tagIncest/TabooMatchmaking Trap Ch. 02

Matchmaking Trap Ch. 02


Roberta knew of but one way left to get Chad to display any latent dominant tendencies- she had to get him angry enough to act on them. If she broke her promise not to tell Deanna, Chad would get mad at her, and probably retaliate.

That's what she wanted, and so, sure enough, she went over to Deanna's, with some other info on her mind. She knew, although Chad didn't, that Deanna was cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend Donny- a hyper-sensitive, love-struck, pansy, lame excuse for a man, if there ever was one!

"Deanna, you bitch, I know about Donny! Think that you've got the last laugh? I've been fucking your fiance- how's that?"

"You've been committing incest with Chad? I know that he's got a big one, but still- that's gross!"

"Well, you're no one to talk! Face it, both of you cheated on each other, so get over it! I bet Chad that none of his candidates to marry me would pass muster, and I won! The prize was his cock, he knew that when he accepted the deal, and he took it anyway! I have him, so don't even think about trying to take him away from me!"

"Hey, Roberta, calm down! I want Chad, but I want Donny, too! I will accept an understanding, since we're both cheaters, as you say, and we might as well accept that each of us is going to take a lover on the side now and then. I once believed in monogamy, but, hey, now I am involved with 2 different men! That tells me that more one than companion is possible, and if so, then there must be something to multiple sex partners."

"Ok, so you'll accept my love for Chad?"

"Yes, Roberta. I must admit that I was shocked because incest is more unorthodox than swinging, but, 'in for a penny, in for a pound', I suppose! Besides, especially lately, I've gotten used to Chad's big cock, making Donny's dick an amusement, but little more, I assure you! I like him, but he doesn't measure up next to Chad.

I knew that it was only a matter of time before Chad wanted other women, but I was afraid that he would want them instead of me, not along with me. That's why I hesitated to tell him about Donny, and why I started fucking him more often, so as not to lose him. That has only made me want his cock even more, of course."

"Well, I want Chad, too, so I think that you should know that I will be coming along on your honeymoon- no ifs, ands, or buts about it, okay?"

"About what?"

Chad was standing in the living room, and he could tell by the way that they were talking that his Mom had broken her word, and told Deanna about their incestuous affair. His blood was boiling, and he had to punish her, now! Suddenly, the submissive side of Chad yielded to what Nietzsche once called "the will to power".

"You told her, didn't you, bitch?"

"Yes, I did! Does that make me a bitch? I'm not jealous, you know, so I didn't tell her to get you all for myself, but if you want to punish me, go ahead! I've been craving it for a while!"

"Is that why you told her- to provoke me to punish you?"


"Very well, bitch, but from now on, these are the rules: first, this is my house, so I am the master here; second, at your house, you remain in charge, because I like both submitting and dominating; third, Deanna is my slave here, but yours there. Also, since you declared your plan to make me fuck guys when I'm obeying you, you'll have to fuck girls when you're here. Is that understood?"

"Yes. Deanna was going to share you, anyway, since she has been cheating on you with Donny, doesn't want to stop, but also doesn't want to provoke you into leaving her."

"Is that so, Deanna? Have you been cheating on me with Donny?"


"Yes, Master. You heard what I told Mom- this is my place, and I now feel the desire to control it!"

"Yes, Master."

"So, you want Donny, that wimpy weasel, with his 4 inch cock- isn't that what you said? It's 4 inches, Mom- her lover's cock is only 4 inches!"

"Yes. I want Donny, but only because he's such a sweet, adorable guy, that I can't pass him up. I don't respect him, though. I do respect you, in fact, I even fear you a little, now, since you have all the leverage here."

"Do I? Good. I suppose by 'leverage', you're referring to my penis, which both of you apparently want."

"Exactly, Master. I'll do whatever it takes to stay with you, I promise! Just keep me, don't break it off!"

"Relax, I said that I'd keep you, and I will, but since I've gotten so pissed off earlier, I've rediscovered my old, aggressive self. That means some changes are due. Understand me?"

"Yes, Chad- I mean, Master."

"What about you, Mom?"

"I'm yours- my dear son. If you want this taking turns thing, so be it."

"And you, Deanna? You want to keep fucking Donny, don't you?"

"Yes, Master, if that's okay with you. I won't fuss over your Mom, or any other girls, I promise."

"Very well. We understand each other, now, don't we?"

"Yes." they both said.

"Now, I seem to recall being requested to punish someone, who deserves it, anyway, for breaking her promise."

Roberta was grinning from ear to ear, as her son put her across his lap, removed her slacks, and began pounding her panty-clad ass with his hands. She squealed repeatedly from the pain, but he knew that she loved it, as much as he loved giving it to her, and she didn't ask him to stop, so he continued.

As Deanna watched her future mother-in-law getting spanked by her own son, and rather mercilessly at that, ignoring her tears and screams, she couldn't help but put her hands up her own dress, sink them into her panties, and tickle her labia. Soon, she was playing with her clit, and even fingering her vagina.

"Oh, God, Chad! I want my turn! Spank me next! I've been so naughty, cheating on you with Donny, and all! Spank me for being such a slutty, unfaithful fiancee!"

"You'll get it, too, I promise! Even though I am as guilty of cheating as you, I am your Master, you are my slave, and I can punish you for anything, including something that happened before your bondage, and that I did as well! You want it, so I'm not being cruel by giving it to you!"

Meanwhile, he kept right on spanking his Mom, getting her so wet that she was soaking his pants, and he decided to punish her for that as well.

"You got your cum all over my pants! Look at this mess, Mom! What a dirty, slutty woman you are, getting your juices from your much desired spanking on my pants! I think that you need a lesson, before Deanna gets spanked. Bend over the dining room table, now!"

She did as he ordered, and Chad grabbed her cheeks, spread them, and then suddenly, without any preparation, rammed his manhood into her butt! The shock of the pain was at first almost unbearable, but she just let it happen, and she even began to moan and sigh, to indicate her apparent pleasure at the penetration of her posterior.

"Oh, my God! This hurts so much, but don't stop yet! I am a naughty Mommy, breaking my promise not to tell Deanna about us! Punish my ass with your cock- fuck me as hard as you wish!"

"You've really been a bad girl, Mom! Haven't you?"

"Yes, I've very bad! Keep hurting me with that cock of yours- I need it!"

"You want this kind of discipline, too, Deanna? You've certainly earned it, but I'd love to give it to you, anyway!"

"Oh, yes, Master! Your Mom and I are clearly cut from the same cloth! We're both wicked girls, and we badly need, and want, to be punished! Fuck my ass just as hard as hers! Give it to me that way- I want to be sodomized, too!"

"You're really loosening up, Deanna! Good for you!" Roberta said between groans.

"Yes, I love being a naughty one!"

"You're a dirty, whoring slut, aren't you, Mom?"

"Yes, I am! I'm your bitch, and you can fuck me any way you like!"

"You're my bitch, too, aren't you, Deanna?"

"Yes, I am your slave, your whore, your bitch!"

Roberta groaned a little more, and then so did Chad, as he shot his sperm into her sphincter, and she squealed from the warm, delicious feeling it gave her to have her son's semen in her butt. She had the most satisfied look on her face, and she begged him to fuck her ass every day that she visited him.

"I want to be yours, in every way, so fuck me in every hole, any time I come over, please!"

As he pulled out of Roberta's ass, Deanna simply planted herself on top of her fiance's mother, leaning over her, and pointing to her own ass, even spreading her own cheeks to accomodate her new master's cock.

"I want to get fucked on top of your Mom- I want her to feel my orgasm, as it drips onto her ass! Please- it will our first threesome together!"

"Alright, but you'll have to give her some added pleasure- masturbate her as I ride your ass!"

"Oh, fuck, yes- do her that way, while she is touching my butt with her cunt! That way, we can both feel it!"

Chad simply slammed his dick, straight from his mother's ass, into Deanna's derriere. She was proving to be as much of a masochist as Roberta, and this was hardly contradicted by the way that she enthusiastically took him inside her bottom, while pressing up against Roberta's.

Roberta, for her part, really squirmed at this point. Somehow, the feeling of her son's fiancee's pussy brushing up against her bum really excited her, getting her even wetter. The skin on skin contact of the shaved cunt with her smooth, soft buttocks was undeniably sensual, and she began to moan again, delighting in the raw, visceral sensation of it. What's more, Deanna really was playing with her sex, which just exacerbated the intensity of the approaching mutual climax.

Deanna loved the wetness from Roberta's pussy, and she even licked her juices off her fingers, telling her partners that she found them delicious.

That proved to the final step that forced Chad to cum. He gushed a gigantic load of cream into her buns, and she just let out a shriek of animalistic ecstasy. She was definitely letting go, completely giving in to the orgasm. That was it; Roberta came now, drenching Deanna's hands and fingers, and giving her a virtual bath of girl-cum.

Too exhausted to give Deanna her promised spanking, Chad offered her a rain check for the next day, and she, equally fatigued, took it. They all toppled over at this point, as soon as Chad had withdrawn from Deanna's butt, and they all fell asleep right there, with prima facie evidence of their menage a trois. Little did they know that Donny was planning to visit the next day.

See part 3 to find out what happens when he catches them!

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