tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMaternal Feelings Ch. 02

Maternal Feelings Ch. 02


A few days after my encounter with Maxine, I was back over at the house to have dinner with her and Christine. As we sat at the table and ate, Maxine would throw me little smiles and winks while Christine wasn't looking. At one point during the dinner, she even took her foot and rubbed it against my leg. I had to concentrate hard to keep my composure. I am surprised Christine didn't notice the nervous look on my face.

After dinner, Christine said that she was a little tired and gave me the look that lets me know she wants me to go in the bedroom with her. I quickly cleared the dishes and then went upstairs to the bedroom behind Christine, pushing the door closed behind me. Christine told me to get comfortable on the bed and she went into her adjoining bathroom. I quickly stripped down to my boxers and sat back on the bed. After a couple of minutes, Christine came entered the bedroom wearing a sheer pink gown and thong set. The color of the outfit looked great against her caramel-colored skin, and the top part made her full 34D tits look amazing. I could feel my dick get hard instantly as she walked slowly towards me.

Christine straddled my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. I slid my hands up her thighs and grabbed her round, smooth ass. I then lifted up the fabric of the gown and kissed her stomach, which caused her to let out a low moan. I started to move my lips down her waist when she told me to wait, and then reached under the pillow. When her hand came back, it was holding a black blindfold. She then reached up and pulled it down over her head, covering her eyes. "Okay," she said, before reaching down and rubbing my chest. My lips returned to where they were before, right above her pussy. I lightly kissed her lips through the fabric of the thong. I could feel the warmth radiating from the spot I adored so much. I reached my hands up and slid her thong down off her ass. When they were far enough down, I used my fingers to spread her lips and began licking her inner walls. Christine began moaning as my tongue explored the pink terrain. I moved my tongue up slowly, trailing it so that she could feel the full length as it found it her engorged clit. I began sucking on it, which she loved. Christine's hips began gyrating, grinding into my face. I could taste the sweetness of her juices as they slowly began building up, making her pussy wetter and wetter. I then reached up and slid two of my fingers into her hole. They slipped in easily, as they quickly became coated with her glistening cum. Christine's moans became louder as my fingers started stimulating her g-spot. I felt her fingers grip tightly into my scalp as she orgasmed. Her cum dripped down my hand and wrist as it flowed out of her. I pulled my fingers out and then told her to kneel on the bed.

As Christine got into position, I happened to look towards the door and was startled by what I saw. Apparently, the door hadn't fully closed behind me, and standing in the slightly open doorway was Maxine. She was wearing a white silk robe that was open and showing her body. I could see that her nipples were hard, and her hand was down over her pussy. She saw me looking at her and winked at me. I smiled back at her as I pulled down my boxers. I then knelt behind Christine and placed my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. I turned my head and looked Maxine in the eyes as my dick slowly slid into her daughetr's tight pussy. I grabbed Christine's thighs and started moving my hips back and forth, slowly sliding my dick in and out of her. Maxine's hand was moving slowly as she rubbed her pussy.

While I continued fucking Christine, I watched as her mother slid her fingers into her hole and began fucking herself. Maxine and I continued to look each other in the eyes as I fucked Christine faster. I reached around Christine's waist and pulled down the top of her gown, letting her tits dangle out. I grabbed and squeezed her nipples. She begged me to fuck her harder, so I began pounding her pussy. Christine let out a yelp as I roughly pulled one of her nipples. I looked over at Maxine and saw that her free hand was moving over her tits, rubbing and pinching her hard, brown nipples. The squeeking of the bed mixed with the sound of my groin slapping against Christine's ass and her moans. While looking at Maxine, I began talking dirty to Christine, making her say out loud who was fucking her so good. I could tell that Maxine was turned on even more by this. I told Christine that I was going to explode in her pussy, and she began begging me for my hot cum. Maxine's fingers were being worked faster and faster, seemingly in time with my thrusts into her daughter's pussy. I groaned deeply as I felt my cock shoot it's load into Christine's wet pussy. I turned my head and, as I felt Christine cumming on my cock, I saw Maxine in the middle of an orgasmic shudder.

I slowly pulled my still-dripping dick out of Christine and collapsed on the bed next to her. I kissed her on the lips as I pulled the blindfold off her head. As she lay down next to me, I looked over at the door and saw that Maxine was gone. Christine lay her head on my chest and told me how great the sex was. I wondered what she would do if she knew that while I was fucking her, I was thinking of fucking her mother.

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