suntan lotion. I sat up to reach in my bag and noticed that the amount of people on the beach had tripled. I pulled my knees up to my chest to cover up a little while I searched for the lotion and surveyed the scenery. I wanted to make sure that there were no cops around. We were pretty far back from the water’s edge where the cops normally drive by, so I was not too worried about it. I looked down at Jon’s ass. It looked so good in the thong. After finding the lotion, I squeezed it all over his back and began to work it in. Doing this exposed my breasts to everyone around us. I heard a few murmurs but didn’t care. I loved being topless. I massaged the lotion all over Jon’s ass. I made sure to get my hands all over it, even giving it a couple of squeezes.

I decided to lie on my back and tan my breasts. I dared Jon to put lotion all over me. I knew he would jump at the chance but as soon as he got up, he realized how many people were now around us. I think he was in a little shock. Never the less, he proceeded to apply lotion to my legs first and then around my thong. Fortunately I did not have to worry about getting lotion on my bikini since it would just wipe right off the rubberized material. He then made his way to my breasts. Noticing the girls next to us staring, he made sure to slowly massage the lotion into my breasts even tweaking my nipples. It was driving me crazy. One thing about our new rubberized thongs is that they heat up in the sun, which made my pussy even hotter.

Another half hour went by of just getting tan and calming down. I decided it was time to push Jon up to the next level. I also knew that I was daring myself, but that was whole idea. I asked Jon if he wanted to go into the water. Now this meant a walk of about 50 yards to the water through a crowd of about 75 people in our thongs, me with no top on. I had been watching for cops and noticed that one had driven by earlier. So I knew he would not be back for a bit. I also had been checking out the people around us to see who might be offended by us and report us to the police. The area of the beach we were at was full of teenagers, college kids and twenty and thirty somethings. I did not see any kids running around so I would not offend any mothers.

Jon initially pondered it, looking like he did not want to do it but when he realized I had to walk there topless, he accepted. I could tell he was excited to do it as his bulge grew a little. We stood up and walking hand in hand we started towards the water. Almost instantly every pair of eyes was on us. The murmurs grew. I could hear all of the different comments of she is topless, they are both in a thong, she has the body to pull that off, why don’t more guys wear thongs. Surprisingly most of it was positive. I think Jon was completely surprised and a little turned on that some of women liked his thong. When we got to the water we ran in. The water on the west coast is not exactly warm at the beginning of June, but I did not feel like standing around. These thongs in the water were great. The water just repels off of the rubberized material. There was a little surf so Jon decided to try body surfing in his thong. His first attempt he almost lost his thong. I think he was used to having shorts that you could tie. He said he now understands the trouble girls have playing in the surf in their bikinis. He dared me to give it a try and since I knew I would not lose my top since I did not have one on, I gave it a try. Let me tell you bodysurfing topless was painful and exciting at the same time. My breasts bounced all over the place but it felt like a bunch of hands rubbing them at the same time.

After catching a few more waves and playing around with each other, we realized that we had to walk back up the beach. I told Jon this is the hardest part because you are now facing everyone. I have past experience with a couple of my nude and topless dares, but I still get nervous. I told him to act like it is no big deal. Knowing that his cock had shrunk due to the cold water, I gave it a good rub to warm it up. My nipples were rock hard. We grabbed each other’s hand and made our way up the beach. Again, all eyes were on us. When we got to our towels we promptly laid down on our stomachs to tan our asses and assess what we just did. Jon said that he was incredibly excited and could not believe he just did that.

A couple of the college girls that were sitting next us came over to talk with us. They both had thong bikinis on and told us how brave we were. One of the girls, Fiona, asked if it was legal to go topless here. I told her it was illegal so you just have to watch out for the cops. She commented on my lack of tanlines on my breasts and asked if I laid out topless all of the time. I told her I go to another beach that is a little more secluded usually. I told her that it was incredibly exciting to go topless on a more public beach like this and that I did not even bring a top. I told her she looked great in her thong. I think this got Jon excited.

After chatting for a while and since she was so interested, I dared her to go topless. I said take your top off and walk back over to your friends. You will feel the rush and if you don’t like that feeling, put your top back on, but I guarantee you that you’ll keep it off. She hesitated a second and then said she would do it if here friend did also. I said to amplify the feeling leave your tops with me. I think the girls were getting really excited about this. I told them they were not wearing much anyways and that I had already broken the rest of the beachgoers in.

They agreed and untied their tops. Fiona’s friend had nice B cups that were very perky. Fiona had large C’s. They were pretty spectacular. It looked like they had never seen the light of day. They sat and talked with us for a bit more. There backs had been turned to their friends so they could not really tell they were topless. I told them they could have their tops back in a half hour. They got up slowly and turned to their friends and walked back over to them. Their friends were totally shock and then began clapping. The girls quickly sat down. I had also told them that they could not lie on their stomachs. They had to expose their breasts to the sun.

Jon said I was complete evil. I said that I am just opening these girls up to a little excitement. They obviously have the confidence to wear thong bikinis, so I knew they would get excited about going topless. An hour had past and the girls had not come back over for their tops, so I stood up and walked over to them to deliver them. The girls were talking about how being topless made them really turned on. They had tried to get the other girls to take their tops off also, but to no avail. They commented on Jon’s thong, saying how good he looked in it. They really liked his ass. I told them how I dared him to wear it and how much he liked wearing very little. I asked them if they wanted a better look. They asked what did I mean. I said just watch. I walked back over to Jon and said that the girls all thought you looked hot in your thong. I dare you to walk over to them and ask them if they would like something to drink and then go buy us some drinks at the snack bar. The snack bar was on the other side of the sand dunes we were sitting next to, about 30 yards away. He told me he would do it if I took of my thong.

I had gotten really comfortable walking around with my top off and I had been naked before at the beach, but never in front of this many people. Then again only the people around me would be able to see anything and I had already let them see something when I changed into my thong. I told him he was on. I told him I would be naked when he got back from the snack bar. He got up, grabbed some money and stuffed it into his thong for added effect, and went over to ask the girls if they wanted something to drink. All of the girls came to attention when he walked over there. While he was talking to them, I quickly whipped of my thong and stuck into my bag. I was still sitting up, so you could not really tell that my thong was gone. Jon started walking to the snack bar and the girls watched intently.

They then looked over to me with smiles on their face. While they were looking, I stretched out so they could see that I had taken my thong off. Their jaws dropped. They could not believe that I had taken my thong off. Fiona came over and said that I was too much. I told her that Jon dared me to do it. I told here that I had done it before. She kept looking at my shaved pussy. I still had some tanlines but you could tell I had been naked in the sun before. I told her that we should surprise Jon when he comes back. I told her to lie down on Jon’s towel and take off her thong. I could tell she was totally excited. With a little hesitation she slowly slipped it off. To my surprise she was totally shaven also. She had a hot tanline. It was much smaller than the thong she was wearing. I asked her about it and she said she usually wears a g-string during the week when it is less crowded. She said it was only about 2 inches across and came to just above her pussy. I could see why she was being adventurous, she is used to wearing very little.

Jon came back with a bunch of drinks. He looked really hot walking in his thong. He was getting really comfortable with it. He was concentrating on the carrying the drinks and didn’t notice Fiona and me lying naked. He gave the girls their drinks and turned to us. He knew I would be naked but when he saw Fiona naked also he almost dropped the drinks. He came over and commented on our see through bikinis. He told Fiona that she had nice tanlines. He is a real sucker for thong tanlines. I scooted over and he sat down on my towel and we chatted for a while with Fiona about dares. She had mentioned she had done a few things on dares before but never anything like this. I thought to myself, I have corrupted another. We were talking and laughing when we noticed a cop coming up the beach he was probably a couple hundred yards away. Instead of driving along the water he was driving along the back of the sand.

Fiona and I quickly grabbed our thongs and put them on. I told her to just turn over and act like we had just undone our tops. The cop came up to us and noticed that our tops were nowhere to be found. He asked us how we were doing. We told him we were enjoying the day. I think he wanted to get a better look at our asses. He reminded us that it was illegal to go topless on the beach. We told we knew and that we took our tops off so we would not get any tanlines on our back. He said make sure we put our tops on when we turn over. Little did he know that I did not even have a top with me. He said to have a good day and left us alone. After he left we all started to laugh saying how lucky we were. Once he was out of sight we turned over and continued talking. Fiona said she and her friends were going to happy hour at this beach bar in a little and asked us to come along. I knew Jon would have no problem going to a bar with a bunch of hot girls just off the beach.

We started to pack up when Jon reminded of my original dare. I had to take my thong off when I got into my outfit. Since I had been naked already that was no that big of a deal. I stood up and pealed off my thong. I decided to put my top on first. Again it was tight and took me a little to squeeze into and adjust it. All the while my pussy was totally exposed to everyone. I was getting really excited. My nipples were totally hard and the adjustments I making with the top were just teasing them even more. I then bent over and reached down to get my skirt. My ass was facing the Fiona and her friends. Fiona yelled out “Nice ass!” I squeezed into my skirt and we were off.

We met Fiona and her friends in front of the bar. She complimented my outfit saying how sexy it was. She had on a mesh sarong and a cute crop top. Her thong was clearly visible underneath the sarong. I later learned that she liked to flaunt her body quite a bit. We went into the bar and all heads immediately turned to us. As soon as we sat down, someone had sent over a few pitchers of beer to our table. I love being a girl! After a several pitchers we were having a really fun time. We talked about what Fiona and I did on the beach. The girls told Jon how much they liked his thong and how they wished more guys were that confident. I could tell this made Jon really excited. I was thinking of how I could push the limit with Fiona. I dared her to go into the bathroom and take off her thong and come back out. She said no way. I told here no one would be able to tell since her tanline was so strong and she had a shaved pussy. Her friends began egging her on and she agreed as long as I did the same. I said that I already did not have my thong on. She said I could borrow her friends black mesh sarong that she wasn’t using. Never one to turn down a dare, I grabbed the sarong and we headed off to the bathroom. One of her friends came along to hold my skirt and her thong so we could not back out of it.

We go into the bathroom and Fiona told me how excited she was getting by doing all of this. I had a hard time not looking at her shaved pussy. I could not get enough of her small tanline. After she adjusted her sarong, it did look like she had a g-string on still. I got out of my skirt and noticed Fiona looking at my shaved pussy. I wrapped the sarong around my waist and tied it in a knot. You could totally see that I was not wearing a bikini underneath it. I said let’s go. Everyone had seen us go into the bathroom so I knew everyone would see us when we came out. We open the door and began our walk back to our table. I could here the murmurs as walked. We go to our table and Jon and the girls had conveniently left the two barstools that faced the room open for us so that when we sat down everyone would be able to see our asses. Sitting on the barstools in a short skirt was tough enough but in a short sarong with no bikini on was a different story. I tried to tuck the sarong underneath me but it would stay so I just put my bare ass on the stool and let the sarong hang. Our table was sort of near the front door and when the door opened a breeze came and I could feel my sarong lift up exposing my ass. I quickly pulled it down but not before all of the guys got to see my naked ass. This happen several more times and eventually I just let the sarong fall back into place. I was getting so horny thinking of everyone checking out my ass.

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